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Topic: Porto Alegre

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  Porto Alegre - Wikitravel
Porto Alegre is the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul and the biggest urban agglomeration of south Brazil.
From the East, Porto Alegre is reachable by BR-290 from Uruguaiana and Argentina.
Porto Alegre's buses are, in most cases, clean, safe and fast, specially when the line uses the bus corridor, a reserved lane with special stops in main avenues, effectively avoiding traffic jams.
wikitravel.org /en/Porto_Alegre   (3049 words)

  Porto Alegre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Porto Alegre is the most important industrial center in southern Brazil, and a key city for Mercosul.
Because of its strategic position (Porto Alegre is the southernmost metropolis in Brazil) the city is an important stopping point for travellers and international businessmen in the south of South America, especially from the countries of Mercosul.
Porto Alegre is also one of the wealthiest cities in Latin America, and one of the most diverse.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Porto_Alegre   (723 words)

 Porto Alegre Hotel. Chania, Crete, Greece
Porto Alegre was designed to give a special colour to your holidays by striving to provide you with all comforts and amenities required, so that you won't miss anything during your stay in Chania.
Porto Alegre is situated only 5km away from the magnificent town of Chania, widely acclaimed as the "Venice of East".
Porto Alegre is situated ideally and can, thus, serve as a starting point for your excursions to the particularly interesting inland.For instance you can visit the outstanding beaches of Elafonissi and Falassarna andenjoy the dentelated coasts and stunning sunsets.
portoalegrehotel.gr /index.html   (530 words)

 World Social Forum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first WSF was held from 25 January to 30 January 2001 in Porto Alegre, organized by many groups involved in the alternative globalization movement, including the French Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens (ATTAC).
The WSF was sponsored, in part, by the Porto Alegre government, led by Brazilian Worker's Party (PT).
The third WSF was again held in Porto Alegre, in January 2003.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/World_Social_Forum   (948 words)

 Brazil Incentives Travel Tourism Online Reservation Tours & Hotels - PORTO ALEGRE
Porto Alegre, the largest city in the south of Brazil, is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Porto Alegre is the centre of Brazil's third largest communications network, the Brazil South Network (Grupo RBS) and one of the foremost education establishments, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.
In the Matriz Square in Porto Alegre is an architectural complex in the Portuguese baroque style, a legacy of its founders.
www.bitourism.com /city.asp?city_id=26   (2626 words)

Porto Alegre, the capital and chief port of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, is built on the northern extremity of Lagoa dos Patos and on the eastern shore of the estuary called Rio Guahyba.
Porto Alegre has four newspapers, including the Catholic "Deutsches Volksblatt"; the state institutions include the municipal palace, the governor's palace, the school of engineering, the military college, school of medicine, and four general schools.
On 4 March, 1910, Pius X divided the territory of the state between this see (which he raised to metropolitan rank with the title of Porto Alegre, now appointed its seat), and its newly created suffragans, Pelotas, Santa Maria, Uruguayana, and Florianopolis.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12289b.htm   (571 words)

 The Citizens of Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre’s expenditures in certain areas, such as health and housing, are much higher than the national average, yet the municipalities’; administrative costs and overhead have declined over the years.
It is for this reason that in Porto Alegre and elsewhere in Brazil, poor people’s neighborhood organizations have often been little more than electoral corrals for charismatic politicians who selectively made improvements in exchange for voter loyalty.
Opposition politicians cheered that Porto Alegre “does not belong to one party.” The reasons for the defeat were not straightforward.
bostonreview.net /BR31.2/baiocchi.html   (3216 words)

 Brazil for Beginners: Porto Alegre: The Heart of Gaucho Land.
Porto Alegre is a vibrant and modern town, where strong cultural habits are still present, some of them easy to notice when walking around, like Chimarrao, a kind of hot tea.
Remember that even in Brazil there are cold places, and Porto Alegre, located at the south, is one of those, during the winter.
Porto Alegre is located at south Brazil, at the border with Uruguai and Argentina.
www.imagensviagens.com /us_br_portoalegre.htm   (1730 words)

 New Left Review - Michael Hardt: Porto Alegre: Today's Bandung?
Porto Alegre, in contrast, was a predominantly white event.
The first position occupied the most visible and dominant spaces of the Porto Alegre Forum; it was represented in the large plenary sessions, repeated by the official spokespeople, and reported in the press.
Perhaps the representatives of the traditional parties and centralized organizations at Porto Alegre are too much like the old national leaders gathered at Bandung—imagine Lula of the PT in the position of Ahmed Sukarno as host, and Bernard Cassen of ATTAC France as Jawaharlal Nehru, the most honoured guest.
newleftreview.org /A2381   (2510 words)

