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Topic: Philip Morris

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  Altria Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Philip Morris was begun by a London tobacconist of the same name.
Though Altria's headquarters are still in New York, in 2004 its Philip Morris USA division completed a move of its 682 New York based employees to Richmond, Virginia in order to consolidate operations at its Richmond office and achieve cost savings for shareholders.
Philip Morris bought Kraft Foods on October 30, 1988 for US$13.1 billion, in a bid to diversify from the declining tobacco business and to reduce litigation risk.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Philip_Morris   (395 words)

 Tobacco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Philip Morris was listed as a sponsor of the 1998 Conference, and as sponsor of the AAF Achievers Luncheon during the conference.
Philip Morris was a contributor to the 125
In 1996, Philip Morris provided Virginia Tech with a $200,000 grant that was to be dispersed over a four-year period to support a series of statewide economic development conferences helping to educate leaders from business, local and state government, and higher education about ways to promote economic growth in Virginia.
dcc2.bumc.bu.edu /tobacco/sponsorships.htm   (9891 words)

 Philip Morris ordered to pay $28B damages - Oct. 4, 2002
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Philip Morris Cos., the No. 1 cigarette maker, was ordered Friday to pay a record $28 billion to a 64-year-old woman with lung cancer who blamed her tobacco addiction on the company's failure to warn her of the risks of smoking.
Philip Morris vowed to appeal after a Los Angeles jury awarded Betty Bullock of Newport Beach, Calif., what the company said was the largest single judgment against it.
Philip Morris said that if the verdict is not set aside, the company will ask the court to reduce the amount of punitive damages awarded.
money.cnn.com /2002/10/04/news/companies/philipmorris   (679 words)

 Philip Morris Information Sheet
On their website, Philip Morris writes that the health risks of second-hand smoke are small, but significant.
In contrast to their advertising techniques, Philip Morris has started youth smoking prevention programs, and have issued several public statements saying that their aim is not to target young people, but that smoking is for adults only.
In 1998, Philip Morris spent $23,000,000 in lobbying expenditures with 22% to Democrats and 77% to Republicans according to The Center for Responsive Politics.
www.stanford.edu /group/SICD/PhilipMorris/pmorris.html   (1240 words)

 Smoke Screen - Why is Philip Morris supporting FDA regulation of cigarettes? By Samuel Loewenberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Philip Morris, the nation's largest cigarette manufacturer and historically a leading opponent of tobacco regulation, has broken with the rest of the industry and is embracing the government intervention it has spent decades fighting.
Philip Morris believes in "soup to nuts regulation of the entire industry, and we think that the FDA should be involved in all of that," says chief legislative counsel Mark Berlind.
Philip Morris tried to get the administration to sponsor an FDA bill, but Bush advisers decided the president should stick to tax refunds and avoid a messy tobacco fight.
slate.msn.com /?id=2068476   (1207 words)

 CBS News | Philip Morris Catches A Break In Court | April 15, 2003 04:38:50
The ruling came less than a month after Philip Morris was told to pay $10.1 billion in a class-action lawsuit for misleading smokers that "light" cigarettes are less harmful than regular brands.
Philip Morris will then pay an additional $800 million through September 2004 toward the appeal bond, plus $420 million per year for however long the appeals in the case take, the order said.
But William Ohlemeyer, Philip Morris' vice president and general counsel, warned that although Tuesday's payment will be made on time, future payments under the 1998 agreement might be jeopardized if the company is again hit with what it considers an unpayable bill.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2003/03/21/national/main545214.shtml   (615 words)

 Philip Morris in the McSpotlight
Philip Morris Co.s Inc. is one of biggest tobacco companies, with 45% of the U.S. market and 12% of the world market.
Americans for Non-smokers' Rights have released a confidential internal Philip Morris memo from 1990 that reveals Pete Wilson, then a candidate for Governor of California, returned $16,000 in contributions that could be directly linked to the tobacco industry, but kept $84,000 that could not be traced to pro-tobacco forces.
Philip Morris also owns Kraft General Foods, criticised by the BUAV for tests on cats in the development of a 'stomach-friendly' coffee.
www.mcspotlight.org /beyond/companies/pmorris.html   (502 words)

