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Topic: Popery

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  57. A Dissertation Concerning the Rise and Progress of Popery
Now Popery may be considered in a twofold respect; both as an hierarchy, and usurped jurisdiction, and tyrannical domination over others; and as a system of Antichristian doctrines and practices: and in both views it will appear, that what is now so called, had a very early beginning.
Popery may he considered as an Antichristian hierarchy, a tyrannical jurisdiction over other churches, gradually obtained by usurpation; and though such an affectation of preeminence and dominion was forbidden, and condemned by Christ, (Matt.
Popery may be considered as a system of Antichristian doctrines and practices, some of the principal of which the apostle Paul has prophetically given notice of in a few words, 1 Timothy 4:1-3.
www.pbministries.org /books/gill/Sermons&Tracts/sermon_57.htm   (3633 words)

 The Christian Church, Its Rise and Progress
Popery was foretold in the prophecy of Daniel.
Popery is a child of pagan Rome, the dragon.
Thus the beast (popery) constituted the eighth head of Rome and yet was one of the seven.
www.heart-talks.com /truth39.html   (5625 words)

 The Papacy - book 3, chapter 1
Popery we have described pretty fully in its leading principles and aspects; and we now pass from the subject of Popery, strictly considered, to that of the Papacy.
Popery is the principle or error which may be defined to be salvation of man, in opposition to the truth of the gospel, which may be defined salvation of God.
Thus did Popery poison at their source the springs of law and government, and bind the kings and kingdoms of Europe in one vast confederation against the interests of liberty and religion, and in support of that divinity who sat upon the Seven Hills.
www.freepres.org /papacy/pap03-01.htm   (5837 words)

 Influence of Popery - Historicist.com The Protestant Interpretation of Biblical Prophecy. The Historical Alternative   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We by no means ascribe to Popery the great reverse which the Rhenish towns have sustained, and which is plainly owing to those great scientific discoveries and political changes which have opened new channels to commerce, and withdrawn it from this its ancient route.
Popery can glean in the rear even of famine and death: she has neither a heart to pity nor an eye to weep, but only an iron hand to gather up the crumbs on which the widow and the fatherless should feed.
Popery has been on its trial before the world these three centuries; and such are the effects which it has produced in every country under heaven where it has existed.
www.historicist.com /papacy/b3c5.html   (5622 words)

 EIPS - An Exposure of Popery
Such is the relative position of Popery and Protestantism among us at the present moment, though in many other countries the former is on the decline; and every true servant of Christ is called upon to use his best efforts to repel the artful destroyer.
Popery is the same now as it was in the dark ages of the church; and the worship of the Virgin is still one of the favourite tenets of Romanism, as shown in the following extract from an encyclical letter of Plus IX.
How unlike are these "inventions" of Popery to the miracles of Christ and his apostles, which were wrought before the world, attested by competent witnesses, designed to confirm their mission and were all acts of benevolence.
www.ianpaisley.org /article.asp?printerFriendly=true&ArtKey=cobbins   (5817 words)

 The Papacy - book 3, chapter 4
On the Continent, Popery has steadily pursued the same end,--the abolition of the Sabbath,--first, by the institution of fête days, which are more numerous than the Sabbaths of Protestant countries; and, second, by teaching the people to pass the day in shows and amusements.
The light blue of the Prussian uniform enlivened the more sober attire of the burghers, among whom, the writer is sorry to have to say, he observed some of his own countrymen, who were cheapening fruit in the market, while their servants followed, bearing bottles of Rhenish wine,--an excursion to the country being plainly meditated.
The organ pealed, the melody of the choir rose and fell in noble bursts, the tapers blazed, and the incense ascended in fragrant clouds.
www.freepres.org /papacy/pap03-04.htm   (5441 words)

