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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Poppaea Sabina — Infoplease.com
Poppaea Sabina was married to two Roman emperors, Marcus Salvius Otho, who ruled from January to April, A.D. 69, and the more famous Nero, who ruled from A.D. 54 to A.D. Poppaea became Nero's mistress when she was still married to Otho.
Nero kicked Poppaea herself to death in A.D. 65 during a fit of rage at one of their drunken parties.
The story of Nero and Poppaea lives on classical culture as the subject of an opera by Claudio Monteverdi, L'incoronazione di Poppea, or The Coronation of Poppaea, written in 1642.
www.infoplease.com /askeds/poppaea-sabina.html   (176 words)

Poppaea, who was described as a notably beautiful woman and later married Nero, was simultaneously involved in a love affair with Marcus Salvius Otho, a good and intimate friend of Nero himself; Otho was as dissolute as Nero.
However, Poppaea became Nero's mistress in 58 and is supposed having organised Agrippina's murder (59) with Nero's acquiescence.
Soon Nero found a new counselor in Gaius Ofonius Tigellinus (previously exiled by Caligula for adultery with Agrippina), soon appointed a praetorian praefect; one of the earliest effects of Tigellinus' advancement was the introduction of a series of treason laws; numerous of capital sentences were carried out.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ne/Nero.html   (1177 words)

 The Two Faces of Poppaea   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
At long last, Poppaea victoriously marries Nero and begins "dominating him as his wife, as she had long dominated him as his mistress" (Tacitus 341).
Poppaea challenges Laura Mulvey's concept that men "cannot bear the burden of sexual objectification" (IIIB) as she is constantly monitoring whichever lucky prefect happens to have caught her fancy.
The cinematic Poppaea also supports Mulvey's view of the ways in which women are fetishized, as she is constantly posing for the pleasure of her male viewers.
comp.uark.edu /~twarner/roman_poppaeas.htm   (353 words)

 Poppaea Sabina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Her mother an elder Poppaea Sabina was a distinguished woman, whom the Roman Historian Tacitus praises as a wealthy woman and a woman of distinction.
The father of the elder Poppaea Sabina was Gaius Poppaeus Sabinus.
Poppaea had borne him a son a younger Rufrius Crispinus, who later after her death, would be drowned on a fishing trip by the Emperor Nero.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Poppaea_Sabina   (927 words)

Now when through hatred of Poppaea she undertook to protect the interests of Octavia, to whom indeed Nero owed his throne, the son determined to rid himself of his mother.
Poppaea now assumed the title of Augusta, her image was stamped upon the coin of the Roman State, and her opponents were murdered by dagger or poison.
Poppaea too, who had been brutally kicked by her husband, died, with her unborn child soon after.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10752c.htm   (1659 words)

 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page 1163 (v. 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Nero's passion for Poppaea was probably the immediate cause of his mother's death.
Poppaea aspired to marry the emperor, but she had no hopes of succeeding in her design while Agrippina lived, and accordingly she used all her arts to urge Nero to remove out of the way a woman who kept him in tutelage and probably aimed at his ruin.
Not satisfied with putting away his wife, he was instigated by Poppaea to charge her with adultery, for which there was not the slightest ground, and she was banished to the little island of Pandataria, where she was shortly after put to death.
www.ancientlibrary.com /smith-bio/2271.html   (1002 words)

 Detail Page
Her daughter, Poppaea Sabina (2), later became the wife of the emperor Nero.
Asiaticus and Poppaea were accused of adultery, and in addition, he was charged with plotting against the emperor.
Poppaea was not tried but also committed suicide after being threatened with prison by supporters of Messallina.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=AGRW0370   (461 words)

 Poppaea, Roman Imperial Coins of, at WildWinds.com
Poppaea, Wife of Nero, AE 22 mm of Perinthus, Thrace.
Diva Poppaea & Diva Claudia Æ 20mm of Caesarea Panias, Syria.
Diva Poppaea & Diva Claudia Æ 18mm of Caesarea Panias, Syria.
www.wildwinds.com /coins/ric/poppaea/i.html   (127 words)

 Roman Coins of Poppaea
Poppaea was the second wife of emperor Nero.
Judean Kingdom, Herod Agrippa I, 37 - 44 A.D., Diva Poppaea and Diva Claudia Commemorative
This is the only coin ever issued in the name of Claudia, Nero's daughter, who died in infancy, 63 A.D. Poppaea was described as a "god fearer" by Josephus and she may have interceded with Nero on behalf of the Judaeans.
www.forumancientcoins.com /roman-coins.asp?vpar=396&pos=0   (243 words)

