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Topic: Petting zoo

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  ARFF - Petting Zoos
Petting zoos and pony rides may seem to be appropriate ways to introduce small children to farm animals, but the animals kept at these attractions often suffer hidden cruelties.
Petting zoos are notorious for breeding baby animals to attract attention, and disposing of older and unwanted animals to uncertain fates.
Petting zoos, pony rides and pig races send negative messages that cruelty is O.K. The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida believes that children should be taught to respect animals in their natural environment.
animalrightsflorida.org /PettingZoo.html   (622 words)

 Petting zoo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A petting zoo (often called, and/or part of, a "children's zoo") features a combination of domestic animals and some wild species that are docile enough to touch and feed.
In addition to independent petting zoos, also called children's farms, many general zoos contain a petting zoo.
Petting zoos are extremely popular with small children.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Petting_zoo   (119 words)

 Gas City Petting Zoo
The mini zoo is located in the Gas City Park and houses over 100 animals ranging from Australian fl swans to whitetail deer.
It wasn't long, however, before the petting zoo not only housed goats and deer, but included sheep, a donkey, a mini-horse, a pot-bellied pig, llamas, emus, pygmy goats, Australian fl swans, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, geese, pheasants, and ducks.
The mini zoo is solely supported by donations and the proceeds from the animal feed and soda pop machines located on the grounds.
www.gascity.com /visitors/attractions/petting-zoo.htm   (473 words)

 Support Us - Job Openings
Zoo Atlanta is a cultural institution engaged in the care, exhibition, study, and conservation of wildlife.
Zoo Atlanta's Education Department plays an integral role in the zoo's mission, by raising awareness of conservation issues and providing engaging, educational and entertaining experiences as we strive to inspire people to environmental action.
Petting Zoo Interns will work with a variety of domestic animals (including goats, sheep, and pigs) in our contact yard and surrounding exhibits.
www.zooatlanta.org /internship_pettingzoo.htm   (414 words)

 Welcome to Domino's Farms
Domino's Petting Farm, opened in 1984, is a living symbol of our appreciation and commitment to the farming industry and to the values evident on a traditional farm.
The Petting Farm barn was built in 1925 by a local family, the Zeebs, and was once part of a working farm.
It is approximately 280 acres and the petting farm uses 25 acres of that property.
www.pettingfarm.com   (497 words)

 Petting Zoo
A favorite among children, the petting zoo offers a collection of happy creatures from the smallest African pygmy goats to the long-necked llamas.
Also, not all animals in the petting zoo are accessible for petting.
Petting Zoo animals are on a specially regulated diet and are permitted only the food sold at the petting zoo.
www.laketobias.com /pettingzoo   (112 words)

 Petting Zoo
Hedrick's Educational Petting Zoo offers a wide range of exotic animals and will surely be the hit of your fair...for all the kids...from 9 days to 99.
Hedrick's Educational Petting Zoo offers a wide range of exotic animals and will surely be the hit of your fair or celebration.
"The addition of your petting zoo was a tremendous asset to the livestock area specifically, and the fair in general.
www.hedricks.com /Zoo.htm   (292 words)

 Animals - Outback Station and Petting Zoo
The Australian-themed Outback Station and the Petting Zoo located in the Orkin's Children Zoo introduces some new species to Zoo Atlanta as well as a new petting zoo.
Zoo Atlanta houses a couple different breeds of goats in the petting zoo.
At the Petting Zoo, it's OK to touch the goats, pot-bellied pigs and sheep.
www.zooatlanta.org /animals_petting_zoo.htm   (668 words)

 News - Petting Zoo Visits Linked to Fever and Diarrhea in Kids
Petting zoos at agricultural fairs, festivals, and zoos let kids interact with animals like goats, cows, sheep, and llamas.
At the end of October, the state health department received reports of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS, a condition that causes severe anemia and kidney damage) in three children who'd visited the petting zoo.
Local health departments later reported 108 cases of diarrhea (most in children) close to the time of the state fair, and 78% of the ill people had visited the state fair petting zoo.
kidshealth.org /research/petting_zoos.html   (720 words)

 EID: Petting Zoo Patrons Don't Recognize Risks or Wash Hands - CME Teaching Brief® - MedPage Today
Of 991 patrons observed while in the six zoos, 49% touched their faces while in the petting zoo, 87% came into contact with an environmental surface, and 74% touched animals.
Of 1,700 visitors observed leaving the petting zoos, 1,054 (62%) did not use the hand sanitizer stations, although there was substantial variation (13% to 66%) among venues.
Angulo said disease associated with petting zoos, as well as state and county fairs, is increasing.
www.medpagetoday.com /InfectiousDisease/PublicHealth/dh/2888   (1065 words)

