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Topic: Positive thinking

In the News (Sun 20 Jan 19)

  Positive Thinking
The development of a positive mental attitude means that the individual must not only have qualities such as determination, patience, and firm resolve, but must focus these qualities on, and integrate them fully with, noble aspirations for the benefit of mankind.
No! Positive thinking means to build for ourselves a beautiful inner life, to landscape an inner garden, complete with pavilions and cool places, replete with gentle sunshine and cooling showers, and good company, and with birds singing, and bees collecting honey.
Positive thinking is one of the tools to help us in this, along with prayer, good reading, good company, a simple outer life, meditation, charity, high standards of integrity, modest expectations, honest labour, the remembrance of and gratitude to our Creator, and above all love.
www.zahuri.dircon.co.uk /positive_thinking.htm   (1980 words)

 How To Use Positive Thinking and Affirmations To Change Your Life
Positive thinking is not something that you were born with.
Positive thinking and saying affirmations is something you have to do everyday as often as possible when ever you can.
By practicing positive thinking and by reciting affirmations everyday you create a state of mind where you are constantly positive - it becomes a state of being positive.
www.positivethinkingaffirmations.com   (1785 words)

 Positive Thinking
"THINK POSITIVE!!!" exhorted the late Norman Vincent Peale, Schuller’s ideological father and founder of the Positive Thinking movement.
Although Peale developed his positive thinking philosophy in his early years to combat an enormous inferiority complex, he was strongly influenced in his college years by the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, William James and Marcus Aurelius.
Positive affirmation and self-talk aren’t an invention of a success-driven Western culture.
www.users.fast.net /~gospeltruth/positive.htm   (5549 words)

 Positive thinking is surpassed by Optimal Thinking!
For decades, the motto of the productive world has been "Think positive!" Meanwhile, the divorce rate has increased, highly talented people are out of work, terrorism is a wide-scale threat, and mediocrity is everywhere.
For example, the mediocre positive thinker acts as a "wet blanket" to the extraordinarily positive thinker, who is the "energizer." The different levels of positive thinking are not harmonious.
They are in continual conflict because their different levels of positive thinking are not in harmony.
www.optimalthinking.com /Abovepositive.html   (775 words)

 Beyond Positive Thinking Ministries Christian Business Development Center
After reading and listening to hundreds of motivational books and tapes Jim found that many of the ideas that the positive thinking gurus were teaching were simply biblical truths that would work for anybody who used them.
Beyond Positive Thinking Ministries guides people through Success and Motivation in the Scriptures by showing them who they are, what they have, and what they can do because they are children of the God Who created the universe.
The mission of Beyond Positive Thinking Ministries is to help people fulfill the will of God in their lives according to 3 John 2, they prosper in all things and live in health.
beyondpositivethinking.org   (390 words)

 USATODAY.com - Power of a super attitude   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Positive thinking and a positive attitude may indeed have power.
Her research on positive mental states is among 44 current grants funded by the National Institutes of Health evaluating optimism.
The right way to think is that this positive attitude orientation can actually keep life worth living and can possibly extend the period of life you have," she says.
www.usatoday.com /news/health/2004-10-12-mind-body_x.htm   (1054 words)

 Positive Thinking
Instead of thinking that she is independent and could use a better explanation, you think of her as an uncooperative bitch.
The art of positive thinking is just repeating something over and over until your subconscious mind accepts it as the truth, so be sure you pick an affirmation you can really believe in.
Think the thoughts you want to hear and if any negative thoughts come in, turn them around and make them positive.
www.feeling-good.healthyplace2.com /positive_thinking.html   (1498 words)

 the power of positive thinking
A much earlier advocate of positive thinking in a Christian context was St Ignatius of Loyola, who operated in the 16th century and was the founder of the Jesuit order.
Positive thinking, at the simplistic level, merely replaces these suggestions with their opposites - "This is going to work.", "She is going to believe me.", "They are going to like me." - in the hope of creating a self-fulfilling level of confidence.
Positive thinking is sometimes justified by a theory of how the brain works.
www.users.globalnet.co.uk /~rxv/pnt/positive.htm   (3505 words)

 Positive Thinking
The Templeton Positive Psychology Prize is awarded annually to four researchers in the social sciences who are under 40 or who have spent less than 12 years in the field.
“I think the objections to this umbrella term come from critics who think that positive psychologists would be intolerant to science that shows any drawbacks to qualities such as happiness and optimism.
Proof that, while the power of positive thinking may often be less jet engine and more ’72 Volkswagen climbing a long hill, it is wise to be optimistic, even in the face of setbacks.
www.lclark.edu /dept/chron/positives03.html   (1757 words)

