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Topic: Pistol Slide

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  Security and deployment assembly
The pistol may be deployed with one downward thrust on the pistol grip, compressing the recoil spring and providing clearance for removal of the action locking arm and lug.
The pistol is thus rigidly and safely held within the equally pressured pincers of the retainer arm 30 and the action locking arm 26 and lug 28 at opposite ends of the action locking assembly 16.
For pistol 78, the lock bar 71 may be positioned in the action of the weapon, between the shroud 82 and a portion 106 of the pistol adjacent the firing chamber, as shown in FIG.
www.devileye.net /catalog/security_deployment_assembly.html   (0 words)

 SoldierTech: Springfield XD Pistols
At the rear of the slide are cocking serrations that are just right for proper purchase, and it also has three such grooves at the front of the slide.
Near the left front of the slide is a vertically angled cutout to allow the takedown lever to swing upward for disassembly.
On the top of the slide at the rear of the ejection port is a pivoting loaded-chamber indicator.
www.military.com /soldiertech/0,14632,Soldiertech_XD,,00.html   (1255 words)

 Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle (2005) - Surplusrifle.com
Leave the pistol's slide in the rear and locked position.
The four parts are the magazine assembly, barrel assembly, slide assembly, and the frame assembly.
Slide the slide onto the frame while holding the locking block in its upward position.
www.surplusrifle.com /pistolp38/disassemble1/index.asp   (430 words)

 Slide-Glide Gun Grease and Firearm Lubricant
For carry or duty pistols, protection from wear is not a factor - the most important thing is that it functions with 100% reliability.
This includes the top and bottom locking lugs on the barrel, the frame and slide rails, the bushing or cone area, and especially the upper locking lugs on the inside of the slide.
I took the slide off, examined the top end, and disovered all the grease had been pushed into the tolerances of the barrel and slide.
www.brianenos.com /pages/slide-glide.html   (0 words)

It was in 1917 that the United States Marine Corps adopted the.45 ACP Model of 1911 pistol, and the Marines used the gun continuously from World War I through the Vietnam War.
Still, a pistol weapon-light mount was a requirement and, since MEU (SOC) had experienced excellent results with the Dawson Precision Rail that had been added to many of its 1911 pistols, this mount was selected for the new Kimber ICQB Pistol.
Disassembling the pistol's frame group is another matter, due to the unique method by which the ambidextrous thumb safety is held in place.
www.military.com /soldiertech/0,14632,Soldiertech_Kimber1911,,00.html   (2259 words)

  GLOCK 20   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pistols of the size and weight of the Javelina, Grizzly, and Omega tame the 10 easily; they have extra-heavy slides and/or re-engineered lockups to help them deal with the slide-velocity problem.
The slide and barrel of the 10mm Glock 20 are considerably heavier than the ones used on the lighter 9mm pistols.
Although the pistol we had for inspection and evaluation firing was in G&A offices for a too-brief period of time, we did manage to get to the range with the gun and a variety of factory ammunition.
www.remtek.com /arms/glock/model/10/20/index.htm   (2252 words)

 Pistol slide - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
The slide is the part of a semi-automatic pistol that moves during the operating cycle and generally houses the firing pin or striker, extractor, and serves as the bolt face.
Through the principles of recoil operation, the slide is forced back with each shot.
However, some semi-auto pistols are double action only, and are designed to omit the first step.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Pistol_slide   (178 words)

 FAQ on the Glock
Once the slide is locked to the rear, both visually and physically (with your little finger) inspect the chamber of the pistol to be sure that the chamber is empty.
Hold the pistol in either hand (shooting hand is easiest for me - Ed.) so that four fingers grasp the top of the slide and the thumb is curled under the backstrap of the receiver (the "curl" on the back of the grip).
Also, do not pull the trigger when the slide is on the pistol, the trigger is in its forward position, and the slide is held to the rear with the slide stop lever.
www.glock-guns.com /(S(23cc4n55p0ozrwjfqb05kp45))/faq.aspx   (2910 words)

 Pistols of friend and foe.
This pistol was carried by Major Richard Gardiner Casey, DSO, MC., who became Lord Casey of Berwick and the City of Westminster and later Governor General of Australia.
Barrel slide, with a groove along the top, is marked on the with the company name, address and.380 over the 1905 patent date and.9mm.
The pistol is contained in a brown leather holster that has a top flap with a strap to attach to a body stud.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-weapons/pistols.htm   (1529 words)

 Audie Murphy Tribute .45 Pistol   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Left side of the slide features a star-framed portrait of Audie Murphy, complete with the legend "America's Most Decorated World War II G.I." The portrait and legend are flanked by decorative scrollwork.
The slide itself is polished to a near-mirror finish and blued and decorated with artwork in 24-karat gold.
Right side of slide features Audie Murphy's signature and a graphic portrayal of Audie firing a.50 caliber Browning machine gun from a burning tank destroyer, an event which will live forever in military history, and resulted in his winning of the Medal of Honor.
www.americaremembers.com /Products/AMTP/AMTP.asp   (264 words)

