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    Note: these results are not from the primary (high quality) database.

 North East Law Firm
North East Law Firm part of North East of England Regional Portal search directory for web sites in the North East of England.
NEON which was started in 1994 and was the first North East Regional Portal, funded by Northern Informatics (NIAA) in 1994.
We list sites from North East Law Firm and if your favorite site isn't listed in our database, you can add it yourself for others to view!

 Rick Law picture, photo, wallpaper : Page 1 @Celebrity-Portal.com
Rick Law picture, photo, wallpaper : Page 1 @Celebrity-Portal.com
interviews Rick Law about working as an Illustrator
Make Celebrity-Portal your default homepage :: Add Celebrity-Portal to Favourite
www.celebrity-portal.com /celebs/rick_law.html   (97 words)

 Business Law, Trade Law and International Trade Law
FindLaw is an excellent Web portal focused on law, providing access to a comprehensive online library of legal resources for use by legal professionals, consumers and small businesses.
Defining itself as "the Comprehensive Law and Government Portal" this huge meta site provides links to information on governments, law schools, legal associations, law firms, law libraries, legal topics, etc. Extremely rich and useful site once you get use to exploring it.
With the advent of market globalization and electronic commerce, not only trade laws and international trade laws are playing greater roles but complete new areas are being developed particularly as it relates to intellectual property rights and dispute settlements.This page lists and rates Internet resources related to Business Law, Trade Law and International Trade Law.
www.enterweb.org /law.htm   (97 words)

 JURIST EU: The Legal Education Network - the EU law school portal...
JURIST EU: The Legal Education Network - the EU law school portal...
EU Law on the Web: journals, institutions, associations.
JURIST is the Internet's legal learning portal, the university-based gateway to authoritative legal information, research and instruction online.
www.fd.unl.pt /je/index.htm   (97 words)

Reply-To: mkkuhner@phylo.genetics.washington.edu (Mary K. Kuhner) NNTP-Posting-Host: jobe.shell.portal.com Xref: shell.portal.com alt.magick.tyagi:4886 alt.pagan:132861 talk.religion.misc:187921 [from alt.religion.wicca: mkkuhner@phylo.genetics.washington.edu (Mary Kuhner)] My take on the threefold law is that it represents three different ways in which your actions affect you.
So the "threefold" part of the law, as I see it, is a reminder of these different levels of consequences.
I don't see it as specific to magic, but as a general reminder (not a law like a physical law) of the ways in which consequences happen.
www.luckymojo.com /esoteric/religion/wicca/9511.3fldlaw.mk   (356 words)

 Environmental Law Programme
All institutions that are active in environmental law are invited to be included in the Directory and to keep their details up to date.
This International Directory of Institutions Active in Environmental Law has been developed to facilitate communication and cooperation amongst non-governmental and research institutions who are active in environmental law.
This Directory is a joint initiative of the International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL), an IUCN Member, and the IUCN Environmental Law Centre.
www.iucn.org /themes/law/indi01.html   (356 words)

 Education in India - Colleges and Universities
provides concise and complete information to every aspiring student about Indian colleges, universities covering Post-graduate and Graduate careers in Management, Computers, M.PHIL., PHD, Engineering, Medical, B.ED, M.Ed, Law, CA, ICWA, CS, MBA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBE, PGDCA, MDS, PGDHRD, PGDBM, BBA, BCA, Polytechnic and others - making it the most comprehensive Portal on Indian Education.
is a Indian educational portal which leads you to all available career options, a comprehensive list of all colleges and universities (government and private) with details such as background, campus, course information, infrastructure, faculty, student services etc.
he state wise listing of Medical, Management, Engineering, Central and State level competitive exams.
www.educationinfoindia.com   (116 words)

No Crap." class="ViewOrder100" href="/admin/Portal/LinkClick.aspx?tabid=1004andtable=Linksandfield=ItemIDandid=47883andlink=http%3a%2f%2fwww.youngnats.org.nz%2f" target="_new">New Zealand Young Nationals
Pipers > NZ Links > NZ Law and Government > Political Parties
here or here)." class="ViewOrder100" href="/admin/Portal/LinkClick.aspx?tabid=1004andtable=Linksandfield=ItemIDandid=47882andlink=http%3a%2f%2fwww.national.org.nz%2f" target="_new">NZ National Party
www.piperpat.co.nz /DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=1004   (87 words)

 Web Site Disclaimer Agreement - Web Portal Design Corporation
Web Portal Corporation shall not be subject to any obligations of confidentiality regarding submitted information except as agreed by the Web Portal Inc. entity having the direct customer relationship or as otherwise specifically agreed or required by law.
It also requires Portal scientists to devise and merge relativity with those laws governing quantum mechanics in a so-called Theory of Digital Transport.
Web Portal expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation: (a) any warranties as to the availability, accuracy, completeness or content of information, products or services which are part of the Web Portal Inc. web site; and (b) warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, or merchantability or against infringement.
www.webportal.com /disclaim.html   (1510 words)

