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Topic: Positive (social sciences)

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 Positive science - tScholars.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In this sense, the opposite of positive is normative.
The term positive lies at the heart of one of the major epistemological debates in the humanities and social sciences.
Positivists (in the humanities and social sciences) on the one hand, advocate a 'value-free' approach to the study of humanity that shares much in common with methods employed in the natural sciences.
www.tscholars.com /encyclopedia/Positive_(social_sciences)   (397 words)

 Social Sciences Re-Interpreted: New Atheist Paradigm Results Joanne Brough (10-04)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
"Positive atheism" is an ideal, but when our whole world-view and way of thinking has been molded by social theorists over the last two centuries and passed on to us and the rest of the world through our secular educational system, we do not have an atheistic public opinion.
Social theorists have been rationalizing all the while, trying to make social science both compatible with and reconciled to religion.
In my website, The New Society Agenda I the social sciences without any rationalizing and end up with an accurate, objective whole world view and way of thinking, a whole new (atheistic) paradigm or frame of reference.
www.positiveatheism.org /mail/eml8305.htm   (133 words)

 Positive Social Science
Social scientists investigate the untoward effects of authoritarianism, of fundamentalist religion, and of stringent childhood discipline, but overlook the strengths these conditions often produce.
My vision is that social science will finally see beyond the remedial, and escape from the muckraking that has claimed it, that social science will become a positive force for understanding and promoting the highest qualities of civil and personal life.
The positive social science of the twenty-first century will have as a useful side effect the possibility of prevention of the serious mental illnesses; for there are a set of human strengths that most likely buffer against mental illness: courage, optimism, interpersonal skill, work ethic, hope, responsibility, future-mindedness, honesty, perseverance, to name several.
www.science-spirit.org /article_detail.php?article_id=46   (1035 words)

 SOCIO-CYBERNETICS AND NORBERT WEINER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Second, Wiener considers the social sciences as the discipline where the coupling between observer and observed is hardest to minimize, a phenomenon one side of which is known as observer-dependence.
These four reasons explain some of Wiener's ambivalence toward the applicability of cybernetics to the social sciences; an additional explanation might be found in the fact that sometimes the positive and sometimes the negative reasons were reinforced by his own apparent tendency to alternate between upbeat and despondent moods.
Nevertheless, science looks for characteristics that remain invariant under transformation: "In a world ruled by a succession of miracles performed by an irrational God subject to sudden whims, we should be forced to await each new catastrophe in a state of perplexed passiveness" [2, p.50].
www.edu365.com /aulanet/comsoc/visions/documentos/wiener_social_sciences.htm   (5852 words)

 Positive Psychology Network Concept Paper
Subjective positive experience reflects an individual’s evaluation of his or her own life, whether the appraisal is in terms of a cognitive judgment, pleasant emotions, physical pleasure, or pleasant interest.
First, subjective positive experiences, reflecting as they do a person’s values, indicate the degree to which an individual is achieving those outcomes that he or she believes are important.
The social sciences have forced us to realize that we are not as rational as we believed we were, that economic interests and not benevolence rule our actions, and that our values instead of being universal are often rooted in narrow cultural prejudices.
www.ppc.sas.upenn.edu /ppgrant.htm   (7930 words)

 World-Wide Web Resources - Social Sciences
Council of European Social Science Data Archives, facilitates the distribution of electronic data for social science education and research in Europe.
Social Science Data on the Internet, from the University of California, San Diego.
To request a purchase for the Social Sciences collection in the University of Kentucky Libraries, use this form.
www.uky.edu /Subject/social-sciences.html   (2057 words)

 Social sciences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
They diverge from the arts and humanities in that the social sciences tend to emphasize the use of the scientific method in the study of humanity, including quantitative and qualitative methods.
The social sciences, in studying subjective, inter-subjective and objective or structural aspects of society, are sometimes referred to as soft sciences.
In natural sciences, scientific terms are often used to explain things precisely, where everyday language would be ambiguous or lengthy, but when possible, natural scientists will use layman's terms to make science more accesible.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_sciences   (3274 words)

