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In the News (Mon 22 Oct 18)

  The Third Policeman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Third Policeman is Flann O'Brien's second novel, written in 1939 and 1940 but not published until 1967, after the author's death.
The unnamed narrator of The Third Policeman is a student of a scientist/philosopher named de Selby, and, as is revealed in the opening paragraph of the novel, has committed a robbery and a violent murder.
Django Bates released an album entitled Music for the Third Policeman in 1990, which was voted one of the best albums of the year by The Guardian and by Q magazine.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Third_Policeman   (1140 words)

 The Third Policeman - Lostpedia
The Third Policeman is a novel by the Irish author Flann O' Brien (a pseudonym which Brian O'Nolan adopted for the all his published work).
Policeman MacCruiskeen and his partner are obsessed with taking readings from their underground bunker, and assuring that these readings are within "safe" ranges.
On one of the occasions when Policeman Fox modifies the readings into the unsafe range he either purposefully or unpurposefully saves the narrator from being hanged by Policeman MacCruiskeen as he suddenly has to attend to lowering the readings; there is a similarity to the events of the season 2 finale here;
lostpedia.com /wiki/The_Third_Policeman   (923 words)

 ODA Plant Division Policeman's helmet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Policeman’s helmet is a herbaceous annual that is succulent, smooth stemmed and hairless.
The flowers of this plant is solitary, irregular, ranges from white to all shades of pink in color, with 5 petals (2 fused) and 3 sepals (2 fused) and five fused stamens.
Policeman's helmet forms dense stands along river systems and moist lowlands, excluding native forbs.
www.oregon.gov /ODA/PLANT/weed_profile_policemanshelmet.shtml   (212 words)

 Former Beijing Policeman Reveals an Assembly Line System of Organ Harvesting
A former Beijing policeman and member of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) revealed that there is an 'assembly line' system of organ harvesting in Beijing and the Chinese Communist regime forcefully removes people's organs without their consent.
The former policeman, Sun Liyong, said that he enrolled in the Beijing Police Academy in 1979 and after gradation was assigned to the Dongcheng Police Department in Beijing, where he worked until1987.
Sun Liyong said that from his eight years experience of being a policeman and his understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist regime, he concluded that some death-row prisoners were not executed immediately because the regime wanted to wait for a compatible organ recipient before executing them.
infowars.com /articles/ps/former_beijing_policeman_organ_harvesting.htm   (1240 words)

 The Officer Down Memorial Page Remembers . . .   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Policeman Armstrong, Policeman Charles Holt, and Patrolman Lindsay Smith, of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, were shot and killed after responding to a domestic dispute.
Policeman Armstrong was the first officer to arrive at the scene and was shot by the drunk suspect.
Policeman Holt and the suspect exchanged shots and Policeman Holt was fatally wounded.
www.odmp.org /officer.php?oid=1285   (194 words)

 Policeman's Helmet Identification
Policeman's helmet, also known as Himalayan balsam, thrives in moist areas and riparian zones.
As a Class B noxious weed, policeman's helmet control is required in King County.
Policeman's helmet is an annual that germinates from February through March and flowers from June to October.
dnr.metrokc.gov /wlr/LANDS/Weeds/impatiens.htm   (362 words)

 Why become a Police man
The job of a policeman is one of the most prestigious in the world.
If you feel that you care about the worries and safety of your fellow citizens, the work of a policeman can definitely be satisfying to you.
A trained and successful policeman is well-known and honored in town and village.
www.uttaranchalpolice.com /careers/become_policeman.htm   (100 words)

 U.S. troops kill Afghan policeman - Boston.com
A NATO spokesman said a policeman in civilian clothes touched off the incident Friday evening by firing at the convoy, but an Afghan district police chief said no officers shot their weapons.
He said that he stood on the security post roof and tried to shout to the Afghan translator who would have been with the U.S. soldiers, but that the troops fired again and wounded the chief.
Wardak said he knew most of the U.S. soldiers who patrol past the bazaar and he thought the convoy had soldiers who were new to the area.
www.boston.com /news/world/asia/articles/2006/12/02/us_troops_kill_afghan_policeman   (499 words)

 Irish-American Policeman
Though the policeman was in a fury of natural indignation, and the fellow having dared to dispute this law, I approached him and said in a mollifying voice, " A contentious scoundrel, that!" "Oh, d--- every fool of them," he replied.
A policeman once in a little Donegal town was examining a witness in the prosecution of a publican who had violated the Sunday liquor law, and he propounded the question, "On the vartue of yer oath, were ye or were ye not a boney fidey traveler?".
The Irish policeman, with an heroic calm, stands in the center of danger and with his finger beckons this interrupted stream of humanity and that, to flow forward, and the confidence-inspiring ease of the man nerves the repressed mass to walk with assurance the gauntlet of quick danger.
www.celticcousins.net /irishiniowa/policeman.htm   (1425 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Policeman mistaken for stripper
An Israeli policeman responding to neighbours' complaints about a noisy hen party found himself mistaken for the main attraction.
The rowdy women had ordered a male stripper dressed as a policeman and, thinking the stripper had arrived, began trying to undress and caress him, ignoring his protestations.
The policeman was reportedly only able to extricate himself when his partner called for reinforcements.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/middle_east/3001103.stm   (140 words)

