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Topic: Pope Paul I

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  Pope Paul VI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pope Paul VI became the first pope to visit five continents, and was the most travelled pope in history to that time, earning the nickname the Pilgrim Pope.
Pope Paul became the second pope to meet an Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, after the visit of Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher to Pope John XXIII on December 2nd 1960.
Pope Paul VI caused considerable surprise in 1968 when, to the consternation of his aides, he apparently denied rumours that he was homosexual.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pope_Paul_VI   (2207 words)

 Pope John Paul I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pope Paul raised him to the cardinalate in the consistory of March 5, 1973.
Pope John Paul was accused of being unable to handle the endless supply of documentation that was sent to him by Jean-Marie Cardinal Villot, the Cardinal Secretary of State.
Pope Pius XII was "treated" by Riccardo Galeazzi-Lisi, an unqualified "doctor" whose "remedies" left the pope with constant hiccups and rotting teeth, and who attempted unsuccessfully to sell photographs of the Pope on his deathbed to a magazine.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pope_John_Paul_I   (4337 words)

 Pope John Paul II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pope John Paul II was extremely popular worldwide, attracting the largest crowds in history (at times attracting crowds of over one million people in a single venue [over four million people at the World Youth Day in Manila]), and being respected by many even outside of the Catholic Church, despite strident criticism from some quarters.
John Paul II was succeeded by the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany, the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who had led the Funeral Mass for John Paul II.
Pope John Paul II could not escape the controversy of the involvement of Croatian Catholic clergy with the Ustasa regime of an active collaborator with the Ustaše fascist regime.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pope_John_Paul_II   (7356 words)

 Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia Pope John Paul I -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani (October 17, 1912 - September 28, 1978), was elected pope on August 26, 1978 and died 33 days later on 28 September 1978, after one of the shortest reigns in papal history.
Pope Pius XII was 'treated' by an unqualified 'doctor' whose 'remedies' left the pope with constant hiccups and rotting teeth.
The film The Godfather III used the controversial death of John Paul I as part of its storyline, it suggesting that he was killed by the Mafia.
www.kidsseek.com /encyclopedia-wiki/po/Pope_John_Paul_I   (2300 words)

John Paul II suffered from Parkinson's disease, an arthritic knee, an aching hip and the lingering effects of the 1981 assassination attempt.
Pope John Paul II led the world's Roman Catholics since he was the surprise choice of the College of Cardinals on Oct. 16, 1978.
He was a conservative pope in terms of doctrine, rejecting the ordination of women, forbidding priests from marrying, backing an international campaign against same-sex unions and opposing birth control and abortion.
www.cbc.ca /news/obit/pope   (1644 words)

POPE PAUL VI Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini was born on September 26, 1897 at Concesio (Lombardy) of a wealthy family of the upper class.
Pope Paul had an unaccountably poor press and his public image suffered by comparison with his outgoing and jovial predecessor.
Pope Paul Vl, the pilgrim pope, died on August 6, 1978, the feast of the Transfiguration.
www.vatican.va /holy_father/paul_vi/biography/documents/hf_p-vi_bio_16071997_biography_en.html   (765 words)

Paul was soon involved in controversy with various cities of Italy on matters concerning ecclesiastical jurisdiction and the relations between Church and State.
Paul demanded the repeal of these anti-clerical ordinances, and insisted that two clerics who had been committed to prison should be surrendered to the ecclesiastical court.
Paul V was no more free from nepotism than the other pontiffs of that century.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11581b.htm   (997 words)

 RNW: Pope John Paul II †   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pope John Paul II died in his sick bed on 2 April after a prolonged struggle with ill health.
Final farewell to Pope John Paul II With hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, and amidst loud applause and the pealing of church bells, Pope John Paul II has been interred in the crypt of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
The achievements of a pope -even one as active and control-freakish as John Paul II- are as hard to measure as they are transitory.
www2.rnw.nl /rnw/en/specialseries/popejohnpaul   (286 words)

 Pope John Paul II's Final Days: Pray for the Pope
Cardinal Mario Francesco Pompedda, who visited the dying pope, described the scene in the pope's bedroom: Assisted by several doctors and his personal staff, the pontiff lay serenely on a bed in the middle of his room, comforted by cushions, occasionally opening his eyes in greeting to the handful of visitors allowed inside.
Many observers consider Pope John Paul an unparalleled protagonist in the political and spiritual events that shaped the modern age, from the end of the Cold War to the start of the third millennium.
Pope John Paul's funeral, expected to be attended by world leaders from far and wide, will take place four to six days after his death.
www.americancatholic.org /news/pope/popehospitalized   (1268 words)

 JohnPaulI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
When the Cardinals elected Albino Luciani (Pope John Paul I) to the papacy in August 26, 1978 they set an honest, incorruptible Pope against the forces that were responsible for the corruption at Vatican City.
Pope John Paul I was concerned about what the power of money had done to people in the Latin American nations and throughout most of the world.
Pope John Paul I was believed have been murdered sometime between 9:30 PM on September 28 and 4.30 AM on September 29, 1978.
lifesjourney.homestead.com /JohnPaulI.html   (1144 words)

