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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

 Political campaign - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Politics is as old as humankind and is not limited to democratic or governmental institutions.
Some examples of political campaigns are: the effort to execute or banish Socrates from Athens in the 5th century BCE, the uprising of petty nobility against John of England in the 13th century, or the recent push to remove Michael Eisner from the helm of The Walt Disney Company.
Political campaigns in the United States are not merely a civic ritual and occasion for political debate, but a multi-billion dollar industry, dominated by professional political consultants using sophisticated campaign management tools, to an extent far greater than elsewhere in the world.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Political_campaign   (2960 words)

 Political campaign staff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Information on political consultants, people who do not work for the campaign full-time but still provide assistance in the form of advice and creative expertise, are discussed in the political consultants article.
In small local campaigns, the campaign manager will often be the only paid staff member and will be responsible for every aspect of the campaign that is not covered by the candidate or volunteers.
While campaign managers are often the lead strategists in local campaigns, larger campaigns hire consultants to serve as strategists and the campaign manager focuses mostly on coordinating the campaign staff.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Political_campaign_staff   (1040 words)

 Charities May Not Engage in Political Campaign Activities
Whether an organization is engaging in prohibited political campaign activity depends upon all the facts and circumstances in each case.
The courts have held that it is not unconstitutional for the tax law to impose conditions, such as the political campaign prohibition, upon exemption from federal income tax.
The political campaign prohibition as it applies to churches is discussed in Publication 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations.
www.irs.gov /newsroom/article/0,,id=122887,00.html   (425 words)

 Political campaign at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The phenomenon of political campaigns are tightly tied to interest groups and political parties.
The first 'modern' campaign is thought to be Gladstone's Midlothian campaign in the 1880s, although there may be earlier recognisably modern examples from the 19th century.
While advertising is illegal, UK parties are entitled to party election broadcasts and party political broadcasts, typically 5 minute pieces produced by the party and shown on the same day on all five principal TV channels.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Political_campaign.html   (1256 words)

 Political and Lobbying Activities
Political activities and legislative activities are two different things and are subject to two different sets of rules.
The rules depend on the type of tax-exempt organization, the type of activity (political or legislative) at issue, the scope or amount of the activity conducted, and the consequences of exceeding the given set of limitations.
In addition, the organization should clearly indicate the capacity in which the candidate is appearing and should not mention the individual’s political candidacy or the upcoming election in the communications announcing the candidate’s attendance at the event.
www.irs.gov /charities/charitable/article/0,,id=120703,00.html   (902 words)

 Political and Campaign Songs In American Popular Music, Page 1
Politicians and their campaigners have long recognized the value of a good song to cement a message about a candidate in the public's mind and the result is a long history of political songs in America.
In fact, most political songs were based on already well known music and were often published in newspapers and broadsides with lyrics only and a "sung to the tune of" direction.
While the campaign song was coming of age, the general political song; one that reflects political sentiments or commentary on an issue was also becoming a regular part of the American political scene.
parlorsongs.com /issues/2002-11/thismonth/feature.asp   (2624 words)

 Effects of Campaign-to-User and Text-Based Interactivity in Political Candidate Campaign Web sites
Students in all conditions were told they were participating in a usability study of campaign Web sites, asked to imagine that the person sponsoring the site was running for office in their home district, and further advised that they could spend as much or as little time exploring the site as they wished.
Political interest was tapped using a four-point ordinal measure similar to those used in the National Election Studies.
First, end-users of political websites are just as likely to perceive the rhetorical features of site content as they are the feature-based aspects as interactive, according to the sense of website interactivity operative in their thinking on such matters.
jcmc.indiana.edu /vol10/issue3/warnick.html   (7435 words)

 Political and Campaign Songs In American Music, Page 2
He rose in politics through Republican judiciary appointments, through his own competence and availability, and because, as he once wrote facetiously, he always had his "plate the right side up when offices were falling." His route to the White House was via administrative posts.
In the campaign he asserted his independence of the conservatives and of the machine that had nominated him, endorsing a progressive platform, which he pursued as governor.
However, even today we hear political issues brought to bear through music and the protest songs of the 60's and 70's were a staple item on the political landscape.
parlorsongs.com /issues/2002-11/thismonth/featureb.asp   (3393 words)

 Personalized Political Campaign Buttons
Political buttons have been in use as a campaign tool for over a hundred years now.
Political campaign buttons make great, inexpensive give-aways that your supporters gladly wear in public display.
To learn more about our political campaign promotional items, to ask us any questions, or to place an order, please either send a note to comsyspub@aol.com or give us a call at 704-436-2484.
www.gopcandidates.net /polbuttons.html   (804 words)

