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 Pop-rap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pop rappers were seen as less "threatening" to a predominantly juvenile audience, as against the hardcore gangsta rap gaining in popularity.
Pop rap is is the name given to a style of hip hop that has a strong pop music influences.
In the pop rap sound, the rougher elements of hip hop music are removed and hooks are used in order to achieve a crossover-friendly sound.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pop-rap   (846 words)

 Pop rap: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic
Pop rap often tended to be slower in delivery than regular hip-hop.
The increasing popularity of hip-hop as the 21st century began is often ascribed to pop rap's stylistic matter.
Pop rap music is a combination of rap rap quick summary:
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/p/po/pop_rap.htm   (1183 words)

 Pop music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pop music is often defined as music produced commercially, for profit, or "as a matter of enterprise not art" though it may more usefully be defined by market, ideology, production, and aesthetics.
One of the biggest highlights for pop music in the 1980's was Michael Jackson's second solo album, Thriller, which went on to become the best-selling album of all time.
Pop explodes with The Beatles, Carole King, Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach, Aretha Franklin, Isley Brothers, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, The Byrds.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pop_music   (670 words)

 West Coast Rap Downloads - Download West Coast Rap Music - Download West Coast Rap MP3s
Snoop rapped on The Chronic as much as Dre, and his drawled vocals were as important to the record's success as its P-Funk bass grooves.
But Del's rap isn't as grim or violent as Ice Cube's is, in fact, he's been known to include something in his music that's far too uncommon in most rap: humor.
But Del's rap isn't as grim or violent as Ice Cube's is, in fact, he's been known to include something in his music that's far too...
www.mp3.com /west-coast-rap/genre/581/subgenre.html   (6464 words)

 rap/r&b the new pop - Forums
Rap is diff from hip-hop, but I'm asking if both Rap and RandB are the new pop.
Like, it doesn't SOUND like Pop, but a lot of the RandB/Rap/Hip Hop definitely hitting the charts like the old Britney and Xtina songs were in the 90's.
pop is still pop but maybe randb and rap is taking a turn and is gonna be the new pop....who knows...only time could tell
www.createblog.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=24096   (1039 words)

 Results in
Hip-Hop music, or to use the more popular marketing term, Rap music, was the most popular, influential, and controversial form of black and Latino urban popular music throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
Beyond the rhyming style known as rapping or MC-ing, deejaying uses the turntable as an instrument that the MC raps over while listeners engage in the quasi-acrobatic gyrations of breakdancing.
Rapping can take many forms--from the rhythmic vocal delivery of blues artists and the artsy jazz-influenced delivery of the Last Poets to the almost spoken-word delivery of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419101014   (291 words)

 NG BBS - Isn't rap pop?
Posted: 3/3/05 09:41 AM Pop and Rap are defined by the music, not by its followers.
there is gansta rap, west coast rap, east coast rap, street rap, hip hop rap, pop rap....
Posted: 3/3/05 09:37 AM My inerpretation of "pop" music is the kind of music listened to and idolised by the vast majority.
www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic.php?id=238483   (1180 words)

 BBC NEWS Entertainment Music Timeline: 25 years of rap records
Rap was no longer underground with uncompromising tunes reaching the pop charts and a new breed of artists shooting straight from the streets to superstardom.
White expunks The Beastie Boys similarly mixed rap and rock on their debut album Licensed to Ill the first rap album to hit number one and the bestselling rap album of the 1980s but were dismissed as phoney and unauthentic by some purists.
Rap had been a growing force on the streets of The Bronx New York for several years with funk soul and disco coinciding with new technology and social upheaval.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/music/3734910.stm   (1256 words)

 Country and rap dominate 25 top albums of the year
The dominance of country and rap on the charts could be seen partly as a reaction to consumers being spoon-fed manufactured boy bands for years.
Genre: Coming-of-Age Pop R&B. Take: A little bit of Lauryn Hill, a little bit of TLC and, for listeners with attention-deficit disorder, one-word song titles and an introduction that samples songs on which she has sung in the past.
Although it could be argued that much of what passes for country is virtually indistinguishable from generic pop, country music still represents a more specific aesthetic, national identity and, at least in today's music, upwardly mobile lifestyle than other forms of manufactured pop.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/12/27/DD48547.DTL&type=printable   (1914 words)

 SOHH.com Global Forum - Korea's rap 'n' roll phenomenon
Try to dismiss K-pop as K-rap, though, and you overlook the most remarkable aspect of the phenomenon, the fast-spreading popularity of this pop form to China, the communist giant that seems to welcome the invasion as long as it is pop, and not political.
Unlike the anodyne messages of the rap that is chanted by the major bands, including "Drunken Tiger," they shout out words of rebellion against traditional society.
Maybe, he says, that's because Koreans are so mesmerized by the formulaic numbers blaring from the country's four music TV channels that they have yet to consider them as an overall phenomenon deserving of a label reflecting the country of origin.
forums.sohh.com /showthread.php?t=130467   (1053 words)