 [No title]
Popery, on the contrary, spreads vice, disorder, crimes, and universal confusion, just in proportion to the extent of its influence.
In accordance with this doctrine of Popery has been the practice of Popes to utter their bulls of excommunication; and these included the exclusion of heretics from heaven, as well as from the church on earth.
Acting on the unrevoked principles of their fathers, who were accustomed to dogmatize and employ brute force against all reformers, they would, if left to the genius of popery, compel men even now to conferm in belief, and in practice, to all the rig- orous tenets of the system.
www.cs.unc.edu /~plaisted/Brownlee2.txt   (7736 words)

 Influence of Popery on Government - Historicist.com The Protestant Interpretation of Biblical Prophecy. The Historical ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The destruction which Popery works on individual character we have just had occasion to state; but in the department of government it has had more room to operate, and here it has left traces of its evil genius, if not more frightful, at least more palpable.
First of all, it confounded the two jurisdictions, and then set over them a head claiming to be divine and infallible, thus paving the way for encroachments to any extent on the conscience on the one hand, and on civil rights and liberties on the other.
In fine, as regards the influence of Popery on government, it were easy to demonstrate, that the Papacy delayed the advent of representative and constitutional government for thirteen centuries.
www.historicist.com /papacy/b3c3.html   (8953 words)

 INFANT BAPTISM: A Part & Pillar Of Popery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
That infant-baptism is a part and pillar of popery; that by which Antichrist has spread his baneful influence over many nations: I use the phrase infant-baptism here and throughout, because of the common use of it; otherwise the practice which now obtains, may with greater propriety be called infant-sprinkling.
Now as I believe, and it has been shown, that infant-baptism is a part and pillar of popery, a limb of Antichrist, a branch of superstition and will-worship, introduced by the ‘man of sin, when he shall be destroyed, this shall be destroyed with him and be no more.
When the Paedobaptists write again, it may be expected they will employ a better hand; or should they choose to fix upon one of their younger sort again; let them take care, first to wring the milk well out of his nose, before they put a pen in his hand.
home.earthlink.net /~christianbeliever/id9.html   (2461 words)

 Persecution Proved from Decrees of General Councils and Writings of Celebrated Divines to be an Essential Doctrine of ...
For not a tithe of the blood of martyrs was shed by Paganism, that has been poured forth by Popery and the persecutors of pagan Rome never dreamed of the thousand ingenious contrivances of torture.
Popery is unchangeable, and so her ablest advocates declare.
But supposing Romanists admitted a possibility of change in their doctrines, still there is abundant evidence in point of fact, from the writings of recent popish divines, that their doctrine remains the same, relative to the duty, whenever they possess the power of extirpating heretics by death.
www.bereanbeacon.org /history/persecution/proof_of_persecution.htm   (2738 words)

 The Attractions of Popery. Robert Dabney
Prelacy and popery speedily began to work in the bosom of that community and steadily wrought its corruption and almost its total extirpation.
Prelacy and popery offer this sweet morsel to aspirants by promising to make some of them lords of their brethren.
But popery professes to confer upon her clergy every didactic and presbyterial function which Protestantism has to bestow; while the former offers, in addition, this splendid bait of prelatic power and sacramental miracle-working.
www.housechurch.org /miscellaneous/dabney_popery.html   (7474 words)

 The Papacy is the Antichrist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Popery professes, too, to work spiritual wonders - those divine and saving changes on the heart and soul of man which Christianity accomplishes, and which it is the prerogative of Christianity alone to accomplish.
Popery came amid the murky and delusive glare of false miracles, which were wrought by Satan, and which were his sign manual, bearing witness to all that the system in behalf of which they were done was the "Mystery, of Iniquity."
Popery is as purely an incarnation of sin as the Gospel is of holiness.
www.aapi.co.uk /mansbacher/papacy.htm   (19748 words)

