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Topic: Philosopher

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Unlike Profundus Maximus, Philosopher can actually be quite knowledgeable on a variety of subjects.
Somewhat humorless and aloof, he is also slow to anger, and when he deigns to join in the fray he is considerate of other opinions.
His fighting tactics are direct and uncomplicated - he smothers the opposition with his ponderous and lengthy cogitations.
redwing.hutman.net /~mreed/warriorshtm/philosopher.htm   (71 words)

 philosopher: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
This morning on "the View", during a discussion about Epicurus (the Greek philosopher who was born in 341 BC and died in 270 BC), Sherri Shepherd - who was last seen saying she didn't know if the world was flat - says that nothing predates the Christians.
From the 11th, rentals of standard definition versions of the movies will be available to download from 250 MS Point upwards, whilst rentals of HD versions will set you back 380 MS points and up.
Nick Saban was supposed to be the savior for Alabama football -- and hey, the Dolphins sure have taken off since he left -- but the team has collapsed down the stretch, losing their last three games, including last week's home loss to Louisiana-Monroe.
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 L. Ron Hubbard the Philosopher: On Philosophy and Religion
The materials of Scientology comprise the largest written and spoken body of any single philosophic work.
Those materials have further given rise to the only major religion founded in the twentieth century, and so stand as the spiritual cornerstone for several million adherents across all continents.
It was additionally through the philosophy of Scientology that L. Ron Hubbard derived his solutions to criminality, drug addiction, illiteracy and social unrest—all now utilized by many million more in virtually every nation on earth.
www.ronthephilosopher.org   (108 words)

 Philosopher Jokes
If you put two philosophers in a room, you get two opinions, unless one of them is Eddy Zemach, in which case you get seven opinions.
An engineer, an experimental physicist, a theoretical physicist, and a philosopher were hiking through the hills of Scotland.
In fact, the philosopher realized it was the same objection in every case - he had found the perfect philosophical move to make in conferences and colloquia.
www.as.miami.edu /phi/jokes.htm   (2204 words)

 Selected Index to The Philosopher Journal
A Kind of 'Philosophical Kindergarten the story of the Philosophical Society of England
Copyright on all articles is held by The Philosopher.
Permission is given for reproduction (of the articles) provided that it is solely for non-commercial purposes and that The Philosopher is acknowledged as place of first publication.
www.the-philosopher.co.uk   (625 words)

 Definition of philosopher - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Middle English philosophe, philosophre, from Anglo-French, from Latin philosophus, from Greek philosophos, from phil- + sophia wisdom, from sophos wise
1 a: a person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment : scholar, thinker b: a student of philosophy2 a: a person whose philosophical perspective makes meeting trouble with equanimity easier b: an expounder of a theory in a particular area of experience c: one who philosophizes
See a map of "philosopher" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=philosopher   (77 words)

 Philosopher's Information Center
The Philosopher's Information Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving philosophers.
The Philosopher's Index is a current, comprehensive, and easy-to-use subject and author index to:
The Philosopher's Index is available in either printed or electronic format.
www.philinfo.org   (285 words)

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