 CD Baby: POP-O-PIES: Pop-O-Anthology 1984 - 1993
Back then the preppie kids listened to haircut-100, the smurf-punks overplayed the sex-pistols (it was all they knew), and the truly cool had the V-Femmes, Cure, Bad brains and of course the Pop-o-pies.
For those who don't know the Pop's, think of it this way; Haight Ashbury meets the Clash or Pre-Post Grunge 'Frisco style or Zappa and Iggy on a peyote and speed bender (hey kids, don't do drugs!) This is pre-indie indie, guys!
With Grateful Dead covers, thrash, and some primitive rap, it's got everything for everyone.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/popopies   (1068 words)

 Rap Star Name Generator > Get your Rap Star Music Name > Rapstarname.com
Whether you like the old school hip-hop of "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang, or the "gangsta" rap of 50 Cent, one theme plays out: great hip-hop rap star names.
Now you can battle the other MCs and DJs in the world of Rap and Hip-Hop music.
Even if you think Ja Rule is "Ja Crap" or Old Dirty Bastard lacks finesse, an urban styled hip hop name is fun for the whole family.
rapstarname.com /index.php   (141 words)

 Popular Culture -- MUSIC
Professa Rap (aka Russell Potter) A postmodern pro-phet-fessor of rap.
Rap, Black Rage, and Racial Difference A lengthy exploration of rap and hip-hop culture, specifically gangsta rap, calling attention to various issues.
All Music Guide As the name suggest, a very comprehensive guide to all forms of pop, rock and related musics.
www.wsu.edu /~amerstu/pop/music.html   (1214 words)

 Pop lock - Rap Dictionary
Popping consists of popping the muscles into a smooth rythmetic flow.
Popping and locking are two completely different styles of dance.
It is a common misconception brought up by MTV and BET.
www.rapdict.org /Pop_lock   (68 words)

 Pop Star Name Generator > Get your Pop Star Music Name > Popstarname.com
Whether you're aspiring to be the next Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake, your road to pop idol music stardom begins with the most basic of elements - your pop star name.
This will give you time to work on the more important requirements of pop music superstardom, such as singing and talent.
Click the red LED lights above to switch to a Rock, Rap, or Country star music name.
popstarname.com   (144 words)

 Purity » Archivio Blog » Rap, hip-hop and pop
Another reason why I stopped listening to rap music was because of the god damn gang and sex crap, that’s all rap is about, is SEX, and shooting nigga’s in da hood.
All the fans of rap are too caught up in the media, majority are ‘media bitches’, they go with what ever everyone else likes, conforimists.
You never hear as much metal heads looking for a fight, but rap, that’s all their lyrics are about, is fighting, shooting, sex, and violence.
www.toastednet.org /purity?p=5   (366 words)

 MP3.com - the source for digital music!
Meanwhile, Dr. Dre's catchy G-funk and Puff Daddy's Hammer-esque plundering of '80s pop hits helped bring gangsta and hardcore themes to the top of the charts; by the end of the '90s, pop-rap was dominated by artists they had influenced and/or mentored, as well as artists who blended rap with urban soul.
There had been hit rap singles and albums before him, but MC Hammer was the man who truly brought rap music to a mass pop audience.
Clean-cut, witty, and easygoing, the duo's bubblegum approach was a stark contrast to the dominant, harder-edged rap sound of the period; viewed as a non-threatening alternative to their peers, they received the parental seal of approval, and their appeal spread across racial lines as well.
www.mp3.com /pop-rap/genre/577/subgenre.html   (4873 words)

 Real Directory - Music : Rap/Hip-Hop
In terms of industry presence, hip-hop made its biggest splash with Gangsta Rap, which gathered steam in the late '80s and dominated the pop charts in the '90s.
Rap in its earliest stages consisted of DJs mixing records and juggling beats and breaks for block parties while emcees rhymed over the rhythms.
Many of today's rap artists record and tour with live bands, expanding the musical parameters beyond the constraints of samples and hooks.
guide.real.com /dir/music/rap_hip_hop.html   (293 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Music: Lyrics: Rock and Pop
Chill2Music - Several lyrics of popular pop, rap and other types of songs.
Pop Lyrics World - Large lyrics collection organized by artists and albums, complete and daily updated, also including comprehensive soundtrack lyrics and US and UK chart lyrics.
Always on the Run Lyrics - Alternative, rock, and pop lyrics from well-known and not-so-well-known artists - from Air to Young Marble Giants.
dmoz.org /Arts/Music/Lyrics/Rock_and_Pop   (1501 words)

 The Laughing Papillon: Vinyl Records by Genre
Tone-Loc was an '80s rap pioneer, the second rap act ever to reach #1 on Billboard's album charts.
The group was formed by Lonzo (Alonzo Williams), owner of the Compton club Eve After Dark, who recruited a pair of popular local DJs, Dr. Dre and DJ Yella, along with Dre's high-school friend Cli-N-Tel.
Signed to RCA by the turn of the decade, Me Phi Me released a few singles, one of which ("Sad New Day") was a surprise entry on the singles charts.
www.thelaughingpapillon.com /vinyl_genrerap.php   (915 words)