 POS Mission - Ross School of Business
The Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship is a community of scholars devoted to energizing and transforming organizations through research on the theory and practice of positive organizing and leadership.
Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) is an exciting new movement in organizational studies that draws on the path-breaking work in the organizational and social sciences.
"Positive" indicates the discipline's affirmative bias; "organizational" focuses on the processes and conditions in organizational contexts; and "scholarship" reflects the rigor, theory, and scientific procedures that ground the POS approach.
www.bus.umich.edu /Positive/Center-for-POS/Mission.htm   (275 words)

 glbtq >> social sciences >> Social Work   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Finally, social workers will have the knowledge and training to allow them to work productively with members of the glbtq population, both on the micro and macro levels, and with the appropriate assessment skills and intervention strategies.
Social workers, if they choose to follow their own mandates, will find that they are in the perfect positions to lead the struggle against heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia, whether on the institutional or individual level.
Lillian Wald, an American public health nurse and social reformer, is the model of a Victorian-era lesbian active in the settlement house movement.
www.glbtq.com /social-sciences/social_work,2.html   (690 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The NSNRC is an independent center that supports, promotes and provides technical assistance in the application of the social norms approach to a broad range of health, safety and social justice issues, including alcohol-related risk-reduction and the prevention of tobacco abuse.
Social norms is an area of research in the social sciences that focuses on the impact of norms on people's attitudes and behaviors.
Utilizing a variety of techniques, the social norms approach offers the potential to achieve large-scale, positive behavior change and harm reduction by communicating to students the true responsible behavior of their peers.
www.socialnorms.org /index.php   (794 words)

 CPP | Social | Social Learning Books (2001)
Joyce, P. A social history of ancient Ireland; treating of the government, military system, and law; religion, learning, and art; trades, industries, and commerce; manners, customs, and domestic life, of the ancient Irish people (2d ed.).
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Lb1032.c66 1991 Traill, H. Social England; a record of the progress of the people in religion, laws, learning, arts, industry, commerce, science, literature and manners, from the earliest times to the present day.
www.positivepractices.com /Social/SocialLearningBooks2001.html   (3398 words)

 Social « Psychology « Social Sciences « Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Social Psychology (often used as an incorrect synonym of Social Cognition) is the study of social relationships, organizations, and the like.
A Sociological Social Psychology - A tour through social psychology from the nature-nurture debate through to the psychology of urbanisation, all from a sociological perspective.
Social Security Reform - Debtism - The Legacy of Perpetual Debt is the American government's bequest to its hard working people.
www.directorylistings.info /Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Social   (968 words)

 Positive Organizational Scholarship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
is an exciting new movement in organizational studies that draws on path-breaking work in the organizational and social sciences.
Positive Organizational Scholarship is based on the premise that understanding how to enable human excellence in organizations will unlock potential, reveal possibilities, and facilitate a more positive course of human and organizational welfare.
At its core, Positive Organizational Scholarship investigates “positive deviance,” or the ways in which organizations and their members flourish and prosper in extraordinary ways.
www.bus.umich.edu /Positive/WhatisPOS   (242 words)

 Social Sciences
MUSES is aimed at soliciting new multidisciplinary activities that encourage researchers in engineering, physical and life sciences, social and behavioral sciences, economics, mathematics, and education to reach beyond their disciplinary boundaries in order to address complex issues related to materials use in the environment.
The goal of the NSF Arctic Sciences Section is to gain a better understanding of the Earth's physical, biological, geological, chemical, social and cultural processes, and the interactions of ocean, land, atmosphere, biological, and human systems in the Arctic.
The Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBE) at the National Science Foundation (NSF), through its Divisions of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences and Social and Economic Sciences, will be accepting proposals to support time-sensitive research related to the Gulf Coast disaster area and to capture data from the human aspects of hurricane Katrina.
www.sfsu.edu /~orspwww/_preaward/_find/_browse/2005socialsciences.html   (5934 words)

 Redefining the Good Life: a New Focus in the Social Sciences
Starting with a series of meetings, they hope to spur a similar shift across the social sciences, transforming economics, political science, communications, and sociology into disciplines focused on human well-being and the social systems that foster it.
Frederickson's studies of the functions of joy and contentment, for example, persuaded her to discard the psychological truism that emotions evolved as a way to narrow a person's attention and trigger specific physical actions in times of crisis.
Keyes found that quality of life and social well-being consisted of more than "the absence of anomie and alienation." People also need to feel that they fit in, that what they do is valued, and that the world is improving for people like them, he says.
www.apa.org /ed/goodlife.html   (2515 words)

 Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
This area would allow me to work with the underprivileged, and I would be able to have a positive impact on someone’s life.
I felt that as a social worker I would be able to help people who needed help.
Social workers are all about social justice and empowering the people that they work with.
www.cas.usf.edu /iss/charles.htm   (321 words)

 Good Ideas! - FALL 1993 - Social sciences and technology --- a natural combination
Here is where the history/social science curriculum enters center stage, for while basic word processing is stressed for ninth grade students in the English Department, and computer simulations and specialized equipment are part of the mathematics curriculum, advanced technology was designated as the special province of the Social Sciences Department.
Targeting the social sciences was a natural at Poly.
Long ago, the decision was made to teach students research skills through the social sciences curriculum.
www.csla.net /pub/goodideas/fall93/fall93-8.html   (406 words)

