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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Popeye the Sailorman. Roadside America
Popeye was ripped from his stone pedestal and landed on his face.
Chester's Popeye was dedicated in 1977 to honor the spinach-eater's creator, Elzie Segar, who was born in Chester in 1894.
Popeye's swollen forearms were Segar's waggish slap at the rigid "life drawing" classes he endured in his art school days.
www.roadsideamerica.com /set/popeye.html   (0 words)

 Popeye Picnic - Chester, Illinois   :|:   Official Website
Copyright © 2003-2007 Popeye Picnic Committee, Chester, IL.
Popeye and all characters are registered trademarks of King Feature Syndicate.
Any use of the information and graphics without the consent of the Popeye Picnic Chairman is prohibited.
www.popeyepicnic.com   (54 words)

  Popeye Turbo
The Popeye Turbo, with a range that is variously reported at between 200 km and 350 km, would appear to represent a turbo-jet powered cruise missile that may incorporate avionics and other components developed for the Popeye family of missiles.
The AGM-142 HAVE NAP is a variant of the Israeli Air Force "Popeye" missile, which uses a solid propellant rocket motor.
The baseline Popeye missile with a range of 45 miles has a diameter of 21 inches, and is nearly 16 feet long.
www.israeli-weapons.com /weapons/missile_systems/air_missiles/popeye_turbo/Popeye_Turbo.html   (524 words)

 THE HIGH HAT | Potlatch: Altman's Popeye
Popeye rambles on into a ramshackle city seemingly built on stilts and well on its way towards tumbling into the water, itself a set which borrows visually from the cartoons rather than the comic strip.
Popeye appeared on January 17, 1928, hired to captain Castor, his sister and her boyfriend, as well as their lucky Whiffle Hen, to break the bank at Dice Island.
I gots sensitivity.” Popeye is, after all, a passionate pursuer of Olive Oyl’s affection and a father figure to, depending on the source material in question, a passel of pop-eyed nephews or the orphan Swee’pea.
www.thehighhat.com /Potlatch/007/popeye_morris.html   (2479 words)

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Popeye the Sailor
Popeye made his first animated appearance in Betty Boop Meets Popeye the Sailor (1933), one of several cartoons in which the popular Fleischer cartoon star met various comic strip characters, in hopes that some might prove popular enough to merit cartoon series of their own.
In 1980, Popeye was made into a live-action feature film, starring Robin Williams as Popeye, Shelly Duval as Olive Oyl, Paul Smith as Bluto, and Ray Walston as Popeye's father, Poopdeck Pappy.
Popeye appeared on a U.S. postage stamp in 1995, but that's nothing special — so did Flash Gordon, Terry & the Pirates, Brenda Starr, and lots of other "Comic Strip Classics".
www.toonopedia.com /popeye.htm   (0 words)

 AlterNet: DrugReporter: What's In Popeye's Pipe?
Popeye has gone through many different writers and artists since he was first created in 1929 by cartoonist Elzie Segar.
Popeye discovers that the mine manager is feeding his men berries from a bush whose roots are soaked in a nasty drug.
Popeye falls under the influence of the laced berries and becomes surly and mean, striking out at his friends and allies.
www.alternet.org /drugreporter/21206   (0 words)

 Popeye's Gym - The home of Extra Strength Fitness - Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario
Popeye´s Gym is located in Kitchener - Waterloo and was established in 1976 as a 24 Hour Fitness Club.
Some important differences are that the members at Popeye’s feel truly at ease in the gym thanks to the friendliness and knowledge of the staff as well as being personally motivated by the energetic atomosphere.
Marty Hodgson is Co-Owner of Popeye’s Gym and has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 1972.
www.popeyesgym.com   (0 words)

 Popeye (1980)
There are two movies I have seen in which every line is good and that I can watch dozens of times without becoming the slightest bit bored.
I just saw Popeye recently for the first time in about twelve years and I can still recite it line for line from when I was a kid.
It's a fantastic movie and I'm blown away that the user rating is so low.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0081353   (0 words)

 Popeye Turbo - Israel Special Weapons
The Popeye Turbo, with a range that is variously reported at between 200 km and 350 km, would appear to represent a turbo-jet powered cruise missile that may incorporate avionics and other components developed for the Popeye family of missiles.
The baseline Popeye missile with a range of 45 miles has a diameter of 21 inches, and is nearly 16 feet long.
There is no particular reason to doubt that Israel could develop a variant of the Popeye Turbo with a range of 1,500 km, simply by lengthening the fuel tank associated with a 300-350 km variant reported by US intelligence.
www.fas.org /nuke/guide/israel/missile/popeye-t.htm   (598 words)