 USATODAY.com - Philip Morris offers $5 billion for Indonesian cigarettes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Philip Morris, a division of Altria Group (MO), said Monday it reached agreements to buy a 40% stake in PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna from its principal shareholders for a total of $2 billion in cash.
In a separate matter, Philip Morris USA said Monday it was awarded $173 million in damages after a U.S. District Court found Switzerland-based Internet cigarette retailer Otamedia had infringed on Philip Morris's trademarks.
Philip Morris alleged in the lawsuit that Otamedia's revenues from sales to U.S. consumers were in violation of federal and state laws.
www.usatoday.com /money/world/2005-03-14-philipmorris_x.htm   (723 words)

 AlterNet: Philip Morris Puts Up Good Citizen Smokescreen
Philip Morris, the world's largest and most profitable producer and marketer of consumer packaged goods, recently spent $2 million on domestic violence programs nationally, part of $60 million it spent on charity in 1999.
Philip Morris spent 80% more on its advertising than its charity, almost $30,000 every day last year, so we would know what a good corporate citizen it is. This is what corporations do when they're under fire.
Philip Morris is using commercial speech to influence public opinion and political action.
www.alternet.org /story.html?StoryID=10129   (896 words)

 [corp-focus] Philip Morris to Canada: Drop Dead
Philip Morris to Canada: Drop Dead By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman The latest evidence of absurdity of existing international trade rules comes from Philip Morris, which has told Canada that proposed health regulations to prohibit the use of the terms "light" and "mild" on tobacco packaging are impermissible under numerous trade rules.
If Philip Morris were to bring and win a Chapter 11 lawsuit, Canada would be obligated to pay the corporation the value of the lost property, here the value of the trademark and associated goodwill.
Philip Morris has not indicated that it intends to bring suit against Canada under Chapter 11, and it is not likely to be able to get the U.S. government, at least, to file a WTO challenge against Canada on the matter.
lists.essential.org /pipermail/corp-focus/2002/000111.html   (906 words)

 Court TV Tobacco Litigation Documents: Statements of Former Philip Morris Employees
Philip Morris knew that the 'best' products were obviously those that could deliver the proper amount of both of these factors, 'flavor' and 'impact' (all other factors such as 'firmness' and 'draw', etc., being held constant).
One explanation commonly given by Philip Morris was, that this research was 'defensive' in nature and being done solely to inform the company about the methods being used by antagonists/enemies of the tobacco industry (in an effort to protect Philip Morris against potentially adverse information developed by researchers external to the company).
Philip Morris was, in effect, obtaining detailed information about how its products could at least potentially affect three important levels of human health: genetics, behavior and the electrophysiology of the brain.
www.courttv.com /archive/legaldocs/business/tobacco/statements.html   (12106 words)

 Altria - About Altria - Who We Are - Our Companies - Philip Morris USA
Philip Morris USA is the maker of Marlboro in the United States.  For the full-year 2004, nearly four of every ten cigarettes sold in the United States were Marlboro cigarettes. ; Other brands of Philip Morris USA include Basic, Merit, Benson and Hedges, Virginia Slims, Parliament, Cambridge, Alpine, Chesterfield, Lark, LandM, Players and Saratoga.
Philip Morris USA has policies, practices and positions in place to address the many issues that are important not only to them but also to a broad range of its stakeholders including the general public, the public health community, parents, community leaders, decision makers, and the government, including:
Philip Morris USA’s success comes from the diverse array of talented people  including world-class engineers and researchers, highly trained manufacturing specialists, and experts in sales, marketing, finance, communications and human resources.  Philip Morris USA has enjoyed a low turnover of employees, including its unionized plant specialists.
www.altria.com /about_altria/01_00_03_philipmorrisusa.asp   (440 words)