 P.O.V. - Taking on the Kennedys . Dissect an Ad | PBS
Campaign advertising follows the same rules as regular advertising.
In a TV campaign commercial, the goal is to get the viewer to vote for one candidate and not for the other.
The questions will help you get 'behind the scenes' of campaign commercials to expose their real message and reveal the ways they 'sell the candidate' to voters.
www.pbs.org /pov/pov1996/takingonthekennedys/dissect.html   (328 words)

Some said the law would undermine the political parties, weaken free speech, curtail competition, and strengthen the very interest groups it was meant to weaken.
Congressional campaigns raised a total of $ 657.2 million in the period from January 1, 2005 through March 31, 2006, an increase of 13% from the comparable period in 2003-2004, according to a compilation by the Federal Election Commission.
The number of competitive campaigns, open seats, and large population states with races can significantly affect Senate financial totals from one cycle to the next.
www.tray.com   (3610 words)

 PCL: Political Campaigns
View issues positions and campaign ads from the Presidential contenders.
PCL produced a multimedia Ebook consisting of a collection of speeches and ads from the Presidential campaign on CD.
Campaign commercials from several candidates and organizations involved in the 2000 election cycle are available online.
pcl.stanford.edu /campaigns   (98 words)

 Property and right of way - political and campaign signs - Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Local municipalities may have additional guidelines regulating the placement of political signs along county highways or local roads and streets.
Political signs are allowed on private property along the state highway system without a billboard permit as long as the signs:
Highway crews are asked to make reasonable attempts to preserve campaign signs that are taken down and to provide campaign offices with an opportunity to claim the signs.
www.dot.wisconsin.gov /business/rules/property-signs-political.htm   (506 words)

 NFRW Political Education
Schools are two-days in length and feature top-notch political professionals and strategists who have a wide range of knowledge and experience.
Whether your connection to a political campaign is as a candidate, a manager, a staffer or a volunteer, CMS delivers the tools needed to build Republican victories in upcoming elections.
To help bring a Campaign Management School to your area in 2006, contact NFRW Political Director Melanie Sanchez at (800) 373-9688 or msanchez@nfrw.org.
www.nfrw.org /programs/political_education.htm   (674 words)

 Good campaign slogans & campaigning suggestions - Run a local political campaign
Good campaign slogans and local political campaigning suggestions.
Your town, your county, your state and your nation need your voice in the political marketplace.
Political Net Press does not share any private information with anyone.
www.candidateshandbook.com   (138 words)

 The Insurgent Political Campaign
In a District that showed 70% Republican registration, in a District where the previous office holder won with 72 percent of the vote, in a District where Paul Hackett was absolutely unknown outside his family....he lost.
Here's' more Practical Politics, Part 2, that I think we need to be thinking about...and specifically two ideas for the Wes Clark gathering of former Volunteers in Little Rock this weekend.
The Audio cast on Practical Politics, which doesn't get any easier when the Public gives you solid data that is exactly in-line with Democratic Party beliefs, will be up later today.
www.theinsurgentcampaign.com   (1397 words)

 Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
However, Lamont's campaign said Liberman's forces are trying to raise expectations and that they still "predict it will be a close call, and they may have to resort to submitting the thousands of signatures they have begun collecting from registered Democrats."
If you didn't check Political Wire over the weekend, there was a lot of interesting news so make sure to click over to page two so you don't miss anything.
With the political season heating up, you might also want to subscribe to our free email delivery or RSS feed.
politicalwire.com   (1246 words)

 Political Campaign's E-Mail Gaffe Provides Marketing Lessons
The mistake made by a political campaign demonstrates some of the pitfalls of using e-mail as a marketing tool.
The campaign to elect Jones involved sending hundreds of thousands of unsolicited e-mails to in- and out-of-state residents through a third-party marketer.
For their part, political campaigns can best use the Internet by building communities with common interests and conducting small-scale campaigns around those particular interests.
www.gartner.com /DisplayDocument?id=353445   (675 words)

 Custom Campaign Buttons - Political Campaign Buttons - Student Body Election Buttons
To get campaign buttons produced this fast elsewhere means you would have to pay for an incredibly expensive rush service.
If you would like to have us create a unique design, or use your artwork to produce campaign buttons, simply tell us what you are looking for in the additional information/ comments section in the form at the bottom of any of our political button templates pages.
Campaign buttons are usually produced in the 2-1/4" size, but we can make them for you in any size listed below.
www.buttonsonline.com /political   (1432 words)

