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Topic: Pluto god

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In the News (Fri 19 Oct 18)

  Hades (Pluto)
One day, while he was riding through the field of battle, the goddess Venus had her companion, Cupid, playfully shoot an arrow into the heart of Pluto.
Struck by Cupid's arrow, Pluto fell in love with the first young lady he saw, who happened to be Persephone.
Pluto promptly carried her off into the underworld to be his bride.
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/mythology/Definitions_gods/Pluto_def.html&edu=elem   (103 words)

Pluto is usually farther from the Sun than any of the nine planets; however, due to the eccentricity of its orbit, it is closer than Neptune for 20 years out of its 249 year orbit.
Pluto's temperature varies widely during the course of its orbit since Pluto can be as close to the sun as 30 AU and as far away as 50 AU.
Pluto was officially labeled the ninth planet by the International Astronomical Union in 1930 and named for the Roman god of the underworld.
www.solarviews.com /eng/pluto.htm   (1755 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: PLUTO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pluto and its largest satellite, Charon, could be considered a binary system because they are closer in size than any of the other known celestial pair combinations in the solar system, and because the barycentre of their orbits does not lie within either body.
Pluto and its largest satellite Charon have often been considered a binary system because they are more nearly equal in size than any of the planet/moon combinations in the solar system, and because the barycentre of their orbits does not lie within either body.
Pluto is a celestial body in the solar system, classified both as a dwarf planet and as the prototype of a yet-to-be-named family of trans-Neptunian objects.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/PLUTO   (2320 words)

 Omnipelagos.com ~ article "Pluto (mythology)"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pluto is an alternate name for the Greek god Hades, but was more often used in Roman mythology in their presentation of the god of the underworld.
Because the mythology of the gods is more known than the actual religious roles of the gods, Pluto is identified as the counterpart to the Greek Hades (which is only wholly true in mythology).
Pluto (Greek: Πλούτων) should not be confused with the Greek god Plutus (Πλοῦτος), the god of wealth.
www.omnipelagos.com /entry?n=pluto_(god)   (246 words)

  Pluto - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Pluto (astronomy), planetary body counted as the ninth planet in the solar system after its discovery in 1930.
Pluto (mythology), in Roman mythology, god of the dead, the husband of Proserpine.
- Roman god of underworld: in Roman mythology, the god of the underworld and husband of Proserpina.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Pluto.html   (124 words)

 file_nav_name Encyclopedia Index
Pluto Water was a trademark for a laxative product which was very popular in the United States in the early 20th ce...
In Roman mythology, Dis Pater, or Dispater, was a god of Hades, the Roman underworld, later subsumed by Pluto or Jupiter...
Terry Pluto is an award-winning Akron, Ohio sportswriter who primarily writes columns for the Akron Beacon Journal a...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/pluto.html   (1555 words)

 Pluto - Crystalinks
Pluto was determined to have an atmosphere from an occultation observation in 1988.
While Pluto's identification as Planet X began to be doubted soon after its discovery, and for some decades afterwards some considered that a hypothetical tenth planet might be the true Planet X which supposedly caused anomalies in Uranus and Neptune's position, Pluto's identity as the solar system's ninth planet was unquestioned until the 1990s.
Pluto, the lord of the underworld, represents the body intelligence of man; and the rape of Persephone is symbolic of the divine nature assaulted and defiled by the animal soul and dragged downward into the somber darkness of Hades, which is here used as a synonym for the material, or objective, sphere of consciousness.
www.crystalinks.com /pluto.html   (3405 words)

 Pluto (god)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pluto was the god of the underworld in Roman mythology.
In later times he was largely seen as synonymous with the Greek god of the underworld Hades.
Pluto should not be confused with the Greek god Ploutos, the god of riches.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/p/pl/pluto__god_.html   (75 words)

Pluto is smaller than seven of the solar system's moons (the Moon, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Titan and Triton).
In Roman mythology, Pluto (Greek: Hades) is the god of the underworld.
Pluto's atmosphere may exist as a gas only when Pluto is near its perihelion; for the majority of Pluto's long year, the atmospheric gases are frozen into ice.
www.seds.org /billa/tnp/pluto.html   (1526 words)

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld and the judge of the dead.
Pluto's wife was Proserpina (Greek name, Persephone) whom he had kidnapped and dragged into the underworld.
Pluto was known as a pitiless god because if a mortal entered his Underworld they could never hope to return.
www.pantheon.org /articles/p/pluto.html   (107 words)

 Project NOVA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pluto has an average distance from the Sun of 39.5 AU (3.6 billion miles),but its orbit is very eccentric.
Pluto reached the point in its orbit where its actual distance from the Sun was equal to that of Neptune in 1979.
Pluto's orbit is inclined 17o to the ecliptic plane, which means that Neptune and Pluto will not collide with each other when their distances return to the normally expected values.
www.uncfsu.edu /msec/nova/timmod7l.htm   (456 words)