 Petting Zoo, Pony rides & Farms Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Petting zoos and other outdoor attractions are great family fun.
The Petting Zoo Directory is a listing by state a of petting zoos, pony rides, children's gardens, mazes, pumpkin patches, farm markets, log cabins, nature trails, Christmas tree farms, Indian attractions, ethnic festivals, and other events.
We provide petting zoos, exotic animal displays, wildlife education, animal presentations, assembly and classroom programs, stage shows, pony rides and more.
www.pettingzoofarm.com   (642 words)

 John P. McGovern Children's Zoo
The animals in the Houston Zoo Children’s Zoo contact yard, petting zoo, are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days before they are allowed to have contact with the public.
The Children’s Zoo contact area is equipped with a hand washing station.
Zoo Tip: If the kids need to release some excess energy, let them visit one of our play areas or cool off in the water from the spitting frog fountain.
www.houstonzoo.org /Index.asp?Page_ID=174   (520 words)

 Sequoia Park Zoo Society Eureka CA editor Jim Wasetis
The Zoo is situated on approximately 5 acres of level terrain northeast of the redwood ravines of Sequoia Park.
Structures that exist within the zoo include a bear grotto, primate habitats, the 5,000 square foot Nancy Hilfiker Aviary, an education and administration complex, the children's zoo barn, otter and flamingo ponds, and an arrangement of smaller habitats.
The zoo was closed to the public during the construction process which resulted in roomier and more naturalistic exhibits with appropriate features for the animals.
www.redwoodmatrix.net /zoo/zoo.htm   (1081 words)

 Petting Zoo 2 U
All images and text are property of Petting Zoo 2 U. Use without permission is prohibited.
Her love of animals and enthusiasm for teaching children has created a unique educational experience for children of all ages.
Petting Zoo 2 U evolved as our collection of domestic animals grew and we noticed how much our own children loved interacting with the animals.
www.pettingzoo2u.com /about.html   (184 words)

 Petting Zoo's
We have historic and kosher petting zoos as well as the typical carnival/party petting zoo.
Pet specialist and founder Sue Miller and her partner Dave Tucker have provided this "hands-on" show including a variety of animals for kindergartens, school assemblies, special events, birthday parties and retirement homes in the
She can bring her Petting Zoo of furry and feathered friends and will travel to you in the Santa Barbara County area.
www.laforkids.com /petting_zoo's.htm   (1399 words)

 Fair and Petting Zoo Safety: E. coli O157:H7 outbreaks at fairs and petting zoos.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Fair and Petting Zoo Safety: E. coli O157:H7 outbreaks at fairs and petting zoos.
Agricultural fairs and petting zoos pose an inherent public health hazard by bringing the general public into direct contact with various animals, which can carry a host of human pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and prions.
Prudent and responsible measures to limit the hazards associated with fairs and petting zoos include: testing of the animals for pathogens of concern, particularly E.
www.fair-safety.com   (584 words)

 Petting zoo listing for georgia to maryland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Zoo Directory is a listing by state and city of petting zoos, children's gardens, mazes, pumpkin patches, farm markets,
Our exciting petting zoo gives you a chance to have one on one interaction and to be educated with many fascinating exotic animals!
The amenities of the five hundred-acre ranch include two twenty-acre lakes, a riding stable, a petting zoo, educational programs, nature/hiking trails, hayrides, fishing, swimming, and cabin rentals.
www.pettingzoofarm.com /georgiamaryland.html   (718 words)

 Tawni's Ponies and Animal World Petting Zoo!
We have ar 25’x20’ zoo contain 18 to 22 animals, this zoo is supplied with a red, white, and blue canopy.
We supply hand sanitizer for petting zoo visitors, but for safety and cleanliness it is still important that visitors have close access to a sink with soap and running water or a visible restroom.
Colorful, petting zoo rule signs, animal education signs, and animal cutout signs.
www.animalworldpettingzoo.com   (386 words)

 Petting Zoos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
This is a portable petting zoo that can be set up either outside or inside.
The petting zoo can be set up for a minimum of 2 hours and is available for up to 6 hours.
For petting zoos that are scheduled for longer than 2 hours, additional animal shows may be presented upon request for no additional charge.
home.earthlink.net /~zippityzoo/pettingzoopage.htm   (352 words)

