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Topic: Political prisoner

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In the News (Wed 12 Dec 18)

  Political prisoner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A political prisoner is someone held in prison or otherwise detained, perhaps under house arrest, because their ideas or image are deemed by a government to either challenge or threaten the authority of the state.
However, it also happens that political prisoners are arrested and tried with a veneer of legality, where false criminal charges, manufactured evidence, and unfair trials are used to disguise the fact that an individual is a political prisoner.
A political prisoner can also be someone that has been denied bail unfairly, denied parole when it would reasonably have been given to a prisoner charged with a comparable crime, or special powers may be invoked by the judiciary.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Political_prisoner   (1297 words)

 Leonard Peltier Case | "What Constitutes a Political Prisoner?" by Lawrence Sampson
The word politics and political conjure up complex imagery that tends to be different for every individual, and therefore can be confusing.
It is therefore a small leap of logic to reason that by engaging in such a political act, that one could in fact become a political prisoner.
He is in prison for having fatally shot a recidivist child molester who was after a very young boy (the boy was a relative of Manuel).
www.freepeltier.org /020904_political_prisoner.htm   (1741 words)

 Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti - Home
But we do know that over 1800 prisoners (90% of the total population) have never been convicted of a crime, and at least dozens of these people were engaged in political activity before their arrests.
Prisoners at the penitentiary take turns lying on the floor in order to sleep, and must use buckets or plastic bags to relieve themselves because there are no toilets.
The prison food is inadequate and causes illness and allergic reactions.
www.ijdh.org /articles/article_political_prisoners_memorandum.htm   (1777 words)

 Political Prisoner - Objectivism Online Forum
In the case of "political prisoner," "prisoner" is a concept (a noun) modified by another concept, "political," that distinguishes what kind of prisoner we are discussing.
In English, the combination "political prisoner" is not a concept, because it is merely a decriptive combination of the kind of prisoner you mean.
Now back to the first example: political prisoner is a kind of definition: you have the genus (prisoner) and the differentia (political) what is missing to form a concept, rather than to simply have an identification - is to give it a word.
forum.objectivismonline.net /index.php?showtopic=1063   (1856 words)

 Anarchist Black Cross Federation
Prisoners incarcerated as a result of non-politically motivated "crime" and became political while in prison are not Political Prisoners or Prisoners of War.
Not all Political Prisoners or Prisoner of War wish to be placed on prisoner support lists and the ABCF respects their decision.
Contact the state prisoner you want to see and have them fill you in on the procedures of the particular prison they are held.
www.abcf.net /abcf.asp?page=prisoners   (643 words)

 Political prisoner
A political prisoner is someone who is detained in prison or under house arrest because his or her political views do not agree with that of the ruling political establishment in a given country.
Trumped-up criminal charges may have been used to imprison the political prisoner, or he or she may have been denied bail unfairly, denied parole when it would reasonably have been given to another prisoner, or special powers may be invoked by the judiciary.
Amnesty International campaigns for the release of "prisoners of conscience", which includes both political prisoners and those imprisoned for their religious beliefs.
www.fastload.org /po/Political_prisoner.html   (283 words)

 another basque political prisoner killed by spanish repression - Indymedia Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Basque political prisoner Igor Angulo was found dead today hanging from his cell window in Cuenca Jail at more than 600 kilometers from the Basque Country.
He is the third Basque political prisoner to be found dead in his cell in the last year and we want to make clear to everybody that this is a consequence of the merciless and brutal Spanish and French governments' prison policy against Basques.
If the Spanish and French governments are to be considered seriously about their aims towards a political resolution of the conflict they have to change radically their crudel policy against Basque political prisoners and stop treating them as political hostages.
www.indymedia.ie /article/74543   (1878 words)

 Political Prisoner - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Political Prisoner, prisoner detained by a state, not for breach of laws intended to prevent behaviour recognized as criminal in most civilized...
Bastille, fortress in eastern Paris, France, that was the French state prison in the 17th and 18th centuries; it became a symbol of royal tyranny.
- somebody imprisoned for political beliefs: somebody who is imprisoned because of his or her political actions or beliefs
uk.encarta.msn.com /Political_Prisoner.html   (135 words)

 Political Prisoners
There are over 150 political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United States at this time as well as countless politicized individuals and social prisoners resisting their captors.
Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War are men and women who, as a consequence of their political work and/or organizational affiliations were given criminal charges, arrested or captured, tried in criminal courts and sent to prison.
Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War are not in prison for committing social “crimes,” nor are they criminals.
www.freefreenow.org /pps.html   (590 words)