 Biographies: Poppaea   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Otho was married to Poppaea Sabina, but emperor Nero took Poppaea for his mistress.
As a result of his mother's opposition to his affair with Poppaea Sabina, the young wife of the senator, and later emperor, Otho, Nero decided to murder his mother.
Monteverdi dealt with the dramatic Roman historical personages of Nero and Poppaea in his opera L'incoronazione di Poppea, The Coronation of Poppaea.
intranet.grundel.nl /thinkquest/bio_poppaea.html   (248 words)

 Church in Rome in the First Century | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Nero had just married his mistress, the beautiful and profligate Poppaea Sabina, to satisfy whose ambition he had first divorced his long-suffering wife Octavia and was within a few weeks to order her murder.
Now Poppaea was, if not actually a Jewish proselyte, one of that outer circle of adherents to Judaism known as ‘God-fearers.’ Her influence with the Emperor was now exerted on behalf of the Jewish embassy, with the result that Nero decided in their favour.
The above was not an isolated act of interference by Poppaea on behalf of the Jews.
www.ccel.org /ccel/edmundson/church.viii.html   (7845 words)

 PretBlog @ PreteristArchive.com » Blog Archive » Poppaea’s villa to be restored
The villa was owned by Nero but used by his second wife Poppaea Sabina as her main residence when not in Rome.
At the time of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, archeological evidence suggests that the villa was empty for rebuilding and redecoration, possibly in the aftermath of an earthquake in 62 AD.
Poppaea is believed to have stirred Nero to attack Christians after the Fire of Rome.
www.preteristarchive.com /pretblog/?p=131   (414 words)

 Lex Papia Poppaea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The object of the Lex Papia Poppaea was to regulate marriage (including provisions for adultery and celibacy).
Various titles are used according as reference is made to the various provisions; sometimes the reference is to the Lex Julia, sometimes Papia Poppaea, sometimes Lex Julia et Papia, sometimes Lex de Maritandis Ordinibus, from the chapter which treated of the marriages of the senators (Gaius, i.178; Ulp.
Attempts have been made both by J. Gothofredus and Heineccius to restore the law, on the assumption that its provisions are reducible to the two general heads of a Lex Maritalis and Lex Caducaria.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lex_Papia_Poppaea   (1052 words)

 rogueclassicism: Poppaea's Villa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Vesuvian villa of Poppaea - the notoriously promiscuous and ruthless mistress and wife of Roman Emperor Nero - is set to be restored.
According to stories told by various Roman historians, Poppaea urged Nero to kill his mother, Agrippina the Younger, and to divorce and later murder his first wife, Octavia.
She is also said to have persuaded Nero to kill the philosopher Seneca, who had supported Nero's previous mistress, Acte Claudia.
www.atrium-media.com /rogueclassicism/Posts/00004362.html   (356 words)

 The Emperor Nero
She however was betrayed by Nero, because she warned Nero of Poppaea his mistress.
Poppaea persuaded Nero to kill his mother in order for the two to have an intimate relationship.
Though Nero was married to Octavia, he was willing to behead her in order to marry his mistress Poppaea.
members.tripod.com /Daltheran/nero.htm   (728 words)

 Joop's weblog
Bovendien is De dood van Poppaea een compositie voor symfonie-orkest, zij het dat het orkest is opgenomen en wordt weergegeven via verschillende speakersystemen.
In Monteverdi’s beroemde opera ‘L’incoronazione di Poppaea’ (1642) wordt verteld hoe het huwelijk van de Romeinse Poppaea met keizer Nero tot stand komt: een strijd met veel verraad waarin de liefde de drijvende kracht en overwinnaar getoond wordt.
Poppaea is voor de tweede maal in verwachting en wordt door Nero in blinde drift in de buik getrapt, waardoor ze sterft.
blogs.cjb.net /joopschilp/94174   (357 words)

   POPPAEA'S VILLA TO BE RESTORED   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Poppaea - the notoriously promiscuous and ruthless mistress
Poppaea Sabina as her main residence when not in Rome.
Poppaea is believed to have stirred Nero to attack
www.lifeinitaly.com /news/news-detailed.asp?newsid=3148   (281 words)

 Tacitus: Annals: Book 11 [1]
She hastened herself to effect Poppaea's destruction, and hired agents to drive her to suicide by the terrors of a prison.
Caesar meanwhile was so unconscious that a few days afterwards he asked her husband Scipio, who was dining with him, why he sat down to table without his wife, and was told in reply that she had paid the debt of nature.
I may add that when Scipio was called on for his opinion, he replied, "As I think what all men think about the deeds of Poppaea, suppose me to say what all men say." A graceful compromise this between the affection of the husband and the necessities of the senator.
www.earth-history.com /Roman/Tacitus/a11000.htm   (1951 words)

