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Topic: Polymorphism

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  Polymorphism (computer science) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Polymorphism in the language ML and its close relatives is predicative.
In these languages, subtyping polymorphism (sometimes referred to as dynamic polymorphism or dynamic typing) allows a function to be written to take an object of a certain type T, but also work correctly if passed an object that belongs to a type S that is a subtype of T (according to the Liskov substitution principle).
This type of polymorphism is common in object-oriented programming languages, many of which allow operators to be overloaded in a manner similar to functions (see operator overloading).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Polymorphism_(computer_science)   (2917 words)

 Polymorphism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Polymorphism (computer science), a mechanism allowing a given function to have many different specifications, depending on the type(s) to which it is applied.
Polymorphism (materials science), the ability of a solid material to exist in more than one form or crystal structure.
Polymorphism (plant science), the ability of a plant to produce both quiescent and dormant seeds.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Polymorphism   (177 words)

 Incipient(thoughts): Polymorphism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It's hard to tease apart polymorphism and inheritance, because most OO languages are based on an intimate fusion of the two, unnecessarily.
The idea is that if we are to describe processes at a relatively high level of abstraction, we are necessarily going to describe in "umbrella" terms a class of situations.
Polymorphism is a well-known phenomenon in molecular biology.
bossavit.com /thoughts/archives/000818.html   (575 words)

 Guidance for Industry ANDAs:  Pharmaceutical Solid Polymorphism
Polymorphic forms in the context of this guidance refer to crystalline and amorphous forms as well as solvate and hydrate forms, which are described below.
Furthermore, when the solubilities of the polymorphic forms are sufficiently high and drug dissolution is rapid in relation to gastric emptying, differences in the solubilities of the polymorphic forms are unlikely to affect BA/BE.
The most stable polymorphic form of a drug substance is often chosen during development based on the minimal potential for conversion to another polymorphic form and on its greater chemical stability.
www.fda.gov /cder/guidance/6154dft.htm   (3225 words)

Polymorphism represents another level of specialization, above the level of cell, tissue, and organ specialization found in individuals, and below the species level.
Polymorphism: Individuals at the center of the colony develop gonads and reproduce sexually.
In this case the answer is provided by the fact that all the individuals in the clone have the same genotype, so that reproduction by the central individuals propagates the same genes as would reproduction by the peripheral, non-reproductive individuals.
www.cco.caltech.edu /~brokawc/Bi11/polymorphism.html   (2313 words)

Recessive lethals and semi-lethals are a particularly common form of mutant, and they can accumulate in the neighbourhood of the major gene responsible for the new polymorphic phase because, as heterozygotes, they are sheltered from selective elimination.
By the time the newly successful super-gene is becoming common in the population, its homozygote, which should then be appearing at a frequency no longer negligible, will tend to be handicapped by the harmful recessives with which it has become linked.
Thus 'ebony' is not eliminated when introduced into a wild-type stock in the laboratory but, after some generations of adjustment, the two alleles stabilize at a value depending upon environmental conditions: that is to say, a polymorphism is established due to heterozygous advantage (Kalmus, 1945).
www.bulbnrose.com /Heredity/Ford/FORD3.HTM   (795 words)

 ESF - European Network on Crystal Polymorphism (MORPH)
Polymorphism denotes the existence of more than one crystal structure of a substance.
The intimate relationship between the structure and properties of materials means that different polymorphic structures of a material can and do have different physical, chemical biological or pharmaceutical properties.
While polymorphism has been recognized for 175 years there has been little concentrated effort to study the fundamental phenomenon, its causes and its manifestations.
www.esf.org /esf_article.php?language=0&article=31&domain=1&activity=2   (134 words)

 ONJava.com -- Learning Polymorphism and Object Serialization   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Polymorphism and object serialization are two important topics in Java.
Polymorphism is one of the three fundamental principles in object oriented programming.
Polymorphism is briefly described as "one interface, many implementations." When dealing with class hierarchies, you often want to treat an object not as the specific type that it is, but instead as its base type.
www.onjava.com /pub/a/onjava/2001/03/08/brainy_draw.html   (1044 words)

