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Topic: Pornography in Japan

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Pornography in Japan
Pornography in Europe is dominated by a few pan-European producers and distributors, the most notable of which is the Private Media Group that had successfully claimed the throne of Color Climax Corporation in early 1990s.
Pornography in Japan · Roshutsu ;· Shinju (BDSM) · Shunga Tamakeri Tarento Tokyo Topless ;· Ushiro Takatekote · Wakamezake Zenra
Fujiko Kano (born April 18, 1972, in Fukuoka, Japan) is a pornstar of Japanese and Mongolian descent.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Pornography-in-Japan   (7124 words)

 Pornography in Japan - Definition, explanation
Proponents of pornography censorship laws demand the tightening of censorship laws to the most stringent laws in America and Europe so that Japan is not seen as an abnormality amongst civilized nations.
In Japan, it is illegal for any commercial publications to depict the female clitoris or male glans.
It is increasingly common for original doujinshi to portray underage characters; in Japan, this is known as lolicon, but in the United States it would simply be referred to as child pornography.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/p/po/pornography_in_japan.php   (3720 words)

 Pornography by region - Definition, explanation
European hardcore pornography is dominated by a few pan-European producers and distributors, the most notable of which is the Private Media Group.
German pornography is generally very similar to the American "glamour" pornography though oftenly tailored primarily for the German market.
Japan has a large pornography industry (see Pornography in Japan) which features more natural looking women usually wearing little makeup servicing multiple men who tend to be anonymous.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/p/po/pornography_by_region.php   (912 words)

 Pornography in the United States - Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music
The prototypical female porn star in the United States is a Caucasian woman in her mid-twenties, wearing high heels, with bleached blond hair and with large breasts (usually augmented by breast implants) and buttocks, and often with tattoos and/or body piercing, and a dark suntan with tanlines.
Men in heterosexual pornography tend to be older than the females and are often heavily muscled, whereas men in gay pornography are, on the average, younger.
In general, the pornography industry does not depict safer sex: mainstream pornographic movies now depict a range of behaviors including anal sex that are high risk activities for sexually transmitted disease transmission, as if the taboo status of these activities has made them more thrilling for the consumers of pornography.
www.music.us /education/P/Pornography-in-the-United-States.htm   (762 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Pornography is often referred to as "porn" and a pornographic work as a "porno." Older names for a pornographic movie include "adult film," "stag film," and "blue movie." In general, "softcore" refers to pornography that does not depict penetration or "extreme fetish" acts, while "hardcore" refers to pornography that depicts penetration and/or extreme fetish acts.
Throughout its history, the movie camera has been used for pornography, but for most of that time pornographic movies were typically available only by underground distribution, for projection at home or in private clubs and also night cinemas.
Pornography is a thriving, financially profitable business: according to a 2004 Reuters article, "The multi-billion-dollar industry releases about 11,000 titles on DVD each year, giving it tremendous power to sway the battle between two groups of studios and technology companies competing to set standards for the next generation".
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=pornographic_movie   (1628 words)

 Asia Times: Tougher action sought on Internet child porn
It was only in November 1999 that the Japanese government finally caved in to years of grassroots pressure and passed a law that prohibits sex with minors, or those 17 years of age or younger.
Japan is a major source of child pornography exports and the new law, say police, has prompted many producers to set up operations in other countries.
The apparent ease with which these perpetrators operate in Japan can be explained somewhat by the attitude and culture of the Japanese, say analysts who point out that Japan takes a different stance toward the issue of lewd literature compared to the West.
www.atimes.com /japan-econ/BF16Dh01.html   (805 words)

 Internet child porn fuels abuse: UN. 08/11/2004. ABC News Online
Internet child porn fuels abuse: UN An explosion of child pornography on the Internet is fuelling global child abuse including the sale of minors into prostitution and the porn industry, the United Nations warned today.
He said about 550 child pornography offenders were either cautioned or charged in Britain in 2001, compared with only 35 in 1988.
Mr Carr said Japan and South Korea also had significant child porn industries and rapid technological growth across much of the developing world would likely see a major increase in the exploitation of children if steps were not taken to prosecute offending sites and users.
www.abc.net.au /news/newsitems/200411/s1237399.htm   (499 words)

 Sexual Offences Laws - Japan
A person who distributes, sells, lends as a business, or displays in public, child pornography shall be punished with imprisonment with labor for not more than three years or a fine not exceeding three million yen.
No one who uses a child shall be exempt from the punishments specified in Articles 5 to 8 on the grounds of not having been aware of the age of the child excepting cases where there is no negligence.
The crimes specified in Articles 4 to 6, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 7, and paragraphs 1 and 3 (limited to the part thereof which relates to paragraph 1) of Article 8 shall be dealt with according to the provision of Article 3 of the Penal Code (Law No. 45 of 1907).
www.interpol.int /Public/Children/SexualAbuse/NationalLaws/csaJapan.asp   (1660 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Outside Japan, the term most often refers to a genre of manga and anime where childlike female characters are depicted in a sexualized manner or engaged in sexually explicit acts.
Public sentiment against animated child pornography was revived in 2005 when a convicted sex offender and lolicon was arrested for the murder of a 7-year-old girl in Nara.
On April 6, 2006, the arrest of one Michael Williams for child pornography was upheld by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, but the portion of the arrest which pertained to the PROTECT Act was overturned.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Lolicon   (3071 words)

