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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Poppet valve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A poppet valve is a valve consisting of a hole, usually round or oval, and a tapered plug, usually a disk shape on the end of a shaft also called a valve stem.
Poppet valves are used in many industrial process from controlling the flow of rocket fuel to controlling the flow of milk.
A number of designs of locomotive poppet valve system were tried, the most popular being the Italian Caprotti valve gear, the British Caprotti valve gear (an improvement of the Italian one), the German Lentz rotary-cam valve gear, and two American versions by Franklin, their oscillating-cam valve gear and rotary-cam valve gear.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Poppet_valve   (864 words)

 Poppet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Poppets are believed to be infused with life by their makers.
Poppets may also be made to represent a person, for casting healing, fertility, or binding spells on that person.
Such dolls, associated with witchcraft, may be made from a carved root, grain or corn shafts, fruits such as an apple or lemon, paper, wax, a potato, clay, branches, or a cloth image stuffed with herbs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Poppet   (264 words)

 Poppet valve: Just the facts...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A poppet valve is the type of valve (Control consisting of a mechanical device for controlling the flow of a fluid) system used in most piston engine (additional info and facts about piston engine) s, used to seal the intake and exhaust ports.
The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft (A rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank) - through gears, a chain or in modern engines with a rubber (Latex from trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus)) belt (A band to tie or buckle around the body (usually at the waist)).
The poppet valve was also used in a limited fashion in steam engine (External-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder) s, particularly steam locomotive (A locomotive powered by a steam engine) s.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/p/po/poppet_valve.htm   (775 words)

 Apparatus and method for readjusting pressure relief poppet valves - Patent 4773303
An apparatus for readjusting first and second adjustable pressure relief poppet valves to vent the fluid pressure moving a piston when the piston is at the ends of a second work stroke which is of a length less than a first work stroke for which the poppet valves are adjusted.
The poppet valves are carried by a piston disposed in a fluid chamber defined by a housing.
The position of the valve seat of each poppet valve relative to the piston is adjustable to establish an end of the maximum work stroke of the piston at which a steering stop is engaged and fluid pressure in a chamber portion, which moved the piston, is relieved.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4773303.html   (4969 words)

 Encyclopedia: Poppet valve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A poppet valve is the type of valve system used in most piston engines, used to seal the intake and exhaust ports.
poppet valve Scan, upload by MH 11:57, 2004 Oct 8 (UTC) This image has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder, its copyright has expired, or it is ineligible for copyright.
In a normal engine using poppet valves, the valves are opened by the camshaft pushing down on the top of the valve, often via a long pushrod and rocker taking the power from the crankshaft area to the top of the cylinders.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Poppet-valve   (2008 words)

 Welcome to Coates International Ltd.
This caused the poppet valves and combustion chamber on poppet valve engines to overheat, raising the temperature to in excess of 2500 degrees F and damaging the poppet valves.
At higher RPMs the poppet valve tends to float or bounce and is unable to service the cylinder and chamber to capacity with air and fuel mixture.
Elimination of oil flow needed to cool the conventional exhaust poppet valve stem, cams, cam followers, camshaft bearings and assemblies and intake poppet valve assemblies: thereby, eliminating contamination of the lube oil and atmospheric pollution from this source.
www.coatesengine.com /engine_of_the_future.html   (923 words)

 Poppet Magick
Be sure to sever the magickal connection between the poppet and the person it represented with this or a similar chant.
Poppet magick is a very powerful form of magick.
Never construct a poppet for malicious purposes, that is, to torment or harm another person.
www.geocities.com /lady_greenwood/poppet-magick.html   (1020 words)

 POPPET MAGICK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Poppet magick is extremely powerful and should be used with care.
In most cases the poppets used in Wicca are used for positive effects such as healings, love, happiness and they can also be used for bindings (only if necessary).
For an effective spell, you will need a poppet (made of natural material and it can be coloured to enhance the spell), a photo - or if possible, something of the person’s (ie: a lock of hair, fingernail etc) and any herbs, and gemstones needed as well.
www.sacredspells.bravepages.com /poppet_magick.htm   (278 words)

Poppets can be used to promote health, healing, love, and happiness, to protect loved ones from harm, and to charm friends and enemies alike.
This poppet is for short term use as it will inevitably rot within a short time of making it.
To dispose of a poppet, dig a deep hole and bury it.
www.angelfire.com /realm2/amethystbt/poppets.html   (453 words)

