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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
As the term suggests, plug-in hybrids - which look and perform much like "regular" cars - can be plugged in to a 120-volt outlet (for instance each night at home, or during the workday at a parking garage) and charged.
The plug-in hybrid drive system is compatible with all vehicle models and does not entail any sacrifice of vehicle performance or driver amenities.
All told, a plug-in that is fully charged every night can reduce emissions by 50% due to the improved fuel economy and the non-production of tail pipe emissions during the electric driving phase.
www.iags.org /pih.htm   (736 words)

 Photoshop Plug-ins by Redfield
Plug-in - This is a manipulation tool for the creation of realistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos.
You can simulate various tools such as lead pencil, ink-pencil, crayon, charcoal, airbrush, etc. Three layers with separate settings allow one to produce some effects of stylized fine-arts on all sorts of surfaces (water paper, squared paper, laid paper, canvas, leather, crepe, rag paper or any other kind of surface you wish).
exturation 3D Photoshop Plug-in Filter - It is a multi layer texture mapper.
www.redfieldplugins.com   (559 words)

 Prairie Linux User Group - Turning Source into Ploughshares
The June 15, 2006 PLUG meeting will feature the Asterisk Gateway Interface The meeting is at 7:30, in room 2M70 (Manitoba building) at the University of Winnipeg.
The Thursday, April 20, 2006 PLUG meeting is at 7:30 in room 2M70 at the University of Winnipeg.
The February 16 PLUG meeting will focus on three aspects of networking that are often lumped together, routing, network address translation (NAT), and firewalling.
www.plug.ca   (1291 words)

 PLUG - Perth Linux Users' Group
PLUG is the Perth Linux Users' Group, an association of people interested in Linux.
One of the main forms of communication between PLUG members is our e-mail list.
This page is maintained by the PLUG webmasters.
plug.linux.org.au   (255 words)

 Plug In music : interviews, reviews, profiles, contests and more
To celebrate the debut of Ragged, a new music magazine from Filter and American Rag, Plug In is giving away a Silversun Pickups prize pack to one lucky fan.
Joshua talks to Plug In about how his independent label, 301 Studios, is managing to churn out underground electronic and hip-hop music from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Plug In is looking to start a regular feature profiling independent record labels.
www.pluginmusic.com   (722 words)

 LiveCounter Plug and Play
LiveCounter Plug and Play brings you more firsts, including live doorbells for web pages, geographical maps plotted on-the-fly, and multi-level log report generators.
As the name suggests, LiveCounter Plug and Play is as easy to install as plugging (pasting) several lines of HTML code into your web page.
Compatible with both Java enabled and non-Java enabled browsers: LiveCounter Plug and Play comes with a backup CGI counter which gets activated when a non-Java enabled browser is used, making it possible to count hits generated from virtually any web browser.
www.chami.com /counter/pnp   (1160 words)

 AlternaTIFF TIFF Plug-in
AlternaTIFF is a web browser add-on (ActiveX control or plug-in) that displays most of the common types of TIFF image files.
AlternaTIFF is available as either a Netscape-style plug-in or an ActiveX control for IE.
This won't work if you already have a TIFF plug-in installed (must restart browser), and isn't necessary if you had a previous version of AlternaTIFF installed.
www.alternatiff.com   (470 words)

 Free Cubase VST Plug Ins
Apart from many commercial plug ins for Cubase VST, the web has also thrown up a whole number of free ones as well.
Plug in overload ?, check out the DX plug in uninstaller on the Vincent Burel Page.
If there is a setup file then double click on this, otherwise move the files to the plug ins directory of where ever you installed cubase to.
www.sounduser.com /software/vstplugs/p1.html   (391 words)

 Encyclopedia Mythica: Today's Deity plug-in
Click here to download the plug-in (installation instructions are in the zip-file).
Discuss this plug-in at the Google Desktop Plug-ins forum.
This is an unmoderated forum for users to have discussions about the Google Desktop Today's Deity Plug-in.
www.pantheon.org /tools/tdplugin.html   (79 words)

 Java Plug-in Technology
Java Plug-in technology, included as part of the Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (JRE), establishes a connection between popular browsers and the Java platform.
Java Plug-in technology is part of the current version of the Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (JRE).
The JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX technology is part of Java Plug-in technology and bundled with the JRE.
java.sun.com /products/plugin   (423 words)