 International Campaign for Tibet: Campaigns: Political Prisoners
Tibetan political prisoners endure harsh prison conditions, including torture, deprivation of food and sleep, and long periods in isolation cells.
Phuntsog's release marked a major victory: she was the last of a group of nuns known as the "Drapchi 14" to be released, a group of 14 nuns who received sentence extensions while in prison for recording a tape of freedom songs and smuggling it out of prison.
Takna Jigme Sangpo: Detained in 1983 at age 57, Takna Jigme Sangpo, an elderly former school teacher, was serving a 28-year sentence for "spreading and inciting counterrevolutionary propaganda," the longest term in a Chinese prison as a political prisoner.
www.savetibet.org /campaigns/politicalprisoners/index.php   (1213 words)

 MIT ESG Seminar on Political Prisoners (SP274): Class Resources
In 1972, they were convicted and sentenced to a combined total of 282 years in prison - one of the stiffest sentences ever imposed in North Carolina for arson in which on one died.
Three activists were sentenced to long prison terms in North Carolina after their 1972 conviction for burning the Lazy B Riding Stable, which was a target of protest because it refused its services to fls.
Harris went to prison, and in 1974, he and four other inmates were charged with murdering a guard during a prison riot.
web.mit.edu /esg-conscience/www/resr/mmr-young.shtml   (1036 words)

 Political Prisoner
It is estimated that between 100 and 200 people are in jail in the U.S. for political reasons.
Two of the most famous U.S. political prisoners are Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal.
It reveals that there is no conclusive evidence connecting Peltier with the shooting and that the one witness who said she heard Peltier confess was coerced, yet he is still in prison.
www.zenzibar.com /Articles/political_prisoner.asp   (597 words)

 The Epoch Times | A Political Prisoner by Any Other Name
A political prisoner is a person detained—often using extrajudicial processes—by a government because they are perceived to be a threat or challenge to state authority.
The eradication of political prisoners is an indication of the degree of civilization attained by a country.
Political prisoners do not exist in the majority of countries around the world.
www.theepochtimes.com /news/6-11-3/47724.html   (436 words)

 The World's Youngest Political Prisoner
Both the PRC and the Dalai Lama declared the issue of the selection of the eleventh Panchen Lama was a religious one, unaffected by political concerns.
And two young boys, used for more than three years as political pawns, have sparked a match that is destined to be played by each side with all the moves they can muster.
Political intrigue has historically plagued the Tibetan monasteries: of the past thirteen Dalai Lamas, four died young under mysterious circumstances and one Tibetan scholar has claimed that all four were poisoned.
www.uga.edu /sft/prisoner.htm   (3840 words)

 An ex-political prisoner's tale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The bombing was in the world scheme of things a common sort of feet-dipping for a political movement about to take the plunge into guerrilla warfare, but the Front had a far more audacious plan.
Two days after his capture, he said, he and two other prisoners were taken for an airplane ride, during which the door was opened and they were told that they would be thrown out over the ocean.
Prison conditions in Panama are and were abominable, and worst of all for foreigners who don't have anyone to visit them and bring them food, as the families of inmates are expected to do.
www.thepanamanews.com /pn/v_09/issue_08/news_03.html   (2044 words)

 Save a political prisoner from execution Petition
We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned for the 28-year-old political prisoner Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi who, according to current reports, will be executed on May 16 2006 by the Iranian regime.
Once in prison he was kept in solitary confinement for 546 days, and subjected to the harshest physical and psychological tortures.
The Save a political prisoner from execution Petition to The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan; the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights, Louise Arbour, and the President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell was created by and written by Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam (mahmood.amirymoghaddam@gmail.com).
www.petitiononline.com /val16may/petition.html   (409 words)

Another attribute of some rhetorical revolutionaries in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is their fervid support and devotion to wars of independence and left-wing political struggles--as long as it is being waged in some far distant foreign land.
When some outside political sectiet would publish one of their silly "bleats" (as in meet, eat, bleat and retreat), he'd drop every thing and pen a 5,000 word reply.
Of course, it's established case law that it's illegal to retaliate against prisoners for the exercise of their constitutional rights: therefQre, it follows that this practice is not practiced.
delraine.www4.50megs.com /dellast.htm   (2053 words)

Amir Entezam was suddenly re arrested after, in interviews with foreign-based Persian service radio stations, he gave graphic details of some of the 171 methods of tortures applied on political prisoners in Iranian Islamic jails.
He is the longest held political prisoner in Iran for "crimes" in defense of human rights and for advocating democracy in Iran.
Once again, from my prison cell in Evin prison, I declare that I shall continue, until my last breath, my relentless struggle to redeem my own rights and those of millions of my compatriots who, at the outset of the 21st century, are imprisoned in the hands of the most terrifying and tyrannical regime.
www.iran-press-service.com /articles/longest_political_prisoner.html   (1295 words)