 Tax Law
Our goal with this Subject Guide is to construct the best tax portal through which interested students, professors, lawyers, judges, accountants, and other professionals with an interest in tax law can conduct their tax research.
Dean Caron is a leader in the law school "e-tax" movement, serving as co-editor (with Joe Bankman) of Tax Law and Policy, the leading electronic tax journal, and as owner and moderator of TAXPROF, the e-mail discussion group of over 200 tax law professors.
As a result, tax research at the highest levels was available only through a select few large law and accounting firms with the resources to maintain a comprehensive tax library.
jurist.law.pitt.edu /sg_tax.htm   (870 words)

 Ukrainian-Polish Tourist Portal
In 1356 according to the norms of the Magdeburg Law Lviv was given the autonomy.
In 1662 the city acquired the Magdeburg Law.
It was established in the place of the village of Zabolottia as a fortress for protection from the raids of Crimean Tatars and as a base station of Polish magnates Potostky in the Halych land.
www.tourism-carpathian.com.ua /en/region/cities.php   (747 words)

 Cyber laws in India at Naavi's portal
Cyber Law College conducted a seminar in Hyderabad on 14th December addressing the IT industry professionals and discussed the issues involved in the proposed new legislation termed "Optical Disk Protection Act" and the "Compliance Requirements for an IT Company in the light of the existing IPR Laws in India".
It may be noted that Cyber Law College has already been recommending such a procedure at the Bank's level in its "Cyber Ethics Training Programme for BPOs" as a part of its norms for certification of "Ethical BPO Professionals"..
However, it must be said that the Bangladeshi Law as proposed failed to take advantage of the experience of the neighboring countries in the drafting of the law and exhibits a lack of vision.
www.naavi.org /edit_today.htm   (5125 words)

 Droit.org portail du droit français - textes fondamentaux, constitution, lois organiques, lois, décrets, codes, journal officiel, accès au droit européen, moteur de recherche, etc.
Droit.org intends to become THE portal for French law, without claim of exclusivity.
French Web site devoted to serving the public's and professionals' needs in law-oriented (public-sector) information.
The site http://www.droit.org/ intends to bring together diverse individual and group initiatives dedicated to making available legal material which applies to France: the constitution, treaties, laws, decrees, decisions and circulars, as well as jurisprudence.
www.droit.org /english.html   (275 words)

 Branding Legal Services – Great Internet Resources on Branding
The Law Marketing Portal — http://www.lawmarketing.com – Larry Bodine’s excellent site on legal marketing is a great place to find articles on branding and other legal marketing topics.
Management consulting guru Tom Peters titled one of his most memorable articles “The Brand is You.” Law firm and lawyer branding are now some of the hottest topics in legal marketing and for good reason.
Brands have long been associated with products, but today both people and services have become the subjects of branding efforts.
www.abanet.org /lpm/lpt/articles/mtk12031.html   (570 words)

 European Union
As the one-stop portal to EU law, it is a great place to start, but it does not contain all documents for earlier years.
You can find texts of or citations to the treaties, legislation in force, legislation in preparation, recent case law, the Directorates-General and EU agencies, and other sources of information.
Housed in The Commission database, includes the text, explanatory summaries, ratification status, and background documents for the preparation of the Intergovernmental Conference.
www.law.nyu.edu /library/foreign_intl/european.html   (1174 words)

Television Transcript Project - Scripts to all sorts of show including Seinfeld, Law & Order and commercials.
Soap Opera Digest - - covers the day-time and prime-time television soap operas and your favorite celebrity soap actors and actresses with the latest news, interviews and stories.
Virtual Prime Time - - entertainment industry game similar to fantasy sports except that you play with television shows and scoring is based on the Nielsen Ratings.
www.windsor.igs.net /portal/Television.htm   (1174 words)

 Desk Help Portal Software
Desk Help Portal Software Software application, call center outsourcing, and polish the IT operation including the total word count of your materials together, place them in a download for a research or law school
Desk Help Portal Software Software or preferences, but when in doubt it is a letter unless it is also seen as core part of the organization and asset inventory records.
Desk Help Portal Software Software correctly can actually be a positive letter but uses such poor English that the letter of the characteristics that each graduate program would like commented upon and it's hard to assist.
help-desk-software.fromru.com /desk_help_portal_software.htm   (1841 words)

 The European Legal Forum Internet Portal
Our bi-monthly law journal specialising in the field of International and European Law with a special focus on European International Private Law and European Civil Procedure.
European law requires a legal discussion forum, not limited by national borders.
Listings of law firms and qualified legal professionals in 46 European countries and 59 other countries world-wide.
www.simons-law.com   (126 words)

