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Topic: Phagosome

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  The kinetics of phagosome maturation as a function of phagosome/lysosome fusion and acquisition of hydrolytic activity.
The kinetics of phagosome maturation as a function of phagosome/lysosome fusion and acquisition of hydrolytic activity.
Professional phagocytes function at the hinge of innate and acquired immune responses by internalizing particulate material that is digested and sampled within the phagosome of the cell.
The fluorescence profiles of all three assays are modulated by known inhibitors of phagosome maturation, demonstrating the veracity, sensitivity and versatility of the assays.
www.medscape.com /medline/abstract/15813751   (289 words)

 Ask Dr. Pat - your biology resource
Bacteria are pulled into the cell and surrounded by plasma membrane to create what is called the 'phagosome'.
Inside the phagosome, myeloperoxidase (which is an intense green color, by the way), produces HOCl or hypochlorous acid.
The concentration of HOCl inside the phagosome rises to that of full strength Clorox.
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  Document: Science Article
Both microbial and apoptotic cells are delivered on a common route from phagosomes to lysosomes for degradation.
Two modes of phagosome maturation were observed, constitutive and inducible; their differential engagement depended on the ability of the cargo to trigger TLR signaling.”
This figure shows the effect of two inhibitors (lower two panels) on the ability of macrophages (nuclei stained blue with DAPI) to target phagocytosed GFP labeled E.coli bacteria (green) to lysosomes (stained red) for degradation.
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  Bacterial Defense against Phagocytes
Inhibition of fusion of the phagocytic lysosomes (granules) with the phagosome.
Early escape from the phagosome vacuole is essential for growth and virulence of some intracellular pathogens.
They may grow in the phagosome and release substances which can pass through the phagosome membrane and cause discharge of lysosomal granules, or they may grow in the phagolysosome and release toxic substances which pass through the phagolysosome membrane to other target sites in the cell.
textbookofbacteriology.net /antiphago.html   (1926 words)

  Phagosome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In cell biology, a phagosome is a vacuole formed around a particle absorbed by phagocytosis.
A phagosome is a cellular compartment in which pathogenic microorganisms can be killed and digested.
Phagosomes fuse with lysosomes in their maturation process.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Phagosome   (84 words)

 Phagosome Extrusion and Host-Cell Survival after Cryptococcus neoformans Phagocytosis by Macrophages.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Cn intracellular pathogenic strategy in macrophages and amoebas is similar, leading to the proposal that it originated as a mechanism for survival against phagocytic predators in the environment.
The phenomenon of "phagosomal extrusion" indicates the existence of a previously unrecognized mechanism whereby a fungal pathogen can escape the intracellular confines of mammalian macrophages to continue propagation and, possibly, dissemination.
Cn, pathogenic, extrusion, macrophage, macrophages, pathogen, phagosomal extrusion, exit, phagosomal, unrecognized, fungal pathogen, mammalian macrophages, propagation, confines, escape, phagocytic predators, whereby, amoebas, replicate intracellularly, cytoplasmic, alveolar macrophages, facultative, encapsulated yeast, polysaccharide-containing vesicles, replication, cryptococcus neoformans cn, proposal, cryptococcal cells, spacious phagosomes, formation, originated,
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 Modulation of Rab5 and Rab7 Recruitment to Phagosomes by Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase -- Vieira et al. 23 (7): 2501 -- ...
fusion of phagosomes with lysosomes is precluded by wortmannin,
with phagosomes or the clathrin-mediated endocytosis of aggregated
Phagosomal maturation, acidification, and inhibition of bacterial growth in nonphagocytic cells transfected with Fc RIIA receptors.
mcb.asm.org /cgi/content/full/23/7/2501   (7450 words)

