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Topic: Peter Waldo

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  Peter Waldo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Peter Waldo was the founder of a radical ascetic Christian movement in 12th-century France.
The Catholic church branded followers of Waldo's ideas heretics and strongly persecuted them, many were massacred in various European countries during the 12th and 13th centuries.
They maintained their separate identity in the valley of the Pellice river in Piedmont, an Alpine region of what is now Northern Italy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Peter_Waldo   (203 words)

 Waldensians biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Waldensians were followers of Peter Waldo (or Valdes or Vaudes); they called themselves the Poor men of Lyon, the Poor of Lombardy, or the Poor.
Waldo began to preach on the streets of Lyon in 1173.
Waldo possibly died around this time, possibly in Germany, but he was never captured and his fate uncertain.
waldensians.biography.ms   (1167 words)

 Persecution of the Waldenses in France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
To Berengarius succeeded Peter Bruis, who preached at Thoulouse, under the protection of an earl, named Hildephonsus; and the whole tenets of the reformers, with the reasons of their separation from the church of Rome, were published in a book written by Bruis, under the title of Antichrist.
At length, Peter Waldo, or Valdo, a native of Lyons, eminent for his piety and learning, became a strenuous opposer of popery; and from him the reformed, at that time, received the appellation of Waldenses, or Waldoys.
Peter Waldo did not start the Waldenses, neither are they called after him, for he and the Waldenses have their name from the same origin.
www.baptistpillar.com /bd0450.htm   (1439 words)

 Peter Waldo
Waldo was obsessed by this advice, and as we read in the anonymous account of Waldo's conversion, he signed all of his property over to his wife, and gave all of his cash to the poor.
Waldo's conversion was dramatic, and sincere, and soon he had gathered around him quite a swarm of followers.
Waldo showed us that in his own age, as in any other, not everyone is willing to blindly follow when someone tries to pull the wool over their eyes.
www.apocryphile.org /homily/sermons/waldo.html   (4086 words)

 The Waldenses and Their Contemporaries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Some have ascribed their origin to Peter Waldo; but their existence has been traced back many centuries beyond the time when he lived.
Peter Waldo was a wealthy merchant of Lyons, in France.
Peter Waldo, himself, along with many of his followers, was compelled to escape for his life, and fled to Bohemia where he ended his days.
www.baptistpillar.com /bd0541.htm   (659 words)

 Medieval Sourcebook: Conversion of Peter Waldo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Then Waldo went to his wife and gave her the choice of keeping his personal property or his real estate, namely, he had in ponds, groves and fields, houses, rents, vineyards, mills, and fishing rights.
The prudent citizen, Waldo, gave bread, with vegetables and meat to every one who came to him for three days in every week from Pentecost to the feast of St. Peter's bonds.
[Waldo was accordingly conducted into the presence of the bishop.] And the woman, seizing her husband by the throat, said, "Is it not better, husband, that I should redeem my sins by giving you alms than that strangers should do so?
www.fordham.edu /halsall/source/waldo1.html   (610 words)

As Waldo became more acquainted with the Scriptures, he began to discover that a multiplicity of doctrines, rites, and ceremonies which had been introduced into the national religion, had not only no foundation in the word of God, but were most pointedly condemned in that book.
Waldo replied, that though a layman, he could not be silent in a matter which concerned the salvation of his fellow-creatures.
Waldo was now compelled to quit Lyons; his flock in a great measure followed their pastor; and hence a dispersion took place not unlike that which arose in the church of Jerusalem on the occasion of the death of Stephen.
www.wayoflife.org /articles/jones24.htm   (3312 words)

Indeed, Waldo himself is said to have taken his vow of poverty on August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.
Waldo and his movement were very disappointed that they would not be officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church, so they made a fateful decision.
Neither Waldo nor his early disciples could have subscribed to any historic Baptist confession of faith, and those doctrines that are peculiarly baptistic would have been unacceptable to Waldenses in any period of their history.
graceandknowledge.faithweb.com /waldo.html   (5362 words)

 A History of the True Church - Chapter 15
During the altercations of the papists and protestants, it was of some consequence that this matter should be rightly stated; because the former denies that the doctrines of the latter had any existence till the days of Luther.
The mind of Peter Waldo was aroused to oppose the abomination, and to strive for a reformation.
Waldo replied, that though he was a layman, yet he could not be silent in a matter that concerned the salvation of men.
www.reformedreader.org /history/dugger/ch15.htm   (3992 words)

 Matthew 16:18 (King James Version) :: Forerunner Commentary :: Bible Tools
Peter proclaims Jesus to be the Messiah, and Jesus speaks of building His church and being crucified and resurrected.
Although Peter is shown in a leadership position among the apostles throughout the gospels and Acts, the early church leaders did not function in a strict hierarchical manner.
Peter makes his point (verses 7-11), which is later adopted by the other apostles and elders (verse 22).
bibletools.org /index.cfm/fa/Bible.show/sVerseID/23691/eVerseID/23691   (1456 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Waldo developed a sense of urgency to become learned in the scriptures, and to that end he paid two scholars to translate the Gospels and other portions of the Bible into his vernacular tongue.
While the behavior Waldo exhibited was unusual, it was not unprecedented, and his actions to this point did not violate the canons of the Roman Catholic Church.
Waldo, however, was neither a monk nor a priest, but a devout layman who sought to practice "evangelical perfection" without entering a monastery.
www.angelfire.com /ms/seanie/waldenses.html   (3813 words)

