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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Preservation Brief 21: Repairing Historic Flat Plaster--Walls and Ceilings
Plaster was used as the interior surface coating of this elegant 1911 church located in Eugene, Oregon.
Gypsum and lime plasters were used in combination for the base and finish coats during the early part of the 20th century; gypsum was eventually favored because it set more rapidly and, initially, had a harder finish.
A plasterer may have skimped on the amount of cementing material (lime or gypsum) because sand was the cheaper material.
www.nps.gov /history/hps/tps/briefs/brief21.htm   (6294 words)

  Plaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plaster was a common building material for wall surfaces in a process known as lath and plaster, whereby a series of wooden strips are covered with a semi-dry plaster and then hardened into surface.
Plaster moulding is made using a sliding jig that holds a die with a cross section of the moulding.
Cement plaster is a mixture of suitable plaster sand, portland cement and water which is normally applied to masonry interiors and exteriors to achieve a smoothe surface.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Plaster   (968 words)

Plasters cannot be used in exterior applications such as carports, soffits and open porches.
Gypsum Plasters are non-combustible and act to prevent passage of intense heat from fire for extended periods.
For years, lath and plaster have been used in both residential and commercial applications to partition interior space and in non-load-bearing exterior walls where appearance and durability are key.
www.gypsumsupply.net /plaster.htm   (411 words)

 ArtLex on Plaster
The term plaster is sometimes used as a synonym for stucco, which is the finest and whitest type of plaster used for modeling and molding.
Also called plaster is a mixture of sand, dirt and straw, which is the same set of ingredients in adobe.
In order to bond plaster to a flat surface such as a sheet of plywood, obtain a strong wire-screen material, and staple it to the wood, intentionally leaving gaps between some of the wood and the screen.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/p/plaster.html   (1041 words)

 PLASTER OF PARIS TECHNIQUES   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Plaster of paris slabs are very useful as first Aid splints for fractures of the limbs, as they can be moulded to the injured part.
Application of complete plaster casts immediately after the reduction of fractures even with padding, is dangerous, as the fractured limb always swells up after manipulation and a cast could become dangerously tight and endanger the circulation to the limb.
This type of plaster slab is applied in cases of injuries around the knee and fractures of the tibia and fibula.
www.bonetumour.org /book/Truma/appendix/append3.html   (1778 words)

 A Brief History of Plaster
In the 1700's, Paris was already the "capital of plaster" ("Plaster of Paris") since all the walls of wooden houses were covered with plaster, as a protection against fire.
Plaster of Paris is a calcium sulfate hemi-hydrate : (CaSO4, ½ H2O) derived from gypsum, a calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4, 2 H2O), by firing this mineral at relatively low temperature and then reducing it to powder.
Although further investigation is required, it would appear that gypsum was being used in these early gypsum/lime plasters very differently from the way we expected and there is no evidence, at the moment, that it was also used for moldings or decorative work.
www.artmolds.com /ali/history_plaster.html   (643 words)

 Preservation Brief 21: Repairing Historic Flat Plaster--Walls and Ceilings
Gypsum and lime plasters were used in combination for the base and finish coats during the early part of the 20th century; gypsum was eventually favored because it set more rapidly and, initially, had a harder finish.
A plasterer may have skimped on the amount of cementing material (lime or gypsum) because sand was the cheaper material.
Another mix plasterers use to patch cracks or small holes, or for finish-coat repair, is a "high gauge" lime putty (50 percent lime; 50 percent gauging plaster).
www.cr.nps.gov /hps/tps/briefs/brief21.htm   (6294 words)

 Living with Old house Plaster
Plaster walls over a hundred years old are still as solid and smooth as the day they were finished, if they are well cared for.
Generally you have to replace th plaster 6-12" from the visible hole to reach plaster that is still keyed to the lath tightly.
The plaster that was damaged by water is usually crumbly and should be replaced, or you risk whole hunks of plaster raining down the next time someone jostles the wall or ceiling.
www.phouka.com /oldhouse/ren_plaster.html   (1585 words)

 Brief 21: Flat Plaster-Wall and Ceilings
To prevent this, a plasterer had to add fine silica sand or finely crushed perlite to the finish coat to compensate for the dramatically differing shrinkage rates between the base coat and the finish coat.
With modern ventilation, plaster cures in a shorter time; however, fresh gypsum plaster with a lime finish coat should still be perfectly dry before paint is appliedor the paint may peel.
Another mix plasterers use to patch cracks or small holes, or for finishcoat repair, is a "high gauge" lime putty (50 percent lime; 50 percent gauging plaster).
www.historichomeworks.com /hhw/pbriefs/pb21.htm   (6378 words)

