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Topic: Pitch (baseball)

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Baseball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Baseball is a team sport in which a player on one team (the pitcher) attempts to throw a hard, fist-sized ball past a player on the other team (the batter), who attempts to hit the baseball with a tapered, smooth, cylindrical stick called a bat.
Common pitches include a fastball, which is the ball thrown at just under maximum velocity; a curveball, which is made to curve by rotation imparted by the pitcher; and a change-up, which seeks to mimic the delivery of a fastball but arrives at significantly lower velocity.
Baseball history is full of heroes and goats—men who in the heat of the moment (the "clutch") distinguished themselves with a timely hit or catch, or an untimely strikeout or error.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Baseball   (8852 words)

 Pitch (baseball) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In baseball, a pitch is the act of throwing a baseball toward home plate to start a play.
To obtain variety, and therefore enhance defensive baseball strategy, the pitcher manipulates the grip on the ball at the point of release.
The fastball is the most common pitch in baseball, and all pitchers have some form of a fastball in their arsenal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pitch_(baseball)   (289 words)

 Baseball Instruction: Catching: How to Frame the Pitch
On the pitch that is farther outside, use the same sway technique that you use on the inside pitch described on page 1.
We may not get this pitch to be called a strike, but I want the umpire to get the impression that the catcher is keeping the glove where he has caught the ball.
This pitch is difficult to frame because even if you frame the pitch the umpire may not be able to see your glove.
www.qcbaseball.com /skills/Catching_framing2.aspx   (768 words)

 Sports -- Science and Sports: The Physics Behind Baseball
Baseball fans often miss this scientific layer, as everyday baseball jargon undervalues the scientific phenomena of the game.
Thus far, the pitches discussed have centered on the direction of spin and speed of the ball as the determining factors for its movement.
Most knuckleball pitchers throw their trick pitch at a speed merely in the 60-70 mph range, yet batters lose their balance attempting to hit these unpredictable pitches.
www.thehoya.com /sports/020703/sports5.cfm   (1094 words)

 Diamond Mind Baseball
All Diamond Mind Baseball player ratings are adjusted for the effects of their home park, making it possible to play realistic games using players who move to a new home park because they were traded or drafted by another team.
All Diamond Mind Baseball hitters are rated for their ability to hit for average, hit for power (doubles, triples and homers), draw walks, avoid strikeouts, and stay out of the double play.
A complete baseball experience requires that these plays, none of which are all that uncommon, occur in the game in a statistically meaningful way.
www.diamond-mind.com /products/inside.htm   (8097 words)

 Portland Prepares A Pitch for Baseball - Topic Powered by Groupee Community
And now, as baseball proponents in the District and Northern Virginia attempt to seize what may be their best opportunity to return baseball to the nation's capital, yet another suitor, Portland, has emerged as the main alternative if baseball bypasses the Washington area once again.
Baseball has solicited bids from several other cities, but "my understanding is that [metropolitan] Washington and Portland are 1 and 1A," said Stephen Kanter, a law professor at Lewis & Clark College, who has been heavily involved in the Portland baseball campaign.
Baseball proponents say they can build the stadium through a variety of financing methods that will not involve new taxes, and that baseball will enhance the Oregon economy.
obc.infopop.cc /6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=560601187&f=255605187&m=2316016412   (1899 words)

 Think Detroit - Baseball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
If a pitcher pitches less than a complete inning, 1/3 (one-third) of an inning will be charged for each out made by the defensive team during that inning.  If no outs are recorded, but the pitcher has thrown at least one pitch, 1/3 of an inning will be charged to the pitcher.
The Baseball Commissioner is notified a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled time and the change is approved by the Commissioner.
To get the batter out after a fair hit (outside of the traditional ways), the ball must be inside the pitching circle and the pitcher must have control of the ball before the batter reaches first base.  The pitcher is not allowed to leave the pitching circle to retrieve the ball.
www.thinkdetroit.org /sports/baseballrules.asp   (3292 words)

 Slowest pitch? - Baseball Fever
It would have to be the Yankee pitcher who threw the "Lob" pitch, because he threw it more than a few times it'd have to be considered a pitch.
The purest junk -- the junkiest pitch in history -- is the Eephus pitch, invented by Rip Sewell of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the thirties.
The Eephus pitch is a pitch with absolutely nothing on it -- no velocity, no fancy spin, and no break.
www.baseball-fever.com /showthread.php?t=3576   (1729 words)

 Baseball Musings
Baseball Musings is conducting a pledge drive in March.
The Baseball Musings Radio Show is coming up in a little while at 8 PM EST.
Baseball Musings is holding a pledge drive during March.
www.baseballmusings.com   (8546 words)

In addition to bringing you the latest and best baseball gear, you'll also appreciate the fanatical customer service you'll receive.
Baseball Equipment is what Baseball Express is all about.
We spend hours making sure our selection of baseball bats, gloves, cleats, apparel and more are top notch in performance, quality, and durability at an affordable price.
www.baseballexp.com   (86 words)

