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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  POLA - LoveToKnow Article on POLA
It is the principal naval harbour and arsenal of the Austro Hungarian monarchy, and is situated nea~r the southern extremity of the peninsula of Istria.
Pola has no manufactures outside of its naval stores, but its shipping trade is now considerable, The the exports consisting of fish, timber and Chance is quartz sand used in making Venetian glass, and the imports of manufactured and I in 4e colonial wares.
At a later period Pola became the capital of the margraves of ~Istria, and was captured by the Venetians in 1148.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /P/PO/POLA.htm   (716 words)

 Pola Negri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pola Negri (December 31, 1894 – August 1, 1987) was a Polish-American film actress who achieved notoriety as a femme fatale in silent films.
Her style of vamp was beginning to go out of vogue, and the advent of talking pictures revealed an accented voice that the public did not warm to.
Pola Negri has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to Motion Pictures at 6933 Hollywood Boulevard.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pola_Negri   (656 words)

 Pola Negri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pola was her childhood nickname, shortened from Apolonia.
Pola Negri died of a brain tumor in San Antonio, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery in East Los Angeles, California.
Pola Negri Dedicated to the silent film actress famous for her early vamp roles.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Pola_Negri.html   (524 words)

 Classic Images: Pola Negri
Pola's own hunger for the limelight, and the wacky PR put out by her American studio, Paramount, had turned her into a parody of the heavy-breathing silent screen vamp.
Pola also married the first of her two allegedly royal husbands at this time; she was wed to Count Eugene Dambski from 1920 through 1922.
Pola Negri was one of the first German stars to be lured to America, and she left a country in the midst of great artistic excitement.
www.classicimages.com /1997/december97/negri.html   (3200 words)

 Pola Negri Frequently Asked Questions FAQ FAQ's
Pola was generally considered a tragic dramatic actress and a costume film actress during her early German peiod.
Pola was clearly infatuated with her Rudy, and because Rudy died before the “honeymoon” (so to speak) was over, Pola continued to have a vision of Rudy as the perfect man—something she never completely got over.
Pola voluntarily chose not to renew her contract with Paramount and to retire from films because she was, at the time, an expectant mother and wanted to devote her life to raising a family.
www.polanegri.com /polafaq.htm   (3311 words)

 © Pola Negri - Silent Movie Star - goldensilents.com
Pola Negri was born Barbara Appolonia Chalupek in Janowa, Poland on December 31st, 1894.
Pola initially wanted to become a ballerina, but her poverty and a bout with ill health changed her focus from dancing to acting.
Pola Negri died from pneumonia, secondary to a brain tumor for which she refused treatment, on August 1st, 1987 in San Antonio, Texas.
www.goldensilents.com /stars/polanegri.html   (492 words)

 Silent Star of April
Pola's success in the role of the slave girl took her to Berlin and the Deutsches Theatre, but before she left, she starred in one last role for Sphinx, The Yellow Pass.
While Pola found considerable success at the Deutsches Theatre, but even more important, Pola found Ernst Lubitsch, the director who became famous for the "Lubitsch Touch," the skillful blending of sly wit and innuendo that confounded even the strictest censor in the 20s.
In her films, Pola's characters, as well as her screen presence, were distinctly European: sexy in every contemporary sense of the word; strong, earthy, passionate -- full of fire, and her roles to date were of women whose will and ardor were equal to Negri's own.
www.cs.monash.edu.au /~pringle/silent/ssotm/Apr96   (855 words)

Marco Pola was born in Roncegno, Valsugana, on August 29, 1906, and died in Trento on October 9, 1991.
Pola's dialect poetry is therefore rooted in a profound and serious study of his native dialect: as a good poet in Italian, he could not risk to jeopardize his image though a poor knowledge of his dialect, and this desire not to make mistakes is also indicative of Pola's complex personality.
Pola touches all the registers of poetry, from the comic to the dramatic, from the lighthearted to the serious, and then love poetry, existential poetry, and even religious, in which he expresses a primitive faith in the direct dialog with God, whom he asks for things which are at times of a disconcerting simplicity.
home.att.net /~l.bonaffini/pola.htm   (1769 words)

 Denny Jackson's Pola Negri Page
Pola was born into a comfortable lifestyle until her father was arrested by the Russians and sent to a Siberian prison camp.
That was to change her life again with the advent of World War I. Once again Pola and her mother were plunged into poverty again, so she turned to film to make a go of it.
Pola made a spectacle of herself when she threw herself on the late Rudolph Valentino's coffin.
www.geocities.com /Hollywood/Hills/2440/negri.html   (429 words)

 Technisch buro Pola zevenaar BV
Pola is een bedrijf dat alle ontwikkelingen nauwlettend in de gaten houdt, want de rol van installateur is continu in beweging.
Vandaag de dag is multifunctionaliteit het sleutelwoord, Pola kan hier een belangrijke rol in spelen.
Pola staat bekend als een gezaghebbende installateur in de wijde omgeving, om op dit niveau te kunnen blijven presteren worden onze medewerkers constant bijgeschoold.
www.pola.nl   (192 words)

