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Topic: Phonation

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  Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Phonation
Phoneticians define phonation as "use of the laryngeal system to generate an audible source of acoustic energy, i.e., sound, which can then be modified by the articulatory actions of the rest of the vocal apparatus."
In languages such as French, all obstruents occur in pairs of a voiced one and an unvoiced one.
Mandarin Chinese has pairs of aspirated and unaspirated voiceless plosives and aspiration is the main distinction rather than phonation.
fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Voiceless   (374 words)

 International Phonetic Alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A series of alveolar plosives ranging from an open to a closed glottis phonation are:
One modification is the use of subscript parentheses around the phonation diacritics to indicate partial phonation; a single parenthesis at the left or right of the voicing indicates that it is partially phonated at the beginning or end of the segment.
Phonation diacritics may also be prefixed or suffixed rather than placed directly under the segment to represent relative timing.
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 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Phonetics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The total number of phonemes in languages varies from as few as 10 in the Pirahã language, 11 in Rotokas (spoken in Papua New Guinea), 12 in Hawaiian and 30 in Serbian to as many as 141 in !Xu (spoken in southern Africa, in the Kalahari desert).
These may range from familiar sounds like /t/, /s/ or /m/ to ones rarely heard by English speakers, using non-pulmonic airstream mechanisms such as the velaric and glottalic airstreams and/or ingressive articulation (see: clicks, phonation).
The English language has about 13 vowel and 24 consonant phonemes (depending upon dialect), which have multiple allophones.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Phonetics   (668 words)

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