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Topic: Pilgrims

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The pilgrims founded Plymouth on Dec. 21, 1620, establishing a settlement that became the seat of Plymouth Colony in 1633 and a part of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691.
Bradford was born in March 1590 in Austerfield, Yorkshire, the son of a yeoman farmer.
The term Pilgrim is derived from his description of himself and his coreligionists as they left Holland (July 22, 1620) for Southampton, where they joined another group of English separatists on the Mayflower.
pilgrims.net /plymouth/history   (1465 words)

  Pilgrims - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Pilgrims were a group of English religious separatists who sailed from Europe to North America in the early 17th century, in search of a home where they could freely practice their style of religion.
These separatist "Pilgrims" settled in Leiden for 12 years, but by 1617 a poor economy, and concern about the Dutch influence upon their community convinced many of them to move on, this time to the New World.
It was not long before the Pilgrims determined that the sandy land of the outer cape was insufficient to support them, so a group of them sailed across Cape Cod Bay and landed at Plymouth on December 21.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pilgrims   (841 words)

 MSN Encarta - Pilgrims (American history)
Among the early Pilgrims was a group of Separatists, members of a radical religious movement that broke from the Church of England during the 16th and 17th centuries.
The Pilgrims had originally intended to go to Virginia, where they would have been under the jurisdiction of the London Company, one of two English companies that had been chartered to colonize North America.
In the fall of 1621 the Pilgrims and the Native Americans shared a bountiful harvest of corn and beans, along with fish and game, in what became known as the first American Thanksgiving.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761557909   (532 words)

 Pilgrims - Learn English Magazine - British Council
Other pilgrims also came for the economic opportunity although they remained loyal to their national church.
The pilgrims chose to stay here as it was too late to go to the northern part of Virginia.
The pilgrims began building houses, but the weather conditions were terrible, meaning that the building took longer to complete.
www.learnenglish.org.uk /magazine/magazine_pilgrims_home.html   (947 words)

 Pilgrims' Way Encyclopedia Article @ WWWebster.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Pilgrims' Way is reputedly the route taken by pilgrims to the shrine of Thomas Becket from Winchester in Hampshire to Canterbury in Kent, England.
On modern Ordnance Survey maps, part of the route is shown running west from Farnham, passing to the south of Guildford, north of the village of Gomshall, north of Dorking, Reigate, Merstham, Chaldon, Godstone, Limpsfield and Westerham, through Otford, Kemsing and Wrotham, north of Trottiscliffe, towards Cuxton (where it crossed the River Medway).
Much of the traditional route of the Pilgrims' Way is now part of the modern road network and walkers wishing to follow it are advised to use the North Downs Way as an alternative.
www.wwwebster.com /encyclopedia/Pilgrims%27_Way   (409 words)

 Daily Life in 1621   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Pilgrim girl would have dressed in a petticoat, stockings with garters to hold them up, an apron, a waistcoat, leather shoes, and a linen coif on her head.
Pilgrim children were taught to respect adults and have good manners.
Pilgrim boys helped to gather and bind the harvest crops, learned to trap and hunt animals, and dug clams and gathered mussels.
teacher.scholastic.com /thanksgiving/plimoth/daily.htm#houses   (672 words)

 Pilgrims and Puritans: Background
The immigration of the Pilgrims to New England occurred in stages.
In its increasing dissemination of the Bible, the increasing emphasis on it as the basis of spiritual meaning, the subsequently increasing importance of literacy as a mode of religious authority and awareness, a growing individualism was implicit.
But where with the Pilgrims this had translated into something closer to an egalitarian mode, the "Puritans considered religion a very complex, subtle, and highly intellectual affair," and its leaders thus were highly trained scholars, whose education tended to translate into positions that were often authoritarian.
xroads.virginia.edu /~CAP/PURITAN/purhist.html   (4050 words)

The town of Scrooby in Nottinghamshire was the center of a scattered congregation of Separatists whose minister was John Robinson and whose ruling elder was William Brewster, the village postmaster.
But the Pilgrims felt that Holland was not their home; they could not endure the thought of giving up their language and customs for those of the Dutch, nor were they willing to return to their native England, where religious persecution had not abated.
The "Pilgrim Fathers" with their wives and children, as borne by the Mayflower, numbered one hundred and two; one died on the voyage and one was born.
www.usahistory.info /New-England/Pilgrims.html   (938 words)