 Ask CB Gundaker - Maintaining
Unfortunately, as plaster ages, as leaks occur, and as the house shifts, the plaster sags.
Plaster washers are thin metal disks through which drywall screws are threaded and then driven through the plaster into ceiling joists, wall studs, or lath.
The screw/washer duo pulls the loose plaster tight against the framing, fixing the sag and stabilizing the area.
askgundaker.katabat.com /content/Event.asp?ASK=3.253   (442 words)

 Stellafane ATM: Make a Plaster Disk
Plaster is a light weight material, so a little extra thickness will not add much weight and will increase the stiffness of the disk and be easier to grip when grinding.
Sprinkle the Plaster of Paris into the water (never pour the water into the plaster) and mix until it is a thick, soupy and lump-free mixture.
In any case, plaster is very porous, and it may take several coats of whatever you choose to get a durable, waterproof finish.
www.stellafane.com /atm/atm_grind/atm_plaster_disk.htm   (1291 words)

 Plaster Blaster
Held in Plaster City, California, a small community 90 miles east of San Diego, Plaster Blaster will be the weekend of October 4-7, 2007.
Plaster Blaster 2007 is a nationally recognized and popular event sanctioned by both the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA).
Plaster Blaster is open to the public for spectating.
www.plasterblaster.com   (126 words)

 Christopher Pardell's Plaster FAQ
Plaster absorbs water and can therefore be used to make molds for casting porcelain and ceramic slipware as well as latex forms such as those aliens and monsters used in the Star Wars movies.
Plaster can also be alloyed with plastic resins, such as melamine, to form "Modified Gypsum" cements, which combine plaster's ease of use with plastic's durability and water resistance.
Plaster mold casings (the "mother mold" that holds the rubber) can be made stronger by reinforcing the plaster with "Sisal".
users.lmi.net /drewid/plaster_faq.html   (4823 words)

 On The House with the Carey Bros. Home Repair and Home Improvement Tips. : Plaster Washers -> Weekly Project
Portland cement plaster was painstakingly hand-troweled onto wood slats (lathing) nailed to the wall and ceiling framing.
The excess plaster that dries behind and around the lath is referred to as the "key." The key prevents the installed plaster from pulling away from the lath.
Drive the screw through the plaster and into the wood lath a couple inches back from the edge of the hole or crack that is to be repaired.
www.onthehouse.com /wp/20030609   (1067 words)

 Plaster Mold Making
Usually plaster is mixed 2 parts plaster powder to 1 part water.
Once the plaster in the bowl gets thicker you can plop a final 1 to 3 inch thick layer onto the sculpture.
As soon as the plaster is solid (30 minutes -to- 2 hours of drying time) you can peel away the clay retainer wall.
www.studiocreations.com /howto/evilash/plastermold.html   (847 words)

 Preserving Historic Plaster | THIS OLD HOUSE   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lime plasters are ideal candidates for repairs, because they crystallize over a long period of time, are flexible, and resist water damage.
To determine if the plaster was still attached to the lath, I drilled several holes and judged the distance between the two.
This adhesive established a wide, flexible bond between the plaster and the lath that allowed movement, vibration absorption and preservation of the historic plaster.
www.thisoldhouse.com /toh/knowhow/interiors/article/0,16417,195050,00.html   (783 words)

 Plaster of Paris
When used to fill a small crack in plaster surfaces, make certain all surfaces are clean and free from dirt, grease and loose particles of paint and plaster.
Pour PLASTER OF PARIS into the mold while tapping the mold slightly so that no voids are formed.
When used to patch small cracks in plaster surfaces, use a putty knife or broad scraping knife to apply the PLASTER OF PARIS.
www.empireblended.com /engineered/patchingrepairing-plasterofparis.html   (586 words)

 Plaster Products For Interior and Exterior Plaster Walls By Merlex Stucco
Plaster is a strong surface and much harder than standard wallboard.
Interior plaster is ideal for churches, synagogues, university buildings, and government buildings, which are expected to last for many decades.
Interior plaster finishes take a little more time to install from start to finish, but the cost is not that much more than wallboard.
www.merlex.com /intplas.htm   (230 words)

 AntCam - Ant Terrarium - Plaster/Gypsum - Step by Step instructions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After it is clear the plaster has hardened (10-30 minutes is sufficient in most cases, unless the plaseter was very runny) you should be able to easily flip the cast over to get some indication as to how it came out.
Be careful not to gouge the plaster too deeply nor to break any critical parts of the plaster mold itself.
When you have the glass cleaned you need to prepare the plaster mold a bit by shaving plaster off where the glass is framed by the plaster until the glass slides easily in and out.
www.antcam.com /antfarm/howtobuild/plaster   (1826 words)