 Worldwide Church of God: Worldwide Church of God :Daughter of Babylon Chapter 8
It was Waldo's desire to translate the scriptures from Latin into the common language that was perceived as a threat to the clergy, resulting in his excommunication in 1183 AD.
Waldo was mentioned in Jones' History in Volume II, pages 90-92, as one of the early catholic reformers.
Armstrong was indeed an apostle, or "one sent," in the same sense as Peter Waldo was an apostle, for example, or as any other person whom God has stirred up through the ages since the first century to lead the Church in proclaiming the gospel.
ejm.tripod.com /Bab_08.htm   (4224 words)

 Peter Waldo Biography / Biography of Peter Waldo Biography Biography
Peter Waldo was such a man. He appears on the scene of history in 1170 in Lyons as a successful businessman who, touched to his core by a traveling minstrel's religious ballad, gave away his money to live in poverty as a preacher of the Gospel.
A number of young men, impressed by his intelligence and sincerity, followed him in giving away their possessions and found a new joy and freedom in living according to the spirit of the Gospels.
Peter Waldo himself was not heard from after his excommunication in 1184.
www.bookrags.com /biography-peter-waldo/index.html   (485 words)

Although almost nothing is known of Peter's early life, it is known that he was the son of a rich merchant in Lyons, France, and that he inherited his father's wealth.
Peter Waldo gathered about him a small group of men who began to translate the Scriptures into the vernacular and began to assume the responsibilities of preaching.
In 1179, Peter Waldo asked his archbishop for permission to be recognized as a separate and approved movement and asked for permission to be organized as a preaching fraternity.
www.prca.org /books/portraits/walden.htm   (1556 words)

 2003 Cedarville University Men's Soccer
Waldo converted a penalty kick in the 17th minute to get the scoring underway and then set up Stephen Brust in the 27th minute for a goal to give CU a 2-0 advantage.
Waldo scooped up a loose ball and passed to a wide open Stephen Brust, who tucked in his fifth goal of the season in the 19th minute to get the scoring underway.
Peter Dryer completed the scoring with an unassisted goal in the 35th minute which was his team-high seventh tally of the year.
www.cedarville.edu /departments/pe/2003-04/msomatch.htm   (3028 words)

 Peter Waldo Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Peter comes from the Latin word ''petrus'' (petro-), meaning rock.
The nickname was later translated into Greek as ''Lythos'' (litho-) and into Latin as ''Petrus'', from which the English form "Peter" comes.
Because of the depth of Peter's faith, Jesus had called him "the rock on which I will build my church." Saint Peter was the first Pope, from whom all Catholic Popes (and later Orthodox and Anglican Archbishops) claim religious authority through Apostolic succession.
www.echostatic.com /Peter_Waldo.html   (254 words)

 Christian History Handbook: Medieval: Lecture Seventeen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Peter of Bruys was a radical critic of these prevailing conditions.
Peter Waldo and the Waldenses are far more important during the late twelfth century, however.
Waldo and the Poor now found the most support in the cities and towns of Lombardy, while other groups in Spain, northern France, The Rhineland, Bohemia, and Hungary fared less well.
www.sbuniv.edu /~hgallatin/ht34632e17.html   (5197 words)

 Were the Early Christians Roman Catholics?
Peter himself answers this question when he says that Jesus is a living stone.
Waldo was French, so he commissioned two priests to translate the Bible into French, starting with the Gospels.
Waldo quoted Acts 5:29 (the Apostles' response when the Sanhedrin told them to stop preaching), "We ought to obey God rather than men." Waldo kept on preaching, and the Archbishop excommunicated him.
behindthebadge.net /apologetics/discuss129.html   (8470 words)

 De Vries, Peter --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Regarded for more than three centuries as the greatest of Flemish painters, Peter Paul Rubens was nearly as famous during his lifetime for his adroit achievements as a diplomat.
English opera singer Peter Pears was a tenor of outstanding skill and subtlety.
Although British actor Peter O'Toole began his career in theater, it was his portrayal of T.E. Lawrence in the motion picture Lawrence of Arabia, released in 1962, that brought him international acclaim.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9111753?tocId=9111753   (763 words)

But in the beginning of the fourth century Pope Sylvester was raised by Constantine, whom he had cured of leprosy, to a position of power and wealth, and the Papacy became unfaithful to its mission.
Some Christians, however, remained true to the Faith and practice of the early days, and in the twelfth century a certain Peter appeared who, from the valleys of the Alps, was called "Waldes".
To this name is added from 1368 the designation of Peter, assumed by him at his "conversion", or more likely, attributed to him by his followers.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/15527b.htm   (2864 words)

