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Topic: Police riot

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  Police studies and public order management
Given the Zeitgeist, it seemed obvious that the riot police would be sent in in strength and that a new confrontation between riot police and activists would occur.
Police science as a recognized professional field of knowledge and expertise for fulfilling the policing function is not conceivable without scientific research.
Police actions involving large-scale maintenance of public order adopt a different position from other items of police work, because of its large impact, the specific knowledge and skills required and the situation of it often being a secondary task for the officials involved.
policestudies.homestead.com /publicorder.html   (2875 words)

Riot control agents, also called irritants, lacrimators, and tear gas, produce transient discomfort and eye closure to render the recipient temporarily incapable of fighting or resisting.
Paris police used riot control agents to dispel rioters before World War I, and these compounds were the first chemical agents deployed during that war; French soldiers used them with limited success in small skirmishes.
Bypassing the pain receptors of the nose and upper airway by endotracheal administration of CS leads to the same decrease in blood pressure and in respiration seen after intravenous injection and suggests that the initial pressor effect and irregular respiration are responses to a noxious stimulus rather than pharmacologic effects of CS.
www.fas.org /nuke/guide/usa/doctrine/army/mmcch/RiotAgnt.htm   (2299 words)

 CNN.com - Riot police called out in UK town - July 7, 2001
Riot police were called in to disperse crowds that had gathered in Centenary Square, in Bradford, on Saturday.
Riot police were pelted with bricks, stones and road signs when they moved in to try to restore order.
Mounted police were brought into the area and the police helicopter hovered overhead as the violence continued.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/europe/UK/07/07/bradford.riot   (725 words)

 Police riot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Police riot is a pejorative term that became increasingly more common through the late 20th century, implying the wrongful, disproportionate, unlawful and illegitimate use of force by a group of police against a group of civilians.
If the riot is caused by or incited by police action, it can be labelled as a "police riot." This term is used somewhat ironically, as most people consider the police and similar authorities to be keepers of the peace, and not inciters of riots.
Police, whose duty it is to enforce the law and prevent violent conflict, are subject to the same crowd psychology as any other group of armed men and women when in large confrontational groups, in encounters whose outcome is uncertain, and when in the grip of fear, anger, or other strong emotion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Police_riot   (386 words)

 Riot Police for PC Review - PC Riot Police Review
Riot Police is one of those games that are usually more fun in theory than in practice.
Standard riot police are a lot faster and can arrest people instead of just knocking them to the ground, but they can't endure much punishment.
Nevertheless, Riot Police is unlikely to hold your interest for very long, despite its unusual premise, a few good units, some interesting tactical possibilities, and nice little graphical and audio touches.
www.gamespot.com /pc/strategy/riotpolice/review.html   (1000 words)

 There's a Police Riot Goin' On Anti-war marchers feel the chill in Connecticut
It was bad enough that police arrested 18 anti-war demonstrators during an unpermitted march on October 25 to the downtown office of hawkish U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman.
Police drove their cars diagonally into the crowd to force it off the rush hour streets and onto the sidewalk.
Norr was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an officer after she cited her constitutional right to free assembly when told by a police officer to clear off the sidewalk.
www.thirdworldtraveler.com /Dissent/Police_Riot.html   (555 words)

 CNN.com - Students riot in Zimbabwe - November 27, 2001
"Police fired tear gas and the students retaliated with stones," an unnamed lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe's Harare campus told the Associated Press.
Police armed with shotguns, tear gas canisters, shields and batons surrounded the parliament building in Harare before the demonstration about the draft legislation.
Police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena said Chemvura's killing took place during a brawl and was not politically motivated.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/africa/11/27/zimbabwe.riot/index.html   (324 words)

 Police accused over 'terror tactics'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
POLICE on Queensland's riot-torn Palm Island have been accused of using the Aboriginal population as terrorism guinea pigs after children as young as nine were forced at gunpoint to lie face down on floors during late-night raids by Tactical Response Group officers.
The riot erupted after locals were told of autopsy findings showing that Cameron Doomadgee, 36, had four broken ribs and a ruptured spleen and liver when he died in police custody on the island on November 19.
He leapt from his bed to be confronted by shotgun-wielding riot squad police, who yelled for him to hit the floor.
www.prisonplanet.com /Pages/Nov_04/281104_police_accused.html?story=586808   (838 words)

 Rights in Conflict (Chicago 1968 Democratic National Convention), Summary
Fundamental police training was ignored; and officers, when on the scene, were often unable to control their men.
And on the part of the police there was enough wild club swinging, enough cries of hatred, enough gratuitous beating to make the conclusion inescapable that individual policemen, and lots of them, committed violent acts far in excess of the requisite force for crowd dispersal or arrest.
To be sure, demonstrators threw things at police and at police cars; but the weight of the violence was overwhelmingly on the side of the police.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Delphi/1553/ricsumm.html   (3537 words)