 Sand Cuts in Frame and Slide
If you are looking for a service pistol that will maintain field reliability the longest, don't be mislead by competition based pistol builders into thinking a pistol constructed with light duty competition components is going to be as long term reliable under field conditions as a professional service pistol.
When the pistol is fired or otherwise cycled, contaminants have opportunity to enter the inner workings of the pistol and grind between the inside of the slide and the barrel hood.
However, when the pistol is contaminated with sand or other hard particles which are difficult to grind up, grinding friction can increase dramatically, sometimes enough to stop the slides operation.
www.dlsports.com /sand_cuts.html   (1078 words)

 92SB - Beretta-E   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Beretta 92SB pistol was fitted with a firing-pin block so that it would become impossible for the pistol to fire if dropped on a hard surface, and made the safety operable for left handed users, by duplicating it on the right side of the slide.
Beretta now had a true double-action pistol, that could be carried in a safe manner and that was very safe to handle.
With the safety on, the slide can be manipulated without the risk that touching the trigger would fire the pistol, as the safety disconnects the trigger.
www.beretta-e.org /index.php?title=92SB&redirect=no   (635 words)

 Colt .45 Automatic Pistol
Soldiers stationed in the Philippines reported that the.38 caliber pistol then in use was almost useless against the hard-charging Moros.
In order to develop a pistol with the greatest impact possible, studies were made by firing into soft wood, clay, carcasses of animals, human cadavers, and live animals.
The enduring reliability of the Browning-Colt.45 military model is reflected in the fact that about 50,000 pistols "disappeared" from the 380,000 made between April 1917 and November 1918.
www.worldwar1.com /dbc/colt45.htm   (1538 words)

 Gun Lock
Pistol lock is a safety device that stops un-rightful person to access the firearm.
In this mode, only the ammo feed is locked; pistol slide is still free to move.
Once locked, both pistol slide and ammo feed is locked.
xshade.com /doc/gun_lock.html   (409 words)

 Wilson Combat Pistol Index
Custom Pistol is analogous to the hunger to possess a Rembrandt, *BMW or other recognized prestige art form.
After finish, the pistol is carefully assembled, with further precision fitting accomplished as required.
Following sight installation and a complete inspection, the pistol is taken to our range for reliability and accuracy testing.
www.wilsoncombat.com /index_pistol.htm   (357 words)

 The Gun Zone -- The M9 Slide Failures   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The results of this work have shown that there are two types of slide materials currently being manufactured at Beretta, Italy; steel treated with Te (globular structure) which is accompanied by low fracture toughness and steel treated with Ca (longitudinal stringers) which is accompanied by high fracture toughness.
It should be noted that the sulphide morphology correlation has been observed for all slides examined since the inception of the investigation of the Beretta slide failures (total of 31 slides).
The last injury from a slide separating from the pistol was in 1989.
www.thegunzone.com /m9-a.html   (1641 words)

 Gallery of Guns - Shooting Times - Gun Reviews
The grip shape is very comfortable, and the grip tang is of the beavertail design that protects the hand from being burned by the pistol’s slide and also distributes the force of the pistol’s recoil.
The slide stop is large enough for positive contact, but it does not interfere with fast shooting as do some of the aftermarket slide stops for the 1911 pistol.
The pistol’s slide is also serrated at the front and rear to accommodate different loading and checking techniques.
www.galleryofguns.com /shootingtimes/Articles/DisplayArticles.asp?ID=22   (1379 words)

 Xavier Thoughts: Checking a used 1911 with a purchase in mind
Know what the markings on the frame and slide should be and where they should be located.
On some pistols, such as a Colt, some lateral movement of the slide in battery is acceptable.
The slide should not have wear on the muzzle end that passes into the dustcover on recoil.
xavierthoughts.blogspot.com /2005/10/checking-used-1911-with-purchase-in.html   (2880 words)

 Safety Checking a 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With the hammer area of the pistol held close to your ear, pull the hammer to the rear very slightly.
The firing pin lock out feature consists fo a spring loaded plunger located in the slide that prevents the firing pin from moving far enough forward to fire the cartridge unless the trigger is pulled far enough to depress the plunger.
Should the firing pin stick forward, the pistol can go full or auto or jam the round that is being fed. There is a special plunger lever that is available for use in pistols that have a trigger overtravel stop.
www.cylinder-slide.com /1911safetyck.htm   (1757 words)

 Star Modelo Militar 1920
The safety of this pistol is mounted on the slide and rotates down for safe and up towards the rear of the pistol for firing.
The rear of the slide is 'relieved' between the safety and the ejection port giving the firer an area to grip the slide and charge the pistol.
I have one Spanish pistol manufactured in 1925 that is stamped under the left grip panel 'Eibar 1925', if you are truly interested in the provenance of your old Spanish steel, it is advisable to carefully disassemble the pistol to look for additional markings.
www.9mmlargo.com /1920   (1119 words)