 Innate immunity: Cargo-driven phagosome fate - Cell Signaling Update - Signaling Gateway
After uptake of bacteria by macrophages, phagosomes rapidly fuse with lysosomes (within 30 minutes) to become phagolysosomes, in which bacteria are degraded.
To explore the role of TLR signalling in the regulation of this phagosome-maturation pathway, the authors followed the uptake of fluorescent bacteria by wild-type macrophages or those that lacked expression of TLR2 and TLR4, or MyD88 — a crucial TLR-signalling adaptor protein.
In a single macrophage, bacteria and apoptotic cells are internalized into separate phagosomes; however, phagosomes containing apoptotic cells do not mature faster in macrophages that also have bacteria-containing phagosomes or in macrophages stimulated by the TLR4 ligand lipopolysaccharide, indicating that the inducible rate of maturation is phagosome autonomous.
www.signaling-gateway.org /update/updates/200407/nri1408.html   (433 words)

 Microbe Magazine
Phagosomes containing inert particles such as immunoglobulin G (IgG) beads are processed rapidly, acidifying to pH 4.5 within 15 minutes of uptake, while phagosomes that contain live Mycobacterium bovis BCG equilibrate slowly to pH 6.4.
Mycobacterium-containing phagosomes are accessible to early endosomes and reflect a transitional state in normal phagosome biogenesis.
The kinetics of phagosome maturation as a function of phagosome/lysosome fusion and acquisition of hydrolytic activity.
www.asm.org /news/index.asp?bid=38155   (1832 words)

 Magnetic Phagosome Motion in J774A.1 Macrophages: Influence of Cytoskeletal Drugs -- Möller et al. 79 (2): 720 -- ...
The motion of vesicles and phagosomes happens perpetually within living cells and is part of the intracellular transport system.
The influence of the cytoskeletal drugs on the cell stiffness estimated by magnetic phagosome twisting is illustrated in Fig.
In living cells, phagosome motion is a complex behavior in which both MF and MT, together with their motor proteins, are involved.
www.biophysj.org /cgi/content/full/79/2/720   (5894 words)

 The Phagosome Proteome: Insight into Phagosome Functions -- Garin et al. 152 (1): 165 -- The Journal of Cell Biology
Phagosomes were formed by the internalization of latex beads for 30 or 60 min, followed by increasing periods of chase to allow phagosome maturation.
The presence of ER molecules on phagosomes is not surprising.
In several cases, the localization to the lumen, the membrane, or the cytoplasmic aspect of the phagosome was indicated by the sensitivity to pronase proteolysis (Fig 4).
www.jcb.org /cgi/content/full/152/1/165   (7635 words)

 Factors affecting the escape of Francisella tularensis from the phagolysosome -- Lindgren et al. 53 (10): 953 -- ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One is located in the cytoplasm without any obvious phagosomal membrane surrounding it (marked with an X); the other bacterium is enclosed by a membrane with an obvious defect (the openings of the membrane are marked with arrowheads).
the phagosome of monocytic cells (Golovliov et al., 2003a; Clemens et al., 2004).
intracellularly is its inability to escape from the phagosome.
jmm.sgmjournals.org /cgi/content/full/53/10/953   (2952 words)

 Phagocytosed Live Listeria monocytogenes Influences Rab5-regulated in Vitro Phagosome-Endosome Fusion -- ...
After internalization, phagosomes containing LM are thought to fuse with lysosomes to form phagolysosomes (7, 8, 9, 10, 11).
Phagosomes containing dead LM (panels A and C) had also fused with endosomes (labeled with BSA-gold and indicated by large arrowheads) but lacked significant rab5 staining, even though rab5 could be detected in other vesicles near the phagosomes (panel A, arrow).
phagosomes removes NSF and renders the fusion events sensitive to ATP and to NEM treatment, and (iv) fusion with salt-washed vesicles was restored by the addition of recombinant NSF to the assay in the presence of heat-inactivated cytosol.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/271/23/13834   (8865 words)

 Phagosome-Lysosome Membrane Traffic in Paramecium
Characteristics of the Cytopharynx and Nascent Phagosome Membrane
Though not yet studied in detail, their proximity to the site at which acidosomes bind to phagosomes suggests a possible role for these vesicles in the formation of acidosomes should they coalesce to form the larger vesicles.
Acidosomes (AC) bind to the NDV as it forms and travel with the phagosome (DV-I) as it moves along the postoral bundles of microtubules (POM) toward the cell's posterior pole.
www.fao.org /Wairdocs/ILRI/x5550E/x5550e05.htm   (2464 words)