 Bata Pitching Machines
All Bata pitching machines are available in baseball or softball only versions or as combination machines.
The first & best single wheel pitching machine capable of throwing fastballs, curveballs, & sliders from BOTH left-handed & right-handed "pitchers." Light enough to truly be called portable, yet strong enough to run for years without maintenance.
This is the first and only pitching machine that will throw fastballs and curveballs without any adjustments required between pitches and without the batter knowing what is coming.
www.baseballtips.com /bata.html   (919 words)

 Baseball Aerodynamics @ UC Davis
The focus of this project was the determination of the effect that angular velocity has on the trajectory of the pitched baseballs.
This was accomplished by estimating the initial conditions (position, translational velocity, and angular velocity) of the pitch by constructing an accurate aerodynamic model of the pitch and then simulating a pitch with a guessed set of initial conditions.
The parameters under automatic control for each pitch are: release angle (both pitch and yaw), translational velocity, spin axis orientation, and spin rate.
mae.ucdavis.edu /~biosport/baseball   (417 words)

 Boston.com / Sports / Baseball / Canseco makes a pitch
Jose Canseco is willing to tell all before a congressional committee looking into steroids in baseball, but first he wants assurances he won't get in trouble for talking.
Canseco is among seven players summoned to appear at the March 17 hearing of the House Government Reform Committee.
Baseball has said it will fight the subpoenas.
www.boston.com /sports/baseball/articles/2005/03/11/canseco_makes_a_pitch   (591 words)

 SAN JOSE / South Bay game plan for getting Oakland A's / Baseball crusader makes his pitch at Rotary meeting
Longtime South Bay baseball crusader Larry Stone made a pitch to Silicon Valley business leaders Wednesday that San Jose is in prime position to snatch the Athletics franchise from Oakland and set it up in a spanking new stadium.
The A's and Oakland and Alameda County officials are talking about building a 40,000-seat baseball park in the northwest parking lot of the Network Associates Coliseum, said De La Fuente, who chairs the governing board of the agency that oversees the coliseum, which the A's share with the Oakland Raiders.
Stone argued that it would be in Major League Baseball's and other team owners' economic self-interest to buy out the Giants'territorial rights and allow the A's to move south because the league annually has to pay the A's millions in revenue-sharing because Oakland is a low-earning franchise.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2005/01/13/SANJOSE.TMP   (937 words)

 Red Mountain National League Coach Pitch Baseball Team Pages
Divisions may be established within the Minor League for "machine pitch," "coach pitch" or "player pitch." By local option, a player who is league age 6 for the current season and has played a year in Tee Ball may be "moved up" to a coach pitch division.
However, by local option, some of the 9-year-olds could "play down" in the coach pitch division, and some of the 8-year-olds could "play up." This is entirely the choice of the local league board of directors.
The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond and the pitching distance is 46 feet.
www.rmll.org /teampages/coachp/coachp.htm   (252 words)

 Blogcritics.org: World Baseball Classic: Clutch Hit or Wild Pitch?
Since there's no more baseball in the Olympics (for now), this is the only framework we have to see international competition at all, and it will simply improve every four years.
But I couldn't help but think baseball has once again bungled an idea and tried to overcompensate for it by having announcers talk about how great it is and how important it is. But in doing so, it actually undermines the importance it's trying to get across.
The beauty of baseball is its unpredictability and that has been demonstrated in this tournament on many occassions; by an obsucre 40-year old Panamanian pitcher from the Taiwanese league shutting down Puerto Rico, by a couple of minor leaguers (Adam Loewen, Adam Stern) leading Canada to its upset over the U.S..
blogcritics.org /archives/2006/03/06/081450.php   (2394 words)

 Baseball Michigan State University Spartans, Official Athletic Site - Baseball
Highlighting the evening will be guest speaker, former MSU baseball and basketball standout and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Robin Roberts.
A silent auction and the introduction of the 2006 Spartan baseball team by head coach David Grewe is also on the night's agenda.
Baseball and Softball bats and equipment, including softballs, pitching machines, batting gloves, batting helmets, free catalog.
msuspartans.collegesports.com /sports/m-basebl/msu-m-basebl-body.html   (645 words)

 First Pitch Baseball, Inc. [Home]
USSSA Baseball and all other major baseball organizations will change from a August 1 cutoff date to a May 1 cutoff date to take effect for the 2006 season.
'I have been coaching baseball for 16 years now and I can't remember a tournament where the umpires where as good as yours, they did a tremendous job and should be commended and we didn't even advance to the finals'.
First Pitch Baseball Inc. was started in 2003 by Don Flynn in Champaign, Illinois.
www.firstpitchbaseball.com /index.php   (537 words)

