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Topic: PlayStation Portable

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  PlayStation Portable
The same kinds of mixed uses for devices are flourishing for portable media devices as well: not only portable audio and now video players, but other kinds of devices that also serve as media players, including portable gaming systems, PDAs, and even mobile phones.
Another approach is to open up the portable device to support a wider range of formats and functionality, but therefore requiring a more custom interface and more sophisticated user.
Portable gaming systems may seem like a strange choice for serving as a portable media player, but today's platforms are certainly powerful enough, and the addition of removable solid state memory for tasks like saving game state then provides the ability to store and display other media files.
www.manifest-tech.com /media_pda/portable_media_psp.htm   (2119 words)

  PlayStation Portable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is estimated 3.77 million PlayStation Portable units have been sold in Japan through to 2006 compared to 10 million by the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite as of August, 2006.
The PlayStation Portable's main microprocessor is a multifunction device that includes a MIPS R4000-based CPU, hardware for multimedia decoding (such as H.264), as well as a vector unit dubbed "Virtual Mobile Engine".
The PlayStation Portable was preceded in this regard by the Tapwave Zodiac and the Nintendo DS.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/PlayStation_Portable   (5227 words)

 Sony reveals some specs for PSP handheld | CNET News.com
The PlayStation Portable will come with a 333MHz processor that includes integrated graphics, a specialized core for video, a reconfigurable processing core that will enhance sound and 4 megabytes of integrated memory, said Masanobu Okabe, a Sony researcher attending the Hot Chips conference this week at Stanford University.
Sony executives have touted the PlayStation Portable, which combines game and multimedia features, as "the Walkman of the 21st century." Sony, the market leader in living-room consoles with its PlayStation 2, plans to enter the market for handheld games with the device later this year, with releases in Japan, then in the United States.
Both the PlayStation 2 and Sony's Qiro robot are based around MIPS processors, which are derived from chip designs created originally for Silicon Graphics Inc. servers.
news.com.com /Sony+reveals+some+...+handheld/2100-1043_3-5322814.html   (749 words)

 Search Tuna Report for playstation portable case   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The PlayStation Portable is sporting some very impressive hardware, and its list of features includes wireless connectivity and a wide, high-resolution screen.
The PlayStation is one of the most popular video game systems of all time, with millions of users around the world!......
The PlayStation Portable, Officially Known As The PSP, Is A....
www.searchtuna.com /ftlive2/1723.html   (783 words)

 First Impressions - PlayStation Portable // PSP /// Eurogamer
Only now has Sony - the great pioneer of portable audio - felt the time is right to dip its not inconsiderable toes into this market, and many have been almost desperate to see it fail.
The unit's clearly technically capable of wowing a generation of PlayStation gamers into making a purchase, and Sony knows it only needs to tempt a fraction of its overall audience to make a success out of the system.
It remains to be seen how important the multimedia functions will be to the system, and it certainly doesn't help that Sony has thrown up arbitrary boundaries by tying the unit to Memory Stick Duo (as opposed to the type used in its digital cameras, frustratingly).
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=57444   (1201 words)

 Category:PlayStation Portable games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of articles on video games for the PlayStation Portable console.
If you cannot find a game you are interested in here, you can try to Search for it, or start a new article.
Please add any uncategorised PlayStation Portable games to this category if you encounter them.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:PlayStation_Portable_games   (189 words)

 Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Coverage @ DigitalBackSpin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The foundation of this new platform is Universal Media Disc (UMD), which comprises of a 60mm optical disc (1.8 GB) in a cartridge, developed by the Sony Group, utilizing its latest disc technologies.
Pursuing the founding principles of the PlayStation business, Sony Computer Entertainment will expand its efforts to support content developers to create new forms of computer entertainment.
We look forward to extending the experience through a portable entertainment platform, and are excited about the possibilities and impact ‘PSP’; will have on the market.
www.digitalbackspin.com /pspinfo.htm   (448 words)

 Playstation Portable (PSP) Specs Details News and Pricing
PSP is scheduled to be launched in Japan in the end of 2004, followed by the North American and European launches in the spring of 2005.
It also comes complete with the basic functions of a portable player such as built-in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector, brightness control and sound mode selection.
Keys and controls inherit the same operability of PlayStation and PlayStation 2, familiar to fans all over the world.
www.gameinfowire.com /hardware.asp?hid=773   (589 words)

