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In the News (Sat 15 Jun 19)

  Pizza Business News & Info | Pizza Marketplace
Video-game and online-ordering capabilities are the wave of the future.
Pizza franchises continue to be a vehicle for success, but due diligence is required.
Pizza Patron promotes from within to build franchisee corps.
www.pizzamarketplace.com   (296 words)

  Pizza, History and Legends of Pizza
Pizza is a baked pie of Italian origin consisting of a shallow bread-like crust covered with seasoned tomato sauce, cheese, and often other toppings such as sausage or olive.
Pizza migrated to America with the Italians in the latter half of the 19th century.
Pizza was introduced to Chicago by a peddler who walked up and down Taylor Street with a metal washtub of pizzas on his head, crying his wares at two cents a chew.
whatscookingamerica.net /History/Pizza/PizzaHistory.htm   (1657 words)

  Pizza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cheese is usually mozzarella (the traditional Neapolitan pizza uses buffalo mozzarella or fior di latte) or sometimes a mixture of several cheeses such as parmesan, romano, ricotta or, particularly in the USA, Monterey Jack.
Pizza is normally eaten hot (typically at lunch or dinner), but leftovers are often eaten cold for breakfast or as a snack.
Pizza may be baked with a thin bread bottom (Italian or "hand-tossed" style) or with thicker bread (pan pizza, or American pizza).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pizza   (4735 words)

 Pizza Pizza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pizza Pizza is a Canadian franchise chain of pizza restaurants mainly located in the province of Ontario.
Pizza Pizza currently uses the self-explanatory slogans "Hot and Fresh" and "Ontario's #1 Pizza!" However, perhaps better known still is the chain's Toronto phone number, (416) 967-1111, the last four digits pronounced "eleven-eleven" to rhyme with "seven".
Pizza!" is also recognized, primarily in the United States, as the slogan for another pizza franchise, Little Caesars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pizza_Pizza   (885 words)

 Pizza - Uncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pizza (Pi - tza) pie is a food composed of tomato, flour, cheese, semen, and bread, favoured by the morbidly obese.
Most pizzas are infested with fungus; a totally green type of pizza, that is years old and has the most fungus, is called pizza funghi.
Pizza was determined to have a flavour rating of 7 by members of the Society of Interested Persons.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Pizza   (823 words)

 Pizza-pedia: The History of Pizza
Pizza has undergone a very slow process of evolution over the centuries, but it is quite certainly the cultures of the Mediterranean that deserve credit for creating it.
Pizza most clearly took the form that we are now familiar with in pre-Renaissance Naples, a large city in central Italy.
The pizza must be cooked on the surface of the oven (often made of volcanic stone), and not in any pan or container, with oven temperatures reaching at least 400-430° C (750-800° F).
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Flats/5353/pizza/history.html   (1055 words)

 Cookbook:Pizza - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Pizza generally consists of a crust covered in sauce, layered with toppings and finally with a layer of cheese on top.
Because pizza crusts almost always contain yeast they must be allowed to rise at least once, though some recipes recommend improving the flavor and texture of the dough by allowing the crust to rise 2 seperate times.
Pizzas are typically baked directly on special surfaces for short periods at temperatures in excess of 500 degrees F (260 degrees C).
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Cookbook:Pizza   (609 words)

Superior pizzas are considered those obtained by moderate variations of the simplest and most popular: Pizza Napoletana with tomato, garlic, oil, and oregano; Pizza Margherita; Pizza Marinara with tomato, anchovies, capers, and olives; and Pizza Four Seasons, divided in four quadrants, each dressed in a different way.
Pizza with hot salami, the American pepperoni pizza, is instead found in the Calabria region south of Naples, where this type of hot sausage is produced.
Pizza, the way we know it today, is a derivation from focaccia, flat bread that has been prepared since antiquity in different forms and garnished with herbs, olives, fat, raisin, honey, and nuts.
www.annamariavolpi.com /pizza.html   (869 words)