 The James Begg Society
To call 'Popery' the 'catholic' or universal church, is virtually to concede the whole argument to Rome.
Popery is most hated where it is best known: it is abhorred in Italy; and one reason for its success in Britain, is the comparative ignorance, and therefore deplorable apathy, in regard to Rome, of multitudes of modern Protestants.
This ignorance is no doubt partly traceable to the long exemption which our country has enjoyed from the tyranny of the Man of sin, and partly to the absence of any regular instruction of the people on this important subject.
easyweb.easynet.co.uk /~jbeggsoc/jbs-reffoc03.html   (1465 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Where Islam is Popery and Muslims the enemy within
"Popery" - a word now found only in the vocabulary of archaic bigots - remained the enemy until Catholic emancipation in 1829.
For the BNP, Islam is the new Popery.
The superstition and malevolence once projected on to Catholicism appear to be made manifest once more in the fanaticism and extremism which new holy warriors believe they have located in Islam.
www.guardian.co.uk /race/story/0,11374,1207509,00.html   (1236 words)

 The Bulwark
The following article, "The Blight of Popery,'" was typical of much of the virulent anti-Catholicism of the day, especially, as E.R. Norman points out, in its charge that "Catholicism was inimical to liberal government, national prosperity, and human dignity" (183) The article appeared in its first issue, pp.
The very principles of Popery, since it reached the zenith of its power, and obtained a perfect organization, are such as must work for evil to the mass of a population.
It is in direct antagonism to the free and healthful play of the human faculties, to mental enlightenment, to civil progression, to social worth and domestic happiness.
www.victorianweb.org /religion/The_Bulwark.html   (721 words)

 Popery Moving to Fill Spiritual Vacuum in Unified Europe
As of January 1, 2002, most of the nations of Europe have bound themselves together in a single economy under a single currency, the euro.
Today, nearly 500 years later, Latimer would be horrified that that candle of freedom from popery is in danger of being snuffed out - and nobody seems to care.
If Britain's resistance to popery is broken, the rest of Europe will be much easier for the Vatican to conquer.
www.cephasministry.com /catholic_pope_eu.html   (443 words)

 King William III
His naiveté of the true feelings of the English people against Popery were to bring him down just as quickly as he had risen to power.
Recent history had taught the English people of the impieties and superstitions of Popery and of the persecution of Protestants during the reign of 'Bloody' Mary.
Although both Parliament Houses believed James had repeatedly violated the system, trying to impose Popery and Absolution, the Constitution did not provide for a king who broke the law and this was the reason for the delay in proclaiming for William and Mary, with Mary's sister Anne to succeed them.
www.kirkdale113.freeserve.co.uk /king.htm   (2433 words)

 The Papacy - book 2, chapter 7
So is it with Popery: it does not raze the great foundations of religion; but if it has left them standing, it has spared them, not for their own sake, but for the sake of what it has built upon them.
It is necessary to be shown the ingenuity, compactness, and harmony of her system of doctrine, before proceeding to point out the adroitness and vigour with which she made it the instrument of accomplishing her ambitious and iniquitous designs.
Here were stored up the weapons with which she combated religion and liberty, subjugated the understanding and conscience, and succeeded for a while in subjecting the world to her iron yoke.
www.giveshare.org /churchhistory/papacywylie/02-01.html   (1026 words)

 Search for Popery related pages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Popery : Foe of the Church and the Republic
Popery: The Foe of the Church and of the Republic
Popery, which is usually expressed in terms other than music?
www.bookfiction.com /popery.html   (100 words)

 [No title]
The whole history of Popery is a commentary upon the truthfulness of this description.
Compared with the butcheries of holy men and women by the papal anti Christ, the persecutions of the pagan emperors of the first three centuries sink into comparative insignificance.
From the birth of Popery in 600, to the present time, it is estimated by careful and credible historians, that more than FIFTY MILLIONS of the human family,
www.bereanbeacon.org /Chapter_01.html   (2800 words)

 LEO Archiv: popery[...]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Popery is a derogative term for Catholicism used by British Protestants during the various religious troubles throughout history.
Perhaps you have a different understanding of the word from me, but ''popery'' is almost the opposite of 'Gotteslaesterung' in the UK.
Popery is just a derogatory term for 'the influence of the Catholic church', typically used by Protestants.
forum.leo.org /archiv.ende/2004_05/10/20040510155028g_en.html   (124 words)