 Political Prisoner Resource Page
To find prisoners in your home state — or any other location — use the Find command in your browser – for example, "Find NY" or "Find CO".
Briefly, Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War are those persons who have been sent to prison for their conscious revolutionary political activities on the streets.
Prisoners who went to prison as a result of non-politically motivated "crime" and became political while in prison are not Political Prisoners or Prisoners of War.
olymedia.mahost.org /pprisoners.htm   (755 words)

 Key Political Prisoner Is Released in Burma (washingtonpost.com)
Burma's ruling military junta has freed its second-most-prominent political prisoner, Min Ko Naing, a key leader of 1988 student democracy protests that led to a bloody crackdown and mass arrests.
Naing, 42, was freed from a prison in Sittwe in northern Burma and flown 350 miles southeast to Rangoon, the capital.
Naing was among at least 19 political prisoners released this week, including at least three senior members of Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party, according to activists in the United States and Thailand.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A62922-2004Nov19.html   (394 words)

 BBC NEWS | Middle East | Syrian political prisoner 'freed'
Imad Shiha, 51, was reportedly released early this week after spending 29 years in prison for being a leading member of the banned Arab Communist Organisation.
Almost 100 other prisoners were freed as part of an amnesty announced by President Bashar al-Assad last month.
A total of 251 political prisoners, including some members of the Muslim Brotherhood, have been released in the past two weeks, Mr Bunni said.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/middle_east/3536048.stm   (178 words)

 Jay's Prison Issues and Prisoner Solidarity Links
Prisoners in these prisons are caged for arbitrary lengths of time, sometimes years, in total isolation in conditions that violate the United Nations' Standard Minimum Rules for the treatment of prisoners.
The Pennsylvania Prison Society -- "Founded in 1787, The Pennsylvania Prison Society is a social justice organization that advocates on behalf of prisoners, formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.
Prison Legal News -- "is an independent 40-page monthly publication that reports, reviews and analyzes court rulings and news related to prisoner rights and prison issues.
www.neravt.com /left/directory/subjects/prisoner.htm   (998 words)

 The NarcoSphere || Dámaso Villanueva: "I will not pay bail because I am not guilty"
Three Mexican journalists of the Other Journalism with the Other Campaign appeared at the gates of the prison on the road from San Cristóbal to Ocosingo on Sunday, video cameras in hand, and asked to be able to enter to interview the political prisoner.
The prison authorities asked to see, and were shown, the identification cards of journalists Roberto Chankin Ortega Perez, Sarahy Flores Sosa and Bertha Rodríguez and after various minutes of awaiting response from upstairs the guards informed the journalists that no media would be allowed in the prison.
The defendant, she says, is confident, of good humor, continues to promote the Other Campaign from inside the prison, and in the meantime has signed up to teach classes in a prison program and work carpentry with other inmates.
narcosphere.narconews.com /story/2006/2/27/103357/197   (645 words)

 A Former Political Prisoner's Continuing Fight for Justice and Truth
In general, though, I think that those who are watching the political corruption this year, in the election in the United States, have to face the fact, that for many, many years, people tolerated the political persecution of LaRouche, and his associates, like myself, without raising a hue and cry.
And I also had an audience around the world, who were very concerned with my situation, being in prison, but also interested in the output that I was able to generate while I was in prison.
Billington: Well, actually, they like having prisoners sit around destroying their minds in front of the television, and they don't mind occasional fights, and they don't mind if people take a little drugs, because it generally keeps them deadened.
www.larouchepub.com /other/2001/2803_billington.html   (1834 words)

 Baldacci’s ‘political prisoner’ - News - The Phoenix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Associate corrections commissioner Denise Lord says more information on Brown’s transfer would be withheld until the completion of investigations into a recent Supermax suicide and an alleged attempt by a woman to bring a gun to her prisoner husband.
She believes the prison put him at risk in his transfer not only because of the dangerous place to which he was sent, but also because of his poor physical health.
“You don’t have to be put in prison originally for your political beliefs to be a political prisoner,” she says.
www.thephoenix.com /article_ektid28210.aspx   (883 words)

 KhodorkovskyTrial.com - Press Center for Mikhail Khodorkovsky.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
I think that any person becomes a political prisoner if the law is applied to him selectively, and this is an absolutely clear case to me. This is a glaringly lawless action.
Many Russian groups have granted Mikhail Khodorkovsky and others status as political prisoners and have urged others outside Russia to do the same.
Recognize Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev as political prisoners
www.mbktrial.com /human_rights/index.cfm   (262 words)

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