Paul's attitude as a patriotic Italian would have been sufficient to prevent him from allowing the emperor to be sole arbiter of Italy.
Pope Paul was not the instigator of the removal of the council; he simply acquiesced in the decision of the Fathers.
Pope Paul, who had given the emperor essential aid in the Smalcaldic war, resented his dabbling in theology, and their estrangement continued until the death of the pontiff.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11579a.htm   (1797 words)

 Patron Saints Index: Pope Paul VI
In 1964, Paul made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and became the first pope in over 150 years to leave Italy.
Paul met with leaders of other churches, and in 1969 addressed the World Council of Churches, and limited doctrinal agreements were reached with the Anglicans and Lutherans.
Paul issued frequent reassertions of papal primacy in the face of growing dissent within the Roman Catholic Church itself.
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/pope0262.htm   (343 words)

While Paul was with his dying brother at the Lateran, a party of the Romans gathered in the house of Archdeacon Theophylact in order to secure the latter's succession to the papal see.
Paul returned thanks and informed Pepin of the hostile action of Desiderius, who had failed to deliver the cities of Imola, Osimo, Ancona, and Bologna to Rome, and had also devastated the Pentapolis on his expedition against the rebellious Dukes of Spoleto and Benevento.
The pope's aim was to defend ecclesiastical orthodoxy regarding the doctrine of the Trinity and the veneration of images against the Eastern emperor.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11577a.htm   (1303 words)

 Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II was born in 1920 in Wadowice, Poland, a small city just outside Cracow.
Pope John Paul II, like many Popes before him, is generally considered by Catholics to be the sovereign "Vicar of Christ," Christ's representative here on the earth.
Pope John Paul II is no doubt a wonderful, visionary man. Before him, there have been saintly Popes and wicked Popes alike.
www.allaboutreligion.org /pope-john-paul-ii.htm   (913 words)

 John Paul I
These were a hodgepodge of the usual French mindset, speculating that the pope had been killed by either the CIA or the KGB, but the French weren't the only ones who smelled a rat in the Vatican.
There were conflicting accounts about the scene of the pope's death, whether he died in his bed or at his desk, and who found the body.
The offical story was that John Paul had died of a heart attack, but no autopsy was performed and the pope was embalmed before anyone could raise a question.
www.rotten.com /library/bio/religion/popes/john_paul_i   (949 words)

 The Papacy - Pope John Paul II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pope Paul VI created him a cardinal in the consistory of June 28, 1967, with the titular Roman church of S. Cesario in Palatio.
These are infused with the pope’s distinctive personalism, which emphasizes the dignity and rights of the human person, most truly understood in the light of Christ, as the norm and goal of human endeavor.
Published in 1992 by authorization of John Paul II (the original was in French, with the English translation appearing in 1994 and the authoritative Latin editio typica in 1997), this first catechism for the universal Church in four centuries is crucial to the hoped-for renewal of catechesis.
www.osv.com /catholicalmanac/popejpiia.asp   (4012 words)

 Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, encourages the Cultural Center's efforts to bring the light of the Gospel and the richness of the Church's intellectual and artistic heritage to bear upon the great issues facing contemporary American society.
In honor of Pope John Paul II on the anniversary of the late pontiff's election to the papacy, this extraordinary collection of features papal images by the foremost portrait artists from the Renaissance to today.
The legacy of Pope John Paul II will be celebrated at a gala international event to be held under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (pictured below) on November 16, 2005.
www.jp2cc.org   (752 words)

 Pope John Paul I, lying in state   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pope Paul VI dies on 6 August 1978 and, on the second day of the conclave, Cardinal Luciani is elected Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.
He chooses to be called Pope John Paul I. On 3 September 1978 he participates in the ceremony which initiates his pastoral service.
Less than a month later, on 28 September 1978, Pope John Paul I dies, reportedly of a heart attack, although some still maintain the circumstances to be suspicious.
www.phespirit.info /derekandclive/pope_john_paul_i.htm   (295 words)

 Quotes From Pope John Paul II On Medjugorje
The Pope replied with a smile that he hadn't done much, rather, it was a work of providence from above, and it was carried out in accordance with the promise of Our Lady of Fatima.
The Pope continued that the account of Our Lady of Fatima is private revelation and said that it differed fundamentally from public revelation.
Pope John Paul II, in response to a question asked by the Archbishop of Asuncion, La Paz, Bolivia.
www.medjugorje.org /pope.htm   (1249 words)

 Garry Wills, Meet Pope John Paul I
Yet, the more I studied, the more convinced I became that Albino Luciani's entire life was a preparation for those brief 33 days as Pope John Paul I. He had been nurtured in poverty, and never forgot what that was like.
It had been sold without their knowledge, through Bishop Marcinkus to the benefit of all concerned but the priests and poor of the diocese of Venice.
Pope John Paul I carried his spirit of poverty and humility straight to the halls of the Vatican.
www.takingfive.com /popejohnpaul.htm   (515 words)

