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Topic: Polyurethane

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  Polyurethane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Polyurethane can be made in a variety of textures and hardnesses by varying the particular monomers used and adding other substances.
Polyurethane foam (including foam rubber) can be produced by adding a small amount of water to one of the liquid precursors of polyurethane before they are mixed together.
A polyurethane is frequently employed as a finishing coat to protect or seal wood.
www.lakejackson.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Polyurethane   (407 words)

 Polyurethane Foam Association
The purpose of the PURRC is to reduce polyurethane foam in landfills, and educate end users on the recyclable aspects of polyurethane foam.
Polyester polyurethanes are more readily degraded by microbial action than polyether polyurethanes because of the susceptibility of the ester group to hydrolysis which a large number of microbial enzymes (hydrolyses) catalyst.
Polyurethane foams could be loaded with TDI to a level of approximately 1.0 ppm (w/w) by passing air containing 50-75 ppb (v/v) TDI through them.
www.pfa.org /abstracts/ab97.html   (4839 words)

 Polyurethane Wheels   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Polyurethane wheels are also guaranteed against tread separation for one year in ordinary free-wheeling applications (contact factory for excepted applications).
Duralast® polyurethane industrial wheels are also guaranteed against tread separation for one year in ordinary free-wheeling applications (contact factory for excepted applications).
A generous amount of polyurethane is bonded both mechanically and chemically to a large fin that extends from the center of the core providing excellent performance in the most demanding of applications.
www.hamiltoncaster.com /Default.aspx?tabid=222   (550 words)

Polyurethane was originally manufactured in the early 70's as fuel cell bladders for helicopter fuel for military use.
Polyurethane takes 200 pounds of pressure with a modified screwdriver to puncture the fabric.
Polyurethane fabric is highly resistant to most solvents, fuels and chemicals.
www.wing.com /polyurethane.htm   (593 words)

 Sunray, Inc. Polyurethane Products
Polyurethane and Urethane are used interchangeably to denote the same material.
Our Polyurethane wheels have silently moved overhead cameras at the Academy Awards, moving cameras at television studios and our Polyurethane rollers have been used in overhead crane systems as well as baggage handling systems, stacker and AGV systems.
and we will be glad to work with you in designing the Polyurethane wheel or roller to fit your needs.
www.sunray-inc.com /polyurethane.html   (288 words)

 Hardness of Polyurethane, Resilience to Impact
Polyurethane elastomers can be formulated to cover a wide hardness range, from 30 Shore A to 85 Shore D. The D scale is used to measure hardnesses greater than 95 Shore A. Most rubbers fall between 30 and 80 on the A scale and structural plastics begin at 55 on the D scale.
Special formulations of open cast polyurethane can be prepared with resilience values as low as 2% or as high as 75%.
Many polyurethane elastomers maintain their resilience with changing temperatures far better than other rubbers through the range from 0ºC to 150ºC. The table below illustrates Polyurethane bridges the rubber-plastic hardness range and therefore is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
www.polyurethane-1.com /hardness.htm   (132 words)

 Colex Industrial Hose Main Page - Flexible PVC Hose and Tube - Flexible Polyurethane Hose and Tube
Ribbed Polyurethane Hoses - hoses are designed with external and internal ribs to reduce the drag effect of polyurethane.
Our polyurethane hoses have also been used in applications where metal inserts and similar are transmitted down the inside diameter, PU handles this type of application extremely well due to the materials resistance to abrasion and vibration.
Polyurethane Sheathing - used in hydraulic hose bundling, also used as a containment hose to reduce the risk of hydraulic oil spillage.
www.colexint.com /indmn.htm   (652 words)

 Frp Encyclopedia
Typical thermoset plastics are: unsaturated polyester (UP)– used for bowling balls and boats; epoxy– used for adhesives and coatings; and polyurethanes (PURs)– used in foams and coatings.
In addition to these basic characteristics, polymers provide the frp composite designer with a myriad of characteristics that can be selected, depending on the application.
Foams, Urethane- Polyurethane resins are produced by reacting diisocyanates with polyols to form polymers having free isocyanate groups.
www.kemlite.com /frp_encyclopedia.cfm   (2564 words)

 Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry,polyurethane industry
Course titles include PU101: Introduction to Polyurethane Chemistry and Technology, PU 102: Polyurethane Foams (Flexible and Rigid) and PU 104: Polyurethane CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomer applications).
The Polyurethanes 2006 Technical Conference will be held September 25-27, 2006 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.
API’s Polyurethane Professional Development Program will take place September 24–27, 2006 at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.
www.polyurethane.org   (379 words)

 Polyurethane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Polyurethane is any polymer from organic parts, connected by urethane links.
The intention is to repair some of the water damage, restain and apply a coat of polyurethane to add some water protection.
the house reeks of polyurethane like you wouldn't believe, and it's not going to dry until tomorrow.
www.ljseek.com /Polyurethane_s4.html   (711 words)

 Polyurethane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Unlike any other insulation product on the market today, polyurethane foam has the broadest application capabilities.
Standard applications include, but are not limited to, replacing existing roofing systems; metal building walls/ceilings; tanks; freezers/coolers; controlled atmosphere storage facilities, roof monitors, glass windows, skylights, flotation, pour foam for cavities, etc., the list is almost endless!
Polyurethane foam/coatings provide a seamless insulation that can be sprayed to any thickness to provide the necessary R-Value.
www.ribcoinc.com /polyurethane.htm   (138 words)

The best way to apply a consistant full body coat of oil based polyurethane onto a hardwood floor is by using a Natural Lamb's Wool Applicator.
Coat the edges of the floor with a brush and then do the center of the floor with the Applicator.
Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Refresher is a specially formulated water-borne urethane refresher for all unwaxed, polyurethane finished floors that are dull, scratched, or show signs of wear.
www.cinhome.com /shop/shop.cgi?page=listd.html   (529 words)

 Anderson Hardwood Floors - Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The energy-efficient design of the 70s became mainstream.
Anderson: We introduced the Freedom Finish™ Floors with an environmentally friendly, no-wax, acrylic polyurethane wear layer over six different colorations of flooring.Freedom Finish™ then carried a 5-year finish warranty (now 15 years).
Don Finkell, third generation, becomes CEO of Anderson Hardwood Floors.
www.andersonfloors.com /And_Encyclopedia/encyclopediaMAIN.html   (1642 words)

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