 The Experience of the Participative Budget in Porto Alegre (Brazil)
In Porto Alegre, today, the citizens know and decide on public issues, transforming themselves, therefore, in agents of their own future.
Porto Alegre is the Capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, has one million two-hundred and ninety thousand inhabitants and is located in the center of a metropolitan region with three million inhabitants.
Until the beginning of the eighties, Porto Alegre experimented an accelerated population growth process, which combined with the strong concentration of the existing income, generated a serious instability and left one third of its population at the margin of the urban infra-structure.
www.unesco.org /most/southa13.htm   (2210 words)

 I. Wallerstein, Porto Alegre, 2002
And then came the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in 2001 - 15,000 persons from around the world, from all kinds of organizations, to insist that "another world is possible." The press of the western world remained skeptical, but the people of Davos were troubled.
Porto Alegre is a loose coalition of transnational, national, and local movements, with multiple priorities, who are united primarily in their opposition to the neoliberal world order.
What the forces of Porto Alegre need to do more clearly is (1) to analyze where the capitalist world-economy is going structurally, and what are its inherent weaknesses; and (2) begin to outline an alternative world order.
fbc.binghamton.edu /82en.htm   (988 words)

 Preparatory to Porto Alegre, Noam Chomsky interviewed by various interviewers
A: To say that the Porto Alegre Forum is "anti-Davos" is to presuppose that somehow Davos is prima facie legitimate and that popular opposition to what it represents requires some special justification.
Porto Alegre is a gathering of popular organizations from around the world whose picture of how society should be organized is different from that of the masters.
The participants in the Porto Alegre World Social Forum, for example, are not opposed to the fact that they are able to attend, thanks to international integration, that is, globalization.
www.chomsky.info /interviews/200201--.htm   (12109 words)

 Porto Alegre : World Social Forum
Dal 2001, Porto Alegre rappresenta nel mondo una politica altérnative riguardo al neo-liberalismo e del imperialismo.
Porto Alegre è il simbolo di una tribuna sociale mondiale.
Desde 2001, Porto Alegre representa en el mundo una altérnative política frente al neoliberalismo y el imperialismo.
www.portoalegre2002.org /homepage.asp   (189 words)

 Participative democracy in Porto Alegre, by Bernard Cassen
We are in the district of Lomba do Pinheiro in Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil, on the borders of Argentina and Uruguay and known locally as the gaucho state.
The PT took Porto Alegre in 1988, with Olivio Dutra (currently running for state governor) as mayor, and held it in 1992 with Tarso Genro and again in 1996 with Raul Pont, winning more votes for the mayor and more council seats on each occasion.
The three Porto Alegre dailies and the local radio and television networks have nothing whatever to say, except for hostile editorials, about what the experiment means in practice, despite the fact that it would provide excellent material for investigative reports.
mondediplo.com /1998/10/08brazil   (1880 words)

Thus, it is hardly surprising that the mayor of Porto Alegre for the last term, who had already been vice-mayor in the first term (1988-1992), was for a while insistently indicated as the PT candidate for the presidential election (October 1998).
Porto Alegre is frequently visited by local government and grassroots movement leaders from other Brazilian cities to analyze in loco the workings of the participatory budgeting.
According to Tarso Genro, vice-mayor of Porto Alegre (1988-92) and mayor (1992-96), when, by the end of 1988, the PT won the mayoralty of Porto Alegre for the first time, around one thousand community organizations were identified in the city.
www.ssc.wisc.edu /~wright/santosweb.html   (18662 words)

 Daring democracy -- Porto Alegre, Brazil
While in most of the country people are pessimistic about the capacity of government to improve their quality of life, one city has become a hallmark of positive political transformation.
Porto Alegre is a regional capital of 1.3 million people which since 1989 has been governed by the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT or Workers' Party), Brazil's largest Left-wing party.
But simply copying Porto Alegre's budget policy is unlikely to have the same results elsewhere.
www.thirdworldtraveler.com /South_America/Democracy_PortoAlegre.html   (1161 words)

 Porto Alegre hotels, Rio Grande do Sul hotels, BRAZIL hotels - Dilos Holiday World
The elegant InterCity Premium Hotel in Porto Alegre is located in one of the premium areas of the city, within easy reach of the administrative and financial centre.
Located in downtown Porto Alegre, near the main sites of the state capital and with an easy reach to the main streets of the city, it is three blocks from the lake Guaiba, close to shopping, market place, restaurants and tourist attractions.
Situated 10 minutes from the centre of Porto Alegre, in the district of Moinhos de Vento, the most exclusive area of the city, it is next to the shopping mall and opposite the Parcao, area traditionally known as Calcada da Fama, with its wide range of excellent restaurants and bars.
www.dilos.com /location/hotels/15032   (641 words)