 Riot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Riots have historically speaking occurred due to poor working or living conditions, government oppression, efforts at taxation or conscription, conflicts between races or religions, or even the outcome of a sporting event.
Riots on the other hand are characterized by radical physical aggression, such as property damage, arson, looting, assault and murder.
The Bombay riots in 1992/93, which were due to Hindu fundamentalists destroying a Mosque as it was supposed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, a Hindu deity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Riot   (970 words)

 Protesters, riot police clash in Belarus - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM
The clash occurred after a line of riot police blocked the path of some of the 1,000 protesters heading to a jail where demonstrators arrested in previous protests were being held.
The clash occurred after a gauntlet of riot police blocked the path of protesters marching to a jail where demonstrators arrested in previous protests were being held.
The tense scenes came a day after police stormed a tent camp in Oktyabrskaya Square that had been the focus of round-the-clock protests over the election in which Lukashenko won a new five year-term by a landslide in a vote the Opposition denounced as a farce and the West criticised as undemocratic.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /news/html/20060325T200000-0500_101336_OBS_PROTESTERS__RIOT_POLICE_CLASH_IN_BELARUS__.asp   (697 words)

 Riot control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Riot control are the measures to control a riot or to break up a demonstration (usually of protesters).
The traditional mainstay of riot control are specially equipped police officers with fire-retardant clothing, kevlar armour, special helmets and gas masks, plastic shields, extended batons or special riot hand weapons (such as the sjambok and lathi), and possibly tasers or similar.
However, in a hunger riot in Vienna in 1919 the rioters resisted the police horses and killed two of them, and afterwards butchered them on the spot for their flesh.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Riot_police   (880 words)

 Oldham   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Up to 500 youths were throwing firebombs and stones at charging riot police in a standoff at Oldham, near Manchester in the small hours of the morning after Saturday night fights between rival white and Asian groups escalated into firebombed pubs, cars set alight and gunfire.
An eyewitness at the scene told Reuters there was a standoff between the rioters and the police at the edge of the Glodwick estate, which is home to the town's main Asian community.
The police spokeswoman said the fighting may have been touched off by a gang of white youths who had thrown bricks at a house belonging to an Asian family earlier on Saturday.
www.policetalk.com /oldham.html   (572 words)

 Police Riot in Miami Hurts U.S. Image
But this time, there's a violent police riot and even evidence that police hired thugs to pose as provocateurs to inspire violence.
Riot cops used their arsenal of tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the area.
And having the bulk of downtown Miami preemptively locked down by a riot-armored police force strongly reinforced the point that, no matter where in the hemisphere they go, the trade ministers will not again be allowed the back-room anonymity they enjoyed when cutting their deals only a few years ago.
www.progress.org /2003/fpif43.htm   (1811 words)

 Police Riot, Dead Rabbits' Riot, Bread Riot
The new police attempted to force an entrance, when a fight followed, in which twelve policemen were severely injured.
It is said that an organization known as the "Roach Guards," called after a liquor dealer by that name, became split into two factions, and in one of their stormy meetings some one threw a dead rabbit into the room, and one party suddenly proposed to assume the name.
This ended the riot, although the military were kept on duty during the night.
www.accessgenealogy.com /african/nyriots/police_riot.htm   (1534 words)

 Sydney police get riot powers
As part of the changes, police will be able to cordon off trouble spots, stop and search vehicles and seize cars and mobile telephones for up to seven days.
The maximum sentences for rioting and affray have been increased, and there will be tougher penalties for assault during public disorder.
Apparently in retaliation for the violence, groups described by police as having "Middle Eastern or Mediterranean" appearance were involved in two nights of violence and vandalism.
www.prisonplanet.com /articles/december2005/151205riotpowers.htm   (426 words)

 Tapes amplify concerns over riot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Transcripts of police tactical radio transmissions from the night of the Fat Tuesday riot are available in seven parts.
The transcripts indicate that police were aware of the violence as it unfolded.
Police in riot gear, ready to deploy, were told to stand by.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/24951_riot28.shtml   (1418 words)

 . . .And the Pigs went MAD!
Dohm recommended that plainclothes police should not be used in crowd control work, and that officers in riot gear should be identified by a number on the helmet.
Essentially, Dohm recommended that the Vancouver Police Department increase their efficiency so that they could stop any demontrations before they began, and would therefore not allow themselves to be provoked into donning riot gear and attacking an unarmed crowd in the future.
One of the legacies of the police riot was to prove the success of non-violent civil disobedience as a method of bringing an issue to public attention.
www.cannabisculture.com /backissues/mayjune96/grasstown.html   (5065 words)

 Police injured in Belfast riot - Breaking News - World - Breaking News
Catholic hard-liners assaulted police and Protestant marchers during a street riot that left 18 officers and at least 11 civilians injured, police said.
Hundreds of police in riot gear kept the two sides apart, but Catholic men and youths spent more than an hour hurling bottles, bricks and petrol bombs into and over the police lines.
Police said they arrested three people for rioting and planned more arrests once people caught on surveillance camera footage could be formally identified.
www.theage.com.au /news/World/Police-injured-in-Belfast-riot/2005/06/18/1119034103290.html   (291 words)