 Poppet COnstruction
Poppets are especially useful for spells that attract (or keep) a lover, heal, or banish.
In Voodoo itself, or Vodun, the use of poppet magick became popular in New Orleans after the end of the Civil War, although sources disagree as to whether poppets are used at all in Haiti, the home of the Vodun religion.
Poppet construction can either be done as part of the spellwork itself, or it can be done ahead of time, leaving the poppet to be used later on.
www.witches-tutorial.com /spells/poppet.html   (2587 words)

 Welcome to Coates International Ltd.
Through the rotation of the camshaft, a spring-loaded poppet valve opens to enable the fuel and air mixture to enter the firing chamber during the induction stroke.
Conventional poppet valves run hot due to their inability to disperse heat away from the combustion chamber.
Poppet valve engines almost always exceed a temperature of 2,500 degrees F which in turn, at such high temperatures, produce oxides of nitrogen which are visible as "smog" over cities such as Los Angeles, etc. The inlet poppet valve stems induct oil through the induction valve guides.
www.coatesengine.com /technology.html   (1465 words)

 Poppet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Poppet is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
POPPET: Also called a Mommet -- a small figure made from wax and cloth and created to mirror/image a person or thing in order to work a form of sympathetic magic - they were stuffed with herbs, hair, fingernails and sometimes bodily fluids.
Poppets are usually made to represent someone or something that for some reason is not present at the ritual performance, or it is the object of the spell-casting.
www.experiencefestival.com /poppet   (704 words)

 Robin Lee Hatcher | Poppet and Friends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
We stopped to pick up Poppet where she was boarded, so the one with me is in the office and the other is in her seatbelt in the car.
Poppet is having lots of fun and is in danger of being spoiled rotten, something her humans are sure to regret in short order.
Poppet and I arrived home from her birth state of South Dakota on Thursday, March 4.
www.robinleehatcher.com /poppet_and_friends.htm   (775 words)

 Accu-Guide Poppet Valves
The intersection of this flange and the stem is the weakest cross-sectional area in the poppet.
Poppet alignment concentricity is limited due to clearance needed between poppet stem and guide hole to control venting, resulting in valve-to-seat misalignments,
Poppet head and seat profile designed to streamline gas flow past the open valve.
www.aciservicesinc.com /English/Accu-Guide.htm   (209 words)

 Poppet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The poppet is supposed to fetch your post.
The only mailbox formats understood is mbox and "maildir" (it is the same modified maildir as used by mutt under cygwin and win32).
Poppet is still in an experimental / pre-release / alpha state.
www.geocities.com /win32mutt/poppet.html   (208 words)

 OutdoorsBest Forums: poppet valve
The common problem with poppet valves is for them to get stuck(not sure if they stick open or shut).
As did Jethro B who was kind enough to send me an email with diagram attachment of the water flow and an explanation as to function and operation of the poppet valve.
Low and behold the poppet diaphram was damaged and is venting water through the poppet vent hole.
outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com /zerothread?id=420237   (909 words)

 Poppet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Poppets have been used in various forms in many cultures.
The basic idea is to use the poppet to represent the
be tucked into the poppet instead of sewing it closed.
www.vidnet.net /~alindsey/pagancrafts/tutorials/poppet.html   (173 words)

 Poppet's operation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Poppet is having her operation at 9.00am tomorrow (18th August, 2005).
Hope that Poppets op went well, thinking of her tonight and sending much love and healing light her way.
Poppet its lovely to see you back and great to hear that your op went so well.
www.healthypages.net /forum/tm.asp?m=253605   (1470 words)

 Poppet Check Valve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The new valve offers a larger contact surface, which provides a more positive seal while resisting the inclination to brinell at the point of contact.
The new internal design positions the spring around the outside diameter of the poppet guide.
The use of 15-5PH stainless steel material for the bodies, seat, and poppet guide provide excellent resistance to fatigue, corrosion, and fluid contamination.
www.mccartneymfg.com /products/poppet_chk.html   (173 words)

 Poppet's Way   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Most of you are probably familiar with the history of the Newport Subdivision and the street called "Poppet's Way" in Crosby.
We have also been contacted by a peace officer who used to patrol the area.
They'll respond to the call only to find no one in the house, nothing amiss, and the television set turning itself on and off.
www.lonestarspirits.org /investigations/poppetsreport.html   (606 words)