But if the policeman is neat, he's a flirt.
The policeman must, from a single human hair, be able to describe the crime, the weapon and the criminal..
The policeman must chase bum leads to a dead end and stake out ten nights to tag one witness who saw it happen, but refused to remember.
www.njlawman.com /Writings/Policeman.htm   (346 words)

 Moscow Policeman Shoots Subway Passenger for Free Ride Attempt - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A policeman shot a Moscow subway passenger who was trying to bring in his friend through the turnstile without a token Saturday, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reported.
Rustam Baibekov, a migrant worker from Tajikistan, was detained by the policeman as he was trying to pass the turnstile with his friend on a single token at the northeastern Sokolniki subway station.
The policeman asked if he had any money for a fine or any registration, and it turned out that Baibekov was not only in Moscow illegally, but had no money on him.
www.mosnews.com /news/2004/08/03/subwaycop.shtml   (869 words)

 Literary Encyclopedia: The Third Policeman
The Third Policeman is a story about academic obsession, a fable about crime and punishment, and, according to some, it is even a commentary on Einsteinian physics.
Throughout the novel, O'Nolan exploits the unequal relationship between author and reader, since the viability of the murder mystery obviously depends on what can be hidden from the latter.
The narrator of The Third Policeman is another of O'Nolan's nameless protagonists, and he displays their usual brand of passive bewilderment.
www.litencyc.com /php/sworks.php?rec=true&UID=7924   (586 words)

 NATO mistakenly kills Afghan policeman - Boston.com
A NATO patrol shot and killed a policeman Tuesday as troops left their base in an insurgency-wracked district in southern Afghanistan, NATO said.
The policeman, armed and wearing civilian clothes, turned toward the patrol and was gunned down, mistaken for an insurgent, NATO said in a statement.
The troops gave him first aid and took him to the closest medical facility, where he died of his wounds, the statement said, adding that no further details would be released until an investigation has been completed.
www.boston.com /news/world/asia/articles/2006/08/08/nato_mistakenly_kills_afghan_policeman?mode=PF   (190 words)

 RIA Novosti - Russia - Policeman, 2 militants killed, one detained in Russia's south
Policeman, 2 militants killed, one detained in Russia's south
MOSCOW, August 26 (RIA Novosti) - A policeman and two militants were killed and one militant was detained in a special operation in the Stavropol territory, bordering Chechnya and Ingushetia, a police source said Friday.
The source said two policemen were wounded in a clash with three gang members, and one of them later died.
en.rian.ru /russia/20050826/41230176.html   (164 words)

 Amazon.com: The Laughing Policeman: DVD: Walter Matthau,Bruce Dern,Louis Gossett Jr.,Albert Paulsen,Anthony Zerbe,Val ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Laughing Policeman is anything but funny, although it does contain some very funny lines (like the title of this review) and some humorous situations.
However, the eponymous Laughing Policeman is a grim, mirthless Walter Matthau who is investigating the death of his detective partner along with seven other people in a bus massacre.
the opening scene of the laughing policeman is extremely tense, and sets the tone for a dirty harry style flick that delivers one of matthau's moodiest performances.
www.amazon.com /Laughing-Policeman-Walter-Matthau/dp/B0006HBZBK   (2748 words)

 Policeman - Jump Rope Rhymes
Policeman Jump Rope Rhymes - These variations have a policeman somewhere in the rhyme.
Policeman, Policeman Do your duty, lookin at the lady wit the big fat booty, she can wiggle she can wobble she can do the twist, but I bet you one dollar, that she can't do this.
l Policeman, Policeman Do your duty, lookin at the lady wit the big fat booty, she can wiggle she can wobble she can do the twist, but I bet you one dollar, that she can't do this.
www.homeschool.co.uk /resource/jump-rope/policeman.html   (739 words)

 PA Policeman/Terrorist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Of particular note ― this terrorist was a PA policeman:
All agencies, that is, except one: Reuters completely omitted the terrorist's occupation as a PA policeman from their reports.
As one of many examples, in January, 2002 a PA policeman was arrested and personally confessed to terrorist acts.
www.honestreporting.com /articles/45884734/critiques/PA_Policeman1Terrorist.asp   (334 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Izzard shines at Policeman's Ball
Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard was among the stars performing at the first Secret Policeman's Ball benefit show for 17 years.
Comic actor John Cleese was artistic director of most of the Secret Policeman's Balls during the 1970s and '80s and Rowan Atkinson was one of many performers who rose to prominence thanks to the shows.
Saturday's performance was shown live at 17 Picturehouse cinemas around the country and Channel 4 plans to screen a recording later.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/6050274.stm   (361 words)