 Tuberculosis Toxin Blocking Phagosome Maturation Inhibits a Novel Ca2+/Calmodulin-PI3K hVPS34 Cascade -- Vergne et al. ...
(PI3P) on liposomes in vitro and on phagosomes in vivo.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis phagosomes exhibit altered calmodulin-dependent signal transduction: contribution to inhibition of phagosome-lysosome fusion and intracellular survival in human macrophages.
Arrest of mycobacterial phagosome maturation is caused by a block in vesicle fusion between stages controlled by rab5 and rab7.
www.jem.org /cgi/content/full/198/4/653   (3864 words)

 UMHS Press Release: Kellogg Cell Signaling
When a mutation is introduced, phagocytosis is not completed because the calcium wave circles the cell and bypasses the phagosome altogether.
When the target is completely surrounded, one wave traveling around the cell's perimeter splits in two, with the second wave encircling the phagosome or sac-like compartment.
The sequence may also have a role in directing other cell activities, for example signaling the endoplasmic reticulum to form a spindle that connects the phagosome and the outer cell membrane.
www.med.umich.edu /opm/newspage/2003/cellsignaling.htm   (771 words)

 Mycobacterium's Arrest of Phagosome Maturation in Macrophages Requires Rab5 Activity and Accessibility to Iron -- ...
The degree of colocalization between the mycobacterial phagosome and LAMP1 was determined as described in Figure 3.
Clemens, D.L. Characterization of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis phagosome.
Clemens, D.L., and Horwitz, M.A. Characterization of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis phagosome and evidence that phagosomal maturation is inhibited.
www.molbiolcell.org /cgi/content/full/14/8/3366   (5533 words)

 CFTR regulates phagosome acidification in macrophages and alters bactericidal activity - Nature Cell Biology
CFTR regulates phagosome acidification in macrophages and alters bactericidal activity
Acidification of phagosomes has been proposed to have a key role in the microbicidal function of phagocytes.
LAMP proteins are required for fusion of lysosomes with phagosomes
www.nature.com /doifinder/10.1038/ncb1456   (251 words)

 A systems biology analysis of the Drosophila phagosome : Abstract : Nature
Certain pathogens have evolved mechanisms to evade the immune system and persist undetected within phagocytes, and it is therefore evident that a detailed knowledge of this process is essential to an understanding of many aspects of innate and adaptive immunity.
However, despite the crucial role of phagosomes in immunity, their components and organization are not fully defined.
Proteomic analysis identified 617 proteins potentially associated with Drosophila phagosomes; these were organized by protein–protein interactions to generate the 'phagosome interactome', a detailed protein–protein interaction network of this subcellular compartment.
www.nature.com /doifinder/10.1038/nature05380   (517 words)

 RabD, a Dictyostelium Rab14-related GTPase, regulates phagocytosis and homotypic phagosome and lysosome fusion -- ...
Salmonella bacterium reside in phagosomes that are devoid of
maturation of the phagosome and the clearance of pathogens in mammalian
The number of phagosomes within each cell and the number of bacteria within each phagosome were counted in a pool of at least 20 cells.
jcs.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/115/18/3703   (5625 words)

 Proteomics Fingerprinting of Phagosome Maturation and Evidence for the Role of a G{alpha} during Uptake -- Gotthardt et ...
Proteomics Fingerprinting of Phagosome Maturation and Evidence for the Role of a G{alpha} during Uptake -- Gotthardt et al.
Interestingly as in mouse phagosomes, a subset of heterotrimeric
The phagosomes analyzed in gel A are a pool of the early three time points of a pulse-chase feeding (see Fig.
www.mcponline.org /cgi/content/full/5/12/2228   (7287 words)