 Popeye - Pictures, Sounds, and Videos
Enter your email to join the Popeye mailing list
We have 3 different styles to choose from.
Show your support with these patriotic Popeye shirts.
www.everwonder.com /david/popeye   (0 words)

 Driver Hits Accelerator By Mistake, Slams Into Popeye's - News
SILVER SPRING, Md. -- In Maryland, a driver literally drove through a Popeye’s fast food restaurant during lunchtime Saturday, News4 reported.
The female driver slammed through the front window of a Popeye's in Silver Spring.
The restaurant is located in a strip mall in the 8600 block of 16th Street.
www.nbc4.com /news/10502336/detail.html   (135 words)

 Popeye From Strip To Screen
After a prologue in which newspapers herald the sailor's film debut, and Popeye sings "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man," the film featured what was to be the standard "Popeye" series plot, re-enacted with variations by the Fleischers for the next decade.
Popeye defeats Bluto, and, through the magical powers of spinach, is able to stop the train and save Olive Oyl.
While in the comic strip, Popeye gained his great strength from rubbing the Whiffle Hen, the Fleischers added the gimmick of Popeye's power being largely dependent on the ingestion of spinach.
www.awn.com /mag/issue2.4/awm2.4pages/2.4langerpopeye.html   (1550 words)

 Popeye - Uncyclopedia
Popeye (born July 4th, 1757, in Bristol, Massachusetts) was an actor performing at Thimble Theater between 1789 and 1834.
This fact shows that Popeye's acting capabilities were much better than Betty's, Olive's and many other female actors, evidence that the Shakespearean practise of casting male or castrate actors for female roles was not without reason.
However, it is an established fact nowadays that while being raped by his stepfather, a sailor and fisher who wanted Popeye to inherit the family business, Popeye found one of the many incarnations of Jesus as his personal lord and savior, and was reformed to a born-again christian at the age of six.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Popeye   (1072 words)

 Popeye the Sailor Man
In the 1929 sequence that introduces Popeye, in fact, Castor has inherited the rare and unique whiffle hen, a hen that has the ability to grant good luck to anybody who rubs the three hairs on her head.
Popeye frequently got involved in boxing matches, fights he would always win even though his opponent was invariably twice his size.
Popeye was surely produced due to the runaway success of the Broadway musical Annie, which was based on the famous 1930s comic strip Little Orphan Annie.
www.onceuponadime.com /reviews/popeye.htm   (1630 words)

 POPEYE History
Popeye is an underdog with a long fuse and a keen sense of fair play.
Popeye quickly eclipsed older characters to become the star of the strip.
Popeye made the jump to the silver screen in a 1933 Betty Boop cartoon entitled, "Popeye the Sailor" from the Fleischer Studios.
www.geocities.com /~shovalfilm/popeye-history.htm   (364 words)

 Popeye the pothead   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Popeye discovers that the mine manager is feeding his men berries from a bush whose roots are soaked in a nasty drug.
Popeye falls under the influence of the laced berries and becomes surly and mean, striking out at his friends and allies.
But in the end Popeye manages to suck the 'spinach' through his pipe, grows strong with hemp, breaks free and defeats the evil corporations, saving her from industrial pollution and oppression.
www.cannabisculture.com /articles/3568.html   (1443 words)

 Sniplets about Popeye and his friends.. and read more about it on these links!
Popeye was asked to do the work of 12 crewmen by himself, so he insists he should receive the pay of 12 men.
Popeye was portrayed as 34 years old, five feet six inches in height, and weighs in at 154 pounds.
Popeye first appeared on television in 1956, when old movie shorts starring the squinty-eyed sailor were shown in syndication.
www.popeye-n-olive.com /snipplets.html   (1192 words)

 Popeye Fresh
Popeye Spinach is processed in two state-of-the-art processing facilities in California in order to ensure proximity to growing regions.
Popeye spinach is cut in the field by a spinach-harvesting machine that cleanly cuts the leaves and conveys them to bins.
Popeye Spinach salads should be kept refrigerated until ready to serve.
www.popeyefreshfoods.com /index.php?page=home&car=flowers&toon=flowers&main=ask   (846 words)

 ANCHORonline The Source For Popeye News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When the decision to create the first new Popeye cartoon in nearly 20 years was made, I was very conscious of not creating a new look, but rather reinforcing, reinvigorating, recapturing and reinstating the magic that was created before me by some of the most talented cartoonists in history.
Popeye is one of the first classic cartoon characters to step into the CGI world.
Namely, the comedic timing of the early Popeye cartoons had a very specific rhythm, and it was absolutely vital to capture the rhythm in CGI in order to stay true to the look, movements and overall feel of those early Popeye cartoons.
www.popeye.com /frank.html   (763 words)

