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Topic: Political geography

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  Political geography
Porat, C. The Strategic, Political and Economic Importance of the Negev in the Eyes of the British Government and the Mandatory Government of Palestine, 1929-1946.
Political geography as a mirror of political geography 15 years of a journal.
The political geography of ethnic protest: Nationalism, deprivation and regionalism among Arabs in Israel.
www.bgu.ac.il /NCRD/bib1/val/Political-geography.htm   (3075 words)

  Political geography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Political geography is a field of human geography that is concerned with politics.
Political geography is interested in the relationship between political power or politics and geography.
Geography as a discipline went through what is called the quantitative revolution in the 1960s, moving it from a descriptive subject to a more rigorous, theoretically-grounded discipline.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Political_geography   (806 words)

 Political Geography: Retrospect and Prospect - AAG Pre-Conference, April 2005
The Political Geography Specialty Group of the AAG will hold a small conference in Boulder, Colorado, immediately prior to the Annual Meetings of the AAG.
This year’s theme will be "Political Geography: Retrospect and Prospect" in recognition of the 25th year of the journal Political Geography.
Political Geography has changed quite dramatically since the time when the original editorial board posed a research agenda for the sub-discipline.
www.colorado.edu /IBS/aagpreconference   (350 words)

 Amazon.ca: Political Geography: A New Introduction: Books: Richard Muir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Political Geography A New Introduction Richard Muir As the twentieth century draws to a close the apparent political certainties of preceding decades are being seriously challenged by global forms of economic organisation, changing patterns of political identification and looming ecological crisis.
Written from a humanistic perspective, Political Geography: A New Introduction explores the effects of the economic globalisation process, showing how it challenges the survival of the sovereign nation-state and how it may be encouraging the development of new political associations at a localised as well as at a transnational level.
Special emphasis is given to the politics of the environment and the ways in which the environmental movement has been poorly served by the political structures and division of political power in the twentieth-century world.
amazon.ca /Political-Geography-Introduction-Richard-Muir/dp/0470237449   (483 words)

 POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Geography defines territory and territory is basic to the definition of the state.
Political geography looks at the interaction between the physical and political aspects of a country.
Cohen says that political geography is the study of the variation of political phenomena from place to place in connection with variations in other features of the Earth and that the political significance of any area bears a well-defined relation to its climate, landforms and natural resources.
members.tripod.com /~gtuwi/polgeo1.html   (3291 words)

Geography 101, 110, 113, 120, 211, 276, 380 must be taken as part of or in addition to one of the options in the geography major listed above.
To be admitted, retained, and approved for graduation as an approved geography major or minor, you must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 (2.75 to student teach in geography) for all courses taken within the major or minor, including collateral courses and regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy.
Geography of Australia, New Zealand, and the Southwest Pacific Islands as conditioned by environmental circumstances, native and alien cultural influences, and political affiliations.
www.uwsp.edu /news/uwspcatalog/geography.htm   (2623 words)

The geography major is required to complete a comprehensive examination in the senior year.
A study of the basic principles of aerial photographic mapping and the interpretation of aerial photos in terms of both physical and cultural/human geography, with emphasis on detecting and identifying the natural/physical and human/cultural elements of the geographic complex on the surface of the earth from the perspective of space.
A study of the geographical nature of political states, emphasizing their organization, power, and boundaries, and the geographic influences on their internal and external relations, with additional attention to concepts of geopolitics and associated contemporary problems.
www.uncfsu.edu /ghp/geography.htm   (1209 words)

 Geography of American Politics
Political scientists, historians, pundits and news analysts remain fascinated with political maps and frequently note geographic patterns in electoral behavior.
Political geography is not just traceable to differences in the composition of local populations, but is also rooted in how those populations communicate and interact.
Many political geographers are involved in the study of redistricting, and this is often what non-experts think of first when they think about the intersection of political science and geography.
www.apsanet.org /content_5202.cfm   (1080 words)

Examines the economic, political, environmental, and cultural processes that influence the spatial interaction between less and more developed regions of the world with particular emphasis on how regions are being unevenly affected by globalization.
Political processes and environmental interaction at various levels of the political hierarchy are examined.
Economic Geography can be regarded as a science concerned with the rational development, and testing of theories that explain and predict the spatial distribution and location of various characteristics on the surface of the earth.
www.lhup.edu /academic/acad_affairs/GEOGRAPHY.htm   (1116 words)