 Berlin Festival Aims to Wipe Some of the Grime off Pornography | Culture & Lifestyle | Deutsche Welle | 16.10.2006
But in Berlin, the first pornography film festival is changing that.
"Pornography itself is not a problem, it's only made into one," Jürgen Brüning, a filmmaker and producer and organizer of the first "PORNfilmfestival" told dpa news service.
According to Höfner, there have been no complaints about the festival from parties who feel bringing pornography to the movie theater around the corner is a step too far.
www.dw-world.de /popups/popup_printcontent/0,,2203556,00.html   (615 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Land of the rising porn
Her courtroom victory stunned the Japanese, a land whose men are known for modernized pornography consumption and whose women are known for traditional submission to male authority.
Tanaka courageously testified that the governor sexually molested her "for 30 minutes" as she was "frozen with fear, in a van in the presence of several other campaign workers." No one defended her in that van.
By the time the people are permitted to learn about the real harms of "soft" and "hard" pornography, school sex "education" and such, interns have disappeared and folks in vans must look the other way as their governor sexually violates a terrorized young girl in plain sight.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=23681   (661 words)

 Japan - Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution
The label "entertainer" sometimes implies "sex worker." The women are vulnerable in Japan, not because they lack skills, but because they are young, beautiful women in a hazardous or vulnerable occupation.
Some 80% of Asian female migrant workers who legally entered Japan in the 1990s were "entertainers," a euphemism for those engaged in the booming sex industry.
Japan has apologized several times, but many South Koreans feel the apologies have fallen short of true remorse.
www.uri.edu /artsci/wms/hughes/japan.htm   (2484 words)

 Statement of Dr. Ted S. Palys:
Although their theoretical interests are in the effects of exposure to violent pornography on "people", the specific research participants who participated in Donnerstein and Berkowitz (1981), as is the case in virtually all the studies cited by Malamuth, were male, introductory psychology students who volunteered to take part in the study.
In comparison to Western nations, Japan has a substantially lower incidence of rape: in the United States there are 34.5 reported rapes per 100,000 population; in England, 10,1; in West Germany, 10.7; in France, 3.2; and, in Japan, 2.4.
Abramson, P.R., and Hayashi, H. Pornography in Japan: Cross-cultural and theoretical considerations.
www.sfu.ca /~palys/lilsis.htm   (7726 words)

 The Jakarta Post - The Journal of Indonesia Today
Instead of protecting women, the pornography bill will be catastrophic to the lives of many Indonesian women.
In Afghanistan, young boys are often targets of rape by older men, and the Afghan government has banned children from areas near military bases in an attempt to stop the problem.
More importantly, the bill is in clear violation of the foundation of this nation: The Indonesian Constitution, which ensures freedom of expression, freedom to develop in the field of arts, and the protection of traditional cultures.
www.thejakartapost.com /yesterdaydetail.asp?fileid=20060310.C03   (682 words)

 Gifts of Speech - Marcia Pally
In light of the historical record of violence and sexual abuse, it is unlikely that their cause lies in a Johnny-come- lately industry such as mass-market pornography or rock n' roll or rap.
Note also that Japan has perhaps the most violent pornography on the planet; it has almost nothing to do with sex and a great deal to do with violence.
Reporting of sex crime rates in Japan decreased in the 1980s when one would have expected, with the emergence of feminism in Japan, reporting of sex crimes to have increased.
gos.sbc.edu /p/pally.html   (1924 words)

 The Region | Hunt on for a Child-Friendly Web
In Japan, the police have a clearer picture about the Internet serving as a lynchpin for paedophile networks.
South and East Asia societies cannot ignore the fact that it is their children who are appearing in the recent production of child pornography, according to an ECPAT study on children and the Internet.
"Quite apart from the solicitation of children into child pornography, the availability of pornographic material that can be accessed by children can also be viewed as a transgression on the rights of children," he adds.
www.ipsnews.net /alert/region/internet.html   (480 words)

 HumanTrafficking.org | Japan
Japan is a transit and destination country for human trafficking.
Japan is a destination country for women and children who are trafficked from China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and to a lesser extent Latin America for sexual and labor exploitation.
The U.S. Department of State recommends that the government be more proactive in investigating locations with commercial sexual exploitation, increase investigations of forced labor conditions of workers in the "foreign trainee" program, the domestic sexual exploitation of Japanese women and children, and the use of fraudulent marriage as a mechanism for human trafficking.
www.humantrafficking.org /countries/japan   (670 words)