 Protesters, riot police clash near G-8 summit - Europe - MSNBC.com
Baton-wielding riot police officers on Wednesday force anti-G8 protesters away from the perimeter fences of Gleneagles hotel where the G8 summit is being held.
Police said the move was aimed at keeping them inside and prevent more violence.
Police said some officers were injured, and eight received hospital treatment.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/8457473   (1114 words)

 China students riot as police warn of unrest - Boston.com
Thousands of university students rioted in eastern China this week, officials and students said on Wednesday, as the police chief called for greater efforts to tame rising unrest.
BEIJING (Reuters) - Thousands of university students rioted in eastern China this week, officials and students said on Wednesday, as the police chief called for greater efforts to tame rising unrest.
A similar riot broke out at a private college in the central province of Henan in June when thousands of students, angry at the wording on their diplomas, smashed windows and ransacked their campus, which was later sealed off.
www.boston.com /news/world/asia/articles/2006/10/25/china_students_riot_as_police_warn_of_unrest   (479 words)

 The Badger Herald - Riot sparks police to break-up celebration
Police Chief Noble Wray said large stadium lights, which were turned on before pepper spray was deployed, helped to clear people from the street.
Despite the use of pepper spray, members from the police and fire department as well as the UW community feel some parts of the night were a success.
I saw the police start with the pepper spray, and it was completely unreasonable and without warning - granted, it happened after the lights were turned on, but bar time hadn't even happened, and no warning was issued.
www.badgerherald.com /news/2004/11/01/riot_sparks_police_t.php   (7326 words)

 Riot Police Patrol Jamaican Resort Town By VIVIAN TYSON
The crowd was angered by the death of a 14-year-old boy who was shot by a police officer responding to a fruit vendor's complaint of boys throwing rocks at his shop.
Police say the shooting was an accident but witnesses say it was deliberate and on Saturday about 300 people gathered in this town for a protest that quickly turned violent.
No one was arrested but to prevent further violence, about 50 police officers in full riot gear patrolled the streets on Sunday.
www.theppsc.org /Archives/DF_Articles/Files/Jamaica/Riot_Police_Patrol_Jamaican_Resort_Town.htm   (229 words)

 Riot police clash with protesters at G-8 summit - World & Nation
A few hundred broke off from the main demonstration and pushed through a small barrier along the route, running across a field and surrounding a wooden police watchtower on the edge of the resort, where the G-8 leaders were to meet.
A small number of people were beaten back by police with dogs, as reinforcements were ferried in on helicopters.
Earlier in the day, Tayside Police had called off the march, after demonstrators southwest of Gleneagles smashed car windows, threw rocks and attempted to blockade one of the main roads approaching the summit venue.
www.dailytexanonline.com /news/2005/07/07/WorldNation/Riot-Police.Clash.With.Protesters.At.G8.Summit-961130.shtml   (690 words)

 The Blog of M'Gath: Police riot in Wisconsin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Minutes later, police officers in riot gear descended on the crowd, unloading pepper spray on those in their path.
But in a departure from previous years, police didn't wait for revelers to turn violent before taking action." So in each of the three previous years, there was a riot, and the police ended up having to use pepper spray to put it down.
Anyone who didn't intend to participate in a riot wouldn't have been on the street at the exact time and date when it was well known that a riot was going to take place.
mcgath.blogspot.com /2005/10/police-riot-in-wisconsin.html   (852 words)

 Police cause riot - National News
Police restrain and take a man into custody early Tuesday evening during riots that erupted after a Cincinnati police officer shot and killed Timothy Thomas, 19, who was unarmed and wanted for misdemeanor traffic violations.
Police were also called to escort firefighters and ambulances to scenes of accidents and fires in many downtown locations.
UC Police were ready to protect campus and would not be expected to go downtown to help the Cincinnati Police Department, according to UC Police Officer Maus.
www.clarksonintegrator.com /news/2001/04/16/NationalNews/Police.Cause.Riot-68546.shtml   (423 words)

 Techniques for Riot Containment : SF Indymedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The legal power should be on the books enabling police to confiscate firearms, fire-bombs, and other weapons found on persons and in vehicles during periods of a legally-declared civil disorder.
The areas surrounding the station and transportation centers may have to be blocked off, especially if it is possible to sabotage police activity by a few well-placed explosive charges, staged accidents, street blocking, etc. jails, detention centers, police precinct and sub-stations, particularly in riot- prone and adjacent areas, must likewise be protected.
An area with the experience of violent riots should be surveyed by police with the objective of strengthening private and commercial security against such disorders.
sf.indymedia.org /news/2005/07/1716874.php   (2160 words)

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