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Topic: Popularity

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  Among young teens, aggression equals popularity
It's not just a stereotype: Popular teens really are meaner than their peers--at least according to a study in the May issue of Developmental Psychology (Vol.
To determine whether the connection between aggression and popularity may be due to overt aggression, relational aggression or both, Rose and her team surveyed more than 600 third-, fifth-, seventh- and ninth-graders about their schoolmates' aggressive behaviors and popularity.
Next, the researchers explored whether the teens were using relational aggression in a calculated way to increase their popularity over time--say, by snubbing an unpopular classmate--or whether popular teens became more aggressive over time because their schoolmates, bowing to their social power, allowed them to do so.
www.apa.org /monitor/jun04/among.html   (506 words)

  Popularity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Popularity figures are an important part of many people's personal value systems, and forms a vital component of success in people-oriented fields such as politics.
General popularity usually involves respect in two directions: the popular person is respected by his peers, and will simultaneously show them respect, thus reinforcing their belief that he is deserving of his popularity.
This reciprocal nature of interpersonal popularity is often overlooked by people (particularly the young) who are attempting to become popular: being loud or a show-off may be successful in gaining attention, but is unlikely to provide the necessary mutual respect characteristic of "true popularity".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Popularity   (362 words)

 Link popularity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Link popularity is a measure of the quantity and quality of other web sites that link to a specific site on the World Wide Web.
Link popularity assumes that not all incoming links are equal, as an inbound link from a major directory carries more weight than an inbound link from an obscure personal home page.
To increase link popularity, many webmasters interlink multiple domains that they own, but often search engines will filter out these links, as such links are not independent votes for a page and are only created to trick the search engines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Link_popularity   (502 words)

 Popular baby names
For a list of the most popular names for a particular year of birth (any year after 1879), enter the year and the length of the popularity list.
Please note that the name you select must be in the top 1000 most popular names in order for the name to appear in the table produced by your request.
Our popular names are limited to the top 1000 names (top 100 by State) for each year of birth.
www.ssa.gov /OACT/babynames   (244 words)

 Popularity of Your First Name -- First Names and What They Mean
There are names whose meanings are none to flattering and there are others which may not describe exactly how you wish your child to be remembered.
Some names are fads that come and go with the whims of a generation, while others are names that are considered frumpy and old.
Below is a listing of names and their popularities, both male and female and from different countries.
www.zelo.com /firstnames/popular.asp   (183 words)

 Boston.com / News / Local / In poll, Romney's popularity on rise
The survey taken by UMass Friday through Sunday of 402 registered Massachusetts voters shows that 63 percent of people surveyed have a favorable opinion of the first-year governor, up from 48 percent in May. Six in 10 approve of the job he is doing as governor.
Lou DiNatale, the director of the poll, attributes the governor's jump in popularity over the last three months to the resolution at the State House over how to deal with the deficit.
The quarterly UMass survey shows Romney's personal popularity and his job performance rating are at the highest since his first month in office.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2003/09/10/in_poll_romneys_popularity_on_rise   (891 words)

 Link Popularity Considerations - MarketPosition
Link popularity is the term used to indicate how many other web pages link to your web page and is calculated by counting the number of links coming into a particular page.
The value of link popularity cannot be ignored as part of your overall optimization efforts and a percentage of your time should be spent considering the linking structure of both pages within your site as well as the links on the pages of other sites that link to your pages.
The first and best approach to building external link popularity is to build compelling and unique content that others will link to on their own, based on the intrinsic value of your product, service or message.
www.marketposition.com /blog/archives/2004/11/link_popularity_1.html   (940 words)

 Link popularity and search engines by Grantastic Designs
Because link popularity goes hand in hand with search engine optimization, it is important for any company with a web presence to build a link development strategy.
Also, to further develop link popularity, you should consider sites/directories that are very industry specific, such as healthatoz.com for a health-related site.
That is the definition of "popularity" according to the major search engines and directories.
www.grantasticdesigns.com /linkpopularity.html   (587 words)

 alexking.org: Blog > Popularity Contest Plugin (beta)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Popularity Contest is a WordPress plugin that uses page views and feedback (comments, trackbacks, etc.) to determine how popular each of your posts are (in relation to each other).
Popularity Contest is a true drop-in plugin, with no changes required in the template.
It keeps excellent stats for the admin on how popular each blog post is. It also shows users a list of the most popular posts by category, month, etc… in the sidebar.
www.alexking.org /blog/2005/05/23/popularity-contest   (1580 words)