 Pro-Youth Pages: Boycott Philip Morris
Philip Morris invaded families, mailing out booklets to parents across America, urging them to order their children not to smoke.
The tobacco companies, led by Philip Morris, fought this bitterly, and got the provision changed so companies would not be punished if they could convince authorities they were "trying" to reduce teen smoking.
Philip Morris, nevertheless, chooses to print a warning on its Israeli cigarette packages reading, "'intended for sale to adults only." As if Israeli youth did not have enough problems with suicide bombers and other terrorists, now they're under attack by Philip Morris.
www.geocities.com /hatredsucks/pmorris.html   (1907 words)

 Philip Morris 4Q up - Jan. 30, 2002
Executives of Philip Morris, the world's largest tobacco company, said revenue and profits from tobacco products had improved primarily as a result of higher pricing.
Philip Morris announced Wednesday that its board of directors named Louis Camilleri as its new CEO, effective April 25.
Under Camilleri's watch, Philip Morris is likely to step up its merger and acquisition activity as a means of bolstering earnings growth and adding shareholder value, Feldman said.
money.cnn.com /2002/01/30/companies/philipmorris   (485 words)

 Philip Morris's "philanthropy"
Philip Morris's donation, totaling 43 tons over several months, was airlifted in spring of 1999.
Philip Morris declined to disclose the net value of the donated food (Per-pound wholesale costs for items such as macaroni and cheese suggest a value of about $125,000.).
"Philip Morris lent credibility to the initiative," says Richard Lukaj, chairman of the advocacy group.
www.stayfreemagazine.org /public/philipmorris.html   (1129 words)

 NOW with Bill Moyers. Transcript. Tobacco Traffic - Philip Morris Responds. 4.19.02 | PBS
We explained in our previous statement that while the lawsuits against Philip Morris International ("Philip Morris") and its affiliates had all been dismissed, the plaintiffs had indicated their intention to appeal, and thus we would not discuss the specific allegations of those cases in the media.
Philip Morris has comprehensive policies designed to ensure that we receive funds only from legitimate sources.
Philip Morris, in common with other consumer goods companies, has responded to those concerns by reviewing and enhancing pre-existing procedures relating both to customer selection and acceptable forms of payment.
www.pbs.org /now/transcript/transcript_pm.html   (1400 words)

 Infact's Corporate Hall of Shame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Philip Morris is one of the leading contributors to think tanks behind the campaign to roll back the FDA's authority to protect public health, including Citizens for a Sound Economy, which spent $2 million on public relations to undermine the FDA.
Philip Morris is one of the largest campaign contributors in Utah, and its lobbyists are present during every legislative session at the state capitol.
Philip Morris, the biggest spender in the state, paid a marketing firm $275,000 to conduct a phone bank to defeat a bill that would have raised the state's cigarette tax by 25 cents to cover health care costs for uninsured children, and spent at least $116,340 more on lobbying throughout the year.
www.infact.org /hos.html   (3309 words)

 Deltoid » Looking in the Philip Morris Documents Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
When I was looking in the Philip Morris Documents Archive for information on their astroturf operations, I noticed some familiar names: The American Enterprise Institute, The Heartland Institute and the Cato Institute.
Cato say that part of its mission mission is to promote limited government, so both Cato and Philip Morris would oppose government regulation of cigarettes, Philip Morris because it would reduce their profits and Cato because of a general opposition to government regulations.
While I don’t know what sort of “assurances” the gentleman from Philip Morris feels he got from Cato, I do know that at an event I attended when I worked there, their legal scholar Bob Levy opposed (on federalism grounds) national legislation that would have immunized gunmakers against state suits.
timlambert.org /2004/03/pmdocs   (1003 words)

 Philip Morris Attempts to Re-define Image
Philip Morris is spending millions of dollars to alert the public of their community service efforts.
As a result of Philip Morris financial assistance, the home is renovated and used as a home for homeless children.
This Philip Morris market study also revealed that, "The limited switching data available indicate that Marlboro Menthol is drawing a substantial number of Kool smokers, followed by Newport and Salem.
www.tobaccofreedom.org /issues/documents/image/house.html   (1317 words)

