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Topic: Pornography

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  ASACP: Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection
ASACP battles child pornography through its CP reporting hotline, and by organizing the efforts of the online adult industry to combat the heinous crime of child sexual abuse.
ASACP keeps its members informed on current laws and regulations pertaining to child pornography and child protection, as well as new and pending legislation.
It`s good to know that there are people in this world who have the decency and the drive to work together and fight against criminals who post child porn material on the net.
www.asacp.org   (637 words)

  Protection From Pornography Week, 2003
Pornography can have debilitating effects on communities, marriages, families, and children.
The effects of pornography are particularly pernicious with respect to children.
The recent enactment of the PROTECT Act of 2003 strengthens child pornography laws, establishes the Federal Government's role in the AMBER Alert System, increases punishment for Federal crimes against children, and authorizes judges to require extended supervision of sex offenders who are released from prison.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2003/10/20031025-1.html   (341 words)

 The Pornography Plague
Pornography is an $8 billion a year business with close ties to organized crime.(1) The wages of sin are enormous when pornography is involved.
Pornography involves books, magazines, videos, and devices and has moved from the periphery of society into the mainstream through the renting of video cassettes, sales of so-called "soft-porn" magazines, and the airing of sexually explicit movies on cable television.
His famous study on pornography found that when the Danish government lifted restrictions on pornography, the number of sex crimes decreased.(18) His theory was that the availability of pornography siphons off dangerous sexual impulses.
www.leaderu.com /orgs/probe/docs/pornplag.html   (3621 words)

 Internet Porn: Worse Than Crack?
Internet pornography is the new crack cocaine, leading to addiction, misogyny, pedophilia, boob jobs and erectile dysfunction, according to clinicians and researchers testifying before a Senate committee Thursday.
Pornography addicts have a more difficult time recovering from their addiction than cocaine addicts, since coke users can get the drug out of their system, but pornographic images stay in the brain forever, Layden said.
Studies intended to show the harmful effects of pornography must contend with ethical rules prohibiting harm to human subjects, while sex researchers have a hard time getting any funding, unless their study is specifically HIV-related, according to Queen.
www.wired.com /news/technology/0,1282,65772,00.html   (792 words)

Robert Matthews would describe exactly what kind of pornography has been seized, but both said they were disturbed by what they'd seen.
"People who access child pornography are fuelling the widespread and often organised sexual abuse of children by paedophiles across the world." "The government is determined to give the highest priority to protecting our children, on and off-line, and to searching out and arresting those who prey upon them.
While it is agreed globally that efforts must be taken to prevent the production and circulation of child pornography, the debate surrounding explicit content is a complex one which differs from country to country.
www.cyber-rights.org /reports/child.htm   (3608 words)

  Porn In The U.S.A., Steve Kroft Reports On A $10 Billion Industry - CBS News
One of the things about pornography that's consistently true across the board is that because there's a social stigma still attached to it, you can charge a premium for these materials.
In fact, pornography has helped drive early sales and the development of most new entertainment technologies for the past 25 years - providing software for the latest gadgets, and a reason to buy them.
When John Ashcroft was appointed attorney general, among his first acts were to hang blue drapes in front of a topless statue in the lobby of the Justice Department, and to promise a crackdown on smut.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2003/11/21/60minutes/main585049.shtml   (3386 words)

  Pornography - MSN Encarta
Pornography is not the same thing as obscenity, although people often use the terms interchangeably.
It was not until the 1800s, however, that pornography began to become a social problem, primarily because the spread of technology—such as printing, photography, and motor vehicles—made it more readily available and because of the growth of democracy and individual freedom.
Although pornography has grown more explicit and has become more available since the early 20th century, this trend has been punctuated by several episodes of governmental crackdowns on pornography that were due to political movements and reactions to unsettling social change.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761568395/Pornography.html   (1625 words)

Pornography in general can be divided into erotica, which centers on "normal" heterosexual love, describing it in detail, and exotica, centering on so-called abnormal sex, including sadism, masochism, and fetishism.
Pornography is a very old interest of the human race, and examples of it can be found in elements of the Old Testament as well as in the plays of Aristophanes among other places, although its historical origin undoubtably goes back much further than that.
Pornography may have sexuoerotically facilitating or arousing effects, offensive, disgusting, inhibitory and sexuoerotically disarousing effects, or a neutral effect sexuoerotically on the perceiver dependent upon the materials' congruence, dyscongruence, or non-congruence with the specifications of one's lovemap.
everything2.com /index.pl?node=pornography   (945 words)

