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 Kingdom of Sardinia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1720 the kingdom of Sicily was exchanged for that of Sardinia, and the House of Savoy was enabled to call itself royal, as Kings of Sardinia.
Although its name was the Kingdom of Sardinia, the main part of the kingdom was Savoy, under which royal house (the House of Savoy) the kingdom resorted.
On March 17, 1861 the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed thus ending Sardinia as a separate kingdom.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Piedmont-Sardinia

Turin The chief town of a civil province in Piedmont and was formerly the capital of the Duchy of Savoy and of the Kingdom of Sardinia.
Piedmont High School Hairys Site for all Piedmont high grads to meet up with old pals and chat or leave messages on the bulletin boards.
Sardinia by Bike Cycling in Sardinia: tour descriptions, both on and off-road, advice, tips and useful links.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Piedmont-Sardinia.html

 Search Encyclopedia.com
Besides Sardinia, the kingdom included Savoy, Piedmont, and...
Sardinia, kingdom of Sardinia, kingdom of, name given to the possessions of the house of Savoy (see Savoy, house of) in 1720, when the island of Sardinia was awarded (by the Treaty of London) to Duke Victor Amadeus II of Savoy to compensate him for the loss of Sicily to Austria.
piedmont piedmont, any area near the foot of a mountain, particularly the plateau (the Piedmont) extending from New York to Alabama E of the Appalachian Mts.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Piedmont-Sardinia

 MSN Encarta - Italian Unification
On the French border was the Kingdom of Sardinia, also called Piedmont-Sardinia, which had slowly expanded since the Middle Ages and was the most advanced state in Italy.
The Kingdom of Sardinia was sympathetic toward Garibaldi but maintained a policy of neutrality until it appeared that Garibaldi was about to send his army into Rome, which was protected by French troops.
Cavour's policy was to secure for the Kingdom of Sardinia the diplomatic and military support of Napoleon III, the French emperor.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761580632/Italian_Unification.html

 Rentals Italy - villas Piedmont apartments Piedmont bed and breakfast Piedmont farmhouses Piedmont
A "piedmont" (piemonte in Italian) is a foothill, and "piedmont" has become a generic deignation for foothill regions in geography.
Piedmont is surrounded on three sides by the Alps mountain range, including the Monviso, where the Po river rises.
Piedmont was the springboard for Italy's unification in 1859-1861, following earlier unsuccessful wars against Austria in 1820-1821 and 1848-1849.
rentalsitaly.com /en/regione_piedmont.php

 Count Camillo Benso di Cavour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sardinia entered the war (February 1855) as an ally of Great Britain and France in exchange for promises that the future of Italy would be seriously considered as an international issue.
At the meeting, Napoleon agreed that if Austria were to attack Sardinia, France would enter the war on Sardinia's side.
In his first two government positions, Cavour worked hard to strengthen Sardinia, reorganizing its army, legal system, financial system, and bureaucracy.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Count_Camillo_Benso_di_Cavour

The lowest averages of mortality are furnished by Piedmont and by Liguria (19.7); and the highest are those of Lombardy (23), Apulia (25), the Basilicata (27), and Sardinia (24).
In Liguria, Piedmont, and Venice is found copper, but more abundantly in Tuscany, near Campiglia Marittima, where there is a great establishment for smelting the ores of Lanzi and of Mt. Temperino; these mines were known to the Etruscans and to the Romans, who left there the traces of their industrial spirit.
The German language is spoken in Piedmont and in Venetia by the descendants of colonies that were established in those provinces in the eleventh and in the twelfth centuries.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08208a.htm

 PlanetPapers - Unification of Italy
Both associated with the new king of Piedmont Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel 2nd, but it was Cavour who played a role first in the unification of Italy.
It was thus decided that Italy would be divided among different monarchs, all associated with the Habsburgs (except for Piedmont Sardinia, which was to be ruled by Victor Emmanuel, an independent monarch, and Papal States, ruled by the pope.).
Now that Piedmont Sardinia gained all this land, the unification was stuck.
www.planetpapers.com /Assets/Print/3183.php

 La Famiglia Abruzzese: Timelines; Italian Peninsula 3
Victor Emmanuel II (King of Piedmont and Sardinia) declared the formation of the Kingdom of Italy and became it's king (March 17).
Piedmontese troops (of Count di Cavour/Kingdom of Sardinia) fought in the Crimean campaign as allies to Britain and France.
Piedmont and its kings were in the center of this movement.
www.cimorelli.com /pie/regions/abruzzo/tlineit3.htm

Piedmont formed the most important part of the kingdom of Sardinia.
www.factopia.com /practical-reference-vol4/piedmont-sardinia-italy.htm