 What are poppet vlv.s in a V-6 Chevy?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Took it to the shop and they said the "poppet vlv.s" are mis-connected or plugged.
Poppet valve is a term left over from the very early days of cardom.
Poppet's are the injectors on a CFI, central fuel inj.
www.hotrodders.com /forum/what-poppet-vlv-s-v-6-chevy-46841.html   (399 words)

 Kegging Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
If this doesn't work then a new poppet valve is probably required, although very rarely, the tank plug itself may be chipped.
It is the older design where the poppet doesn't snap into the tank plug that is problematic.
You are using pliers to essentially convert the new poppet to the older style poppet.
www.stpats.com /kegsys.htm   (1935 words)

 Latching Poppet Valves feature direct-acting solenoid., Humphrey Products
May 11, 2004 - Poppet Valves are direct pilot or solenoid operated.
Jan 4, 2002 - Poppet Valves are solenoid operated.
Nov 5, 2001 - Poppet Valves suit chemical dispensing applications.
news.thomasnet.com /fullstory/464535   (701 words)

 Gingerbread Poppet - BPAL Madness!
When I first put on Gingerbread Poppet it was a little spicy, but had all the homebake goodness of gingerbread cookies.
I am ecstatic to report that Gingerbread Poppet is becoming sweeter and sweeter as it wears on -- I love it! If I become impatient waiting for the sweet stage, I'm sure this will be amazing with Dana O'shee.
Gingerbread Poppet 2004 is definitely a true, spicy gingerbread smell.
www.bpal.org /index.php?showtopic=2286   (2087 words)

 Poppet Check Valve by Microchek.com
Poppet check valve information available by clicking above.
Poppet check valve related phrases are on Microchek.com.
Related phrases are operation of a stop check valve, fmea safety valve, high pressure pnumatic valves, lawn sprinkler flow control valve, and moen control valve.
www.microchek.com /poppet_check_valve_n.html   (541 words)

 Poppet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Happiness,comes of the capacity to feel deeply,to enjoy simply,to think freely, to risk life,to be needed.
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
I used to be an atheist, until I realised I was God.
www.healthypages.net /forum/tm.asp?m=128504   (647 words)

 Figure 6-30.—Cutaway view of poppet-type, four-way directional control valve.
lobes are not contacting any of the poppets.
The poppets are arranged so that rotation of
of poppets to direct the flow of fluid through the
www.tpub.com /content/engine/14105/css/14105_105.htm   (301 words)

 Miss Poppet's Parties
Miss Poppet's Parties provides a uniquely elegant and memorable setting for little girls to celebrate birthdays and special occasions in their lives.
Your little girl will host her very own tea party in lavish style, while playing dress-up and partaking of delicious treats and engaging in fun activities.
A Miss Poppet's parcel will make the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your own Miss Poppet.
www.misspoppetsparties.com   (202 words)

 George Martin's Poppet Valve
George Martin, of Martin Outboard Motor fame, conceived of the idea for a revolutionary replacement for the commonly used reed valves long before he became involved in outboard manufacturing.
He finally received a patent on his poppet valve in July, 1942.
Paul Moneski (probably with a great deal of assistance from his wife) scanned the document and made it available to us.
www.pfs-ware.com /History/GeorgeMartin.htm   (93 words)

 2-Way Poppet Valves feature bubble tight shut-off., Valcor Engineering Scientific D
Valcor Scientific, a division of Valcor Engineering Corp. of Springfield, NJ, has just introduced its new SV72 Series of 2-way inert balanced-poppet solenoid valves.
Oct 28, 2005 - Compact Solenoid Valves have non-locking manual override.
Jun 22, 2005 - Latching Poppet Valves feature direct-acting solenoid.
www.industrialnewsroom.com /fullstory/4045   (744 words)

 All Showcase - poppet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Find the Best Sites For poppet With Starware - Starware search is an excellent resource for quality sites on poppet and much more!
poppet - Your relevant result is a click away!
Poppet Valve At GlobalSpec.com - Find the exact component/ equipment you require with GlobalSpec's engineering search engine. Links to view catalogs and technical info, contact suppliers.
www.allshowcase.com /cgi-bin/search2.cgi?keywords=poppet   (252 words)

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