 Roman Emperors - DIR Otho
These traits apparently persisted: Suetonius records that Otho and Nero became close friends because of the similarity of their characters; and Plutarch relates that the young man was so extravagant that he sometimes chided Nero about his meanness, and even outdid the emperor in reckless spending.
Most intriguing in this context is Otho's involvement with Nero's mistress, Poppaea Sabina, the greatest beauty of her day.
As a result, it is impossible to establish who seduced whom, whether Otho ever married Poppaea, and whether his posting to Lusitania by Nero should be understood as a "banishment" for his part in this affair.
www.roman-emperors.org /otho.htm   (2221 words)

 Monteverdi's 'L'incoronazione di Poppaea', reviewed by Robert Anderson. '... highly gifted soloists ...'
He is to creep up on Poppaea disguised as far as possible in the outer raiment of Drusilla, a court lady in love with him.
Poppaea's coronation scene at the end of Act 3.
It is almost a relief that the wondrous duetting to a ground of Nero and Poppaea at the end may in fact not be by Monteverdi [listen -- 'Ascendi, o mia diletta' (Act 3), DVD2 chapter 20, 9:10-10:46].
www.mvdaily.com /articles/2005/11/poppaea3.htm   (370 words)

 Local Writer's Workshop - Works-In-Progress
Poppaea the Elder of Velina Natalis..." And again snickers swayed him from his duty.
"Poppaea the Elder of Velina Natalis, the Emperor, Otho the Magnificent, requests you accompany him to tonight's gala to pay tribute to the great god, Saturn, for this past year's plentiful harvest." He panted lightly, relieved to have finally unleashed that mouthful.
Poppaea motioned for the youth to leave, saying, "Fly back to the magnificent Otho, and tell him I am ill and will not be in attendance."
members.tripod.com /~lww_2/goff2.html   (2211 words)

 EMORY CLASSICS: Publications| Niall W. Slater
In their particular Roman context the paired masks of Poppaea and Nero, both worn by the last Julio-Claudian, constitute both a scandal and a warning.
Yet this does not explain the use of Poppaea's mask, an act which, whatever its motivation, could certainly be interpreted by its audience as mockery.
Finally, Nero forbids C. Cassius to attend Poppaea's funeral and then sends a message to the Senate, asking for Cassius's removal; one of the grounds is keeping a bust (effigiem) of C. Cassius the tyrannicide among his family imagines, displayed with a daring inscription (duci partium, 16.7.2).
www.classics.emory.edu /indivFacPages/slater/slater21.html   (2985 words)

 Detail Page
He early on acquired a reputation for wildness, using an affair with one of the courtiers of Nero to insinuate himself into a position of favor with that emperor, sharing in Nero's orgies and eccentricities.
Poppaea did not accompany her husband to his new post, their marriage was annulled and Nero made her his empress in 62.
Otho never forgave him for this, mourning the loss of Poppaea for the rest of his life.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=ROME1183   (413 words)

 The Internet Classics Archive | The Annals by Tacitus
At the same time she was looking greedily at the gardens which Lucullus had begun and which Asiaticus was now adorning with singular magnificence, and so she suborned Suilius to accuse both him and Poppaea.
It was in the emperor's chamber, in the presence of Messalina, that he was heard.
The real cause of their destruction was that they had lent their house for the meetings of Mnester and Poppaea.
classics.mit.edu /Tacitus/annals.7.xi.html   (7543 words)

 Tacitus: Annals: Book 14 [60]
Nero, on receiving this decree of the Senate and seeing that every piece of his wickedness was regarded as a conspicuous merit, drove Octavia from him, alleging that she was barren, and then married Poppaea.
They threw down the statues of Poppaea; they bore on their shoulders the images of Octavia, covering them with flowers, and setting them up in the forum and in the temples.
She was then tightly bound with cords, and the veins of every limb were opened; but as her blood was congealed by terror and flowed too slowly, she was killed outright by the steam of an intensely hot bath.
www.sacred-texts.com /cla/tac/a14060.htm   (1743 words)

 Coins of the Family of Tiberius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Nero began an affair with Poppaea, the wife of his friend Otho.
Poppaea and Nero were married in 62, and Nero began persecuting many around him.
In 64 a fire devastated a large portion of Rome, clearing the way for Nero to began a huge building program, particularly a large palace for himself.
www.ruark.org /coins/Roman/1TwelveCaesars/Nero.html   (544 words)

 The Roman Forum Project
POPPAEA and CICERO try on accents of various cliche American types, in front of a side-scrolling projection of an endless panorama of ink-drawn American landscapes.
POPPAEA: Well, in short, we held that the manual recounts in Florida were unconstitutional because Florida's judges did not set clear and uniform standards for deciding what constitutes a legal ballot, and that in turn violated voters' 14th Amendment rights to equal protection under the law.
POPPAEA: Well we decided that Florida law couldn't reasonably be thought to require the counting of improperly marked ballots.
yin.arts.uci.edu /~players/RF2/script.html   (7043 words)

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