 Research The World
Cornel University Law School library is particularly good as a portal for U.S. and International law, but there are several other first class sites.
Law of, relating to and concerning the Internet (Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim and Ballon, LLP, compiled by Martin H. Samson, New York, NY)
Links for encryption and electronic privacy issues can be found at site opened by U.S. Dept of Justice Cyberspace Law (from UCLA Cyberspace Online Institute for Law and Policy)
www.researchtheworld.com   (126 words)

 LAW - ArtPolitic Encyclopedia of Politics : Information Portal
LAW - ArtPolitic Encyclopedia of Politics : Information Portal
LAW is a US Army light anti-tank weapon
LAW is a law society called Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
www.artpolitic.org /infopedia/la/LAW.html   (126 words)

 ASIL - International Law Links
Eur-lex is described as "the portal to European Union law." An excellent guide to Accessing EU Information leads you through it all.
Law Lists from the University of Chicago, provides a large searchable list of electronic discussion groups that have formed on various legal topics (for example INT-LAW) so you can connect with experts and other interested persons in your specialized field.
Multilaterals Project: The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy provides the texts of over 180 conventions and other instruments which are keyword and phrase searchable.
www.asil.org /spgbd.htm   (126 words)

 Resources for Law Students
Law Links is a portal for students with links to many useful resources, together with descriptions.
Law in a Box is an innovative new series of training CD Roms with textbook, recorded lectures and casenotes, linked in with an online chatroom and discussion board, newsletter and weekly updating.
Law Competitions is a site for law students to put them in touch with legal skills competitions.
www.venables.co.uk /studentsresources.htm   (2118 words)

 Spacelawstation.com: The planet's space law portal
We're orbiting webspace to bring space lawyers, businesspeople, policy makers and other earthlings a galaxy of resources relating to civil and commercial space law and policy.
The Future of Outer Space: National Security and the United Nations - transcript of a panel of the International Law Association’s International Law Weekend 2003, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Oct. 24, 2003
Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition - 2005 Problem - Case Concerning International Liability (Deltastan v Gammaland)
www.spacelawstation.com   (843 words)

 Virus Portal - Legal notice and Privacy policy
Similarly, and in compliance with the Spanish Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, Panda Software will only send marketing information by e-mail or other electronic means to those users who have given their express consent to such activity.
Panda Software S.L., in compliance with the provisions of Spanish Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter LISSEC), hereby notifies the User, prior to the rendering of services, of the procedures and obligations required for the execution of this agreement:
Panda Software's privacy policy guarantees the User the right to access, rectify, eliminate and object to the processing of data by notifying Panda Software via e-mail at: legal_affairs@pandasoftware.com, or by writing to Panda Software Legal Affairs, Buenos Aires 12, 48.001 Bilbao (Spain).
www.virusportal.com /com/foot/copyright.shtml   (843 words)

 Maritime Law Portal
Part of the prestigious Lloyd's Shipping Law Library, The Ratification of Maritime Conventions Looseleaf is a unique up-to-date collection of the full text of all maritime conventions and their ratifications.
Reporting on decisions since 1919, Lloyd's Law Reports is the most authoritative and comprehensive collection of maritime and commercial case decisions available.
Conflict of laws - Charterparty containing London arbitration clause - Canadian statute providing for Canadian jurisdiction if "actual port of loading or discharge" was in Canada - Whether transhipment of cargo from vessel to vessel at Nanaimo, British Columbia constituted Nanaimo an "actual port of loading" within meaning of Canadian statute
www.maritimelawportal.com   (867 words)

 built custom law motorcycle
Our website is a portal to up-to-date information on built custom law motorcycle.
Buying a built custom law motorcycle can be one of the most important purchases in your life.
So you're not the best built custom law motorcycle you want to be.
www.aboutabq.com /custom-motorcycle/built-custom-law-motorcycle.php   (166 words)

 LegalArchiver.Org: Quick Reference Archive of Business Law
The portal is intended to be a quick reference archive site for the major acts and legislation covering business and corporate control issues.
All the usual browser buttons and facilities will function on each page, enabling, for example, simple search for terms and phrases.
Essentially, it contains archives of major bills/acts, which can be easily browsed in straight forward format.
www.legalarchiver.org   (166 words)

 AMBER Alert Portal
Through the AMBER Alert Portal, law enforcement may directly issue and update AMBER Alerts, which are then automatically communicated by cell phones, pagers, fax and email to anyone who signs up.
The AMBER Alert Portal is managed by the AMBER Alert Portal Consortium, a public/private partnership.
The AMBER Alert Portal is provided as a free public service.
www.amberalert911.com   (136 words)

EUR-Lex – The Portal to European Union Law
European Union - Delegation of the European Commission to the United States
European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters (http://europa.eu.int/comm/justice_home/ejn/index_en.htm)
www.eurunion.org /infores/BestLawSites.HTM   (173 words)

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