 Amazon.com: Popeye: DVD: Robin Williams,Shelley Duvall,Ray Walston,Paul Dooley,Paul L. Smith,Richard Libertini,Donald ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Popeye also discovers his long lost Pappy in the middle of it all, so with a band of his new friends, Popeye heads off to stop Bluto, and he's got the power of spinach, which Popeye detests, to busk Bluto right in the mush.
Popeye is a mix bag of wacky elements that suffers from some uneven pacing but at times it is gloriously weird, visually spectacular and brimming with intelligence.
Robin Williams is the definitive Popeye and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl is firmly in cement for all the ages.
www.amazon.com /Popeye-Robin-Williams/dp/B000094J63   (2340 words)

 CNN.com - Blow me down! Popeye turns 75 - Jan. 17, 2004
King Features Syndicate, which owns the rights to Popeye, is planning a yearlong series of events to relaunch interest in the pipe-tooting mariner with the outsized forearms, including a new 3-D animated TV special written by "Mad About You" comedian Paul Reiser.
Popeye began life in 1929 in Elzie Segar's popular "Thimble Theatre" comic strip as a limited story line guest.
Popeye battled everything from sassy goats to the bloated bad-guy Bluto while pursuing the affection of girlfriend Olive Oyl.
www.cnn.com /2004/SHOWBIZ/books/01/17/popeyeat75.ap   (297 words)

 ClassicGaming.com - Game of the Week   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Popeye is an important piece of video game history because it was the first cartoon ever to be turned into a video game.
Popeye's only weapon are his fists, which he can use to punch out the vulture or to smash the bottles.
Popeye fans or nostalgia collectors may be interested in taking a look at this game.
www.classicgaming.com /rotw/popeye.shtml   (490 words)

 Popeye: Rush for Spinach for Game Boy Advance Review - Game Boy Advance Popeye: Rush for Spinach Review
Popeye: Rush for Spinach is an unsuccessful attempt to combine racing and platforming together into a single game.
Popeye: Rush for Spinach is an unsuccessful attempt to combine two disparate genres--racing and platforming--together into a single game.
The graphics are slick enough, to the point that some people may be lulled into buying the game for themselves or their kids just from looking at the back of the box, but beyond that aspect, this game is an absolute disappointment.
www.gamespot.com /gba/action/popeyehushrushforthespinach/review.html?part=rss&subj=6126531   (1229 words)

 Popeye St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture - Find Articles
Popeye was a fellow who believed that might made right, and a sock in the snoot was a frequent negotiating tool with him.
Popeye also proved to be an impressively successful merchandising figure.
Popeye's oft repeated pragmatic statement, "I yam what I yam," was widely quoted during his heyday--as were such Wimpyisms as "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today," "Let's you and him fight," and "Come to my house for a duck dinner--you bring the ducks."
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419100973   (734 words)

 [No title]
Popeye made his first public appearance Jan. 17, 1929, in Elzie Segar's then 10-year-old comic strip, "Thimble Theatre," which originally revolved around Olive Oyl's family.
In fact, Popeye was the first character to invade, in an important way, the toy and novelty field.
Popeye continues to be one of the most widely recognized and beloved characters in the world.
www.kingfeatures.com /features/comics/popeye/aboutMaina.php   (671 words)

 Popeye FAQs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the cartoon "Popeye in Goonland", made in 1938, Popeye says he hasnt seen his Pappy since birth, 40 years ago, so that would put his actual birth in 1898.
Popeye did not have a dog, but did have a pet called Eugene the Jeep who is magical.
The movie directed by Robert altman and starring Robin Williams as Popeye and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl is an abomination.
www.math.pitt.edu /~bard/bardware/popeye/faq.html   (677 words)

 The Killer List of Videogames> - Popeye
Other Popeye characters to make an appearance in the game are Wimpy, Sweetpea, the Sea Hag and her Vulture.
If Popeye jumps off the second floor, he will be catapulted up to the third floor.
Every time Popeye catches a letter, one step is added to a ladder which goes up to Olive Oyl When the ladder is finished, Olive Oyl is rescued.
www.klov.com /P/Popeye.html   (1494 words)

 Bluto - Popeye's Worst Nightmare
Popeye obviously isn't as strong as Hercules is, or he could have done "a Thor" with the javelin or a rock (i.e.
Popeye occasionally comes across as a self-centered show-off, only into doing his own thing (and wanting others to endlessly praise him for it), and/or wanting things his own way.
So, it's painfully (for Popeye) obvious that Bluto and the villains like him in the cartoons were multi-faceted threats that could add an air of suspense to even the most outlandish toon plots and situations.
www.mtcnet.net /~bierly/blworst.htm   (1986 words)

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