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Topic: Pope Clement VII

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Pope Clement VII
Clement was anxious to gratify Henry, and he did not make much difficulty about the contingent dispensation from affinity, judging, no doubt, that, as it would only take effect when the marriage with Catherine was concelled, it was of no practical consequence.
Clement's commission empowered Wolsey and Campeggio to pronounce upon the sufficiency of the motives alleged in a certain specified document, viz., the Bull; but the Brief was not contemplated by, and lay outside, their commission.
Clement retaliated by pronouncing censure against those who threatened to have the king's divorce suit decided by an English tribunal, and forbade Henry to proceed to a new marriage before a decision was given in Rome.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/c/clement_vii,pope.html   (2398 words)

 pope clement ii - Article and Reference from OnPedia.com
Pope Clement Ii His Holiness Pope Clement II, n Suidger of Morsleben (died October 9, 1047), pope (December 25, 1046 - October 1047), son of Count Konrad of Morsleben and Hornburg and his wife Amulrad.
All this was met with criticism from church reformers, although Clement's pontificate, starting with the Roman synod of 1047, initiated an improvement on the state of things in the Catholic church, particularly through enacting decrees against simony.
Clement's tomb in the western choir of the Bamberg Cathedral is the only tomb of a pope north of the Alps.
www.onpedia.com /encyclopedia/pope-clement-ii   (214 words)

 Luminarium Encyclopedia: Pope Clement VII (Giulio de' Medici) (1478-1534)
CLEMENT VII (Giulio de' Medici), pope from 1523 to 1534, was the son of Giuliano de' Medici, assassinated in the conspiracy of the Pazzi at Florence, and of a certain Fioretta, daughter of Antonia.
The pope was now restored to the greater part of his temporal power; but for some years it was exercised in subservience to the emperor.
During this period Clement was mainly occupied in urging Charles to arrest the progress of the Reformation in Germany and in efforts to elude the emperor's demand for a general council, which Clement feared lest the question of the mode of his election and his legitimacy should be raised.
www.luminarium.org /encyclopedia/clement7.htm   (605 words)

 Biography – Pope Clement IX – The Papal Library
Clement IX was born at Pistoja, on the 28th of January,1600, of a noble family which has given a host of distinguished personages to the world.
Clement, full of kindness and charity, consented to this arrangement, and on the 1st of September the four bishops addressed to the pope a letter filled with sentiments of respectful submission to the apostolical constitutions.
But Clement was facile and merciful, and addressed a letter to them, accepting their full and entire obedience without mental reservation, testified his satisfaction on their return to obedience, admitted them to peace and communion, and at the same time declared that, in any such matter, he would never allow of either exception or restriction.
www.saint-mike.org /Library/Papal_Library/ClementIX/biography.html   (2504 words)

 AllRefer.com - Clement VII, pope (Roman Catholic Popes And Antipopes) - Encyclopedia
Clement VII, pope, Roman Catholic Popes And Antipopes
As pope, however, he proved to be unaware of the menace of Lutheranism to the church and was certainly not the man for the opening battles of the Reformation.
Clement's behavior in the matter of the divorce and the dispensations for a new marriage has been called vacillating, but when the situation became critical, he put the irreproachable Cardinal Campeggio in charge of the case with Cardinal Wolsey.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/C/Clement7.html   (382 words)

 Pope Clement VII - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pope Clement VII (May 26, 1478 – September 25, 1534), born Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici, was a cardinal from 1513 to 1523 and was Pope from 1523 to 1534.
Clement VII, who had displayed no more resolution in his military than in his political conduct, was shortly afterwards (June 6) obliged to surrender himself together with the castle of Sant'Angelo, where he had taken refuge.
One momentous consequence of this dependence on Charles V was the breach with the Kingdom of England occasioned by Clement VII's refusal in 1533, justifiable in point of principle, to sanction Henry VIII of England's (1509–47) divorce from Catherine of Aragon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pope_Clement_VII   (1272 words)

 Biography of Pope Paul III   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Under Pope Clement VII he became cardinal bishop of Portus (Ostia) and dean of the sacred college, and on the death of Clement VII, in 1534, received election as pope.
All that could henceforth be expected of the pope was that he would cooperate in the violent suppression of "heretics" in Germany, as he had done in Italy, by creating for their annihilation the arm of the revived Inquisition.
The pope's son was assassinated at Piacenza, and Paul III believed that this had not come to pass without the emperor's foreknowledge.
biography-2.qardinalinfo.com /p/Paul_III_Pope.html   (1296 words)