When the Island of Sardinia was granted to Piedmont in 1720 a new conflict arose, as the pope claimed to be the sovereign of the island.
By two conventions made in 1741 the King of Sardinia was granted the Apostolic vicariate for the papal fiefs on condition of paying a quit-rent, and the questions of the ecclesiastical benefices, the revenues of benefices during vacancy, and the administration of these vacant benefices were adjusted.
Whereupon the landed property in Piedmont belonging to the Diocese of Nice was sequestrated; this led the bishop, after three years of unsuccessful negotiations, to excommunicate the secular officials who had carried out the ducal decree.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12076b.htm

 Heraldry in the House of Savoia
The unification of Italy was made to the benefit of the House of Savoia, which ruled over Sardinia, Piedmont and Genoa, in 1859-61.
In 1720, Sicily was exchanged for Sardinia, and an escutcheon of Sardinia was added in point of honor.
In 1713 Vittorio Amedeo II was made king of Sicily by the treaty of Utrecht, but he later exchanged Sicily for Sardinia and the royal title was confirmed by the treaty of Cambrai in 1720.
www.heraldica.org /topics/national/italy1.htm

 Global Geografia - Italian Regions
Italy is administratively subdivided in 20 regions, among which there are 5 at special statute (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Sardinia, Sicily, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol and Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste).
www.globalgeografia.com /italy_regions/italy_regions.htm

 JMU Italian
After Sicily and Piedmont, Sardinia is the most extensive region.
Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean (Sicily is larger), and as a result of its isolation, it has converted its own economy and traditions far more than have other regions.
Smaller islands like Sant'Antioco, San Pietro, Asinara, La Maddalena, Caprera, etc.., are also part of Sardinia.
www.jmu.edu /forlang/italian/sardegna.html

 [No title]
By the congress, Piedmont Sardinia was strengthened by giving Genoa and Savoy and so Sardinia was strengthened and powerful enough to play as the leader in the Italian Unification movement.
In the south, Piedmont was united Sardinia to form the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia.
For example, in the north Holland was made to unite with Belgium and Luxembourg to form the kingdom of United Netherlands and in the southeast, Switzerland was made a neutral to become a buffer of France.
www.slc.edu.hk /his/example1.htm

 Sardinia-Piedmont, Kingdom of, 1848-1849
Forged by the dukes of Savoy who in 1720 acquired the island of Sardinia and the title of king, their capital Turin, at the opening of the nineteenth century was more French than Italian.
Consequently Piedmont returned to the position and frontiers provided by the treaties of 1815, constrained to give up all claims to the territories which had briefly formed part of the Kingdom of Northern Italy.
The Austrians might have imposed harsher terms but for the watchful position of England and France who were determined to preserve Piedmont as a buffer between France and Austria.
www.ohiou.edu /~Chastain/rz/sard.htm

 TheCorner: Unification of Italy : Essays
Italy, under the arrangement of Vienna Settlement in 1815, was divided into several parts which were ruled by different foreign political groups, except the Piedmont of Sardinia.
At last, Piedmont could only come to terms with Austria in the Peace Settlement of Villafranca that she was unable to get Venetia in 1859.
Piedmont had no great statesman capable of welding the various groups who were hostile to Austria into one united body.
www.thecorner.org /forum/messages/14/65.html

After 1848 Italian nationalists placed their hopes on Piedmont-Sardinia, of which Count Camillo di Cavour (1810-61) was the leading minister.
Cavour carried Piedmont into the Crimean War to cultivate French friendship and found a supporter in Napoleon III, who agreed to aid Piedmont were it to be attacked by Austria.
Cavour turned to Realpolitik, began the modernization of Piedmont, and recognized that outside help would be needed against the Austrians.
wiw.org /~dman/H112P25

 WineCountry.it: Italian Wine Regions including Tuscany, Puglia, Piedmont, Sardinia, Umbria, Sicilia and more.
Sardinia vineyards cover 43,331 hectares or 107,070 acres; yearly wine production is 1,062,000 hectoliters or 28,058.124 gallons; 43% white, 57% red; 15.6% is DOC.
Piedmont vineyards cover 57,487 hectares or 142,050 acres; yearly wine production is 3,405,000 hectoliters or 89,960,369 gallons; 30% white, 70% red; 55.8% is DOC.
We will be adding continually to our site more of the finest wineries from the Italian wine regions.