 Hades Pluto God of the Underworld
Guarded by Cerberus, it was either underground or in the far west and was separated from the land of the living by five rivers.
One of her children was Persephone (by Zeus), who was carried off by Hades (god of the underworld), and in her grief, Demeter let the earth grow barren (winter) and only when Persephone was returned to her, six months of the year, did she let the earth become fruitful again (summer).
Hades was the Greek god of the underworld.
waltm.net /hades.htm   (679 words)

 François Girardon
Pluto Abducting Proserpine, 1693-1710, bronze, The Getty Museum
The story of Pluto and Proserpine as told by Thomas Bulfinch has the god of the underworld, Pluto, rising out of the earth to capture Proserpine, whom he fell in love with because of an arrow shot by Cupid.
However, because of trickery used by Pluto, Proserpine could only stay with her mother half of the year and the other half with Pluto.
www.students.sbc.edu /mckinney03/gmm/girardon.htm   (1109 words)

 scorpio sun/scorpio in pluto and venus.
The challenging Pluto in Scorpio square to Pluto in Leo (those who were born approximately 1939-1958) means that Baby Boomers—a huge swath of the population—find this generation especially troublesome and difficult.
The Pluto in Scorpio generation is hooked into the 8th house (a Scorpio house) ideal of shared resources, just as the Pluto in Leo generation embodies the positive 5th house ideals of individuality and creativity.
Although in 1776, Pluto was in the late degrees of Capricorn, some of the soldiers who fought, led, and died for both sides in the Revolutionary War had Pluto in Scorpio.
www.dxpnet.com /opinion/messages.asp?p=1&id=549786   (1034 words)

 The Roman Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Mars is a god with two sides, at once the fierce god of war and the patient god of agriculture.
Pluto is the brother of Jupiter, and the ruler of the underworld.
Vulcan is the god of flsmithing and is the patron of artisans, craftsmen, and mechanics.
www.elfman.org /dnd/roman_gods_list.html   (2265 words)

 Pluto in Astrology
Pluto encompasses all the most powerful forces of man and nature.
The SIGN in which Pluto falls in your chart will apply to a generation of people (12-30 yrs.), and therefore describes a trend in the cycles of evolutionary changes in humanity - particularly in the use of power, force and sexuality.
The HOUSE placement of Pluto in your chart will determine in what area of your life you are most likely to make dramatic changes in your life and within yourself.
www.mooncatsastrology.com /astro/pluto.htm   (308 words)

 Space Today Online -- Exploring the Solar System Planet Pluto
Similarly, to the ancient Romans, Pluto was god of the underworld.
Pluto has a natural satellite, Charon, which is larger in proportion to its planet than any moon of any planet in the Solar System.
Pluto seems to be composed mostly of rock and ice with a thin atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane.
www.spacetoday.org /SolSys/Pluto/PlutoHistory.html   (1067 words)

Pluto's orbit is very elongated and has an eccentricity of 0.25, and the inclination of its orbit to the ecliptic plane is 17.2 degrees.
Some astronomers point out that Pluto's orbit is similar to that of a comet; Pluto is viewed by some astronomers as having some characteristics of a comet and some of a planet.
Pluto's orbit is so elliptical that Pluto sometimes moves within the orbit of Neptune so that it is closer to the Sun than Neptune is. Pluto is a tiny planet with a diameter of only 2,300 kilometers.
www.psychicguild.com /planets/pluto.htm   (385 words)

 New Horizons Web Site
Pluto chose the position as ruler of the underworld after he and his brothers conquered and divided their father's rule of the world.
In the beginning, Pluto was seen as a cruel god because he ignored the prayers and sacrifices made in his honor.
Although her fate was in the hands of Zeus and she was only obliged to stay with Pluto for half of the year and return to her mother the other half, hence the change from winter to spring.
pluto.jhuapl.edu /science/everything_pluto/4_naming.html   (399 words)

 The Planet Pluto
When analyzed, Pluto indicates all phases of sex, and, as sex activities are the strongest in matters of life and death, so this planet may well be termed the powerhouse of the planetary family.
Pluto can well be allocated to the underworld, for the word means wealth, being applied to him because corn, the wealth of early times, was sent from beneath the earth as his gift.
Pluto and Proserpina are correlated with the male and female principles in Nature, the principles of procreation.
www.rosicrucian.com /zineen/pamen033.htm   (1559 words)

 The Demise of Pluto - Does God Exist? - JanFeb07
What the creation processes tell us about God and what we see in the Bible is that God is a God who works by patient reasonable processes, not emotional cataclysmic intervention.
God did not zap Noah and his family out of a sinful and dying world--He waited 100 years for natural methods and processes to allow His will to be fulfilled.
Pluto and its fellow Kuiper Belt objects tell us that God formed the solar system and the cosmos as a whole more by natural processes than by miraculous creation.
www.doesgodexist.org /JanFeb07/TheDemiseofPluto.html   (1239 words)

