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Topic: Political system

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Conflict Provention as a Political System - John W. Burton
Political institutions have evolved accordingly, resulting in party political systems that are adversarial and promote competition.
Political systems, accordingly, have bee preoccupied with increasing benefits for only some sections of the community, have been concerned with real income distribution only to the extent that it is politically necessary, and have given little attention to the longer term consequences of policies on the social and environmental future.
Failure of this power-oriented system to respond to social concerns at its political level is due largely to the absence of any conception of an alternative system.
www.gmu.edu /academic/ijps/vol6_1/Burton2.htm   (4167 words)

  Political system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A political system is a social system of politics and government.
A political system is a complete set of institutions, political organizations, interest groups (such as political parties, trade unions, lobby groups), the relationships between those institutions and the political norms and rules that govern their functions (constitution, election law).
A political system is a systems that necessarily has two properties: a set of interdependent components and boundaries toward the environment with which it interacts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Political_system   (185 words)

 Political party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In parliamentary systems of government most political parties will also have an elected leader who, if his party is elected by absolute majority, or with a relative majority within the coalition where tradition is thus, becomes head of government.
In presidential systems, the President may be elected as a representative of his party; however, in many nations he is forced to relinquish his connections with his party upon the assumption of office as head of state.
Political parties are funded by contributions from their membership and by individuals and organisations which share their political ideas or who stand to benefit from their activities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Political_party   (1750 words)

 Politics of the Netherlands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dutch politics and governance are characterized by a common strife for broad consensus on important issues, within both the political community and society as a whole.
As a result of the electoral system and the lack of dominating parties, coalition cabinets, composed out of two or three parties, are the norm.
Under influence of the rising socialist movement the requirements were gradually reduced until in 1917 the present voting system of a representative democracy with male universal suffrage was instituted, expanded in 1919 to include women.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Politics_of_the_Netherlands   (3202 words)

 Russia's Political Party System as an Impediment to Democratization Demokratizatsiya - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Political parties provide representation and accountability, electoral pressure for partisan constituencies, and the basis for structuring political choice in the competition of interests in the political arena.
The sudden collapse of the Soviet system disrupted the development of the nascent party system, severing its connections to society and leaving it to be reconstituted from above by elites in circumstances that limited its connections with the society and the political system.
Until the party system re-establishes its links with society and the incentives of party elite behavior are shaped by the need to promote societal interests rather than their own, Russia's party system will continue to be dysfunctional in the ongoing process of democratization.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3996/is_200404/ai_n9400010   (1012 words)

 Tokugawa Political System
It was similar to the European feudal system (pope, emperor or king, feudal barons, and retainers in Europe compared to emperor, the shogun, the daimyo, and samurai retainers in Japan), but it was also very bureaucratic, an attribute not associated with European feudalism.
This was not a federal system or even a centralized hierarchy of political authorities; rather, it was a system in which two levels of government existed with a high degree of independence.
sankin-kotai system, or the system of alternate residence in Edo.
hkuhist2.hku.hk /nakasendo/tokupols.htm   (1194 words)

 Constitutional Topic: Political Systems - The U.S. Constitution Online - USConstitution.net
Political Science is a discipline in itself, because the variety of political systems that are present on our world, or which have been present in the past, is as widely varying as chemical elements or subatomic particles.
In this type of system, minority voices are more likely to be heard and coalition governments more likely to be formed (in a districted system, is it possible for one party to win 50-percent-plus-one of all districts and acquire 100 percent of the seats in parliament; in a national election system, this cannot happen).
There are a few other notable differences between political systems that should be mentioned, and which can be used to characterize a nation's government.
www.usconstitution.net /consttop_sys.html   (3532 words)

 Political Parties in the Legislature   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Modern political systems are often typologyzed as multiparty (which may result in majority or coalition governments), two-party systems and one-party systems.
political control of the legislature does not guarantee a party control of the executive branch --since the chief executive is separately elected and may be from another party.
The logic cited by the movement is that political parties in Uganda have historically contributed to regional, religious and ethnic cleavages and violence, and that the main opposition parties are internally undemocratic.
magnet.undp.org /docs/parliaments/partysystem1.htm   (2719 words)