 Alive: Rap, poetic pop, 'eviltainment' on concert menu
Alive: Rap, poetic pop, 'eviltainment' on concert menu
TEAM POP TRIVIA -- The winner of this week's random drawing for the zippy St. Petersburg Times T-shirt is Mark Dawson of Palm Harbor.
Fax entries to Team Pop Trivia, (727) 892-2327, send e-mail to gina@sptimes.com or send your entry in an envelope as our ancestors used to: Team Pop Trivia, c/o Weekend, St. Petersburg Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33713.
www.sptimes.com /News/072800/news_pf/Alive/Rap__poetic_pop___evi.shtml   (489 words)

 D12 aint pop! - Rap Basement Message Board
yeah i know pop is short 4 popular and d12 r popular....but that means theyre classified with all them stupid teenyboppers like britney and nsync and all them and it annoys me-
I refuse to buy top of the pops because they are boring.
It wont do much and its because D12 have so drastically gone from shiny, happy pop to drug influenced lyrics which aint good at all.
www.d12world.com /board/showthread.php?t=9529   (1412 words)

 Geek Forum: Rap? Hip hop and pop?
Wow i have never met a geek forum in which rap, hip hop, and pop...was actually.........respected, anyway sorry if i offend...i dont want to get on the wrong foot with anyone.
Most rap or hip-hop w/e it is has a beat (repeated sound) the ennttiirree song.
I probally wouldn't like rap if it weren't for artists like eminem, and if eminem was a rock artist rather than rapper, i'd probally like rock.
www.geekforum.com /forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2061&PN=1&TPN=4   (731 words)

 All Available Artists in Pop-Rap - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
That period has seen Southern rap challenge NYLA's supremacy, and Miami amend the dirrty stylings with South Beach...
T-Effect not only raps & sings but he's a producer/songwriter and has a strong dance background...
From the artist: The passion for poetry, the love for music, the talent, the determination to achieve his dreams, all combine in Bryan Noble to create a brilliant artist.
music.download.com /3605-8539_32-0.html   (470 words)

 Rap Radio
But pop idol Britney Spears — who has seen her album sales fall as she morphed from fl...
From rap star star to multimedia presence, Snoop proves
Clear Channel New York's Power 105.1 (WWPR-FM), New York's New #1 for Hip Hop & R&B, is proud to announce that rap legend JAY- Z will be making a special appearance at the "Power Music Summit" on Satu...
archive.wn.com /2005/04/17/1400/radiorap   (507 words)

 Eminem's CURTAIN CALL: THE HITS Features His Most Popular Tracks Plus Three New Songs and a Bonus Live Performance
The other Grammy winners included are "My Name Is" (Top 40 Pop/#10 Rap) and "The Real Slim Shady" (#4 Pop/#7 Rap).
The three most recent charted #1 Pop and #1 R&B/Hip-Hop, with his major label debut #2 Pop and #1 R&B/Hip-Hop.
Each of his first three albums also won the Best Rap Album Grammy (ENCORE will be eligible for the 2006 presentation).
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/11-29-2005/0004224530&EDATE=   (420 words)

 Pop Rap - NerdSmart.com
As with their last hit, Elephunk, Black Eyed Peas' new disc Monkey Business is a joyful cross-genre journey with musical props to hip-hop, rock, folk, funk, and pop.
The top-selling pop music compilation series in the world is back!
Black Eyed Peas have at times been accused of sounding too Tribe for their own good, but this time out Will.i.am and crew have consciously expanded their horizons.
www.nerdsmart.com /r-38/m-Music/b-467964/Default.aspx   (411 words)

 Rock, pop and rap tours spring up - Focus
Whether you like rock, rap, pop, or even classic musicians such as Bob Dylan, you're bound to find a show that titilates your senses.
Rock, pop and rap tours spring up - Focus
There isn't too much on the straight up pop scale of music for the month of March, the majority of pop tours occur in the summer, but there are a few that stick out.
www.dailycampus.com /news/2004/03/04/Focus/Rock-Pop.And.Rap.Tours.Spring.Up-626382.shtml   (541 words)

 Japanese Hip-Hop
Japan Lyrics Has a fairly extensive list of Japanese pop lyrics in Roman characters.
www.geocities.com /Tokyo/Shrine/8509/J-rap/j-rap.html   (148 words)

 RapSearch.Com :: Urban Community and Shop. HipHop Ringtones, Iced Out Gear, Mixtapes, Find HipHop Artists, audio, mp3 - Home
Absolute Rap Lyrics pop - Absolute Rap Lyrics is you total fan site devoted to the latest Rap Lyrics.
Beat4Renzix pop - Great place for artist to make songs and hardly no money.
One Mic pop - New Site; Ill Style [More To Come] Hacks Added Everyday; Opened Like A Week And Is As Active As Any Site.
www.rapsearch.com /index.php?t=pop   (315 words)

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