 Parametric Polymorphism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In addition to subtype polymorphism, Theta supports _parametric polymorphism_, in which a routine, type, or class definition is parameterized by one or more types (9.3).
Parametric polymorphism allows the actual parameter type to be selected by the user, when the type or routine is _instantiated_ (3.2.2).
Subtype polymorphism is useful for defining generic behavior over a set of related types, while parametric polymorphism is useful for defining generic behavior where the actual parameters need not be related in the type hierarchy.
www.pmg.lcs.mit.edu /papers/thetaref/node8.html   (141 words)

 polymorphism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Entities defined in a polymorphic function also inherit the type variables of that function, however these are bound implicitly to the whatever the function's variables are bound to and cannot be specified.
Felix polymorphic entities are guarranteed to be parametrically polymophic, although polymorphic C bindings need not be (because the can bind to nonparametric templates).
In particular, any function called from inside a polymorphic function is invariant: it cannot change for any bindings of the type variables.
felix.sourceforge.net /polymorphism.html   (555 words)

 polymorphism, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Literature
Abrahamsson A, Gafvels M, Reihner E, Bjorkhem I, Einarsson C, Eggertsen G 2005 Polymorphism in the coding part of the sterol 12alpha-hydroxylase gene does not explain the marked differences in the ratio of cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid in human bile.
Akesson LS, Duffy DL, Phelps SC, Thompson PJ, Kedda MA 2005 A polymorphism in the promoter region of the human interleukin-16 gene is not associated with asthma or atopy in an Australian population.
Carreira PE, Gonzalez-Crespo MR, Ciruelo E, Pablos JL, Santiago B, Gomez-Camara A, Gomez-Reino JJ 2005 Polymorphism of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist gene: a factor in susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis in a Spanish population.
www.psc-literature.org /polymorph.htm   (11643 words)

 Java Forums - polymorphism concept ?
Polymorphism is an abstract process of relating types(classes) of things by what they have in common.
If I have two methods called fetchData with different signatures, and one retrieves the data for an object from a database and the other from a file, that's polymorphism because the methods mean the same thing, but the implementation is different.
This is because polymorphism means many forms, and in that case the methods are not the same thing in different forms, they're two completely different things.
forum.java.sun.com /thread.jspa?threadID=385221&messageID=1655867   (677 words)

 7: Polymorphism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Polymorphism allows improved code organization and readability as well as the creation of extensible programs that can be “grown” not only during the original creation of the project but also when new features are desired.
Polymorphism means “different forms.” In object-oriented programming, you have the same face (the common interface in the base class) and different forms using that face: the different versions of the dynamically bound methods.
Polymorphism is a feature that cannot be viewed in isolation (like a switch statement can, for example), but instead works only in concert, as part of a “big picture” of class relationships.
www.camtp.uni-mb.si /books/Thinking-in-Java/Chapter07.html   (6154 words)

 Genetics and Genealogy: Y Polymorphism and mtDNA Analyses
Polymorphism is a term to show that mutations do occur in the Y chromosome, as can happen with other chromosomes.
This y polymorphism test is relatively new, and studies recording the frequency of different combinations of polymorphisms is even newer.
Using the y polymorphism DNA method, genetic markers are used on my y chromosome and on the y chromosome of my presumed cousin with the same surname in Belgium.
www.duerinck.com /genetic.html   (1275 words)

 Raymond Lewallen : Polymorphism Defined
Polymorphism manifests itself by having multiple methods all with the same name, but slighty different functionality.
Overridding, also called run-time polymorphism, and overloading, which is referred to as compile-time polymorphism.
I see one biggest benefits of Polymorphism is the ability to take two or more unrelated objects and treat them as if they were of the same type...
codebetter.com /blogs/raymond.lewallen/archive/2005/03/15/59836.aspx   (1162 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Polymorphism is a method against pattern matching (cf 3.2), if you have constant consecutive bytes in the code you generate, NIDS will always be able to recognize the signature of those constant bytes...
Indeed, some vx polymorphic engines, use an only XOR in the encryption but the key is not the same for all the ciphering.
With the development of polymorphic engines, maybe pattern matching will become inefficient or too difficult to be implemented because you have to create lots of rules, perhaps sometimes you don't know.
www.phrack.org /phrack/61/p61-0x09_Polymorphic_Shellcode_Engine.txt   (6066 words)

The Polymorphism primary pattern gives hints on what to do during design of your program when you are thinking about the object in your program and the services they will provide.
This is called ad-hoc polymorphism and it is difficult to maintain, since you need to find all of the if statements that implement it and change them when changes occur to the program.
Notes: This type of polymorphism is difficult or impossible to achieve if the tests need to be done on primitive values (not objects) such as int, since these values don’t have polymorphic methods.
csis.pace.edu /~bergin/patterns/polymorphism.html   (1709 words)

A polymorphism is a genetic variant that appears in at least 1% of a population.
These copy number polymorphisms are large (thousands of base pairs) duplications or deletions that are found in some people but not in others.
If a population began with a few individuals — one or more of whom carried a particular allele — that allele may come to be represented in many of the descendants.
users.rcn.com /jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/P/Polymorphisms.html   (1364 words)

In other words, polymorphism is the ability for objects to act like other objects in the inheritance hierarchy.
Polymorphism is an object-oriented mechanism that enables the method version executed to be determined at runtime based on the datatype of the object instance.
In most cases, polymorphism opportunities have a way of exposing themselves rather than being planned into an application.
www.freeweb.hu /oopas2/ch05lev1sec4.html   (893 words)