 Internet child porn fuelling global abuse: UN - Breaking
An explosion of child pornography on the internet is fuelling global child abuse including the sale of minors into prostitution and the porn industry, the United Nations warned on Monday.
He said surveys of convicted pedophiles revealed that up to 70 percent were inspired to commit their crimes after viewing child porn on the internet.
Carr said Japan and South Korea also had significant child porn industries and rapid technological growth across much of the developing world would possibly see a major increase in the exploitation of children if steps were not taken to prosecute offending sites and users.
www.smh.com.au /technology/ - http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/11/09/1099781357147.html?from=moreStories   (490 words)

 ZENIT - Protecting Children from Internet Pornography
In 1996 delegates sought to raise global awareness of the industries of sex tourism, child trafficking and pornography for pedophiles.
At the time of the 1996 congress, Japan was identified as the world´s biggest producer of child pornography.
Tokyo is still a hub of the trade, but since Japan enacted legislation on child pornography in 1999, it has been overtaken as a producer by Russia, Cyprus, Taiwan and the United States.
www.zenit.org /article-17184?l=english   (1265 words)

 Child porn, if animated, eludes regulators | The Japan Times Online
Kobayashi was convicted of molesting small girls in 1989 and served time in prison for the attempted murder of a young girl in 1991.
In Japan, making, distributing, selling and displaying child pornography are banned by the 1999 Law for Punishing Acts related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and for Protecting Children.
Animated pornography is regulated by Article 175 of the Criminal Code, which prohibits distribution, sales and possession of obscene publications.
www.japantimes.co.jp /cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nn20050518f1.htm   (764 words)

 Urban Dictionary: hentai
In Japan it's called H-Anime, because Hentai in Japanese is Pervert.
Hentai is the only kind of pornography where it isn't change position and anything can happen.
This is a slang word used in Japan that carries the same meaning as "hentai", although in America it is often used to denote soft-core anime porn.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=hentai&page=2   (608 words)

 Ecpat International - Projects : Preventing Child Pornography on the Internet
Thus ECPAT is committed to preventing child pornography on the Internet, and the related issue of online solicitation of minors, and bringing perpetrators to justice.
Legislation, law enforcement and the tension between the rights of the individual and the need to protect children were a primary focus of the project.
ECPAT Japan Kansai held a series of workshops following the passing in 1999 of a law on child pornography in Japan.
www.ecpat.net /eng/ecpat_inter/projects/preventing_pornography/prevent.asp   (2111 words)

 Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / The politics of pornography
The Vermont senator's lonely position mixing principle and common sense is Exhibit A for the proposition that standing up to the politics of pornography is worth the effort and that basic freedom is defended in the process.
Even a computer idiot like me knows that pornography, including smut on the Internet, is a worldwide mess.
Indeed, there is a tiny nation in the Pacific, a Cook Islands lump of coral called Niue (population barely 2,000) that has more smut pages posted via its domain than the entire country of Japan.
www.boston.com /news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2004/07/01/the_politics_of_pornography   (734 words)

 Dickinson College - The Dickinsonian
The definition of pornography could then easily be twisted to eradicate the erotic, which is usually the term used for that which is more sensual or that which has a more artistic—as opposed to a purely entertaining and capitalistic approach—to sexuality.
It is just as easy to dehumanize a person by taking away his or her right to sexuality as it is to sexualize his or her body.
The influence of pornography on society is evident from the gratuitous sex (gratuitous is subjective, of course) even in PG-13 movies today.
www.dickinson.edu /dickinsonian/detail.cfm?2172   (651 words)

  Pornography in America - Associated Content
However, pornography is not the immoral destructive force it is presented to be.
Pornography should be classified as “entertainment” for the exact reasons that a popular music recording, television show, or Hollywood movie is. A good movie stimulates a viewer’s sense of sight and sound and can excite feelings of joy, sadness, or fear.
“Pornography in Japan: cross-cultural and theoretical considerations in pornography and sexual aggression.” 2.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/73116/pornography_in_america.html   (708 words)

  Pornography - MSN Encarta
Pornography is not the same thing as obscenity, although people often use the terms interchangeably.
It was not until the 1800s, however, that pornography began to become a social problem, primarily because the spread of technology—such as printing, photography, and motor vehicles—made it more readily available and because of the growth of democracy and individual freedom.
Although pornography has grown more explicit and has become more available since the early 20th century, this trend has been punctuated by several episodes of governmental crackdowns on pornography that were due to political movements and reactions to unsettling social change.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761568395/Pornography.html   (1631 words)

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