 Pizza's History
According to historians this pizza was said to be very patriotic and because it "resembled the Italian flag" with its colors of green (basil), white (mozzarella), and red (tomatoes), and was favored by the Queen.
The general consensus is that the most authentic pizza is Pizza Napoletana (Neapolitan Pizza) made with fresh mozzarella, home-made sauce from fresh vine ripened tomatoes and fresh herbs, and the artistry of the pizzaioli, the pizza makers.
Pizza migrated to America with Italian immigrants in the latter half of the 19th century.
www.brooklyn-pizza-works.com /pizza's_history.htm   (835 words)

 Green Guide Print: Pizza Day: What's Cooking at School Lunch?
Schools order pizza from the most convenient source whether a national or local chain or a mom-and-pop pizza shop, but the odds are that no matter where it's purchased from, the pizza will be high in sodium, saturated fat and dairy which contains harmful dioxins (see GG 103 "Reducing Dioxin in Milk").
She stressed that from her perspective, pizza day is about rewarding her students with something they like and are familiar with, to make them feel more positive about school.
Homemade pizza crust is easily made in advance, rolled out and frozen so that you can pull it from the freezer at a moment's notice and turn out a fresh healthy pizza for your child.
www.thegreenguide.com /docprint.mhtml?i=105&s=pizza   (1631 words)

 Pizza - dough, margherita, foccacia
The classic Greece shows to have known a wide range of examples that can be considered "archetipal" versions of pizza: flat pies or buns of all kinds appear to be very popular and widespread foods all over the classic age.
Pizza, without giving credence to other fanciful hypotheses about its origins, presents itself as a typical food of the civilizations blossomed on Mediterranean Sea's basin.
Note: Onion Pizza can be made with many things: Anchovy and potato, Potato and parsley and tuna, Artichoke and chick pea.
www.italiancook.ca /pizza.htm   (1520 words)

Pizza as junk food had its real beginnings, and it was primed to evolve into what we have here in America, now.
Pizza made in those shops was very much a product of American ingredients and American influences applied to the pride of Naples, but it remained an ethnic curiosity.
Pizza is eaten by hand; don't make one that requires a fork and a knife.
www.prismnet.com /~sjohn/pizza.htm   (2635 words)

 Big Sausage Pizza   (Site not responding. Last check: )
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A pain big sausage pizza The cult includes worship and another, therefore the consciousness resolutely transposes subjective, in full conformity with organic laws of development of the person.
site.neogen.ro /bigsausagepizza/images/img_951330.html   (936 words)

The derivations of the word "pizza" are believed to be from an "Old Italian" word meaning "a point", which in turn became the Italian word "pizziare", which means "to pinch" or "pluck".
Pizza had become the first fast food known to man but the pizza remained a local delicacy until the concept crossed the Atlantic with the immigrants from Naples who settled along the Eastern seaboard.
Sold at Pizza Uno by Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo, this pan pizza was a reinterpretation of the Italian ingredients to appeal to American tastes.
members.aol.com /GLilli/piz.html   (2115 words)

 Pizza History
Pizza, like so many other foods, did not originate in the country for which it is now famous.
This became Queen Margherita's favorite pizza and when word got out that this was one of the queen's favorite foods, she became even more popular with the Italian people.
Italian immigrants had been selling Pizzas in their American stores for some time, but it was the returning soldiers with a lust for the saucy delight that drew the Pizzas out of the quiet Italian neighborhoods into the main stream of city life all over the continent.
www.inmamaskitchen.com /FOOD_IS_ART/pizzahistory.html   (992 words)

 Pizza and Calzones Recipes - Main Dish - All Recipes
Just pat this great dough into your pizza pan and you are on your way to a Mediterranean experience.
Good pizza starts with good crust, and making your own is easier than you think with these recipes.
These unique pizzas are always a big hit at gatherings with family and friends.
allrecipes.com /Recipes/Main-Dish/Pizza-and-Calzones/Main.aspx   (399 words)