 Search Results for "Waldo"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Waldo, Ohio, B.S. Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1886, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1891.
as the Poor Men of Lyons, a band organized by Peter Waldo, a wealthy merchant of Lyons, who gave away his property (c.1176)...
Some of the best of his statues and memorials are John Harvard and the bust of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Harvard); Death and the Young Sculptor, Milmore Memorial...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=col65&query=Waldo   (250 words)

 Online Etymology Dictionary
Peter, and consequently a popular name among Christians (e.g.
The name was accordingly regarded to be a derivative of Peter and became one of the most popular of girls' names, the vernacular Parnell being still used as a proper name as late as the 18th century in Cornwall" [Reaney].
To peter out "become exhausted," is 1846 as miners' slang.
www.etymonline.com /index.php?search=peter&searchmode=phrase   (1071 words)

 Sir Isaac Newton
Peter Waldo, or Valdez, was a wealthy merchant of Lyon.
After his conversion to Christianity, he was determined to use the remainder of his life in the Lord's service.
Waldo and his followers bravely continued anyway, following the example of Peter in the book of Acts.
members.shaw.ca /homechristian/docs/waldo.htm   (311 words)

The Waldes or Waldo and his companions appeal their expulsion from the diocese of Lyons, France by the bishop for violating a ban on Preaching.
The accession of Peter Waldo and his band of preachers gave an extraordinary impetus to the missionary activities of the Waldenses, who until this time had been somewhat isolated in their remote valleys but NOW went everywhere preaching the word.
Peter Waldo, with the Waldenses, were so intimate, that many call him the Founder of a sect, of that name,
www.homestead.com /prosites-hobarker/continuationacts.html   (4609 words)

 Waldo, Peter --  Britannica Concise Encyclopedia - Your gateway to all Britannica has to offer!
or Valdès A successful merchant, Valdès (Peter Waldo was a later form of his name) underwent a religious conversion, gave away his wealth, and began to preach a doctrine of voluntary poverty in Lyon around 1170.
With a wide-ranging intellect and a knack for communicating his insights to students, Peter Gay brought the history of the Enlightenment, the Victorian era, and the 20th century into sharp focus.
A leading intellectual of his day, Waldo David Frank was a writer, a social historian, and a political activist.
concise.britannica.com /ebc/article-9382242   (805 words)

 [No title]
Hence, Peter Waldo, or as others call him, "John"---of Lyons, France was called in Latin, "Valdus," because he had "ADOPTED" their doctrine; hence the terms "Valdenses" and "Waldenses" used by those who write in English or Latin in the place of "Vaudois." (see also his article "History of the Apostolic Christians"
The argument that Waldo took his name from them instead of the other way around is unconvincing because that name didn't become prominent until Waldo and his people were banished from Lyons.
Waldo was deeply affected by this story and chose to do something of the same.
www.angelfire.com /ok3/apologia/vaudois.html   (2261 words)

 The Great Falling Away - Twelfth Century - and So Called 'Heresy' in Europe
Around 1104, a man from this valley, Peter of Bruys and later, one Peter Waldo were both said to have preached a Gospel of repentance.
Waldo, a business man, brought the same skills that had made him successful in business to his organization of the church.
He and his followers dedicated their lives to preaching the Gospel and gave up all they owned to be used by the church as was needed; believing that Christ who Himself owned no possessions, had set this example.
www.truechristian.org /great_falling_away/11twelfth/11twelfth.htm   (507 words)

 Francis and the Waldensians - Christian History & Biography - ChristianityTodayLibrary.com
However, a cross-fertilization of ideas, with Peter Waldo directly or indirectly influencing Francis of Assisi is definitely possible.
Confronted with a Christianity that was primarily theoretical, and with a priesthood saddled with corruption and inertia, Waldo insisted that the teaching of the gospel be put into practice.
There is no recorded meeting between Francis and Peter Waldo, but the writings of a contemporary, Thomas of Celano, the biographer of Francis, lead us to some speculations.
www.ctlibrary.com /3472   (425 words)

 Waldo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The group was one of many suppressed by the Church during the 12th and 13th centuries.
He was a wealthy merchant and decided to give up all his wordly possesions, he was sick of his own affluence, that he had so much more than those around him.
He went through the streets throwing his money away and decided to become a wandering preacher who would beg for a living.
www.jahsonic.com /Waldo.html   (152 words)

 Peter Valdes "Waldo"
Peter Valdes* is remembered on this day, April 16, because of what he did next.
The Waldensian Movement From Waldo to the Reformation.
History of Christianity is a survey course designed to stimulate your curiosity by providing glimpses of some of the pivotal events in the spread Christianity and sketches of great Christian figures who have significantly affected Christian history thereby shaping the history of the world.
chi.gospelcom.net /DAILYF/2003/04/daily-04-16-2003.shtml   (732 words)

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