 Encyclopedia: Pola Negri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pre 1923 photograph of Polish actress Pola Negri, contended to be in the public domain.
In 1927 Negri married Serge Mdivani who claimed to be a Georgian prince and whose brother was married to Mae Murray(they divorced in 1929).
The Calvary Cemetery is a Roman Catholic cemetery operated by the Los Angeles Archdiocese, located at 4201 E. Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles, California.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Pola-Negri   (1500 words)

 Orangutan Foundation International - Orangutan of the Month - Pola   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pola came to Camp Leakey in the mid-1970s as a young juvenile orphan along with other notables like Princess, Unyuk and Tutut.
During that time, Pola joined one of the original sign learning projects I was conducting as a graduate student working with Dr.
Pola used to whimper when he was taken to his classroom for the (probably) monotonous training sessions that occurred twice a day.
www.orangutan.org /ootm/ootm.php?yr=2000&mh=4   (406 words)

 Specialist resin applicators to industry - Pola Flooring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pola Flooring have all the experience required to provide the most comprehensive range of industrial flooring finishes that meet the exacting standards of ever changing modern and technically based industries.
Over the last 15 years, Pola Flooring has developed nationally into one of the leading specialists for quality floor and wall resin systems, and are approved applicators of several leading manufacturers within the industry.
Pola flooring are members of FERFA (Federation of Resin Flooring Applicators)
www.polaflooring.co.uk   (252 words)

 Pola Technical Specifications (SDI Dental Esthetics Products)
Pola Office quickly and efficiently gives you and your patient results without excessive time wasted chairside.
The Pola Day and Pola Night gels contain a desensitizing agent which acts on the nerve endings, and desensitizes them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn minimizing sensitivity and maximizing patient comfort.
Pola Day and Pola Night's neutral pH ensures the full power of the peroxide is released without jeopardizing patient comfort.
www.sdi.com.au /pola/specs.asp   (871 words)

 James Bond MultiMedia | Fiona Fullerton (Pola Ivanova) Images
Pola Ivanova is the final Bond Girl of A View To A Kill.
Pola hands him the tape recorded at the pumping station to listen to.
Pola is only interested in getting the tape back to General Gogol but she enjoys another exotic encounter with Bond first.
www.jamesbondmm.co.uk /bond-girls/fiona-fullerton.php   (280 words)

 Pola Pola Pola! The Pola Negri Appreciation Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Pola Negri Appreciation Site is dedicated to preserving the memory of one of the great actresses of the early film.
In addition, you will get to see rare clips from Pola’s movies, hear little-known facts about La Negri, and see many rare photos of the lady herself from throughout her life.
Pola is adorable and vamps it up in her role as La Carmencita (it's one of about four vamp roles for her).
www.polanegri.com   (354 words)

 Pola's March   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pola Susswein, a sprightly, well-spoken seventy-something social worker living in Tel Aviv travels back to her native Poland in this rendezvous with ghosts, memory, and lost childhood.
While Pola's conversations with the students, and the students' reaction to what they see and hear are particularly moving, the subject matter is almost unbearably emotional, and there's an odd, difficult-to-define emptiness at the film's core.
Pola seems to have more to say (and to grieve about) concerning the loss of a comfortable childhood, than about the cosmic horrors of the camp.
www.videolibrarian.com /cgi-bin/GetKey.pl?KEY=5219   (259 words)

 State v. Pola (Summary Disposition Order)
Pola was charged with and convicted of Counts VII through XII, Robbery in the First Degree, in violation of Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) § 708-840(1)(b)(ii) (1993 and Supp.
The circuit court's finding that Pola abandoned the backpack when he placed it into a dumpster located in an alley is not clearly erroneous.
(4) Pola contends the jury should not have been instructed on accomplice liability or, in the alternative, that the accomplice liability instructions were misleading and confusing.
www.state.hi.us /jud/ica25079sdo.htm   (660 words)

 Nirenska (Pola) Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pola Nirenska was born 28 July 1910 in Warsaw.
In 1956 Nirenska founded the Pola Nirenska Dance Company in Washington, DC; by 1960 she had opened her own studio in a custom built home.
In 1982 Nirenska said, "Look around, see people, buildings, everything, so you are able to pull all reactions to them into choreography." Throughout her career Nirenska acted as a clear reflection of the achievements of the pioneers of modern dance, and one can see her use of this philosophy in all her work.
digilib.nypl.org /dynaweb/dhc/findaid/nirenska/@Generic__BookTextView/167   (1298 words)

 Alexander Pola   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Dertien jaar lang was Alexander Pola één van de vijf van Farce Majeure.
Pola was de kleinste, de oudste en soms ook de wijste van het team.
Ik was in het vooroorlogse Den Haag een aankomend verslaggever en hij een aankomend acteur.
www.tinyurl.com /5uxa2   (357 words)