 Quote from Charles Spurgeon on Catholicism
In our fathers' days the gigantic walls of Popery fell by the power of their faith, the perseverance of their efforts, and the blast of their gospel trumpets; and now there are some who would rebuild that accursed system upon its old foundations.
O Lord, be please to thwart their unrighteous endeavours, and pull down every stone which they build.
We must warn with judicious boldness those who are inclined towards the errors of Rome; we must instruct the young in gospel truth, and tell them of the fl doings of Popery in the olden times.
www.chick.com /information/religions/catholicism/spurgeon.asp   (271 words)

 Considerations Proposed to the Nation of England
Proposed to the distracted nation of England, concerning the present design and work of God therein; upon their submitting whereto doth their settlement alone depend, and not upon any Form of Government, or change of Governors, as that spirit which seeketh their ruin tempteth them to believe.
That under this church-government and way of worship there was a going backwards towards Popery again, instead of going further from it.
And this proceeded so far, that there was very little difference between us and the Papists, save only the name; the worship in both becoming dead, and formal, and pleasing to the fleshly part, but empty of that which should feed and refresh the spirit.
www.qhpress.org /texts/penington/distracted.html   (584 words)

 Mr. Watson's Sermon against Popery.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
My main and principal design at this time is, to shew unto you some few of those many grand Errors that are in popery, or in the popish Religion, and likewise to fortify you against them.
Popery is upheld by Deceit and Lying: How have they belied both Calvin and Luther.
They say of Luther, that when he died, the Devils were seen to dance about him, and that he died with much horror and despair, when as he went serenely and sweetly out of the world, his last words being those of our blessed Saviour’s, Father, into thy hands I commit my Spirit.
www.truecovenanter.com /sermons/compleat_collection_farewel_sermons_watson_1_cor_10_14.html   (3826 words)

 Burning Bush - The Reformers led us away from Popery, Ecumenists would lead us back -- whom do we trust??
"For God's sake beware of Popery: for though it appear to have in it unity, yet the same is vanity and Antichristianity, and not in Christ's faith and verity." Why was the good Rector of Hadleigh burned.
Taylor's sentiments are but a reflection of the many similar expressions given from the stake and the gibbet by those about to seal their testimony for Jesus Christ with their own blood.
Day by day the leaders of the three main Protestant churches in Ulster may be seen colluding with popery and engaging in ecclesiastical hugging and squeezing of the most affectionate kind.
www.ivanfoster.org /page.asp?ecumenists   (1564 words)

 Past & Present: "The fatall vesper": providentialism and anti-popery in late Jacobean London
But as Peter Lake has reminded us, anti-popery can hardly be regarded as a exclusively Puritan trait.(71) Indeed, those with "precise" inclinations were quick to distance themselves from the activities of the disorderly hordes, and to deny all responsibility for rousing the lawless multitude or stage-managing their terrorist attacks.
One pamphleteer was horrified to hear such "unruly voices crye out upon popery", aggrieved to see hooligans and thugs who "feared neither God nor men" metamorphosed overnight into "professors of the Gospell, and detesters of Antichrist".
Their providential and anti-Catholic zeal, in his opinion, was merely an effective cover for "rifling" and "spoile", a form of camouflage for underhand criminal schemes.(72) This was Puritanism born not of personal regeneration nor a psychological struggle, but of hypocrisy, knavery and material greed.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2279/is_n144/ai_15903107/pg_6   (798 words)

 Banner of Truth Trust General Articles
In 1894, the perspicacious prophet of the Confederacy, Robert Lewis Dabney, aimed his x-ray vision at a subject which troubled him deeply: the defection of large numbers of Protestants to Rome.
His essay, "The Attractions of Popery," which appeared in the April issue of The Presbyterian Quarterly made it clear he was no friend of the trend.
But it would be ingratitude of the rankest sort if we failed to recognize that God has graciously and largely preserved us from the attractions of popery; and it would he folly if we failed.
www.banneroftruth.org /pages/articles/article_detail.php?73   (1969 words)

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