 Thinking Positive - Heaven's Register   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Positive thinking, using ones mind fully, explaining the difference between מוֹחין דגדלות thoughts of a thinking "adult" and מוֹחין דקטנוּת habitual thoughts of a "child".
Understanding that "positive thinking" is simply having the correct attitude, a mind and a life full of loving thoughts that creates "life energy".
Think about the past day and the next day, think positively, that tomorrow will be a lovely day.
www.yarzheit.com /heavensregister/10thinkpositive.htm   (7387 words)

 Positive thinking
Positive thinking is a practice - positive thinking is something you learn over time.
Positive thinking is something you have to do everyday as often as possible when ever you can.
By practicing positive thinking everyday you create a state of mind where you are constantly positive - it becomes a state of being positive.
www.affirmationsforpositivethinking.com /positive-thinking.htm   (1202 words)

 The Power of Positive Thinking
He examined 16 published studies in which researchers looked at the relationship between a patient's beliefs or expectations about his or her health outcome compared with the actual outcome.
One reason positive thinking helps is because it provides a feeling of control over your health and your future, says clinical psychologist Elizabeth Carll, PhD.
Cole says more research is needed to determine the most effective ways to help patients get into a positive frame of mind about their recovery -- and to stay there.
my.webmd.com /content/article/33/1728_84995   (444 words)

 Positive thinking and positive health
Whether it's the endorphins generated by keeping your mind focused and positive, or whether it's the additional hope you might have when you think positively, the study found that, even discounting all the other variables that might exist, the people with more positive personalities lived longer.
Others put themselves on a 14-day positive thinking "diet." When they have a negative thought, the 14 days start over again.
Now that positive thinking is recognized as a health issue, it may be just what we need to push ourselves over the edge.
www.salesstar.com /mm111901.htm   (578 words)

 Positive Thinking
Things that happen to you may have more to do with the "coincidental odds" of things happening in the normal course of events and not necessarily due to your POSITIVE thinking at all.
Positive thinking is more emotional and from the heart, while negative thinking can be more rational, like in looking for what can go wrong.
It is believed by some that the MORE intelligent you are, the MORE negative your thinking habits may tend to be.
www.scambustersusa.com /articles/Observations_Myths_and_Thoughts/positive_thinking.shtml   (144 words)

 The Power of Positive Thinking
The power of positive thinking is like a car with a powerful engine that can take you to the summit of a mountain.
Positive thinking means admitting into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success.
Allan applied for a new job, but as his self-esteem was low, and he considered himself as a failure and unworthy of success, he was sure that he was not going to get the job.
www.successconsciousness.com /index_000009.htm   (1092 words)

 Positive Thinking!!
Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.
I think we can accomplish almost anything if we are willing to pay the price.
www.bgolden.com /oso/positive-thinking.htm   (2745 words)

 How Positive Thinking And Affirmations Can Change Your Life
Positive Thinking Affirmations are simple statements that you say to yourself over and over again.
Positive thinking has to be a practice -- positive thinking has to be done everyday.
Positive thinking is not just a philosophy -- Positive Thinking is a practice -- something you have to do everyday, over and over again.
www.affirmationsforpositivethinking.com   (5582 words)

 Positive Thinking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
People with a positive outlook on life have lower rates of depression and anxiety.
A light bulb then went off in my head that this was a good teaching moment for me. Instead of getting angry and upset over something that I had no control over at that point, I could make the best of it and move on.
Luckily for me, not much information was lost in the process, but it was a good remind to myself about practicing the art of thinking positively.
www.bethwolfgram.com /articles/positive.htm   (961 words)

 Positive Thinking Sites ~ A Positive Attitude Is Happier
The common source of our negative thinking is our negative childhood training which really can only be eliminated by feeling the unhappy inner child emotions behind our unhappy thoughts, ideas, judgments and beliefs.
Article on positive thinking from Uncommon Knowledge Describes the downfalls of the positive thinking affirmations approach.
Positive Thinking, Positive Thoughts Develop a positive attitude by focusing on positive and inspirational thoughts and affirmations.
www.helpself.com /directory/positive.htm   (490 words)

 Agathism: Beyond Optimism and Positive Thinking
There is a movement in American psychology called "positive psychology" that aims to increase the quality of life for the majority of regular Joes and Janes who are not clinically disturbed.
If you think crime is going up, you will be able to find facts to support your view.
The flip side is thinking your spouse is doing things just to make you mad, or your staff is a bunch of idiots.
www.agathism.com   (1660 words)