 Amazon.com: The Money Pitch Cl: Books: Roger Abrams   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Abrams (Legal Bases: Baseball and the Law), a salary arbitrator for baseball and a professor and dean of law at Northeastern University, provides an insider's guide to the economies of the game and the fairness issue of an athlete earning $10 million a year.
The Money Pitch is a good resource to educate any reader about the principles and logic behind such a huge economic enterprise.
When you are able to feel the passion in his writing the novel gets very entertaining and at the same time you are underdstanding elements of the game which you could not learn by watching a game.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/156639774X?v=glance   (1592 words)

 BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Korea bans baseball cabbage pitch
South Korea's baseball authorities have banned a star pitcher from wearing frozen cabbage leaves in his cap to keep cool during games.
The Korean Baseball Association met in special session after cabbage leaves twice fell from Park Myung-Hwan's cap live on television.
He began keeping cabbage leaves in his cap last year after hearing that US baseball legend Babe Ruth used them to keep cool on the field.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/asia-pacific/4117856.stm   (202 words)

 Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets ღ: Radar Pitch Baseball
Brookstone has this cool gizmo that reports the velocity of your pitch when it's caught.
You can pitch this regulation-size baseball up to 80 feet away, and it tells you the speed everytime.
So if you are competitive like me, this radar pitch baseball will settle any argument on the spot.
www.techiediva.com /weblog/2005/10/radar_pitch_bas.html   (207 words)

 Double Duty Radcliffe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Duty pitched to one batter in 1999 for the Schaumburg Flyers
At the time, Alabama might have been the greatest producer of baseball talent in the union, at least in the Negro Leagues.
He would play baseball "everywhere a fl man could play" for the next 36 years.
www.pitchblackbaseball.com /nlotmdoubleduty.html   (852 words)

 Tigers starting pitcher tossed after one pitch - Baseball - MSNBC.com
Robertson, who threw complete games in two of his previous three starts, was tossed for throwing his only pitch behind a batter in retaliation for Tampa Bay’s Scott Kazmir hitting Placido Polanco in the leg with the first pitch of the game.
He said he didn’t see the pitch because he was making notations about the Tigers’ four-run first.
The 21-year-old rookie began the night leading the AL in walks and Polanco was the seventh batter he’s plunked this season.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/8515332   (683 words)

 Inside Pitch Indoor Baseball Softball Training Facility
When you first step into our training surface, you will be greeted by our 4 regulation dirt pitching areas and our 4 dirt home plate areas installed by members of the Arizona Diamondbacks grounds crew.
Pure and simple, we are not your ordinary "batting cage" with over 16,000 square feet dedicated to the development and training of all ages participating in baseball, girls softball, and adult softball.
Whether you are the serious athlete or just want to have fun, Inside Pitch is the place to be.
www.insidepitchaz.com   (304 words)

 Fast-pitch, baseball districts, plus track regionals on tap
BASEBALL: Covington Catholic took top honors in the Enquirer baseball poll, and will open Tuesday against Ludlow in 35th district play.
OHIO: After a weekend of district championships, baseball, softball and track move to regional play, and boys' tennis heads to Buckeye state play.
Xavier was presented with the school's first state baseball championship trophy for its 4-3 win over top-ranked Milford in the Division I final.
www.cincinnati.com /preps/2004/05/24/KYPREPWEEKAHEAD.html   (406 words)

 anatomical baseball pitch structure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
unafraid of the inside pitch baseball is very difficult to...
Baseball Instructional Video - Official World Series Video, 59 Minute Baseball Practice, Sports Clinic Baseball,...
baseball game on every empy lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!") 12.
www.buyqualityhats.com /anatomical-baseball-pitch-structure.html   (693 words)

 First Pitch: Baseball Hosts SFA to Open 2006 :: Bears enter weekend 18-0 all-time against Lumberjacks.
Live streaming audio and GameTracker also are available for all Baylor baseball games online at www.BaylorBears.com, the official website of Baylor Athletics and a member of the CSTV Network.
The Bears' strength of schedule has ranked 11th or better nationally in each of the past five seasons, ranking 11th in 2004, fifth in 2003, seventh in 2002 and 10th in 2001.
Smith, whose attachment to Baylor baseball dates back to the days of coach Dutch Schroeder, was sports director for the Baylor campus radio station in the late 1970s and served as play-by-play voice for the Bears' 1977 and 1978 College World Series teams.
baylorbears.collegesports.com /sports/m-basebl/spec-rel/020806aaa.html   (1755 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Money Pitch: Baseball Free Agency and Salary Arbitration - Roger I. Abrams - ...
Roger I. Abrams is a major league baseball salary arbitrator who has arbitrated such cases as those involving Ron Darling and Brett Butler.
He is also Dean and Richardson Professor of Law at Northeastern University School of Law and has taught and written in the field of sports law for more than a decade.
He is the author of Legal Bases: Baseball and the Law, also published by Temple University Press.
search.barnesandnoble.com /booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=dR8z4UIBLC&isbn=156639774X&itm=28   (733 words)

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