 CNN.com - Pope John Paul II buried in Vatican crypt - Apr 8, 2005
ET), the pope's body was placed in a cypress coffin during a private ceremony.
By tradition, various medals, imprinted with the dates of the pontificate, were placed in the coffin, along with a parchment, sealed in a lead tube, summarizing the pope's life.
The German-born Ratzinger, dean of the College of Cardinals and a possible successor to the pope, read the homily tracing the pontiff's life from his days as a factory worker in Nazi-occupied Poland to his last days as the head of the church.
www.cnn.com /2005/WORLD/europe/04/08/pope.funeral   (960 words)

 BBC NEWS | Europe | Profile: Pope John Paul II
Despite the Pope's progressive, hands-on leadership, he is not without his critics, particularly over his views on contentious issues such as divorce, contraception and abortion.
The Pope marked his 84th birthday in May of that year, but despite deteriorating health has refused to let up his gruelling schedule of appearances and foreign trips.
The Pope holds a weekly audience on Wednesdays and until his latest bout of ill health led to the cancellation of his engagements, had not missed one since September 2003.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/europe/1944464.stm   (588 words)

 Pope John Paul II calls War a Defeat for Humanity: Neoconsevative Iraq Just War Theories Rejected
John Paul II stated before the 2003 war that this war would be a defeat for humanity which could not be morally or legally justified.
John Paul II sent his personal representative, Cardinal Pio Laghi, a friend of the Bush family, to remonstrate with the U.S. President before the war began.
John Paul II has sought to distance the Catholic Church from George Bush's idea of the manifest Christian destiny of the United States, and especially to avoid the appearance of a clash of Christian civilization against Islam.
www.cjd.org /paper/jp2war.html   (1293 words)

 Pope John Paul II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
The Pope said that Lent, “a journey of prayer, penitence and authentic Christian asceticism,” begins with the imposition of ashes, “an austere, penitential act that is highly esteemed in Christian tradition.
Paul VI pointed out some of the consequences of separating the unitive aspect of conjugal love from its procreative dimension: a gradual weakening of moral discipline; a trivialization of human sexuality; the demeaning of women; marital infidelity, often leading to broken families; state-sponsored programs of population control based on imposed contraception and sterilization.
In concluding remarks, Pope John Paul told the bishops that "an essential feature of support for the inalienable right to life, from conception to natural death, is the effort to provide legal protection for the unborn, the handicapped, the elderly, and those suffering from terminal illness.
frpat.com /pope.htm   (3939 words)

 The murder of Pope John Paul I
The Pope's glasses, slippers, and will disappeared, "none of these items has ever been seen again." Speculation is that there may have been vomit on the slippers, which if examined would identify poison as the cause of death.
According to Dr. Buzzonati, Pope John Paul I's cause of death was a heart attack.
Prior to Pope John Paul I's murder, Our Lady's message of September 13, 1978 warned that there was a "foul plot" against the Holy Father, and that the world would "soon understand" what She meant.
www.tldm.org /news3/johnpaulI.htm   (1979 words)

 http://www.myhelppage2.homestead.com/glorification.html   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pictured above with Bishop Padraig Harrington is the Promulgator of the Cause for the Beatification of Pope John Paul I. Bishop Harrington  was born and educated in the Promulgators' parish in Ireland.
The above prayer was taught to Pope John Paul I by his mother, when  he was just a little boy.
The Lord certainly heard Albino's prayer,  accepted him  as he was, and elevated him to the Seat of Peter, in order that he might  illuminate the world as a smiling messenger of Gods' love.
www.myhelppage2.homestead.com /glorification.html   (703 words)

 Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II steadies himself
Pope John Paul II This portrait of Pope John Paul II was photographed in 1979 by
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II gestures
www.popejohnpaul.inhispeace.com   (343 words)

 Catholic Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pope Benedict, U.S. first lady meet, discuss cartoon-sparked violence
VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hopes that the U.S. first lady's trip to the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, would be peaceful and spoke of his concern about violent protests taking place in many Islamic countries.
'Views on the News' on the pope’s Valentine, Muslim violence and Catholic identity.
www.catholic.org   (814 words)

 Pope John Paul II: Triumph Over Communism - World History lesson plan (grades 9-12) - DiscoverySchool.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
study one event and its significance in the papacy of John Paul II and describe the reflection of the Pope's beliefs; and
Context: When Karol Joseph Wojtyla was elected as Pope in 1978, he became known as Pope John Paul II.
Definition: A social system in which property and goods are owned in common; under this system, people are deprived of certain political and economic freedoms; a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that was the official ideology of the Soviet Union.
school.discovery.com /lessonplans/programs/popejohnpaul2   (656 words)

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