 PlayStation Portable :: SONY PSP
The images of the PlayStation Portable concept appeared in the company's slideshow presentation, indicating the ideas that Sony has for the handheld.
Some games, he revealed, could be priced "as high as €50 or €60 no doubt", but he added that the majority of games would be closer to the €20 to €30 price range, "given the time slots these will be played in".
There has been much speculation over the internal chipset of the PSP of late, with Ken Kutaragi commenting that people may well be surprised at the power of the machine when the specs are announced.
www.playstationportable.com   (1523 words)

 Playstation Portable Electronic Gaming Monthly - Find Articles
To say that Sony Computer Entertainment America President Kaz Hirai is confident about the company’s chances in the portable market would be an understatement.
Sony’s success with both of its consoles is due in large part to the company’s overwhelming ability to attract third parties and maintain a steady flow of new software throughout every year.
PSP has learned from its other PlayStation family members and adopted a similar strategy, as its ’05 release calendar is already looking full.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_zdegm/is_200504/ai_n9522332   (577 words)

 Must-have games: PSP - CNET reviews
The PlayStation Portable version of EA Canada's latest soccer offering is faithful to its console counterparts in almost every way, and while the game isn't without a few quirks, there's plenty of enjoyable, fast-paced soccer to be had here.
It's your job to get these critters from start to finish by equipping certain members of the pack with skills such as digging, bridge-building, and blocking to avoid the obstacles placed in their path.
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship is a PlayStation Portable port of the latest PS2 game released in Europe, though since we American types don't get the PS2 games over here, odds are you're looking at WRC as the first rally racer to hit the PSP in North America.
reviews.cnet.com /4520-10109_7-5911292-1.html   (1239 words)

 PlayStation Portable (PSP) Definition | Computer Dictionary | Define meaning of PlayStation Portable (PSP)
The PlayStation Portable is Sony's third installment in its successful PlayStation line of video game consoles and their first entry into handheld systems.
The PSP was first announced during E³ 2003 and was unveiled on May 11, 2004 at a Sony press conference during E³ 2004.
According to claims made by Sony at E3 2005, the PSP may be able to connect to the PlayStation 3 using its WiFi connection to be used as a "video enabled game controller," similar to the connectivity feature of the Game Boy Advance and GameCube.
www.cpupedia.com /definition/playstation+portable.aspx   (408 words)

 Sony PSP - PlayStation Portable - Game Reviews
Sony's PlayStation Portable or PSP was announced at E3 2004 and finally released to the U.S. on March 24, 24th 2005.
Unlike its main competitor the Nintendo DS, which flips open, this device is a single wide fl block with controls to the left and right of its impressive looking screen.
Overall, PlayStation Portable is a slick gadget that looks every bit the part of the most sophisticated handheld gaming platform going.
www.gizmocafe.com /video-games/playstation-portable.aspx   (673 words)

 PlayStation Portable's tough birth | CNET News.com
Sony's PlayStation Portable may ultimately live up to company promises of a "Walkman for the 21st century" that revolutionizes entertainment, but that's not going to happen next week.
But the PSP will arrive with a meager selection of games, none of the planned multimedia functions, a history of delays and questions about technical issues such as battery life.
Issues such as those add to Sony's challenges as it not only enters the handheld-game market long dominated by Nintendo, but tries to define a new class of portable entertainment gadget.
news.com.com /PlayStation+Portables+tough+.../2100-1043_3-5487445.html   (873 words)

 Sony PSP Games - PSP Cheats - PSP Movies - Playstation Portable
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow First Look and Hands-On We kick a little terrorist butt in Gabe Logan's upcoming adventure for the PSP.
Heatseeker Review Heatseeker isn't a good game, but it can at times be fun in spite of its many shortcomings.
Aside from being a great portable translation of Two Thrones, Rival Swords packs several worthwhile additions that sweeten the deal.
www.gamespot.com /psp   (394 words)

We just got sent the brand new trailer for John Woo's Stranglehold which is set to release early next year on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.
In a bid to make us forget the tragedy that is Bomberman on the 360, Konami has announced that a classic version of the game will come to PSP users on Sept. 12.
From the "PS3 can't get a publicity break" file comes news that the system's Blu-ray load times will be slower than the DVD speeds of the Xbox 360.
joystiq.com /.../27/sony-playstation-portable-psp-launch-date-and-price   (2808 words)