 HK P7M10   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The cocking lever is also the pistol's slide stop, for like many auto pistols, the P7's slide is locked open after the last shot has been fired.
My best performance with both pistols was achieved during their final runs, and as the accompanying chart shows, there was very little to choose between either pistol.
My initial feeling was that in having to beef up the pistol to enable it to handle the large.40 S&W cartridge, HK had sacrificed many of the advantages that the 9mm P7s have in compactness.
www.remtek.com /arms/hk/civ/p7/m10.htm   (2328 words)

 Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle (2006) - Surplusrifle.com
With your left hand and with the slide in the rear and locked position, pull back on the slide and then release.
Remove the pistol's magazine and pull back on the slide to ensure the pistol is unloaded (figure 3).
Pull back on the slide and push up on the new slide release lever to hold the slide locked in place (figures 22 and 23).
www.surplusrifle.com /reviews2005/cz52gripsliderelease/index.asp   (1044 words)

 NEW KAHR P9 9mm
The slide group consists of the slide (with its internal small parts), the barrel and recoil spring and guide; it can be field stripped by first removing the recoil spring and guide.
All aspects of the exterior of the pistol's slide are also devoid of sharp edges that could cut the hand under stress.
Instead of being an integral part of the slide release lever, the slidestop pin is a separate part, and while it's permanently installed onto the lever, it remains free to rotate.
www.kahr.com /review_ch_0900.html   (2178 words)

 Smith & Wesson M&P Semiautomatic Pistol
The M&P's slide stop is ambidextrous, and the levers have a flat profile, which aids in lessening the chances of inadvertent activation.
Conversely, I'm sure most pistol shooters have at one time or another, whether due to a poor grip or recoil, engaged their pistol's slide stop by mistake.
The M&P's ambidextrous slide stop levers have a flat profile, are located slightly forward of the usual slide stop position, and are flush with the frame.
www.shootingtimes.com /handgun_reviews/mp_080806/index2.html   (881 words)

 Pistol slide - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The pistol slide is the upper part of the most semi-auto pistols.
It usually cocks the hammer automatically for subsequent shots(The recoil of the handgun pulls the slide back, ejecting the shell and loading another ammunition into the chamber, ready to be fired).
This page was last modified 11:53, 28 Apr 2005.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Pistol_Slide   (61 words)

 Hi Power Detailed Slide Stripping   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Once you have the slide and the barrel assembly removed there are only between 7 or eight parts to remove to tear down the slide.
The pistol we are working on is an Argentine Pistol and has the later type slide.
The early versions of this pistol had the extractor retained by the firing pin retainer in the same setup as the Model 1911 pistol.
www.alpharubicon.com /warlord/leo/hipowerslidedetailstrip.htm   (377 words)

 Makarov IJ-70 Pistol - Synopsis
The Russian-made Baikal IJ-70 pistol is often referred to simply as the "Makarov." I call it "The gun that lost the East," since it was the service sidearm of the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War.
The new pistol was to serve as the duty sidearm of the various branches of the military, as well as the police, the KGB, and all other government agencies.
As with any blow-back action pistol, the slide return spring is pretty stiff, and it takes a fair amount of effort to retract the slide manually.
www.chuckhawks.com /baikal_IJ-70_syn.htm   (1094 words)

The blue is worn mostly on the edges of the frame, slide and on the grip (light holster wear).
The top rib of the slide was machined to remove the usual Nazi markings, ("BOHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G. This may indicate that the slide and the frame were manufactured still under Nazi occupation, and were consequently reworked after the liberation and used to assembly first post WWII pistols.
The blue is worn mostly on the edges of the frame, slide and on the grip (holster wear).
www.collectiblefirearms.com /PistolsCZ.html   (1874 words)

Second not so good detail was the way in which emptied magazine locks the pistols slide back until being removed (when the magazine is removed it unlocks the pistol slide, which slides forward).
The second one of 4,000 pistols proved problematic and only 3,092 of ordered pistols were delivered by late 1942, the remaining pistols bit over 900 pistols the Italians replaced by delivering M/34 pistols instead.
Unlike pistols using this ammunition-type typically, vz.24 developed by Josef Nickl (who mostly worked for Mauser during his career) was not a blowback weapon, but had blocking mechanism that used rotating barrel.
www.jaegerplatoon.net /PISTOLS4.htm   (2139 words)

 AR15.COM :: Forums :: pistol slide release poll
Well, as a left handed shooter, most slide releases are put in locations that are a bitch to use for me. When I'm just futzing around, I might use the release, but if I'm being somewhat serious I try to make sure I'm in the habit of doing the slingshot for speed's sake.
The best method is to reach over the slide with the entire left hand and release the slide.
The slide locks open and then when you insert a loaded or empty mag the slide drops.
www.ar15.com /forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=535156&page=3   (1171 words)

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