 The Social Sciences in Britain
The breadth (or vagueness) reflects the commission’s interest in both the generation and practical uses of knowledge and its hope that the social sciences may influence and serve all of society, not just a few academic disciplines.
The commission rebukes those to whom social science is “a mind-exercise,” suggesting that the armchair approach of early scholars persists in some quarters.
On the positive side, the commission ranks U.K. social science first among nations in volume, after the United States, and first in Europe in qualitative research.
www.asanet.org /footnotes/jan04/indextwo.html   (631 words)

 College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS) offers students the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education in the humanities and social sciences while preparing them for a wide range of professions, for graduate school and for advanced professional study in fields such as law, public administration, clinical psychology, and business.
Majors in Humanities and Social Sciences not only prepare students for the profession of their choice, but also help them to excel in coursework throughout their time at the University.
Students will be introduced to social, historical and cultural highlights of contemporary Europe, to principles and methods useful for analyzing cultures and their own interactions with them.
www.fullerton.edu /catalog/about_the_university/collhss.asp   (586 words)

 glbtq >> social sciences >> São Paulo
Interviewing seventy middle-class men, he found that they were generally happy and well adjusted, but suffered social pressure and feared family ostracism.
Until the late 1950s, in spite of considerable social and sexual activities in the parks, train stations, bus terminals, and streets, São Paulo did not have gay bars.
The social lives of lesbians and gay men in São Paulo in the 1940s and 1950s, revolved around intimate parties and gatherings in friends' houses.
www.glbtq.com /social-sciences/sao_paulo.html   (744 words)

 Funding Social Sciences Feb 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This program supports (1) computer and information science research on the application of information/computer technologies to government missions, in partnership with government agencies; and (2) multidisciplinary research on design and use of information technologies in democratic processes, the impact of information technologies on government institutions, and the interaction between citizens and government.
Proposals for workshops or symposia that foster interaction of social, behavioral, and/or economic scientists with mathematicians and/or statisticians are welcome.
Crosscutting themes to be considered in applications include consideration of ethnicity, social class, and culture; methods and measurement; levels of analysis; and research settings.
www.kent.edu /rags/Funding-Social-Sciences-Feb-2004.cfm   (614 words)

 Monmouth University - Department of Social Work   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Social workers are concerned with improving the health and quality of life of persons who are disconnected or excluded from larger society.
Social workers engage in practice at all levels, from working with children to working with communities and governments.
The profession and the program at Monmouth are particularly concerned with social and economic justice, the representation and support of vulnerable or oppressed segments of the population and direct action strategies to bring about positive change for the disenfranchised.
www.monmouth.edu /academics/deptlinks/socialwork.asp   (158 words)

 Social Psychology Social Sciences Science
The study is published in the November issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
The study, which appeared in the August 2006 issues of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, was co-authored by William Jellison of Colgate University...
For her future research, Miquelon hopes to build a link between her interest in social psychology, psychological well-being and physical health by examining...
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Social   (896 words)

 Social Sciences
As science and engineering discoveries result more and more from international collaboration, U.S. researchers and educators must be able to operate effectively in teams comprised of partners from different nations and cultural backgrounds.
The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to stimulate research in the behavioral and social sciences on the consequences of natural and man-made disasters for the health of children, the elderly, and vulnerable groups, with an ultimate goal of preventing or mitigating harmful consequences.
The focus is on the positive and negative effects of religiosity and spirituality on health risk behaviors in children and adolescents.
www.sfsu.edu /~orspwww/_preaward/_find/_browse/socialsciences.html   (5187 words)

 Theology and the Social Sciences
In the last few centuries in Western culture a great deal of the criticism of religion has come from that collection of perspectives which are now called the social sciences.
The social sciences include a number of approaches to the study of religion.
Theologians respond to much of this by reminding the skeptical of transcendent questions which reach beyond the limits of the social and psychological.
academic.udayton.edu /michaelbarnes/376-05/RegistGuide.htm   (519 words)

 College of Social Sciences
The College of Social Sciences is home to ten stimulating departments that prepare students for leadership roles in many professional areas in both the public and private sectors including business, education, government, and social services.
As a student at San Jose State University, whether you are majoring in one of our departments or majoring in another College, you will be taught by faculty who are internationally recognized experts in their professional fields.
As social scientists, we use the tools of our respective academic disciplines to understand our human experience and we share a common desire to enhance the human condition.
www2.sjsu.edu /depts/SocialSciences/test/welcome/index.html   (338 words)

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