 Sony PSP Reviews. Consoles Reviews by CNET.
The device is called the PlayStation Portable (PSP), and in addition to playing games of PS2 graphical quality, it can play music and movies (downloaded or via disc) and surf the Web.
The screen is flanked by controls that will be immediately recognizable to fans of past PlayStations: the directional keypad is to the left of the screen, and the familiar square, triangle, circle, and X buttons are to the right.
But in the next breath, they claim that it can do so much more, billing it as "the first truly integrated portable entertainment system." Both statements are, in fact, true, and suffice it to say that as a portable gaming device, particularly from a graphics standpoint, the PSP is unparalleled.
reviews.cnet.com /consoles/sony-psp/4505-10109_7-30895581.html   (3240 words)

 PlayStation - PlayStation Portable News - PSP Updates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
This would mean that you can bypass the three basic annoyances many of us would have with the PlayStation Store once OE-B is complete: having to own a PS3, waiting for Sony's PS1 releases, and paying for them.
Presumably the one big disappointment with Sony's FW 3.0 PSOne emulator is that you need a PS3 to download the game files to begin with, and those aren't exactly a dime a dozen.
PSX-P creator">Yoshihiro, as promised, has released the second version of his PS1 emulator, PSX-P. The first release brought a lot of controversy as it "resembled" PacManFan's PSX emulator (beta) that was released previous to the first PSX-P release.
pspupdates.qj.net /category/PlayStation/cid/761   (2924 words)

 Amazon.com: Sony PSP Value Pack: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The awe and excitement that has made Sony Playstation so popular as a TV game now lets you take it on the road and do more than you magined.
The Sony Playstation Portable, or PSP, is one of the most versatile portable electronic devices to be released in recent years.
When Sony announced Playstation Portable (PSP) at E3 last year, I was awed by its graphic capabilities and the wide...
amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0007TFLLC/ref=nosim/wanastore-20?...   (3136 words)

 FilePlanet: PlayStation Portable - Putting the Game In   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
This is a small clip showing how to load the PlayStation Portable with the small CD game.
Welcome to FilePlanet, the leading online destination for PlayStation Portable - Putting the Game In downloads and hundreds of thousands of other game files, including demos, patches, mods, trailers, free pc games and more.
You can start using our download services to download PlayStation Portable - Putting the Game In by creating a free account on FilePlanet to access our public servers, or upgrade to a premium account to access our no-wait servers and enjoy our subscriber exclusives.
www.fileplanet.com /146702/140000/fileinfo/PlayStation-Portable---Putting-the-Game-In   (391 words)

 8Bit Joystick.com: Review : Sony Playstation Portable Game System
Last Friday I was sort of shocked to see the Sony Playstation Portable in stock over at the Gamecrazy store that was a part of my local Hollywood Video.
This is not just like a Gameboy only better it is an incredibly powerful hand held Playstation unit that comes close to the PS2 in graphics with wireless multi-player that fits in the palm of your hand with a next generation high resolution LCD screen.
Posted by: Shawn at March 28, 2005 11:27 AM The dead pixel problem is nothing new to those of us who have been on the bleeding edge of handheld gaming.
www.8bitjoystick.com /archives/jake_review_sony_playstation_portable_game_system.php   (1605 words)

 Online downloads playstation portable & playstation portable game releases   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Understand that the guidance we put forward is only pertinent to web based information about downloads playstation portable.
When you are trying to find better-quality advice on downloads playstation portable, you'll find it's complex seperating value-packed advice from poorly sourced downloads playstation portable suggestions and directions so it's astute to know ways of judging the information you are offered.
When you're after top-quality info on downloads playstation portable, you will find it hard sorting out the best info from unprofessional downloads playstation portable proposals and support so it is important to know how to moderate the advice you are presented with.
www.newportablegames.com /downloads-playstation-portable.php   (508 words)

 Portable Playstation
The PSP's inputs are geared for gaming rather than multimedia, with two shoulder buttons (triggers), the iconic PlayStation face buttons start and select buttons, a digital 4-directional pad, and an analog input.
There is also a row of secondary controls along the underside of the screen, for controlling volume, music settings (either switching the audio off and on in games or selecting different equalizer presets in the OS), screen brightness, accessing the system's main menu, as well as the standard Start and Select buttons.
The graphics and audio capabilities of the PSP lie somewhere between those of the original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2.
www.portable-playstation.com   (1159 words)

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