 Political System
Democracy refers to political systems where the rulers are popularly elected by a majority of the voters.
In a Parliamentary System, the leader of the majority party of the lower (popularly elected) house of the legislature is the prime minister (United Kingdom), premier (France, or Chancellor (Germany).
Thus in a parliamentary system, the executive is a committee of the legislature.
faculty.ucc.edu /egh-damerow/political_system.htm   (780 words)

 Tom Crumpacker: "Democracy and the Multiparty Political System"
In the distant past, political parties were not only electoral, they were movements -- of people with similar values who sought by grouping together to use the political system to bring about social change in line with their values.
We seek to justify our political system by calling it "pluralist." In this type of system, where advertising and other use of the mass media is crucial, capital accumulation produces political power, and political power produces capital formation, benefiting those who control economic production and their institutions.
In their view politics is that particular area of human endeavour which involves creating and changing societal rules and structures in all areas (including the political), limited only by the concept of the common good.
clogic.eserver.org /2006/crumpacker.html   (4965 words)

Although there is a tendency in modern American political science to treat the political system as an abstract one of inputs and outputs, or of functions and institutions (Easton, 1965), we should not forget that a political system constitutes a balance among competing interests, capabilities, and wills, a specific status quo.
The dynastic formula is the belief that a political system should adhere to traditions and custom and that the central power should lie in the hands of a family or blood line endowed with the responsibility for maintaining such tradition.
Egalitarianism seems to require a political system in which the state is able continually to hold in check those social and occupational groups which, by virtue of their skills or education or personal attributes, might otherwise attempt to stake claims to a disproportionate share of society's rewards" (Parkin, 1971, p.
www.hawaii.edu /powerkills/TCH.CHAP31.HTM   (3389 words)

 Political Systems
This unique analysis of the Japanese political system is of interest to political economists as well as non-specialists.
Systematically revised and rewritten throughout and updated to cover the impact of EU enlargement, this text analyzes the EU as a political system using the methods of comparative political science.
The book is a comprehensive introduction to the study of politics, political concepts and ideas, the varieties of political systems, the main political movements and the core issues which will dominate politics in the twenty-first century.
www.politicalideals.com /political-systems.htm   (183 words)

 Canada's political system languishes in Dark Ages
Unfortunately, Canada's political system is not superior to the American - not by a long shot - because it leaves the electorate emasculated.
Political accountability, unless you have a minority situation such as we have in Nova Scotia, is a joke.
The political system used in the United States is not perfect - it is still evolving; but under it, the people hold power.
www.danielnpaul.com /Col/1998/Canada'sDarkAgesPoliticalSystem.html   (828 words)

 Spain Franco's Political System - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, ...
Ideology or political theories were not the primary motivators in Franco's developing of the institutions that came to be identified with his name.
Known for his iron political nerve, Franco saw himself as the one designated to save Spain from the chaos and instability visited upon the country by the evils of parliamentary democracy and political parties, which he blamed for destroying the unity of Spain.
Franco's political system was virtually the antithesis of the final government of the republican era--the Popular Front government.
workmall.com /wfb2001/spain/spain_history_francos_political_system.html   (1788 words)

 Political System in India
The political system is so closely linked with other social system that it can be understood only if it is viewed in the comprehensive context of social system in its a entirely.
The democratic political system in India requires every member of society ot play some role in the political system, but normally the majority of them are relatively passive.
“Political System in India” brings to the fore meaning, concepts, ideologies, programmes and policies concerning political system in India.
www.easternbookcorporation.com /moreinfo.php?txt_searchstring=10282   (169 words)

 List of European Union member states by political system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As of 2006, all European Union member states are representative democracies; however, they do not all have the same political system, with most of the differences arising from different historical backgrounds.
All seven monarchies in the European Union are constitutional monarchies, which means that the monarch does not influence the politics of the monarch's country.
Either the monarch is legally prohibited from doing so, or the monarch does not utilise the political powers vested in the office by convention.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_European_Union_member_states_by_political_system   (2209 words)

 Cuban Political, Electoral and Judicial Systems | Cuba Education Tours
The Cuban democratic system is regulated by Chapter XIV of the Constitution of the Republic, which establishes that in every election and referendum the vote is free, equal and secret.
Inherent in the system is the voter's right to recall delegates who are not fulfilling their mandate.
The judicial system is based on the principle that all judges, professional or lay, are independent and are subject only to the law, and all professional or lay judges are elected, accountable and can be replaced.
www.hellocuba.ca /political_system.php   (1828 words)