 Role of Ubiquitin and Proteasomes in Phagosome Maturation -- Lee et al. 16 (4): 2077 -- Molecular Biology of the Cell   (Site not responding. Last check: )
(F) Scans of the fluorescence intensity of one of the phagosomes in B–D. The region denoted by the white line was scanned and is plotted in F to demonstrate the increase in fluorescence induced by ammonia.
Purified phagosomes were immunoblotted with an antibody that reacts with both poly- and mono-ubiquitin and another one for poly-ubiquitin alone.
the course of phagosome maturation, the topology of the Fc receptor
www.molbiolcell.org /cgi/content/full/16/4/2077   (8012 words)

 Immunology Faculty
With this model, we are examining the regulation of actin polymerization and intracellular free calcium concentrations during phagocytosis, and the contributions of various myosin isoforms to phagosome closure.
We are presently identifying host and bacterial factors that influence escape of L. monocytogenes from phagosomes, by identifying the compartment permeabilized by L. monocytogenes, and determining how this compartment is altered in activated macrophages.
We are testing the hypothesis that increased resistance to pathogens in activated macrophages results from altered phagosome acidification and progression to lysosomes, plus localized delivery of toxic compounds into late endosome-like phagosomes.
www.med.umich.edu /immprog/faculty/swansonj.htm   (454 words)

 Isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutants defective in the arrest of phagosome maturation -- Pethe et al. 101 ...
Isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutants defective in the arrest of phagosome maturation -- Pethe et al.
There is a reasonable consensus between acidification of the phagosomes and the survival of mutants in macrophages.
Rv2930 generated an acidified phagosome profile yet shows little attenuation, whereas Rv2107, which did not acidify, is actually hypervirulent in macrophages.
www.pnas.org /cgi/content/full/101/37/13642   (4417 words)

 Focal Exocytosis of VAMP3-containing Vesicles at Sites of Phagosome Formation -- Bajno et al. 149 (3): 697 -- The ...
J774 cells were allowed to internalize latex beads for either 20 min or 2 h and phagosomes were purified by gradient centrifugation.
Samples of whole cell lysates (WC) or of phagosomes formed after 20 min (Ph20) or 2 h (Ph120) were resolved by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotted with polyclonal antibodies against EEA1 (top), the 39-kD subunit of the V-ATPase (middle), and VAMP3 (bottom).
phagosomal cups was readily apparent (Fig 4 c).
www.jcb.org /cgi/content/full/149/3/697   (5633 words)

 Proteomic Analysis of Phagocytosis in the Enteric Protozoan Parasite Entamoeba histolytica -- Okada et al. 4 (4): 827 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We established a protocol to isolate phagosomes with high purity.
isotypes in lysosomal and phagosomal trafficking in this organism.
Amoebapores, archaic effector peptides of protozoan origin, are discharged into phagosomes and kill bacteria by permeabilizing their membranes.
ec.asm.org /cgi/content/full/4/4/827   (2284 words)

 Coxiellaburnetii Survival in THP-1 Monocytes Involves the Impairment of Phagosome Maturation: IFN-{gamma} Mediates its ...
Results are expressed as the percentage of phagosomes positive for the marker.
Phagosomal acidification is mediated by a vacuolar-type H
Construction of chimeric phagosomes that shelter Mycobacterium avium and Coxiella burnetii (phase II) in doubly infected mouse macrophages: an ultrastructural study.
www.jimmunol.org /cgi/content/full/169/8/4488   (4467 words)

 Cell Host & Microbe Online
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is an intracellular pathogen that upon phagocytosis survives within macrophages by arresting normal phagosome maturation.
In contrast, much of the bacterial response was to the acidic environment present within the phagosome.
This study represents a valuable resource for further understanding Mtb’s adaptation to its intracellular niche.
www.cellhostandmicrobe.com   (494 words)

 Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced
A big one is the ability to persist in the endocytotic vesicle (depending on the cell, the endosome or the phagosome).
The phagocytic cell has a vesicle called a lysosome that fuses with the phagosome to make, unsurprisingly, a phagolysosome.
This fused vesicle contains acid and lytic enzymes to break the bacterium down.
paulorwin.blogspot.com   (4818 words)

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