 Pilgrims Bid Farewell to Makkah   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The pilgrims who were stuck in Mina on Saturday because of the rains that flooded the streets, performed the stoning of the devil yesterday before embarking on their journey home via Makkah.
Most of the pilgrims, who found their vehicles stranded in the flooded streets, preferred to walk the distance but were forced to maneuver their way through the debris and trash that had piled along the way.
The pilgrims, back in their normal attire after performing Haj rituals dressed in two-piece seamless white cloths, walked around the Kaaba seven times anti-clockwise either in the courtyard of the sacred edifice or on the two huge circular terraces of the Grand Mosque.
www.arabnews.com /?page=1§ion=0&article=57989&d=24&m=1&y=2005   (973 words)

 Medieval Period: Population and the people - Pilgrims and other visitors
Pilgrims travelled recognised routes stopping off at shrines and cathedrals where relics were venerated and saints worshipped.
Medieval pilgrims were representative of all social groups and classes, but came mainly from the middle class like Chaucer’s Canterbury pilgrims who rode on horseback.
Two-handled miniature lead pilgrim flasks (ampullae) for holy water or oil could be sewn onto hats or clothes, worn round the neck, or the contents sprinkled on fields to guarantee a good harvest.
www.dartfordarchive.org.uk /medieval/people_pi.shtml   (440 words)

 Saudi Arabia - Pilgrimage
In 1988 and 1989, a total of 1.5 million pilgrims attended the hajj, representing a drop of about 200,000 in the number of foreign pilgrims, probably the result of a temporary ban on Iranian pilgrims instituted after a violent confrontation with Saudi police.
In the sanctuary, the pilgrims walk around the Kaaba seven times and point to the stone or kiss it as a symbol of the continuity of Islam over time and of the unity of believers.
A further disaster occurred in 1990, when 1,426 pilgrims suffocated or were crushed to death in one of the new air-conditioned pedestrian tunnels built to shield pilgrims from the heat.
countrystudies.us /saudi-arabia/30.htm   (1411 words)

 Pilgrims - English Language Courses and Teacher Training Courses for Children, Adults, Teachers, and Business Executives
Pilgrims is respected throughout the world for setting the highest standards of quality, professionalism and innovation.
Pilgrims is based in the historic city of Canterbury, just 110 Km from London.
Pilgrims is accredited by the British Council and is a member of ARELS.
www.pilgrims.co.uk   (97 words)

Amongst its pilgrims may be named St. Dominic; and the heavy mass of from iron hanging outside the chapel witnesses to the legendary pilgrimage of Roland, whose good sword Durendal was deposited there till it was stolen with the other treasures by Henry II's turbulent eldest son, Henry Court Mantel (Drane, "Hist.
As far as one can discover, the dress of the medieval pilgrim consisted of a loose frock or long smock, over which was thrown a separate hood with a cape, much after the fashion of the Dominican and Servite habit.
Each pilgrim who wrote an account of his travels for the instruction and edification of his fellows was unconsciously laying the foundations of a new science; and it is astonishing how very early these written accounts begin.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12085a.htm   (13646 words)

 Pilgrims. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-07
The name Pilgrim Fathers is given to those members who made the first crossing on the Mayflower.
A small vessel, the Speedwell, was obtained to carry the Pilgrims to England, where that vessel joined the Mayflower for the trip to America.
While most of the Leiden Pilgrims were English, modern scholars have found that several were French-speaking Walloons and one was a Pole.
www.bartleby.com /65/pi/Pilgrims.html   (657 words)

 Pilgrims   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To add to their worries, the Pilgrims didn't know if the Indians who lived nearby were going to be friendly.
The Pilgrims were determined to build a new English colony at Plymouth.
The Pilgrims were able to store enough food to last through the winter.
www.homestead.com /mskdubois/files/Pilgrims.html   (487 words)

 Cape Cod National Seashore:   Heritage:   Pilgrims   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Pilgrims were a small group of people who made a great impact on world history.
When King James came along, the Pilgrims thought they might finally be able to ask for permission to set up their own church.
But the King denied the request, and the Pilgrims decided to leave England and move to Holland, where freedom of religion was accepted.
www.nps.gov /caco/heritage/pilgrims.html   (708 words)