 Pornography and Censorship (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Unlike moral conservatives, who object to pornography on the grounds of the obscenity of its sexual explicit content and its corrosive effect on the conservative way of life, the primary focus of the feminist objection to pornography is on the central role that pornography is thought to play in the exploitation and oppression of women.
Pornography both expresses the view that women exist primarily as objects for men's sexual gratification-that they are men's sexual slaves, and frequently their willing sexual slaves-and it propagates this view, by conditioning consumers to regard women's subordination as a sexy, natural and legitimate feature of normal heterosexual relations.
Pornography may thus prevent women from communicating their ideas to others, not by preventing them from producing or distributing sounds and scrawls, but by preventing those sounds and scrawls from being understood by hearers as expressing the idea they were intended to express.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/pornography-censorship   (11811 words)

 Pacific Center for Sex and Society
In regard to pornography, in Japan the swing from prudish and restrictive to relatively permissive and nonrestrictive was dramatic.
If availability of pornography can reduce sex crimes, it is because the use of certain forms of pornography to certain potential offenders is functionally equivalent to the commission of certain types of sex offences: both satisfy the need for psychosexual stimulants leading to sexual enjoyment and orgasm through masturbation.
The concern that countries allowing pornography and liberal anti-obscenity laws would show increased sex crime rates due to modeling or that children or adolescents in particular would be negatively vulnerable to and receptive to such models or that society would be otherwise adversely effected is not supported by evidence.
www.hawaii.edu /PCSS/online_artcls/pornography/prngrphy_ovrvw.html   (13329 words)

 Pornography St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture - Find Articles
Pornography has always been present in American culture, though the "problem" of pornography has certainly been exacerbated by the ubiquity of media representations of pornography in the late twentieth century.
Because what little existing early pornography was either literary or artistic, and such materials tended to circulate among the literate and well-to-do, who tended not to worry about their corrupting effects.
Several factors combined to put pornography into the hands of the growing working and lower classes who, according to their social "betters," were unable to fend off pornography's corrupting influence.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419100979   (732 words)

Some involved in pornography apparently minimize its seriousness and continue to exercise the priesthood of God because they think no one will know of their involvement.
Pornography impairs one's ability to enjoy a normal emotional, romantic, and spiritual relationship with a person of the opposite sex.
As conscience is desensitized, patrons of pornography are led to act out what they have witnessed, regardless of its effects on their life and the lives of others.
www.lds.org /conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-520-29,00.html   (2305 words)

 Robert Jensen School of Journalism University of Texas Austin
I am not suggesting all men use pornography, or that all men who use pornography want material in which women are hurt and humiliated, or that all men who use pornography are bound to then want to hurt and humiliate women.
I am simply saying that much of the pornography in the United States records scenes of women being hurt and humiliated; that men masturbate to orgasm to those images; and that those men are not deviants but are acting on the cultural norms that are widely taught.
In a society in which so many men are watching so much pornography that is rooted in the pain and humiliation of women, it is not difficult to understand why so many can’t bear to confront it: Pornography forces men to face up to how we have learned to be sexual.
uts.cc.utexas.edu /~rjensen/freelance/pornography&cruelty.htm   (4601 words)

 Discovery Health :: Pornography
Pornography is broadly defined as written or visual material that stimulates sexual feelings whose primary purpose is to arouse the observer or reader.
The term "pornography" comes from porneia, the Greek word for prostitute, and means "the writings of and about prostitutes".
Whereas hard core pornography is understood to be strictly for commercial use, with no pretense to artistic merit, works of art are sometimes claimed to be obscene despite the defense of artistic value.
health.discovery.com /centers/sex/sexpedia/pornography.html   (322 words)

 Amazon.com: Pornography: Music: The Cure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pornography is an album which, to me, is about disgust, hate, discomfort, rage, and, dare I say it, disintegration.
Pornography is about the downward spiral, through and through, in a way that no other Cure record has been.
Pornography is my personal favourite Cure album, but it must be warned that it is definitely not for everyone.
www.amazon.com /Pornography-Cure/dp/B000002H5T   (2341 words)