 GG331: Political Geography
Political Geography is the study of how geographical features and patterns interact with political processes to create a constantly evolving political landscape.
Studies in political geography can be quite local in scope, but in this course we will concentrate on the international or global scale.
Acquisition of map knowledge is a fundamental skill for students of political geography and international relations.
www.bu.edu /transportation/gg331.html   (842 words)

 GEO 4471: POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The spatial dimensions of political behavior from the local to the global level.
The purpose of this course is to examine the interconnectedness of geography and politics in the rejuvenated field of political geography.
Historical Political Geography of the U.S. – Shelley, Archer, Davidson and Brunn, Chapters 2, 3 and 4
www.fsu.edu /~geog/leib/geo4471.html   (885 words)

 Political Geography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Political Geography did not normally form part of the TCD curriculum, but a couple of the permanent lecturing staff were on leave in my final year, so we had a couple of visiting lecturers.
Until then I had associated politics with arid debates on television between elderly gentlemen about the state of the economy, so the fact that politics might actually be interesting came as a total revelation.
My Political Geography research interests tend to be focused on Ireland, but I retain a broader interest in events elsewhere for teaching purposes.
www.nuim.ie /staff/dpringle/political.shtml   (262 words)

 Amazon.ca: Political Geography: Books: Peter Taylor,Colin Flint   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Political Geography relates these global processes to day-to-day experience, fully integrating diverse politics across geographical scales and providing an essential introduction to the growth and impact of globalization.
In the spirit of previous editions the text is fully updated with new illustrations and global case studies, as well as an entirely new chapter on the development of identity politics.
This fourth edition remains a core text for students of political geography, international relations and political science and all social scientists adopting a world systems approach.
www.amazon.ca /Political-Geography-Peter-Taylor/dp/0582357330   (620 words)

 Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: An Overview
"Human geography" is the field of the discipline of Geography that is principally concerned with the spatial organization and differentiation of human activity, and its interrelationships with the "environment", broadly defined.
He is particularly interested in the geography of nationalism, and is currently researching the ethno-politics of scale and the rescaling of place and identity in the former Soviet Union.
She teaches introductory courses in quantitative methods and population geography, an area studies course on Africa, and an advanced course in migration and transnationalism.
www.geography.wisc.edu /department/overview.htm   (2928 words)

 College Majors and Careers - Geography
Geography is the study of the Earth as the home of humankind.
Geography students are offered courses in which they learn specific technical skills in computerized information retrieval, spatial data analysis, cartographic representation, remote sensing, and geographic information systems that are suitable for direct entry level positions.
Geography majors receive a liberal arts education that is an appropriate base for further specialized training in academic disciplines which address environmental and international issues or in related professional fields such as planning and public policy, law, and environmental management.
careerservices.rutgers.edu /geography.html   (232 words)

Geography 90; this serves as the culminating activity in the geography major.
Political geographers have recently recovered a critical understanding of "geopolitics" in order to highlight how geographical representations-and the construction of spaces and places-are a constitutive part of politics from the global to the local scale.
This course examines the geography and geopolitics of the Middle East by identifying the physical and ideological borders of this region.
www.dartmouth.edu /~reg/courses/desc/geog.html   (4499 words)

 Political Geography - Studia AS
In 1904 Sir Halford Mackinder published his seminal paper "The GeographicalPivot of History" demonstrating the central position of political geography inthe study of geography as a whole; a century later and political geography isstill at the heart of human geography.
Yet over time political geography hasexperienced many significant ups and downs, eventually recovering to a positionof renewed pre-eminence as the last century drew to a close.
Tackling keycontemporary issues (such as politics and the local state), as well as moretraditional topics (such as state formation and international relations), thisthought-provoking book covers the range of theoretical approaches.
www.studia.no /vare.php?ean=9780415246675   (179 words)

 Career Facts - Geography Program - LCC
Geography is concerned with studying the earth’s topography and climate and how these affect people and living things.
Political geographers are concerned with relationship of geography to political phenomena
Geography is a broad field with varying jobs in the discipline and its related fields.
www.lcc.edu /ss/geography/careerfacts   (440 words)