 MySpace.com - PLASTER - SEATTLE, Washington - Metal / Alternative / Punk - www.myspace.com/plasterseattle
PLASTER signed on with producer Steve Carter (Himsa, Aiden, Cradle of Filth) and are currently finishing the final touches of their long awaited full length album.
PLASTER started forming in late 2003 as Todd Ohashi's The RC5 took its last bow, and Peter Litwin decided to rejoin the musical rat race after a hiatus, and the pair set off to recruit like-minded hard & heavy rock talent.
Out of the dust of some of Seattle's finest punk rock offerings came PLASTER in January 2004, hardening to rock solid at the Crocodile Café in March 2004.
www.myspace.com /plasterseattle   (1069 words)

 Plaster Article #2
It can be poured into molds as it is in the plaster statuary business, applied with a spatula as in direct sculpting, carved as in plaster model making or polished as it is in the application of Venetian plaster walls.
When you pour a plaster statue or mix a large batch of plaster a chemical reaction takes place during the setting process and the cast plaster heats up as it hardens.
are known as industrial plasters, plaster of paris, kettle plaster and kettle stucco.
www.plastermaster.com /plasterpower/plasterpower2.htm   (1342 words)

 : : : : : : : : : PLASTER: : : : : : : : :
With a Deafening Roar, PLASTER debuted this year with a focused intensity that moves people.
PLASTER started forming in late 2003 as Todd Ohashi's Rc5 took its last bow, and Peter Litwin decided to rejoin the musical rat race after a hiatus, and the pair set off to recruit like-minded hard & heavy rock talent.
Blessed by the almost miraculous appearance of a basically unknown drummer, Jason Bordeaux, the line-up was complete when Chico King's Flamethrower called it quits, and he joined the band.
www.plastertheband.com /about.asp   (216 words)

 LIVING : Faux Finishing : Venetian Plaster : DIY Network
Venetian plaster is a good technique to use if you need to cover cracks or imperfections on the walls.
It's achieved in a three-part process: First, you apply a thin layer of plaster with a small trowel or putty knife, smooth it with a large trowel and let it dry.
The layer should be very thin; remember that this process involves building up layers of plaster, and for the first layer it needs to be thin and smooth.
www.diynetwork.com /diy/lv_faux_finishing/article/0,2041,DIY_14109_2278252,00.html   (379 words)

 Integral Plaster
Integral Plasters are used for wall and ceiling treatments as well as exterior wall surfaces.
Pictures may be able to present a mood of a particular environment, but cannot communicate the rich subtleties of plaster.
That is why we bring an assortment of plaster samples with us on our consultations.
www.isidb.com /armstrong/plaster.htm   (99 words)

 BBC NEWS | Health | 'Digital plaster' monitors health
A high-tech plaster could keep a constant check on your health, its makers have claimed.
An tiny electronic device, which can be attached to an ordinary plaster, has been developed by a scientist from London's Imperial College.
The 'digital plaster' - which measures three millimetres by five - contains a silicon chip, which can carry sensors for a range of symptoms.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/health/4617633.stm   (486 words)

 MSN Encarta - Dictionary - plaster definition
Same as plaster of Paris (often used before a noun)
She didn't bother with fancy brushwork, she just plastered the paint on.
apply medicinal plaster: to apply a medicinal plaster to a wound or sore
encarta.msn.com /encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861738719   (317 words)

 Remodeling : Repairs / Maintenance : Cracked Plaster Fixes : Home & Garden Television
Home repair expert Henry Harrison shares a couple of ideas for replacing cracked plaster with some shiny new drywall and using plaster washers to shore up cracks without replacing plaster.
Plaster washers (figure F) are another option for dealing with cracks and this technique does not require replacing the plaster.
Insert plaster washers, trying to alternate them on opposite sides of the crack.
www.hgtv.com /hgtv/rm_walls_maintenance/article/0,1797,HGTV_3803_1396364,00.html   (321 words)

 USG Plaster for sculpting, moldmaking, tooling.
Producing Plaster requires Diesel for the mining equipment, Natural Gas for cooking the water out of the raw material and more Diesel to get the plaster here by truck.
First weigh out the plaster you need, take that amount and multiply it by.7,(point 7), (7/10) this gives you how much water to use.
Generally speaking the larger the percentage of water the softer and more absorbent the plaster will be.
www.nmclay.com /plaster.htm   (309 words)

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