 Pope Alexander VII
Alexander VII (February 13, 1599-May 22, 1667) was pope from 1655 until his death in 1667.
Pope Innocent X subsequently made him cardinal secretary of state.
He died in 1667, and was succeeded by Pope Clement IX.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/al/Alexander_VII.html   (243 words)

 Europe in Conflict, 1523 to 1588
Clement fled to safety in the Castle of St. Angleo, from which he could hear the screams of his flock as men, women and children were butchered.
Pope Clement was also having problems with King Henry VIII of England, seemingly a lesser problem than he had been having with Charles, but in consequence it was to prove greater.
Pope Paul, in his late seventies but still filled with zeal, was disappointed with Charles for his moderation and for having cut short the war against the Lutheran heretics.
www.fsmitha.com /h3/h18-eg.htm   (4737 words)

 Pope Boniface IX
Pope Boniface IX Elected at Rome, 2 November, 1389, as successor of the Roman Pope, Urban VI; d.
Clement was succeeded at Avignon, 28 September, 1394, by Cardinal Pedro de Luna, as Benedict XIII.
Boniface was the first pope to introduce the form of revenue known as annates perpetuæ, or reservation of one-half the first year's fruits of every benefice granted in the Roman Court, this in addition to other traditional expenses.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/b/boniface_ix,pope.html   (1143 words)

 Popes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Clement's alliance with France led to the emperor's sack of Rome in May 1527 and opened the way for reform of the papal Curia.
The imperial army imprisoned Clement in the castle of Sant'Angelo, Rome, which compromised Charles's position, because this affront to the pope clashed with his ideal of a joint universal monarchy of pope and emperor.
Like the preceding popes Alexander VI, Julius II, and Leo X, Clement appeared to his contemporaries primarily as a Renaissance prince preoccupied with Italian politics, the patronage and enjoyment of Renaissance culture, and the advancement of his family.
www.wga.hu /database/glossary/popes/clemen07.html   (610 words)

 clement - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Clement VII (pope) (1478-1534), pope (1523-1534), whose pontificate was marked by an unsuccessful attempt to end the Reformation in Germany and by...
Clement I, Saint (died 101?), pope from about 92 to about 101, first of the ecclesiastical writers called Apostolic Fathers.
Clement XIV (1705-1774), pope (1769-1774), who suppressed the Jesuit order in 1773.
ca.encarta.msn.com /clement.html   (84 words)

 Patron Saints Index: Pope Clement VII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Relations with Holy Roman Emperor Charles V were strained as Clement allied with Francis I of France in the League of Cognac in 1526.
Peace was reestablished in 1529, and Clement crowned Charles emperor.
Clement's reaction has been called vacillating, but later canon lawyers maintain that, whether he was influenced by Charles V or not, Clement followed the only course possible on legal grounds.
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/pope0219.htm   (158 words)

 Sample text for Library of Congress control number 2004045364
The pope's party was received on shore by the Grand Master of France, Anne de Montmorency, the senior statesman in the kingdom charged with the court and its residences.
Clement VII reveled in the adulation and was himself overawed by the great honor accorded to his family, despite the surprise and shock of the entire world.
The fabulous heiress that Clement VII had produced for the son of the king of France was small, plain, ungainly, and, worst of all, not of royal blood.
www.loc.gov /catdir/samples/simon052/2004045364.html   (4274 words)

Pope Julius II continued his predecessors' renovation program of Rome of and focussed his attention on the rioni along the river and in particular Regola and Trastevere.
Pope Julius II was the founder of the Swiss Guard: for this reason the morion (* external link) the guards wear on particularly solemn occasions is decorated with the pope's coat of arms (an oak).
Pope Leo X did not leave room for scandal on moral grounds as his predecessors had done, but his passion for all sorts of entertainment was not appropriate for the spiritual leadership he was expected to exert.
www.romeartlover.it /Storia20.html   (2644 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Pope Clement VIII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Upon Clement's elevation to the papacy, the aged saint gave over this important office to Baronius, whom the pope, notwithstanding his reluctance, created a cardinal, and to whom he made his confession every evening.
It was equally clear to Pope Clement that it was his duty to brave the selfish hostility of Spain by acknowledging the legitimate claims of Henry, as soon as he convinced himself that the latter's conversion was something more than a political manoeuvre.
Henry's friendship was of essential importance to the pope two years later, when Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara, died childless (27 Oct., 1597), and Pope Clement resolved to bring the stronghold of the Este dynasty under the immediate jurisdiction of the Church.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04027a.htm   (1010 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When the former Pope, Gregory XI died, a vicious mob surrounded the papal palace where the cardinals were assembled to elect a pope.
The first reason for asserting that Pope Clement VII is the legitimate Pope lies in the character of Urban VI.
Clement his related closely to many royal families showing that he is a man of high caliber.
wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis.edu /~brars/paper2mst.doc   (1041 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When the battle was over the Pope was captured (he would be a prisoner for 6 months) and over 12,000 people were injured or killed.
The Pope was after all the leader of the Catholic church which Carlos had always defended.
Clement VII was the son of a powerful Italian family.
www.ctspanish.com /tyl/charlesv/charles8.htm   (237 words)