Another important shrine was at Walsingham in Norfolk where there was a sealed glass jar that was said to contain the milk of the Virgin Mary.
The keeper of the shrine would also give the pilgrim a metal badge that had been stamped with the symbol of the shrine.
These badges were then fixed to the pilgrim's hat so that people would know they had visited the shrine.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /NORpilgrimage.htm   (1478 words)

Concerned with the morals of the time in the Netherlands, and with their children's being brought up in a Dutch environment, they decided to move to a place better suited to them, and in 1620 set sail on the ship Mayflower from Plymouth, bound for the Americas.
Another way of explaining the atmosphere in the Netherlands is that some of the exiles, such as Brewster, were publishing what the English government saw as seditious books and sending them into England.
The Pilgrims' lives were not easy once they landed, however.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Pilgrims   (590 words)

 Training Manual for the Haj Pilgrims
Pilgrims should take care of their health and keep themselves protected from the hot sun and the cold nights as well as the cool temperatures inside the rooms.
Pilgrims spend eight days in Madinah before or after the Haj depending on when they arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
For pilgrims arriving close to the Haj, their Madinah movement is not done immediately after their arrival at Makkah.
www.hajcommittee.com /training14.html   (1406 words)

 The Pilgrims-Overview
The present state of Massachusetts, known legally as a commonwealth, was explored in the late 16th and early 17th centuries but was not permanently settled until the Pilgrims settled at Plymouth in 1620.
This model, which is in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, gives the ship's dimensions as 90 ft (27.4 m) long, with a 64-ft (19.5-m) keel, 26-ft (7.9-m) beam, and a hold 11 ft (3.4 m) deep.
In 1627 eight Pilgrim leaders assumed the settlement's obligations to the investors in exchange for a 6-year monopoly of the fur trade and offshore fishing.
www.mayflowerfamilies.com /colonial_life/pilgrims.htm   (1825 words)

 The Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact
The Pilgrims had planned to settle somewhere near the Hudson River, in the area of their grant from the Virginia Company of London (aka.
The Pilgrims, under Squanto's direction, caught "alewives" (a fish in the herring family) and used them as fertilizer in planting corn, pumpkins, and beans.
The Pilgrims invited their Indian friends to join them in a three-day festival in the Autumn of 1621 in what we now call the first Thanksgiving.
members.aol.com /RichClark7/pilgrims.htm   (3680 words)

 Pilgrims - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Pilgrims   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Pilgrims originally set sail for Virginia in the Mayflower and Speedwell from Southampton on 5 August 1620, but had to put into Dartmouth when the Speedwell needed repair.
Open mutiny was averted by the Mayflower Compact, which established the rights of the non-Puritans.
About half the Pilgrims died over the winter before they received help from the Indians; the survivors celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the autumn of 1621.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Pilgrims   (254 words)

 DefenseLINK News: The Pilgrims' Real First Thanksgiving   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The thanksgiving we commemorate every November, however, was the one held by the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Mass., in 1621.
The Pilgrims -- a name not actually applied to them until 170 years later -- were 102 people who sailed from England on the ship Mayflower in September 1620.
Ben Franklin, drawing on the tradition of the "Pilgrim Fathers" having eaten turkey, declared domesticated turkey should be the official entree.
www.defenselink.mil /news/Nov1999/n11221999_9911221.html   (1734 words)

 Thanksgiving on the Net - The Pilgrims and America's First Thanksgiving
It was agreed that the Pilgrims would be given passage and supplies in exchange for their working for their backers for 7 years.
The Pilgrims biggest concern was attack by the local Native American Indians.
he Pilgrims had much to celebrate, they had built homes in the wilderness, they had raised enough crops to keep them alive during the long coming winter, they were at peace with their Indian neighbors.
www.holidays.net /thanksgiving/pilgrims.htm   (1092 words)

 Pilgrims' progress? - The Washington Times: Culture, etc.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Pilgrims hoped to make their Christian settlement "a city upon a hill," in the famous words of William Bradford, second governor of the Plymouth Colony.
The Pilgrims are "not as politically incorrect as Columbus, but they are less politically correct than many Indians would like," said historian Rick Shenkman, author of "Legends, Lies and Cherished Myths of American History," and founder of the History News Network (www.hnn.us).
Nor, he said, did the Pilgrims and Puritans "believe that sex was solely for the purpose of procreation" — although there was plenty of procreating among the early colonists, who tended to marry young and have lots of babies.
www.washingtontimes.com /culture/20031124-091839-8087r.htm   (862 words)

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