 PLUG: Prato Linux User Group
Sono disponibili per il download le presentazioni, in formato Open Document, delle due serate a tema su PostgreSQL che si sono tenute i giorni 19 e 26 luglio scorsi presso il PLUG a cura di Federico Campoli.
PLUG si compiace di questo importante passo dell'amministrazione comunale, e si auspica che alle buone intenzioni facciano seguito dei fatti altrettanto apprezzabili Sul nostro server è disponibile il testo della mozione in versione pdf
L'associazione PLUG (Prato Linux User Group) organizza presso officina giovani un nuovo ciclo degli Incontri di Avvicinamento a Gnu/Linux (IAG), una occasione per chiunque voglia avvicinarsi alla conoscenza ed all'utilizzo di Linux e del software libero.
www.prato.linux.it   (704 words)

 Universal Plug and Play - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of computer network protocols promulgated by the UPnP Forum.
The goals of UPnP are to allow devices to connect seamlessly and to simplify the implementation of networks in the home and corporate environments.
Platinum UPnP C++ SDK (GPL open source) a dual license open source/commercial UPnP Media Control/Renderer/Server SDK for Windows, Linux, Mac.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Universal_plug-and-play   (1863 words)

 Plug - Top Encyclopedia on Gambling
When the game of fljack, for instance, begins, the deck or the shoe are cut and only the cards above the cut card played.
The moment these cards finish, the remained deck is plugged somewhere in the middle of the played cards that have been collected in the discard tray, and all the cards shuffled again together before being brought back to the game.
This shuffling technique is often reffered to as a 'plug' or 'plugging the deck'."
www.gambling-portal.com /gambling-terms/Plug.html   (107 words)

 Plug-ins and Opera
Beatnick is a free multimedia plug-in for video and music over the net.
The GetRight plug-in is a great way to manage your downloads and resuming broken ones.
GetRight's developer has worked closely with Opera programmers in order to ensure that the plug-in works with Opera and has set up a dedicated page on how to get GetRight to work with Opera.
www.opera.com /docs/plugins   (806 words)

 NewsGator - NewsGator Inbox Plug-ins and Extensions
Download and install the appropriate plug-in for the weblog software you are using.
The original Blogger plug-in supporting the Blogger API is still available here.
This plug-in requires Movable Type 3.0 or later; it will not work with earlier versions of Movable Type.
www.newsgator.com /plugins/default.aspx   (340 words)

In order to broadcast to a running SHOUTcast server, you will need the SHOUTcast Source for Winamp 5.x DSP Plug-in, a piece of software which adds SHOUTcast broadcast ability to the Winamp 5.x software.
The DSP Plug-in acts as a bridge between your Winamp software and a SHOUTcast DNAS server (which you or a friend need to be running to broadcast).
This archive is for advanced users who wish to source content on their Mac OS X, Linux or FreeBSD servers and feed the audio into a SHOUTcast DNAS instead of using Windows.
www.shoutcast.com /download/broadcast.phtml   (939 words)

 Plug Types by Country
Czech plug discontinued approximately 1996; all new installs use RJ-11.
British plug is wired differently from that in UK.
Russian plugs generally found only in older buildings.
www.kropla.com /phones2.htm   (242 words)

 Pagina Oficial del Grupo de Usuarios de Linux del Perú   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
El PLUG no persigue fin económico alguno, sino, sólo el de servir a la comunidad Linux del Perú.
EL PLUG se conforma por los que participan activamente en las actividades del grupo y por los usuarios que participan, básicamente, en las listas de correo.
Para ser miembro del PLUG, sólo necesitas conocer un poco de Linux, tener mucho entusiasmo, ganas de trabajar y comprometer parte de tu tiempo para las actividades del grupo.
www.linux.org.pe   (302 words)

 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 3.2
This FileMaker plug-in enables solution developers to use interactive help tools such as help tags (tool tips), coachmarks, or roll-over effects for layout objects and controls (data fields, buttons, pictures etc.).
Help tag (tool tip) is a brief text message (help, tip, description) that appears when user moves the mouse pointer over an object or a hot rectangle.
You can learn to use this plug-in and implement help for your complex solution in the very same day.
www.24usoftware.com /SimpleHelp   (552 words)