 Software Design: The benefits of polymorphism with ColdFusion Components
When used with CFCs, polymorphism means that you can call the same method on different types of CFCs, and each one will handle the method call in its own way.
Polymorphism is a very powerful and useful element of object-oriented languages.
Polymorphism can be a bit confusing to grasp when you first start exploring it.
builder.com.com /5100-6386_14-5144505-1-1.html   (894 words)

We are convinced that you will find our products and services about our solutions for your work in Polymorphism useful to ensure the quality of your daily analytical work in the lab.
This instrument to measure the Determining polymorphism can be in a control room far away from the sampling point, which is ideal for the pilot plant environment.
The use of automation, parallel tools, and a range of Polymorphism - analytics - both off-line and in-situ - is changing the way research is done.
chromatography.mettler-toledo.net /organic-chemistry/polymorphism.html   (497 words)

 Reveal the magic behind subtype polymorphism
However, a careful examination of polymorphism demystifies the magic and reveals that polymorphic behavior is best understood in terms of type, rather than as dependent on overriding implementation inheritance.
Universal polymorphism refers to a uniformity of type structure, in which the polymorphism acts over an infinite number of types that have a common feature.
For brevity and clarity, I use the term polymorphism to mean subtype polymorphism.
www.javaworld.com /javaworld/jw-04-2001/jw-0413-polymorph.html   (1314 words)

 SML '97 Types and Type Checking
An imperative type is a polymorphic type whose bound type variable is of a special form, called an imperative type variable.
The value polymorphism scheme is more restrictive than the imperative type scheme of SML '90 and the weak types of SML/NJ 0.93, so when converting code from SML '90 to SML '97 you will occasionally need to rewrite code to satisfy the value restriction.
If the polymorphic type of such a data structure declaration was needed, we cannot restore it by the technique of eta expansion that usually works for function declarations.
www.smlnj.org /doc/Conversion/types.html   (5378 words)

 Introduction: Polymorphism in Crystals
"Polymorphism in Crystals" grew out of the intense interest we received from industrial participants at the February 2003 ACS ProSpectives Conference of the same name held in Tampa, Florida.
It was evident from the speakers, from the attendee participation, and indeed from events unfolding in the field, that polymorphism is often misunderstood, but of high importance to the economic viability of certain industrial processes, including direct major impact on the pharmaceutical, paint and pigments, explosives, and food industries.
This issue is by no means comprehensive, but its concentrated papers on polymorphism highlight the breadth and depth of the field.
pubs.acs.org /cgi-bin/sample.cgi/cgdefu/2003/3/i06/html/cg0300331.html   (650 words)

 C++ Annotations Version 6.2.4
Polymorphism is realized by a feature called late binding.
It's called that way because the decision which function to call (a base class function or a function of a derived class) cannot be made compile-time, but is postponed until the program is actually executed: only then it is determined which member function will actually be called.
The fundamental idea behind polymorphism is that the compiler does not know which function to call compile-time; the appropriate function will be selected run-time.
www.icce.rug.nl /documents/cplusplus/cplusplus14.html   (5732 words)

 What is polymorphism? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
In object-oriented programming, polymorphism refers to a programming language's ability to process objects differently depending on their data type or class.
For example, given a base class shape, polymorphism enables the programmer to define different area methods for any number of derived classes, such as circles, rectangles and triangles.
Polymorphism is considered to be a requirement of any true object-oriented programming language (OOPL).
www.webopedia.com /TERM/p/polymorphism.html   (139 words)

 Polymorphism in VB.NET   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This article begins by giving the definitions of polymorphism in general and strictly in the OOP world.
Understanding the term is crucial, as the word polymorphism often misunderstood by beginner OOP programmers.
It then continues with the use of polymorphism in OOP and why it is so important.
www.asptoday.com /Content.aspx?id=872   (252 words)

 Define polymorphism - a Whatis.com definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In object-oriented programming, polymorphism (from the Greek meaning "having multiple forms") is the characteristic of being able to assign a different meaning or usage to something in different contexts - specifically, to allow an entity such as a variable, a function, or an object to have more than one form.
In another context, the + sign could mean an operation to concatenate the two objects or strings of letters on either side of the + sign.
3) Polymorphism can mean, as in the ML language, a data type of "any," such that when specified for a list, a list containing any data types can be processed by a function.
searchsmb.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid44_gci212803,00.html   (486 words)

 Polymorphism - MYCPLUS
One of the concepts used in OOP is polymorphism.
In OOP terms, polymorphism represents the ability to resolve a reference to an object's method at run time.
One of the benefits of polymorphism is that because the interface is common to objects, any object is able to respond differently to some common set of tasks, and objects are independent of each other.
www.mycplus.com /cplus.asp?CID=14   (218 words)

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