 Pope Clement VII
Clement VII (Giulio de Medici), Roman Catholic Pope from 1523 to 1534, was the son of Giuliano de Medici, assassinated in the conspiracy of the Pazzi at Florence, and of a certain Fioretta, daughter of Antonia.
It was due to his dependence on Charles V., rather than to any conscientious scruples, that Clement evaded King Henry VIII's demand for the nullification of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, and so brought about the breach between England and Rome.
On the 9th of June 1531 an agreement was signed for the marriage of Henry of Orleans with Catherine de Medici; but it was not until October 1533 that Clement met Francis at Marseilles, the wedding being celebrated on the 27th.
www.nndb.com /people/202/000094917   (558 words)

 SparkNotes: Italian Renaissance (1330-1550): The Waning of the Rennaissance (1499-1550)
However, his successor, Pope Clement VII, while a decent and moral pope, was a failure as a politician.
The Pope denied a final request for the ransom, since he believed that the small Roman professional force of 5,000, aided by volunteers, could fend off the starving army due to the Romans' advantage in artillery.
Though Pope Sixtus IV and Pope Alexander VI had lived lives of corruption and excess unbefitting a leader of the moral responsibility they held, they, and Rome along with them, had prospered.
www.sparknotes.com /history/european/renaissance1/section10.rhtml   (1250 words)

 Pope Clement VII: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pope Clement VII: Proceedings of the Conclave that led to his election.
By rights Clement VII should never have received the hat, as he was of illegitimate birth, which made him non-eligible; but Leo X considered that half a Medici was any man's equal.
The Medici Pope's vengeance was ruthless, and he continued to vent his rancour on the unfortunate citizens during the remaining years of his pontificate, setting far greater store by his family fortunes than by the important issues then at stake in Christendom.
www.pickle-publishing.com /papers/triple-crown-clement-vii.htm   (2482 words)

 The Catholic Church - Three Popes
Critics of the claims of Catholicism often use the historical incident of the three Popes as evidence that the claims of the Catholic Church are false.
This was Pope Clement VII who was a false Pope and was the cousin of the French king.
The problem with the Conciliar Movement was that the supporters believed that a council had higher authority than the Pope and that the Pope must obey the decisions of a council.
www.northforest.org /CatholicApologetics/3Popes.html   (685 words)

 Search Results for "Pope"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Although his literary reputation declined somewhat during the 19th cent., he is now recognized as the greatest poet of the...
Pope, John, 1822-92, Union general in the American Civil War, b.
Pope, assuming a despotic role, then began a campaign to wipe out all...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=col65&query=Pope   (277 words)

 Avignon Papacy - Pope Clement VII - Palace of the Popes - Pope Clement 7
Even more, the court of Clement VII shelters the young cardinal Pierre de Luxembourg, his nephew, a saint who demonstrates such devotion that when he dies (from deprivations and penitences) his tomb becomes a place of contemplation and miracles, visited by many pilgrims.
What worries Clement VII most is the presence of Raymond de Turenne.
The Popes - Clement V - Jean XXII - Benoit XII - Clement VI - Innocent VI
www.avignon-et-provence.com /avignon-tourism/popes-avignon/pope-clement-vii.htm   (345 words)

 Important Historical People of Our Time   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Clement VII (pope) (1478-1534), pope (1523-1534), whose pontificate was marked by an unsuccessful attempt to end the Reformation in Germany and by his role in the power struggle between Francis I, king of France, and Charles V, Holy Roman emperor.
In 1533 the pope alienated King Henry VIII of England by declaring that Henry's previous marriage, to Catherine of Aragón, was still valid.
Clement was a patron of the arts; among the Italian artists he encouraged were Benvenuto Cellini, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
www.landsknechts.org /people.html   (3293 words)

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