 PLUG - Phoenix Linux User Group - Home
The PLUG East Side Meeting will be held Thursday, August 10
Please come and participate in the a discussion and enhancement of the group website.
The PLUG West Side Meeting will be held Tuesday, July 25th.
plug.phoenix.az.us   (444 words)

 Troi Automatisering: For FileMaker Pro plug-ins and other products
With Troi Encryptor Plug-in you can encrypt (and decrypt) fields using the powerful 128 bit Rijndael encryption scheme, so that your sensitive data is secure.
This plug-in runs native with the newly released FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker Advanced 8, but also with FileMaker Pro 7.
We have updated the Text plug-in FAQ to reflect the new situation.
www.troi.com   (902 words)

 AC-Plug - Keep connection alive - Automatic Dial-In - Freeware
I have CompuServe (the sister company to AOL), and have no problems with losing a connection due 2 inactivity.
"Hello,i just installed ac plug and it works great, i've had other connection devices installed before but this is the best yet, it's very easy to set up and not lots of tedious information to enter..."
I do not have any sort of fast connections and often download large files, and cannot sit at my computer for hours waiting for the file to finish downloading, now i can simply go to sleep without worrying i am going to get disconnected!"
www.iopus.com /acplug.htm   (343 words)

 Philippine Linux Users' Group — Philippine Linux Users' Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
For over 10 years already, the Philippine Linux Users' Group, or PLUG, has been actively promoting the adoption of the GNU/Linux operating system in the Philippines.
It is composed of volunteers, individuals as well as institutions, who actively advocate for the wider usage of the GNU/Linux operating system and other free and open source technologies.
The Philippine Linux Users' Group will hold the 2nd Quarter Free Technical Seminar for the year 2006 on 8 April 2006 at Asia Pacific College, Magallanes, Makati City, from 9AM to 6PM.
plug.linux.org.ph   (341 words)

 MRJ Plugin Home
Netscape version 4.76 can run applets directly using the MRJ plugin.
This feature can be turned on by opening up the preferences dialog (Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced), and checking the "Use Java Plug-in" checkbox.
MRJ 2.1 (or later), which is required to run the plugin, can be downloaded from Apple's Java Web Site.
www.mozilla.org /oji/MRJPlugin.html   (878 words)

 PLUG - Home
To learn more about PLUG please read our FAQ.
Due to popular demand, PLUG volunteers are once again holding a monthly clinic to help one and all with their Linux (and other *NIX) computer problems.
This month's clinic will be on 23 April, 1-5 pm.
www.pdxlinux.org   (868 words)

 Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology - wall-plug efficiency, electrical-to-optical, all-solid-state lasers
Taking the term serious, the electrical power should be measured at the wall plug, so that this efficiency includes losses in the power supply and also the power required for a cooling system, which can be quite significant for high power lasers.
However, it is quite common that people calculate the wall-plug efficiency based on the electric power delivered to the laser diodes (e.g.
in a diode-pumped solid state laser system), forgetting about the actual wall plug.
www.rp-photonics.com /wall_plug_efficiency.html   (443 words)

 Idnnow.com: Web Addresses in Your Language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
VeriSign has developed a FREE software solution to improve your internet experience.
plug-in, a web browser companion upgrade enables you to navigate the web in your own language.
Type IDN addresses in your browser, bookmark your favorites and much more
www.idnnow.com /index.jsp   (101 words)

 Gimp Plug-Ins @ SourceForge - Main
This project is about developing plug-ins for the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
It is also about creating a community for plug-in developers.
You can get a cvs account here and develop your own
gimp-plug-ins.sourceforge.net   (77 words)

 Plug Power
Read more about Plug Power’s recent $217 million cash investment
Roger Saillant was the keynote speaker at the Tech Valley Energy Forum, held on August 7 at Albany NanoTech in Albany, NY
www.plugpower.com   (53 words)

 Sherlock International Plug-Ins Archive
Do you have a Sherlock plug-in that you would like to add to the archive?
Visit this diligent and thorough group of reporters for the freshest Mac news and links.
if you would like to see a Sherlock plug-in for your site.
www.xenophone.com /sherlock   (860 words)

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