 Campaigns and Elections magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
ABOUT THE POLITICAL ODDSMAKER: Since 1995, The Political Oddsmaker by Ron Faucheux has made over 2,700 picks in U.S. Senate, gubernatorial, U.S. House, major mayoral and initiative elections, with an overall record of correctly predicting winners over 98.2 percent of the time.
The Political Oddsmaker had a 99.4% accuracy rate for calls made in the 2004 general elections.
The Political Oddsmaker called 512 races correctly in 2004 and 3 incorrectly out of 515 total calls in the general election with 15 races rated even.
www.campaignline.com /oddsmaker/?CFID=91791&CFTOKEN=97359863   (216 words)

 Communication Studies Resources: The University of Iowa
"The purpose of a political dictionary is to acquaint the reader with the terms used by policymakers, journalists, commentators, and analysts, in discussing national and international politics."
Many political figures, including ex-presidents, from both major parties were founding members.
This site is massive, visit it for descriptions of all the political candidates, national, state and local - all the political issues and debates - a directory of campaign consultants and much, much more.
www.uiowa.edu /~commstud/resources/polcomm.html   (1648 words)

 Custom Political Campaign Products, Political Signs, Political Bumper Stickers
According to the Kiplinger letter, political advertising and political campaign products will total over $2 billion this year, triple what was spend in the 2000 election.
Thousands of campaigns have discovered this great poly-bag sign that arrives on time, is weatherproof and lasts longer and works smarter for less.
Get political campaign products, political signs, and political bumper stickers without minimum order or set-up requirements.
www.logosoftwear.com /politicalcampaignproducts.php   (415 words)

 The Plot to Shush Rush and O’Reilly by Brian C. Anderson, City Journal Winter 2006
Their campaign represents the most sustained attack on free political speech in the United States since the 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts.
Seeking to rid politics of “big-money corruption,” election-law reforms obstruct the kinds of political speech—political ads and perhaps now the feisty editorializing of the new media—that escape the filter of the mainstream press and the academy, left-wing fiefdoms still regulation-free.
Several aides from his 2000 presidential run, including his former campaign manager, press secretary, finance director, and legal counsel have been working for the Reform Institute, a nonprofit group dedicated to (you guessed it) campaign-finance reform—though it primarily seems to be the 2008 McCain-for-President campaign-in-waiting.
www.city-journal.org /html/16_1_rush_oreilly.html   (4554 words)

 APOLITALKING Political Consulting and Campaign Systems Home
To be effective, a campaign must have something to say to the voters and an effective way of saying it.
As your political campaign consulting specialists our job is to help you win.
Our integrated campaign planning and management system is a web-based application designed to help you plan, manage and administer your campaign.
apolitalking.com   (268 words)

 Collector's Corner: Political Campaign Memorabilia
If it appears as though the present presidential campaign began almost as soon as the last election was over, you're not far wrong.
Campaign souvenirs were not widely produced in the U.S. until the mid-nineteenth century, when items such as ribbons, snuff boxes, tokens, and plates began to be used as forms of advertising.
One of the most popular of political collectibles was and is the button, and, in fact, the earliest political buttons were brass clothing buttons.
www.auctionbites.com /cab/abu/y204/m04/abu0116/s06   (700 words)

 Political campaign -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Money is often called the "mother's milk of politics." Campaigns have increased in cost over the past few decades and having enough money to pay for the TV ads, direct mail, and staff costs that any campaigns incur requires massive amounts of time and energy.
Modern election campaigns in the UK Image:Hustings20050204 CopyrightKaihsuTai.jpg
An in-depth look at the campaign of Lewis Lehrman for NY Governor in 1982de:Wahlkampf
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Election_campaign   (2922 words)

 Political Advertising Archives and Resources
Some Humorous Campaign Ads (from "Connecting with What's Inside of Peoples' Heads: Humor and Culture in Political Advertising," a paper prepared for delivery at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, August 30-September 2, 2001, by Glenn W. Richardson Jr.
A Newsroom Guide to Political Advertising a publication of the Political Coverage Project, funded by the Carnegie Foundation and the Ford Foundation; a "how-to" manual for journalists seeking to cover political ads, includes information on obtaining ads and using FEC and FCC documents; introduction by Kathleen Hall Jamieson.
The History of Campaign Advertising Presented in Association with Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication Center for the Study of Popular Television, and Syracuse University Library, Edwin Diamond Collection of Political Advertising and Commercials.
faculty.kutztown.edu /richards/220/ad-archive.html   (920 words)

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