 Political Geography
Political geography has long needed a comprehensive treatment of government and politics (including att itudes about foreign policy) focussed within the nation.
Focusing on the relationship between location and political activity, the subdiscipline of political geography offers a unique vantage point from which to examine the development of the American political system.
The authors highlight the key role of geography in such crucial areas as the establishment of the nation's governing principles; the formation of political parties and coalitions; electoral history; the development of America's political economy; and its role in the world economy.
www.uky.edu /AS/Geography/dept/politicalgeography.htm   (240 words)

 Politics, Culture and Space
(2001) "Jerusalam and the Riparian Simile." Political Geography, forthcoming.
Her current research explores the changing nature of gender, citizenship and democratization in the context of political and economic globalization.
She also does work that critically examines international 'development' issues, including: the institutional and ideological apparatuses of 'development'; the social, political and environmental impacts of development policies; as well as the emergence of alternative development strategies.
geography.uoregon.edu /space   (994 words)

 Department of Political Science and Geography
People study politics because they want to understand the relationship between citizens and government, what governments do, and how political and social conflicts can be resolved.
BA and BS programs in Political Science in our department prepares students for success in teaching, graduate school and law school, and for careers in both government/public and private sectors.
Students major in geography because it provides them with a broad-based background and a command of the tools of geographic research and it leads to careers in business, government or teaching.
al.odu.edu /pols-geog   (289 words)

 SMC: Political Geography Course Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In its last iteration, the course was a survey of the theories and themes in political geography past and present.
Taylor uses the foundations of Wallerstein's theory to interpret the political geography of the world economy.
Harvey's work brings the discussion a little closer to home and we used it to consider the political geography of economic development at the urban scale in the United States.
academics.smcvt.edu /geography/POLITICAL.HTML   (227 words)

 Elsevier.com - Political Geography
We are living in an age of rapid change in political geography throughout the world.
Political Geography has become the flagship journal of the resurgence of political geography studies in recent years.
University and departmental libraries of geography and political science, research and scholarly institutes.
www.elsevier.com /locate/issn/09626298   (405 words)

Show an appreciation of the ways in which methodological concerns in political geography can be related to ethical issues and public policy debates.
The module provides knowledge and understanding that is central to teaching geography at the tertiary and higher education sector level.
Students will be encouraged to situate themselves, and their work, within the broad sweep of recent developments in Political Geography (through the thesis plan).
www.aber.ac.uk /modules/2007/GGM2340.html   (767 words)

 Political Geography Courses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
This was by no means confined to political issues, but it would have been fairly pointless to give a course on Eastern Europe without a detailed consideration of ethnic problems and also the ideological tensions between the Soviet Union and its satellites.
The Geography of Political Conflict was taught to first years and provided an introduction to classical geopolitics and then reviewed various factors which have resulted in armed conflicts.
The Geography of Political Power was normally taught to second year students, although it was occasionally offered to third years.
www.nuim.ie /staff/dpringle/pcourses.shtml   (515 words)

 Political Geography Listservs
The Political Geography Specialty Group of the AAG will hold a conference immediately prior to the Annual Meetings of the AAG.
As in the past papers on all aspects of political geography are welcome.
The city has long been an important focus for work in political geography and we welcome expressions of interest for papers that address the range of current issues and concerns in this area.
mailer.fsu.edu /~psteinbe/pgsg/conferences.html   (320 words)

 Geography 138: Political Ecology of the Third World
Political Ecology rejects the view that environmental degradation can be understood as a set of objective problems amenable to scientific and technical fixes.
It starts with the assumption that there are political, economic and social dynamics that are often left out of common understandings of ecology.
Political Ecologists view nature not a neutral terrain outside of human history and social relations, but as geographically and historically specific; it both shapes and is shaped by human desires, interests and actions.
geography.berkeley.edu /ProgramCourses/CoursePagesSU2006/Geog138.html   (974 words)

 IFPRI: 2020 Brief 4: Sustainable Farming: A Political Geography
Similar to politically powerful farmers in Europe or North America, farmers in these rapidly industrializing countries also use their organized influence to escape accountability for the adverse effects (mostly off-farm) that result from their careless and excessive water and chemical use.
In Africa, by contrast, where farmers tend to be politically weaker than urban dwellers and vulnerable to the whims of centralized government ministries, the environmental damage they do grows out of this weakness.
This is a region where a politically weak rural majority, often without secure access to good land, farms alongside a politically privileged minority of commercial farmers.
www.ifpri.org /2020/briefs/number04.htm   (1387 words)

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