Coming into the project, their main objective aside from incorporating their bird store was to enlarge the existing petting pens to provide better housing for the animal residents and allow more interaction with visitors.
But due to unfortunate setbacks with city regulations, their first disappointment was having to move their exotic bird store from its temporary home in the Olivares House, back to the City of Lake Forest from which they came.
Initially the couple proposed building a magnificent bird store in the dirt lot behind their petting zoo, but immediately after beginning to enlarge the animal pens, the couple was served with two “Stop Construction” notices and a “Cease Parking” letter on their River Street entrance, both of which remain in effect today.
www.zoomars.com /RoadAhead/RoadAhead.htm   (491 words)

 Welcome to Luray Zoo: A Rescue Zoo
The Luray Zoo, formerly the Luray Reptile Center, is nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.
The zoo's owners, Mark and Jennifer Kilby, are usually around to answer questions from the public.
Luray Zoo is a specialized zoo that provides a home to unwanted and/or abused exotic animals.
www.lurayzoo.com   (209 words)

 Noah's Ark Traveling Petting Zoo And Pony Rides, Inc.
The main part of the zoo has exotic goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, Zebu calves, Scottish Highlander calves, mini horses, mini donkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese in one big pen.
The animals are kept in a large enclosure, so that visitors may wander among the assortment of four-legged friends to pet and observe.
Our zoo comes in several sizes, starting at 20 x 20, to whatever size your event requires.
www.noahsarkzoo.net   (335 words)

 Wright’s -- Evil Petting Zoo --
For starters, I have a long history with exotic pets (typically involving reptiles, tropical birds, rodents, and insects) that goes back to my early childhood.
My two oldest brothers were constantly bringing home snakes, geckos, agamas, monitors, etc. Though I was quite interested in their collections, and frequently helped them out with feeding and maintaining their cages, I never really owned a reptile of my very own.
I felt it was time to revisit the idea of dabbling in exotic pets to add a little variety to my interests.
odin.indstate.edu /newsletter/jun03/evilpettingzoo.html   (3325 words)

 Action Wildlife - Petting Zoo
Action Wildlife invites all guests to stop at our petting zoo located across from the green museum building.
Feed is available for $1.00 per cup and is provided at the entrance of the petting barn.
Please note that the animals in the petting barn are the ONLY animals guests are allowed to pet and feed.
www.actionwildlife.org /pettingzoo.htm   (65 words)

 Petting Zoo News - Inbox Robot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
A heated tent near the parking lot houses a petting zoo with animals ranging from tiny kangaroos to miniature zebus, donkeys and a child-size dromedary.
E. coli outbreaks that were traced to petting zoos at a North Carolina agricultural fair and...
E. coli outbreaks that were traced to petting zoos at a North Carolina agricultural sickened 163...
www.inboxrobot.com /news/petting-zoo   (839 words)

 Staying Sanitary At The Zoo - CBS News
As many as nine children have been diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder, and five are in critical condition.
The hospitalized kids had one thing in common: They touched animals recently at petting zoos at area fairs, including the Central Florida Fair in Orlando and the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, between March 3 and 13.
She says it's also a good idea not to let kids use pacifiers or sippy cups while they're in petting zoos.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2005/03/25/earlyshow/living/parenting/main683125.shtml   (502 words)

 Traveling Petting Zoo - Professional petting zoo setup with hand washing facilities - petting zoo for all events.  ...
A traveling petting zoo with a professional setup and hand washing facilities.
We can provide a petting zoo for large fairs, grand openings, promotional events, live nativities and birthdays.
A petting zoo is for all genders, races and age groups.
www.lawsonland.com   (187 words)

 Tampabay: Popular petting zoo closing
On any given day, hundreds of kids would be bused there to ride ponies, pet goats and feed sheep.
Those days are coming to an end, thanks to an E. coli scare that has hurt business at petting zoos throughout the state.
Hillsborough schools canceled all field trips to the farm this spring after an E. coli scare at other Florida petting zoos.
www.sptimes.com /2005/10/07/Tampabay/Popular_petting_zoo_c.shtml   (552 words)

 The Physics Petting Zoo
The University of Kentucky Physics Petting Zoo is a hands-on classroom tool.
These are simple and yet instructive, so that all age groups will enjoy interacting with them and learn from them.
All components of the Zoo are safe for students to handle and experiment with.
www.pa.uky.edu /sciworks/physicspettingzoo   (99 words)

 Petting Zoos
There are several things to consider when selecting the type of petting zoo for your event.
The petting zoo area can be roped or blocked off by the event planners.
To schedule a petting zoo or request a certain date please contact Zippity Zoo...
www.zippityzoo.com /pettingzoo.htm   (300 words)

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