 American Kennel Club - Sit! The Popularity of Small Dogs is Here to Stay
Since 2000, four of the top ten most popular breeds have been small dogs, indicating that while Americans may be gravitating towards bigger cars and appetites in the 21st century, they still appreciate the affection of a petite pooch.
Meanwhile, the popularity of lesser-known small dogs has also progressively risen over the past decade.
Throughout the 1990's, small breeds showed inconsistent popularity year after year, holding anywhere from one top ten slot to four.
www.akc.org /news/index.cfm?article_id=2477   (545 words)

 Link popularity: The key to higher search engine rankings
Eventually every major engine will use link popularity, so developing and maintaining it are essential to your search engine placement.
Link popularity is much more than a measure of how many links point to a site.
Perhaps the most effective method is a link popularity campaign, but this can be time-consuming and complicated if you don't have a clear plan of action.
www.searchengines.com /linkpopularity1.html   (216 words)

 Popularity Isn't Everything
And his popularity, measured by how people feel about his performance as governor, soared.
He's called for a special election to limit government spending permanently, curb teacher tenure, and take redistricting out of the hands of the legislature, which is controlled by Democrats.
Bush's popularity dropped in 2003 after the terrorist insurgency spread in Iraq.
www.weeklystandard.com /Content/Public/Articles/000/000/005/728flpwh.asp   (591 words)

 Link Popularity and search engine optimization - HighRankings.com
However, the definition of link popularity and how it differs from PageRank (PR), as well as how much effect these actually have on search engine rankings, is often misunderstood.
There appear to be 2 main types of links that work best to increase your link popularity: links from other sites that focus on the same keyword phrases your site focuses on, and links from relevant categories in major directories and industry-specific portals.
Since so many people think that exchanging links with sites is the easiest way to get them (it may or may not be), new people learning about link popularity are under the mistaken belief that they must have links that are reciprocated on their site (e.g., "you-link-to-me-and-I'll-link-to-you"-type links).
www.highrankings.com /linkpopularity.htm   (1252 words)

 CMT.com: Shows: Popularity Contest: Main Page
He considers himself to be a "good looking jock type," but also a natural born leader.
Raised in Miami, Ali is the textbook definition of what popularity is all about.
She has won numerous beauty pageants, and was the social chair for her college sorority.
www.cmt.com /shows/dyn/popularity_contest/series.jhtml   (175 words)

 SeoPapers - article Building a Successful Link Popularity Strategy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Link popularity is a crucial factor, used by almost all of the search engines to rank websites.
Many Web sites have their own link popularity programs already in place and they may have a form for you to fill out prior to trading links.
The basic premise behind link popularity is this: The more links pointing to your site, the more popular your site is considered by the search engines.
www.seopapers.com /article/69   (792 words)

 OpinionJournal - Extra
For an activist president, lack of popularity is part of the package.
His best strategy may be to promote his policies more aggressively than ever, ignore falling poll numbers, and hope for the best.
Crossing the finish line of his presidency with record low popularity may turn out to be a sign of substantive achievement and lasting reform.
www.opinionjournal.com /extra/?id=110006840&mod=RSS_Opinion_Journal&ojrss=frontpage   (1062 words)

 Fans Of Reality TV - Survivor: Cook Islands Forum - Popularity
The popularity poll for TAR3 has been really consistent with my personal opionions much of the year.
When you're ten years old and a car drives by and splashes a puddle of water all over you, it's hard to decide if you should go to school like that or try to go home and change and probably be late.
Interesting how their popularity corresponds (or doesn't correspond) to the results in the "Sole Survivor" poll at the CBS website...
www.fansofrealitytv.com /forums/showthread.php?t=2321   (503 words)

Bush's popularity is lower than other recent 2-term presidents
WASHINGTON (AP) - President George W. Bush's standing with an American public anxious about Iraq and the country's direction is lower than that of the last two men who won re-election to the White House - Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton - at this point in their second terms.
The partisan divide for Bush is stark - 80 per cent of Democrats disapprove of his overall performance while nearly 90 per cent of Republicans approve.
www.cbc.ca /cp/world/050814/w081474.html   (282 words)

 Popularity Quotes | Popularity Quotations | Popularity Sayings | Wisdom Quotes
The heights of popularity and patriotism are still the beaten road to power and tyranny; flattery to treachery; standing armies to arbitrary government; and the glory of God to the temporal interest of the clergy.
The right way is not always the popular and easy way.
Beware of over-great pleasure in being popular or even beloved.
www.wisdomquotes.com /cat_popularity.html   (263 words)