 Pluto (god) Encyclopedia
Pluto is the god of hell (the underworld) in Roman mythology.
Pluto took Proserpina, who was the daughter of Ceres.
Pluto took Proserpina because he wanted to marry her.
www.encyclopedia.st /topic/Pluto_(god).html   (295 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pluto is an alternative name for the Greek god Hades, but was more often used in Roman mythology in their presentation of the god of the underworld.
Although he is often envisioned today as evil (for his similarities to the Christian Satan) the Romans did not view him as such.
Pluto (Greek: Πλούτων), although related, should not be confused with the Greek god Plutus (Πλοῦτος), the god of wealth.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Pluto_(god)   (257 words)

 HOURGLASS :: a sailorpluto shrine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In Roman mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld, although you might know him better by his Greek name, Hades.
The god Pluto generally doesn't apppear on earth, and rarely ever leaves his domain, spending most of his time presiding over the Underworld.
Pluto is also the oldest male god in mythology, and likewise, Sailor Pluto is the oldest senshi, according to the statistics used in the anime.
www.sore-loser.net /pluto/astro.html   (509 words)

 Pluto and Charon
Hades was the son of Cronus and Rhea, and the older brother of Zeus, the king of the gods.
Pluto is about 39 times as far from the sun as Earth is. Pluto travels around the sun in an elliptical (oval-shaped) orbit.
The mystery of Pluto contained in the Elusian Mysteries is that of the abduction of Persephone by Pluto the lord of the underworld also known as Hades.
www.hiddenmeanings.com /pluto.html   (5863 words)

 NASA - Pluto
Pluto, (PLOO toh), is a dwarf planet that orbits far from the sun.
Pluto is about 39 times as far from the sun as Earth is. Its average distance from the sun is about 3,647,240,000 miles (5,869,660,000 kilometers).
Pluto has an estimated diameter of about 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers), less than a fifth that of Earth.
www.nasa.gov /worldbook/pluto_worldbook.html   (743 words)

 Welcome To Night Light News
Pluto's discovery in 1930 forewarned humanity that a dark and dreaded evil would sweep the world in the form of W.W.II and Hitler).
Pluto serves as the vehicle of Ray 1 energy, the prerequisite and needed energy of destruction (before creation).
Pluto cannot be "demoted" in terms of its potency or power.
web.nightlightnews.com /FeatureArticles40/index.html   (1614 words)

 Pluto, planet and Greek god of wealth.
Pluto, Greek god of wealth, ruled the dark underworld of myth (ninth planet from the sun).
Pluto was the god of the lower world in Greek mythology whose name meant riches or wealth.
Pluto’s rocky core is covered with a thick layer of water ice, overlaid with a layer of ice mixed with frozen methane.
www.wordsources.info /pluto.html   (806 words)

 Pluto Top 10 Lists Results - Who We Are | The Planetary Society
Some scientists claim that Pluto is a Kuiper belt object, while many others, as well as much of the public, argue that Pluto is and always will be our ninth planet.
Pluto is a planet because...[Pluto is] god of the Underworld, not god of the Underachieving World.
George C, San Antonio, TX [Pluto is] god of the Underworld, not god of the Underachieving World.
www.planetary.org /about/press/releases/2006/0116_Announcing_the_Top_10_Reasons_Pluto_Is.html   (768 words)

 Greek and Roman Mythology — Infoplease.com
God of fire; celestial flsmith; son of Zeus and Hera; husband of Aphrodite.
God of physicians and thieves; messenger of gods; son of Zeus and Maia.
Power of the gods: ancient cultures were grounded on a fear of lighting.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0197622.html   (3075 words)

 Hades : Pluto (god)
Αδης - ha'-deez or Αἵδης - hay'-deez) ("unseen") means both the ancient Greek "hell" or abode of the dead and the god of that underworld (the corresponding Roman god was Pluto ("wealth"), Dis Pater or Orcus; the corresponding Etruscan god was Aita).
In Roman mythology, the god Dis Pater ("the wealthy father") was an underworld deity later subsumed by Pluto, the Roman Hades.
Eventually a deal was made, with the messenger god Hermes acting as the mediator - Persephone would spend half the year with her mother, the goddess of the harvest.
www.fastload.org /pl/Pluto_(god).html   (1479 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Roman god Saturn is the god of agriculture.
The Roman god Pluto was the ruler of the underworld.
In the manga, Sailor Pluto said she is the daughter of Chronos, the god of time.
www.moonprincess.com /amisaturnplutomyth.html   (772 words)

 Pluto   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Jupiter chose the land and the heavens, Neptune chose the sea, and Pluto chose the Underworld for his kingdom.
One day, while he Pluto was riding through a battlefield, Venus had Cupid shoot an arrow into Pluto's heart.
Pluto took her to the Underworld and made her his bride.
dante.udallas.edu /DallasDiocese/Italy%20in%20Irving/KubalaQuintanar/Pluto%20Web%20Page.htm   (151 words)

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