 The English political system... :: Any examples of how England is dictated?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
What makes the Australian system worse is the Senators are elected based on each state receiving the same number of seats (New South Wales 6 million people have same senate representation as Tasmanias 300,000 population) - a real gerrymander, I hear you say.
Note references to"labour" politics versus "conservative" politics we are talking the system and not the players in the system.
Australia is, politically, somewhere between UK and USA in terms of social welfare but I am concerned we are developing an ever increasing system of welfare payments funded by ever increasing taxation.
www.politicalforum.com /viewtopic.php?t=1212   (1868 words)

 POLITICAL SYSTEM   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Political System of Bhutan Updated on January 10, 2005 Bhutan is ruled by a hereditary monarch.
C hina's political system here refers to the political structure, fundamental laws, rules, regulations and practices that are implemented in China's mainland and regulate the state power, government...
Once the good has been defined, it is possible to ask what political system is most affective in securing it, what political system best achieves the aims of politics.
www.harmonie-augsburg.de /politicalsystem-54477   (250 words)

 should we not have political partys?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
why don't you change to the canadian political system, we have more choice as we are not a two party/candidate system and more people are represented by their own views.
I think the system is beneficial in the respect that, with near equal representation in both houses, both parties are forced to compromise and thus swings in any given direction have natural limits.
I don't hold that the party system is inherently bad or corrupt, but I suppose it is natural for people to become attached to their family's political party of choice, as some do to their favorite sports teams, their alma matter, their country...
www.politicalforum.com /viewtopic.php?p=1503   (1438 words)

 Political system in Switzerland- swissinfo
Switzerland could be the only country in the world where you can see the president travelling by train or taking an unaccompanied stroll through the streets of the capital.
The Swiss parliament is where most important political decisions in Switzerland are taken, even if the last word on laws often lies with the people.
The Swiss political landscape is distinguished above all by its stability.
www.swissinfo.org /eng/political_system/index.html?siteSect=1550   (188 words)

 [Regents Prep Global History] Political Systems: Introduction
a political system in which the government is under the control of a religious organization or its officials.
a political system in which the government is under the control of wealthy landowners.
a political system in which the government is under the control of the citizens themselves, or elected representatives chosen from eligible citizens.
regentsprep.org /Regents/global/themes/politicalsystems/index.cfm   (220 words)

 The Political System of Canada - Economics & Politics
The Canadian political system as it is known today was first drafted by the "Fathers of Confederation" at the Quebec conference of 1864.
The Canadian political system is therefore loosely based on the British system.
The opposition is the political party with the second most seats in the House and their main job is to hold the government accountable for their decisions.
economics.informbank.com /articles/political-systems/political-system-canada.htm   (1052 words)

 Israeli Political System and Parties - definition - Zionism and Israel -Encyclopedia / Dictionary/Lexicon of ...
Israel has a parliamentary democracy system with partial separation of powers between the judicial branch on the one hand, and the legislative and executive branches on the other.
However, the system does not allow for a strong executive that can take unpopular measures, since as happened recently, disaffected party members can cause their own party's government to fall.
Following is listing of major current political parties, number of MKs in the 16th and 17th Knesset (the one that will end in March 2006 and a summary of their political orientations.
www.zionism-israel.com /dic/politicalsystem.htm   (1729 words)

 Bad Subjects: Cuba, Democracy, and the Multiparty Political System
We call our present political system "interest based politics." If a person wants to help bring about change as an activist, he must work through an interest group on a specific issue predetermined by the system, such as gun control, abortion rights, health care, environment, to name a few.
The purpose of a political system is to permit an appropriate degree of social change within an appropriate degree of stability.
We seek to justify our political system by calling it "pluralist." In this type of system, where advertising in the mass media is crucial, capital accumulation helps produce political power, and political power helps produce capital formation, benefiting those who control economic production.
bad.eserver.org /issues/2004/70/crumpacker.html   (2981 words)

 Interview With Osman Mirghani of Al Sharq al Awsat
That means that the same people who have used the open political system to come to power have to keep the system open to opposition to their views and to their ideas.
It is a place that has had an enlightened educational system where women have had a strong place in social life and political life.
They have a place in the political system as long as they recognize the right of others to have a place in the political system.
www.state.gov /secretary/rm/2006/60034.htm   (2377 words)

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