 Positive Thinking from Uncommon Knowledge
Positive thinking affirmations claim to work by repetition.
Positive affirmations require you to come up with a set of sentences to repeat to yourself, or, for a small fee, you can repeat someone else's.
And you may be teaching yourself a harmful thinking style.
www.uncommon-knowledge.co.uk /positive_thinking.html   (297 words)

 Positive Thinking, Rational Thinking, Though Awareness – Mind Tools Stress Management
Positive thinking should be used with common sense.
Positive thinking is then used to create positive affirmations that you can use to counter negative thoughts.
While these stress management techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing stress, they are for guidance only, and readers should take the advice of suitably qualified health professionals if they have any concerns over stress-related illnesses or if stress is causing significant or persistent unhappiness.
www.mindtools.com /redpstv.html   (2379 words)

 Positive Confession / PMA - Prosperity Gospel & The New Age
Kenneth Copeland Positive Confession and Word-Faith groups, which have their roots in E.W. Kenyon, William Branham, and the Manifest Sons of God/Latter Rain movement.
The Positive Confession movement is nothing but a charismatic form of Christian Science.
The Christian has a positive attitude not because he believes in the power of positive thinking, but because he is trusting in God.
www.rapidnet.com /~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/posit.htm   (1747 words)

 Norman Vincent Peale Home Page
There he gained fame for his sermons on a positive approach to modern living, which were regularly broadcast, first on radio and later on television.
Peale applied Christianity to everyday problems and is the person who is most responsible for bringing psychology into the professing Church, blending its principles into a message of "positive thinking." Peale said, "through prayer you...
Positive thinking is just another term for faith." He also wrote, "Your unconscious mind...
normanvincentpeale.wwwhubs.com   (636 words)

 White Oak Newsletter - Thinking Positive
You’ll be much healthier, happier, and more successful if you adopt a positive mental attitude to enable you to live life to the fullest and be the best you can be.
Consciously work to imprint positive self-talk on your subconscious mind by using questions and affirmations, steps 3 and 4.
Positive Affirmations imprint the subconscious mind to create a healthy, positive self-image.
www.whiteoakclinic.com /positive.html   (330 words)

 Always the original and REAL Cyber Psychic, Holly Sumner
Positive Thinking is a way of life rather than a momentary thought.
We need to learn to develop thinking positively as an ingrained habit rather than something we pull out only whenever we realize things may not be going as we want.
In this section, I will include several techniques and affirmations that will help you develop positive thinking as a habit so that it will become a natural way of life for you.
www.hollys.com /cyber-psychic/pos.htm   (529 words)

 Positive Thinking and Self Talk Information
Think Positive - Even a Heart Attack Can Be a Good Thing- -Written by Karen Wheeler Hall - Submitted on 10/7/05.
Positive Affirmations- -Written by Gene Simmons - Submitted on 10/18/04.
Positive thinking on negativity- -Written by Halina Goldstein - Submitted on 10/16/2003.
www.selfgrowth.com /positive.html   (2980 words)

 Positive Thinking
The religious roots of positive thinking can be traced back to the revivalism of Charles G. Finney, whose emphasis on the human element in conversion and the ability of men to create revivals broke with the Calvinist heritage of New England.
Sociologically, a telling critique of the trends found in positive thinking is presented in Christopher Lasch's The Culture of Narcissism (1979).
Theologically, positive thinking encourages a form of humanism that has often led to the development of heretical movements along the lines of New Though, Christian Science, and a variety of semi-Christian groups today.
mb-soft.com /believe/txn/positive.htm   (639 words)

 Positive Thinking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The key is openness of mind and the ability to view the world around you in a positive manner.
What strikes the reader is the fact that we are the creators of our own thoughts, and it is the process of letting ourselves become affected by these thoughts which defines the way we feel.
Of course, it is easy to preach that everyone should be happy and positive about everything, but that would be too easy.
www.cyber-gish.com /positive_thinking.htm   (600 words)

 Positive Thinking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
It is more than likely because they are able to think positively.
In fact there are several meanings to the expression ‘positive thinking’, but perhaps the best way to sum them up is: having the right ‘attitude of mind’.
Some already have that attitude of mind, but anyone is quite capable of gaining the insight that is needed to think positively.
www.bmstc.org /positive_thinking.htm   (400 words)

 An Experiment In Positive Thinking
The simple act of thinking positive thoughts triggers your brain to release positive chemicals that literally flood your body.
Learning to inject positive thinking into your day is critical to feeling better and creating healthy change.
Just think about how powerful this can be if you create a few very personal statements and repeat them to yourself regularly throughout your day.
www.ediets.com /news/article.cfm/cmi_389021   (695 words)

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