 Philip Morris Fights Illegal Cigarette Sales | JoinTogether.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The year-old "brand-integrity" department at Philip Morris USA is trying to stop unlawful Internet cigarettes sales and crack down on manufacturers and Internet vendors who avoid paying taxes to states, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported March 24.
Philip Morris established the department in response to a growing trend of counterfeit and illegal sales of its cigarette brands.
In addition, Philip Morris is aggressively lobbying state legislators in U.S. states for laws that would require online vendors to obtain written proof of a customer's age before selling someone cigarettes, and increase the penalties for illegal sales.
www.jointogether.org /sa/news/summaries/reader/0,1854,562356,00.html   (253 words)

 Philip Morris Attempts to Re-define Image   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In a 1993 report for Philip Morris (view complete PDF file [764k]), we learn the tobacco giant hired Landor Associates, who are "Identity Consultants and Designers Worldwide," to assist in re-defining the Philip Morris image (view relevant individuals pages [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] & [6]).
As a result of Philip Morris operations in Oklahoma for 1990, approximately 6,000 residents of the state died a tragic, and in many cases, a horribly painful and suffering death, after battling a lifetime of addition, disease and illness linked to Philip Morris products.
Philip Morris increased its spending on corporate advertising by 800% from 1998 to 1999, and that trend continued in the first half of 2000 with $142 million in expenditures on ads designed to improve its image with the public and policymakers.
tobaccofreedom.org /issues/documents/image   (1996 words)

 State of Maryland v. Philip Morris, Inc., et al.
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. is the parent corporation of Philip Morris Incorporated (Philip Morris U.S.A.) and has participated in the manufacture and distribution of cigarettes and other tobacco products both individually and through its agent and alter ego, Defendant Philip Morris Incorporated (Philip Morris U.S.A.).
Philip Morris brand was held out as "The Throat-tested cigarette" on the basis of supposed studies showing that Philip Morris brand cigarettes were less irritating.
A 1963 memorandum to Philip Morris' President and CEO from the company's Vice President of Research describes a number of classes of compounds in cigarette smoke which are "known carcinogens." The document goes on to describe the link between smoking and bronchitis and emphysema.
stic.neu.edu /Md/3MARYL~1.HTM   (17324 words)

 CNN.com - Philip Morris gets break in damage award - Dec. 19, 2002
In October, a jury awarded plaintiff Betty Bullock, who is 64 and dying of lung cancer, $850,000 in compensatory damages and $28 billion in punitive damages after finding Philip Morris was guilty of fraud and negligence for failing to warn her of the risks of smoking.
Philip Morris said it would appeal the reduced award and the verdict itself.
Last year, a California state judge ruled that a $3 billion verdict against Philip Morris was excessive, cutting it to $100 million.
archives.cnn.com /2002/LAW/12/18/tobacco.verdict   (641 words)

 CNN.com - Study for Philip Morris found smokers' early deaths helped Czech finances - Jul. 16, 2001
But Philip Morris pointed out the report was nothing more than an economic impact study, focusing only on data from 1999, commissioned in response to criticisms that smoking-related health-care costs were hurting the Czech economy.
An Arthur D. Little representative said Philip Morris had commissioned similar studies in Canada and the Netherlands, and those studies are mentioned in the report.
Shares of Philip Morris (MO: up $0.78 to $44.68, Research, Estimates), which makes about 80 percent of the cigarettes smoked in the Czech Republic, closed lower Monday.
edition.cnn.com /2001/BUSINESS/07/16/czech.morris   (657 words)

 While making deal, Philip Morris officials gave to Thompson
As their lawyers were hammering out a multibillion-dollar settlement with the states, Philip Morris executives and their subsidiaries did their best to clog Gov. Tommy G. Thompson's campaign coffers with cash.
Darienne Dennis, director of communications for Philip Morris in New York, said there was nothing special about the recent donations to Thompson.
Philip Morris was also the sole or principal source of funding for three non-profit agencies that underwrote three overseas trips taken by Thompson in recent years.
www.jsonline.com /news/spice/1119spice.asp   (973 words)

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