 Expect Nothing! -> Food -> Pizza Pizza!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I heard of one rich guy who put a Pizza place in his home and franchised it just so he could do it himself with ingredients from the chain.
I've ate a lot of their Pizzas because for a while it was the only Pizza in town.
Yuppie Pizza is what I call this certain style of Pizza that they call Pizza but really isn't.
www.expectnothing.com /FOOD/pizza.shtml   (1198 words)

 Math Maven's Mystery: The Case of the Pilfered Pizza
This evening I was invited to join the McCauley family for their Friday night ritual of pizza and a movie.
One pizza had mushrooms on the whole thing and onions on half.
The second pizza had green peppers and onion on half and sausage on the other half.
teacher.scholastic.com /maven/pizza/index.htm   (354 words)

 MDA - Pizza History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The first pizza delivery occurred in 1889 when an Italian restaurant owner was asked to create a special dish for the guest of honor, Queen Margherita Terea Giovanni.
Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company in the world.
The world's largest pizza measured 37.4 meters in diameter, and was baked in South Africa in 1990.
www.michigan.gov /mda/0,1607,7-125-2961_21430_21431-53822--,00.html   (478 words)

 Pizza Hut Celebrates Successful Delivery to Space
Pizza Hut announced Tuesday that "the world's first space-consumable pizza" had safely arrived on the International Space Station (ISS), where it was eaten by the astronauts living onboard.
Despite the unusual delivery address, the pizza, called "the culmination of nearly a year of collaboration" between the company and Russian nutritionists, largely conformed to the familiar recipe served up by some 12,000 Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide -- crust, tomato sauce and cheese.
However, the vacuum-sealed space pizza was topped with salami rather than the traditional pepperoni.
www.space.com /news/spacestation/space_pizza_010522.html   (270 words)

 Amazon.com: James McNair's Pizza: Books: James McNair,Patricia Brabrant   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This oldest documented pizza recipe, shown on the cover, remains as up to date as any of the innovative toppings that reflect the current gourmet status of the humble pie.
To be honest, the interesting history of pizza presented in the book, along with the basics of cooking the pizza, and the supplies you need, are the best part of the book - the other recipes for various toppings do seem like afterthoughts, though a few do get my interest.
I recently made pizza for lunch for some houseguests who were astounded that I could do so from scratch without an awful lot of effort--they had NEVER seen it done at home before.
www.amazon.com /James-McNairs-Pizza-McNair/dp/0877014485   (1602 words)

 101.1 Jack FM presents the Best Pizza on Long Island New York Contest & Festival
Albert's II Pizza of West Babylon and Bucci's Pizza of East Patchogue received "Honorable Mention" Awards for their hard work and contribution to the Long Island Food Service Industry.
The Best Pizza on Long Island Contest, Festival and Bake-Off is an annual event put together by LongIsland.com to promote local pizzerias and at the same time raise funds for a good cause.
Joe Carlucci, a member of the World Pizza Champions demonstrated the art of the pizza toss with a display of acrobatics set to a background of Italian music.
www.longisland.com /bestpizza   (719 words)

 Open Directory - Home: Cooking: Pizza   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Grilled Zucchini Pizza from Allrecipes - This recipe is suitable for the huge zucchini which are sometimes found in gardens.
Zucchini Pizza from Recipe Cottage - Made with olive oil to brush on dough, garlic, basil, oregano, coarsely shredded zucchini, tomato, mozzarella, and parmesan.
Zucchini Pizza Recipe - Shredded peeled zucchini, cooked rice, shredded mozzarella, grated parmesan, and 2 eggs form the crust, the topping is made with ground beef, onion, spaghetti sauce, oregano, salt, and shredded cheddar cheese.
dmoz.org /Home/Cooking/Pizza   (255 words)

 Pizza and Products Menu - Little Caesars Pizza
A round pizza made with freshly baked dough, a tangy tomato sauce, a blend of 100% real cheeses, with your choice of toppings on four sizes (12", 14", 16"* and 18"*).
A square, thicker pizza with a crispy crust that is baked in a deep-dish pan, available in medium and large
The Little Caesars®; Pizza name, logos, and related marks are trademarks of Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
www.littlecaesars.com /pizza/products.asp   (156 words)

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