 Sardinia Holidays
In the beautiful Sardinia inland villages there are interested archaeological areas, most of them are characterized by the presence of the typical truncated round towers called "nuraghe", a symbol of the Sardinia.
A Sardinia holidays is a great experince because the island of Sardinia in Italy has a extraordinarily beautiful coastline, with pure white sands alternate with magnificent caves and picturesque rocks rise from a clear sparkling sea.
With Click on a Dream.com your Sardinia holidays is no longer a dream.
www.clickonadream.com /italy-holidays/sardinia/sardinia.htm

 Count Camillo Cavour Risorgimento Italian unification
Although France and Sardinia were victorious it was at the cost of a formidable toll of lives, including battles the horror of which led a Swiss observer, Henri Dunant, to strive to found the International Red Cross Association.
He allied Sardinia with Great Britain and France in the Crimean War (1854-56) against Russia having received assurances that the situation in the Italian peninsula would be one of the items on the agenda at an eventual peace conference.
  In August and September 1859, the people of Parma, Modena, Romagna, and Tuscany voted for annexation to Sardinia.
www.age-of-the-sage.org /historical/biography/camillo_cavour.html

 Italian Unification
the Papal States that controlled the center of the Italian peninsula; and (c) the existence of various states that had maintained independence, such as the Kingdom of Sardinia, also called Piedmont-Sardinia, which located at the French border had slowly expanded since the Middle Ages and was considered the most advanced state in Italy.
Tuscany and Emilia declare for union with Sardinia-Piedmonte; Revolution in Sicily, Garibaldi lands and is victorious; invades Italy and gains victory; enters Naples Piemontese army under Victor Emmanuel take over from Garibaldi; Marche and Umbria vote for annexation to Piedmonte.
Napoleon's growing concern with respect to the sudden (large) size of his neighbor was resolved in part by the cessation of the Sardinian provinces of Savoy, near the Alps, and Nice, on the Mediterranean coast to France in 1860.
www.arcaini.com /ITALY/italyHistory/ItalianUnification.htm

 Western and Central Europe, 1850 to 1900
And in the far northwest was Piedmont, a part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, a liberal constitutional monarchy, and a haven for Italian nationalists who had been involved in 1848-49 upheavals.
But the war had given hope to urban masses down the Italian peninsula, who rose up against foreign rule, these Italians going into the streets, chanting "foreigners out of Italy," and chanting for "Victor Emmanuel," the king of Piedmont-Sardinia, whom they wanted as their king.
In the far north of Italy, in Venetia (including the city of Venice) and Lombardy (including the city of Milan), Austria ruled.
www.fsmitha.com /h3/h49-bis.htm

 A British view of the Crimean War: introduction
Cavour, the Prime Minister of Piedmont-Sardinia was looking for allies to help him in the creation of the Kingdom of Northern Italy.
He took Piedmont into the war in 1855 when it was more obvious that the Allies would win.
Cavour was cold, calculating and Machiavellian in weighing up the situation.
www.victorianweb.org /history/crimea/intro.html

Piedmont waited for another chance, and under the great statesman Count Cavour, Piedmont modernized its army, railways, and communications to make it the model modem Italian state.
Cavour had made a secret deal with Napoleon: France would give Lombardy and Venetia to Piedmont under King Victor Emmanuel II, and Piedmont would cede Savoy and Nice to France.
French troops were rushed to the front by railways in France and Piedmont.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Oracle/9853/solferin.html

Apart from the kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia and Rome (ruled by the pope), these states were ruled by a number of different foreign countries.
Count Cavour, the chief minister of the kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia, made an alliance with France in 1858, and together they defeated the Austrians in 1859.
In 1848 revolutions against foreign rule broke out in many Italian cities and states, but they were quickly defeated.
www.storytelling.freeserve.co.uk /famtree/ellaelizaancestors.htm

 Sardinia --  Encyclopædia Britannica
In 1718, by the Treaty of London among the great powers, Victor Amadeus II, duke of Savoy and sovereign of Piedmont, was forced to yield Sicily to the Austrian Habsburgs and in exchange received Sardinia (until then a Spanish possession).
During the reign of his father, Charles Albert (1798–1849), the island kingdom of Sardinia was united with the kingdom of...
Roughly oblong in shape, Sardinia is the second largest island, after Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea.
www.britannica.com /eb/article?tocId=9065761

 Italian Wine Regions by WineCountry.it - Introduction to regional wine history
With 46 different DOC and four DOCG areas, Piedmont is the region that produces the largest number of best known, noble, and world-appreciated prize-winning wines, such as Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Malvasia and Asti Spumante among others.
It is a journey that involves all the senses: perfumes, flavors and colors of Sardinia beckon as one leaves the larger cities behind.
Yet about one hundred different varieties of grapes are cultivated in this small strip of mountainous land sandwiched between Piedmont and the Mediterranean, bordered by France to the north and Tuscany to the south.
www.winecountry.it /regions/intro.html

The Italians were, however, beset by political turmoil: for example, the question of whether Sardinia was actually fighting for a united Italian republic or a united Italy ruled by Sardinia.
A great battle was fought at Novara in Piedmont on 23rd March, with the Austrians actually between the Italians and Turin.
The Sardinains again expected Radetsky to retreat to the Quadrilaterals, and were somewhat surprised when, as they moved north towards the four cities, the Austrians moved south: outflanking the Sardinians and thrusting towards Turin itself (the capital of Sardinia).
sirgarnet.com /1stItalian.html

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