 The Popularity Conspiracy - East Christian Reformed Church
As a matter of fact, for much of Jesus’ ministry He was the most popular person in Palestine.
Being absorbed by it is. When Christian teens become consumed with popularity, their spiritual walk can be poisoned with sin.
Those who bow at the altar of popularity will discover that their commitment to Christ has to take a back seat to their quest to be the best in the eyes of their friends.
www.starwire.com /CC/article/0,,PTID248638|CHID532146|CIID261830,00.html   (467 words)

 Order your link popularity building campaign
Reciprocal linking is simply exchanging links with other webmasters in order to boost link popularity.
You can run your link popularity campaign through third parties such as LinkExchange.com but their prices seem a little bit on the high side.
If you are now serious about getting targeted link popularity within your niche market, let's discuss your site.
linkpopularityexperts.com /order-link-popularity-buliding.html   (372 words)

 Link Popularity Check - Marketleap Search Engine Marketing Tools
Link popularity check is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website's online awareness and overall visibility.
Simply put, link popularity refers to the total number of links or "votes" that a search engine has found for your website.
Marketleap has designed this link popularity tool to help website owners find out who is linking to their site, but also to give a useful benchmarking report to quickly show where you stand in comparison to competitors and other major online players.
www.marketleap.com /publinkpop   (443 words)

 alexking.org: Software > WordPress/b2 Hacks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
This plugin will help you see which of your posts are most popular.
Views, comments, etc. are tracked and given point values to determine popularity.
The latest version (including unreleased bug fixes) can always be found here.
www.alexking.org /software/wordpress   (992 words)

 Link Popularity Check
Link Popularity is the number of links to your site from other web sites.
The more popular your site is, the better it is ranked on the search engines.
To find out how popular a web site is, just enter the URL in the box "Link popularity check:" and press the "Lookup" button.
www.cqcounter.com /link   (250 words)

 Link Popularity Services Link Popularity Building Strategies Links Building Exchange
Building link popularity is the most difficult and time consuming process of search engine optimization (SEO) but it is essential for keyword ranking.
We are in link popularity business since 1999 and have 7 year expertise of links development and management services.
Link Popularity is the number of inbound links pointed to your website or webpage.
www.submitshop.com /link_popularity   (645 words)

 The NBA at 50 Tournament of Champions poll: a popularity contest.
The NBA at 50 Tournament of Champions poll: a popularity contest.
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are the two most popular players in the modern era.
So lo and behold, the only teams that Jordan's Bulls and Johnson's Lakers lost to in the "NBA at 50 Tournament of Champions" poll were other teams led by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
pw1.netcom.com /~bjalas/basketball/bulls/popularity.htm   (1138 words)

 LinkPopularity.com: The Free Link Popularity Service
Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site.
There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.
Knowing who links to your site and increasing the number of quality links is an important part of any web site promotion effort.
www.linkpopularity.com   (229 words)

 Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon
Bloglines is currently the most popular feed reader but there are many competitors.
Some search engines rank the order in which search results appear primarily by how many other sites link to each page (a kind of popularity vote based on the assumption that other pages would create a link to the "best" pages).
A variation on popularity ranking in which the links in pages on the same subject are used to in ranking search results.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /TeachingLib/Guides/Internet/Glossary.html   (4651 words)

 Link Popularity - SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization, Google Optimization
Link popularity is a general representation of the total number of web pages which link to a website (or individual web page).
Most of the search engines (Google especially) also apply various filters against the inbound links; therefore, some inbound-links may not be counted toward the total.
Link popularity is important because it is a major factor used by search engines in determining a site's position in search results.
www.seochat.com /seo-tools/link-popularity   (729 words)

 Link popularity check at Uptimebot
Your visitors can check their domains popularity right at your web site!
Install the Link Popularity Check script in your site to make it even more useful and interesting for your visitors or just link to us, if you like UptimeBot service.
Click here to get Link Popularity Check script and reciprocal link codes.
www.uptimebot.com   (3869 words)

 Free Search Engine Submission, Free DIY Meta Tag Tools, Free Position Check & Free Website Tracking - ineedhits
Here are some great tools to support your search engine marketing that you can use as often as you like without paying a cent!
Submit your site to 20 popular search engines for free!
Submit your URL to 20 search engines for free with a convenient submission tool.
www.ineedhits.com /free/popularity   (425 words)

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