 The progression of pornography addiction. How is the addiction maintained?
When the "wave" hits them, nothing can stand in the way of getting what they want, whether that be pornography accompanied by masturbation, sex from a prostitute, molesting a child, or raping a woman.
Material (in books, magazines, or films/videos) which was originally perceived as shocking, taboo-breaking, illegal, repulsive, or immoral, in time came to be seen as acceptable and commonplace.
They usually do not know how to be honest with themselves about their own conditions, and find it all but impossible to be honest with anyone else when confronted with the issue.
www.firesofdarkness.com /pornography_addiction2.htm   (707 words)

 NOW with Bill Moyers. Society & Community. Porn in the U.S.A. | PBS
Pornography is a form of entertainment which should be preserved.
Pornography is not just simple freedom of speech, it is destroying America.
The studies cited there (I don't remember what they were, it was 20 years ago) indicated that pornography and violence have only one thing in common: The more you see, the more explicit it must become or it is boring.
www.pbs.org /now/society/amporn.html   (623 words)

But if we have always had pornography, then there also have always been those pushing for its eradication.
The Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography issues a 646 page report concluding that all sexually explicit films, books and magazines aimed at adults should be legalized.
In contrast to the 1970 Presidential Commission on Pornography, the report finds that porn causes violent sex crimes and other antisocial activities.
www.rotten.com /library/culture/pornography   (656 words)

 Pornography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Considering the two primary uses for P2P networks are downloading copyrighted materials and viewing pornography, many parents may prohibit their children from using these applications under any circumstances.
Most important, parents must learn the mechanics and dangers of the technologies their children use and be intentional in communicating their expectations and concern for their children’s well-being.
The GAO report “categorized a file as child pornography if one keyword indicating a minor and one word with a sexual connotation occurred in either the title or file name.
www.citizenlink.org /FOSI/pornography/A000001608.cfm   (724 words)

  Hong Kong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Structurally, Hong Kong's court system consists of the Court of Final Appeal which replaced the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the High Court, which is made up of the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance, and the District Court, which includes the Family Court.
Other adjudicative bodies include the Lands Tribunal, the Magistrates' Courts, the Juvenile Court, the Coroner's Court, the Labour Tribunal, the Small Claims Tribunal, and the Obscene Articles Tribunal, which is responsible for classifying non-video pornography to be circulated in Hong Kong.
Justices of the Court of Final Appeal are appointed by Hong Kong's Chief Executive.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hong_Kong   (7062 words)

 Pornography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It gives simple guidelines into controlling your thought life, dealing with the guilt, and taking one day at a time as you try to break free.
Freedom from Pornography - Click here to read over 50 suggested methods to find freedom in breaking a pornography adiction, read true stories of people who have broken their addiction, self tests, and more.
Focus on the Family - This site will give you an overview of online pornography, porn facts, key problems, a legal overview, and which organizations are fighting pornography.
www.jesussaves.cc /chinese/pornography.html   (507 words)

 Amazon.com: Pornography [Deluxe Edition]: Music: The Cure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Having digested all of thier albums continously (this band got me through high school, so I support this band very strongly) I can honestly say that Pornography is thier best body of work.
Pornography is the best way to get it.
Robert was spinning into drug-induced depression at the time, and the results were Pornography.
www.amazon.com /Pornography-Deluxe-Cure/dp/B0007XT8AS   (1852 words)

 politechbot.com: Child Pornography Prevention Act
This section may be cited as the `Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996'.
Prohibited Activities Relating to Material Constituting or Contai ning Child Pornography (a) IN GENERAL- Chapter 110 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding after section 2252 the following: `Sec.
Any organization that violates, or attempts or conspires to violate, this section shall be fined under this title.
www.politechbot.com /docs/cppa.text.html   (281 words)

 Breaking Pornography Addiction
Since 1997, this site has helped men and women of all backgrounds recover from pornography addiction.
"Ten Keys to Breaking Pornography Addiction" : This insightful e-book offers ten crucial perspectives on living without pornography.
Computer resources : Keep your computer clean and your family safe with these filters, keyloggers and other tools.
www.no-porn.com   (201 words)

 Definition of pornography - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
3 : the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction pornography of violence>
Learn more about "pornography" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "pornography" instantly with Live Search
www.m-w.com /dictionary/pornography   (101 words)

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