 Shopzilla - Compare prices on policeman costume Costumes & Accessories in Toys & Games
Policeman Costume Child This pintsized police officer costume includes a 2piece pants...
Policeman Toddler Costume This pint size police officer costume includes a 2-piece pants...
Policeman Child Costume Includes a 2-piece pants & shirt set with gold trim, police style...
www.shopzilla.com /7Y_-_cat_id--14010202__keyword--policeman+costume   (472 words)

 Teens@Random--Search | Policeman Small by Lois Lenski
Policeman Small gets to see a lot of what goes on in town.
On one busy day, Policeman Small makes sure the town's kids get to school safely.
During the rush, Policeman Small spreads his cheer by saying hello to all the people passing in cars.
www.randomhouse.com /teens/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780375835698   (149 words)

 Phish.Net FAQ: Makisupa Policeman
There is a chorus -- "a Makisupa policeman, policeman came to my house" -- and a verse -- "Woke up in the morning, smoked a little herb.
Jamie Lutch pointed out that Trey introduced his grandmother right before this show started, and recalled that the 6/10/95 Red Rocks "Makisupa" was dedicated to her.
The New Haven, CT, band Spring-Heeled Jack cover "Makisupa Policeman" on their 1998 album.
www.phish.net /faq/makisupa.html   (333 words)

 Allo! Allo!: The Policeman Cometh - TV.com
As they watch disappointedly, the plane does not land, instead jettisoning two parachutes, one of which yields a new escape package.
The other yields Officer Crabtree, sent from "British Ontelligence Headquitters" - disguised a policeman, he is supposed to blend in.
Writer David Croft has stated that the inspiration for Officer Crabtree, the policeman who speaks spectacularly bad French, came from Ted Heath, former British Prime Minister, who spoke French with a broad English accent.
www.tv.com /allo!-allo!/the-policeman-cometh/episode/51709/summary.html   (288 words)

 Amazon.ca: The Third Policeman: Books: Flann O'Brien,Denis Donoghue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
He meets a curiously circumlocutory policeman, and after a mind-bending conversation, he begins to talk in similarly loopy style, in a hilarious attempt to fit in: "Those chests...
When a policeman sympathetically offers him a piece of candy, he cries even harder.
I just got done reading Flann O' Brien's "The Third Policeman" and I must say it is one of the best books I have ever read: and for me, that is saying a lot.
www.amazon.ca /Third-Policeman-Flann-OBrien/dp/156478214X   (1099 words)

 The Sleepy Policeman
A policeman's lot is not a happy one...
A fair few people have never been united with the all too prophetic words carefully and accurately written by Gilbert and Sullivan.
Okay, so car production has gone by the by, but no-one knows more about tea and I'm willing to bet that if Germany acted up again, we'd be pretty sorted to deal with matters.
www.thesleepypoliceman.co.uk   (3152 words)

 The Secret Policeman's Balls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Secret Policeman's Balls is the collective name informally used to describe a long-running series of benefit shows staged in England to raise funds for the human rights organisation Amnesty International.
However, in October 2006, after a seventeen-year gap since the last show with Secret Policeman's in the title, the name was revived for a benefit show that used the identical title as the 1979 show.
In a salute to the Secret Policeman's Ball - the finale of the show was a re-creation of the celebrated Four Yorkshiremen sketch that had been performed at the 1979 Amnesty gala by John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Rowan Atkinson.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Secret_Policeman's_Balls   (8324 words)

 The Secret Policeman's Ball (2006) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Secret Policeman's Ball was the title of the show staged as a benefit for human rights organization Amnesty International at London's Royal Albert Hall in October 2006.
The show title was a conscious reprise of the title of the 1979 Amnesty benefit show that heralded the organization's breakthrough in public awareness and fund-raising.
The 1979 show The Secret Policeman's Ball, organised by John Cleese and producer Martin Lewis, led to greater participation by comedians and rock musicians in further benefit shows for Amnesty and other social and political causes
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Secret_Policeman's_Ball_(2006)   (543 words)

 Moscow policeman shot at the Metro passenger - Pravda.Ru
The incident is being investigated by the Office of Public Prosecutor.
According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the 29-year-old policeman asked the 20-year-old citizen of Tajikistan Rustam Baibekov if he wanted to be shot at, and then fired at his mouth.
The policeman and Baibekov allegedly had a fight, and it resulted in shooting.
english.pravda.ru /accidents/21/96/383/13611_policeman.html   (584 words)

 The Policeman's Blog
Still, if this weather continues we’ll have a national emergency and I’ll be able to take my own shotgun to work (I’ll bill the ammunition to the force though).
The orthodoxy is that a policeman on patrol comes across a burglary once every five years, so what’s the point in leaving the office?
Obviously I'm mostly a policeman (well, mostly pretending, let's be honest) but at the same time I'm running a media empire from my spare bedroom.
coppersblog.blogspot.com   (1399 words)

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