 Viajes a Porto Alegre,BRASIL. ofertas de viajes a Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre, ciudad ubicada al sur de Brasil cuenta con una gran cantidad de iniciativas colectivas e independiente que trabajan en tensión con las instituciones culturales oficiales en la ciudad.
Uno de los espacios independientes que trabaja en educación artística, que aglutina a los artistas y sus producciones es una de las pocas iniciativas en porto Alegre que cuenta con un espacio físico fijo.
Información y Reserva de Hoteles en Porto Alegre.
www.viajesbrasil.guia-ciudad.com /Portoalegre.html   (301 words)

 UrbanRail.Net > America > Brazil > Porto Alegre Metrô (Trensurb)
Porto Alegre lies in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and has some
The Porto Alegre Metrô is operated by TRENSURB and carries some 130.000 passengers daily.
The Porto Alegre Metro operates from 5:00 to 23:20.
www.urbanrail.net /am/ptal/porto-alegre.htm   (264 words)

 ISR issue 16 | The Promise of Porto Alegre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yet the Porto Alegre event went beyond exposing the economic and social injustices perpetrated by the Davos gang.
The "Porto Alegre Call for Mobilization" thus included the demand for an end to U.S. military intervention in Colombia, as well as an end to U.S. blockades and to U.S. interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.
The undeniable success of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre consists of its historic consolidation of a new internationalism that has fueled antiglobalization demonstrations from Seattle to Nice, and from Washington, D.C., to Prague and Melbourne.
www.isreview.org /issues/16/porto_alegre.shtml   (1413 words)

 Lewit - Participatory Democracy In Porto Alegre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The main reason I went to Porto Alegre was to hear more about a local alternative to corporate-driven globalization—an alternative which looks very powerful, very fair, and engages huge numbers of citizens—a hothouse of democracy.
Something like 50,000 residents of Porto Alegre—poor and middle class, women and men, leftist and centrist—now participate in the budgeting cycle of this city of a million and a half people—and the numbers of participants have grown each year since its start 12 years ago.
Porto Alegre is one of the best cities in Brazil in which to live.
www.quaylargo.com /Productions/Lewit.html   (3954 words)

 Porto Alegre Buildings, Real Estate, Architecture, Skyscrapers and Construction Database / Emporis.com
Porto Alegre (literally "Joyous Port") is one of the largest cities in Brazil, and the capital city of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Porto Alegre is the most important city of Southern Brazil, consisting of a cultural, political and economical center.
Porto Alegre held the best standard of living among all Brazilian capitals for many years and it was the only Brazilian city listed on Jones Lang LaSalle's World Winning Cities.
www.emporis.com /en/wm/ci/?id=101084   (691 words)

 Brazil Agents School   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The "portoalegrenses" proud themselves at their quality of life, associated to a vibrant and intense cultural activity, and also to an intimate and respectful relation with nature.
PORTO ALEGRE has a long coastline on the Guaíba Lake, and its topography is punctuated by 40 hills.
PORTO ALEGRE has the largest countryside among Brazilian capitals, with an expressive production of fruits and vegetables.
www.inf.ufrgs.br /~mas/bas/city.html   (259 words)

 Porto Alegre's Budget Of, By, and For the People by David Lewit
That’s the amount of money the city of Porto Alegre spends in an average year for construction and services—money not committed to fixed expenses like debt service and pensions.
Fifty thousand residents of Porto Alegre—poor and middle class, women and men, leftist and centrist—now take part in the participatory budgeting process for this city of a million and a half people, and the numbers involved have grown each year since its start in 1989.
Porto Alegre is one of the most livable cities in Brazil.
www.futurenet.org /24democracy/lewit.htm   (1025 words)

 Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre Tourism, is official tourism authority visitor Assistance centers are located at the Salgado Filho airport and inside the Farroupilha park, and also by phone.
Porto Alegre, one of the largest cities in southern Brazil, is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul State.
Porto Alegre is predominantly an industrial city in which the country’s main food, textile and shipping industries are located, the landscape of this beautiful city is considered to have the greatest concentration of trees in Brazil
www.carnaval.com /brazil/portoalegre   (2554 words)

 Amazon.fr :  The Porto Alegre Alternative: Direct Democracy in Action : Livres en anglais   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Porto Alegre in Brazil is famous as the city that pioneered a revolutionary kind of local democracy.
It was the main reason Porto Alegre came to host the first three World Social Forums in 2001, 2002 and 2003.
The Porto Alegre experience shows that a truly different kind of political democracy is possible -- it presents a real alternative to the current model of liberal representative democracy that has been eroded by unelected transnational institutions and multinational corporations.
www.amazon.fr /exec/obidos/ASIN/0745320961   (691 words)

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