 WWW Irkutsk: Mme. Pola   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Vladimir, a Military Officer, was killed in the Russian Revolution shortly thereafter, and Pola left Russia with their two small children.
In 1937, Pola opened her own New York Salon of Haute Couture Designs, which catered to the denizens of Hollywood and High Society.
Pola married Nicholai Kostrukoff, Founder and Director of the then world-famous General Platoff Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers in New York in 1942.
www.icc.ru /fed/mmepola.html   (242 words)

 Artesyn Technologies - General-Purpose POLA Non Isolated Point of Load DC/DC Converters
Artesyn's POLA compliant POL converters are pin-for-pin compatible with those produced by other members of the Point-of-Load Alliance.
The Artesyn family of POLA compliant products also includes a range of specialized DDR/QDR memory bus termination modules.
Capable of sourcing and sinking current, these modules accurately track their Vref input to generate a Vtt bus termination voltage in the range 0.55 to 1.8 V. The converters offer a choice of through-hole and surface-mount configurations.
www.artesyn.com /powergroup/pol_pola.htm   (346 words)

 || Pola ||
Pola is one such festival, when farmers pay respect to Bullocks.
Pola is celebrated on the new moon day (Pithori Amavasya) of Shravan month (usually falls in August).
On the day of Pola, farmers take their bullocks to the river and clean them thoroughly, worship their bullocks.
www.panditjiusa.com /Pola.htm   (316 words)

 Pola Opportunity - both domestic and Latin America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Since Pola Products are "consumables", used up quickly, repeat business is one of the keys to steady income.
Pola Cosmetics Company, one of the top 10 cosmetic companies in the world is currently seeking Companies or Distributors who are interested to engage in creating direct selling organizations promotion/selling skin care and makeup.
Pola is interested in expanding into Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru of South America and also, Mexico.
www.pola.com /opportunity.htm   (223 words)

 Pola Negri - Links Page
The Pola Pages – Features a nice Gallery Page and an amazingly in-depth Pola Links page that is so well done I may as well send you there instead of trying to replicate it.
Pola Negri at Silent Ladies – Silent Ladies and Gents have no less than seven photo galleries of the lovely Pola to browse through, making this the largest Pola photo gallery on the web to date.
There are bios on Pola Negri, Asta Nielsen, and Henny Porten, as well as Pola’s leading man Harry Liedtke and the forgotten actress Ossi Oswalda, who appeared in several of Lubitsch’s German comedies, such as Die Austernprinzessin (The Oyster Princess), Die Puppe (The Doll) and Meyer Aus Berlin (Meyer from Berlin) (all from 1919).
www.polanegri.com /polalinks.htm   (5449 words)

 Bath & Beauty Brands: Pola Day+Day Vitax   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pola's research scientists are continually working towards developing products of the highest quality and effectiveness.
This unique Pola development provides an amazing delivery system allowing the penetration and slow release of vitamins into the Layers of the skin.
These 10 vitamins are contained in every product and are fundamental in helping to maintain healthy, glowing skin and regulate the cell renewal process.
www.sunpowerusa.com /polavitax.html   (174 words)

 Pola Negri
Pola Negri is most famous for her annoying publicity--her hysterical scene-stealing at Valentino's funeral and her supposed feud with Gloria Swanson alienated her public, and the American fan magazines had it in for her from the moment she entered Hollywood.
All this has obscured the fact that she was a superb actress with a body of excellent films to her credit.
Pola was not a conventional beauty, and her earthy character and uninhibited acting was something new in films.
www.stanford.edu /~gdegroat/negri.htm   (332 words)

 Self Catering Holiday Rental Apartment in Santa Pola   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Three miles off the Cape of Santa Pola is the only inhabited island in the community of Valencia, declared a Maritime Reserve in 1986.
Thanks to its mild climate and the layout of its landscape, Santa Pola is ideal for most nautical sports and air based pursuits.
Las Salinas is nearby, a marshland area that is protected as a Natural Park and declared an area of special importance for wild birds, including Flamingos and Stilt birds.
www.smithan.me.uk   (281 words)

 Santa Pola, Costa Blanca, Spain
The land of Valencia has many jewels and the town of Santa Pola is one of them.
Miles of golden beaches stretch the full length of the town, the port is a hive of activity, day and night and the town has an ambience that suits all ages.
Santa Pola is also on the main rail route from Alicante (18km) and all other major cities in Spain.
www.idealspain.com /Pages/Places/SantaPola.htm   (1201 words)

 CD Baby: L-LOVE PRESENTS: Pola Bear
If your a fan of DarkRoom Familia, LowDown or Haystak, the NEW Pola Bear album is a must have for your Cd collection.
After years of anticipation the debut release from Pola Bear is flooding the streets.
Pola Bear from the Barrio of Brentwood Califas and a member of the PVG Nortenos has been labeled the hardest rapper doing Latino based music.
www.cdbaby.com /polabear   (482 words)

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