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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

 The Second Palomar Sky Survey (POSS II)
POSS I continues to be one of the most frequently used astronomical resources; paper or glass copies of the plates are to be found in most of the world's observatories and a digitized version is available on line from the Space Telescope Science Institute.
The POSS II plates are also being digitized as part of the Precision Measuring Machine Project (PMM) by D. Monet of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona who is preparing a catalogue of 100 million stellar proper motions by comparing the positions of stars on the POSS I and POSS II plates.
POSS II formed the basis for the Caltech Ph.D. theses of C. Tinney (Stellar luminosity function at the faint end), N. Weir (artificial intelligence applied to galaxy classification), A. Picard (Galaxy counts), J. Kennefick (high redshift quasar luminosity function), J. Gizis (Population II luminosity function) and R. Gal (distribution of clusters of galaxies).
www.astro.caltech.edu /~wws/poss2.html   (660 words)

 POSS Architecture + Planning :: Welcome
Poss designs structures that are products of understanding the client; their lifestyle, aesthetic desires, their business aspirations, their connection to the property they have selected.
The Poss body of work embodies a wealth of design concepts, each with the individual signature of the client and the underlying focus on quality of space and detail.
www.billposs.com   (54 words)

 Goodwin Procter LLP - Attorney Directory
Poss is a member of the Massachusetts and New York bars, as well as the bars of the U.S. Supreme Court; the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the First, Fourth, Fifth and Federal Circuits; and the U.S. District Courts for the District of Massachusetts and the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.
Poss raced on the ski team, was an editor of the college paper and served as teaching assistant to Professor Henry Steele Commager.
Poss has a national business litigation and corporate counseling practice, particularly in the areas of securities class action defense, SEC investigations and enforcement actions, SEC disclosure issues, corporate governance issues, internal investigations, complex business litigation, mergers and acquisitions, contests for corporate control and intellectual property disputes.
www.goodwinprocter.com /attorneydirectory2.asp?aID=301   (492 words)

 POSS (Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane) Molecules from READE
POSS Technology is derived from a continually evolving class of compounds closely related to silicones through both composition and a shared system of nomenclature.
This is a direct result of POSS’s nanoscopic size and its relationship to polymer dimensions.
Since POSS is a new chemical feedstock technology it can be used to upgrade the properties of existing patented compositions while enabling the patentability of the new material composition.
www.reade.com /Products/Polymeric/poss.html   (675 words)

 The Palomar Observatory Sky Survey
You should now have two images of Pal 3: one from POSS I and one from the SDSS.
You can access the POSS I survey (and what is complete of the POSS II) by clicking here.
POSS II is currently being converted to digital format.
skyserver.sdss.org /dr1/en/proj/advanced/skysurveys/poss.asp   (457 words)

 POSS Web Site Agreement
You agree that any legal action or proceeding between "POSS" and you for any purpose concerning this Agreement or the parties' obligation thereunder shall be brought exclusively in Her Majesty's Court of relevant and competent jurisdiction sitting in Scotland, United Kingdom.
You also understand that "POSS" cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that files available for downloading through the site will be free of infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that manifest contaminating destructive properties.
Except for "POSS" identified information, products, or services, all information, products, and services offered through the site or on the Internet generally are offered by third parties that are not affiliated with "POSS".
mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk /poss/websiteagreement.htm   (999 words)

Band of Susans went on to release two EPs and five LPs (all produced by Poss) before disbanding in 1995.
Eventually Poss realized that the sound of feedback, distortion and ringing overtones was "the cake, not the frosting" and began trying new ways of writing songs by layering simple chord patterns over drones and looped riffs.
It was his initiative that gave rise to Band of Susans in 1986, and his early experiments became the foundation of their sound.
home.pipeline.com /~rmposs   (573 words)

The Darwin Initiative of the British Government is gratefully acknowledged for contributing to the preparation of version 2.0, as part of a WCMC project on the conservation and sustainable utilisation of plant genetic resources of Central America.
N.B. ASSUMED PRESENT should not be confused with the concept of expected future occurrence: the latter is where a plant does not occur in a certain area at present but it is likely to spread into that area in the future.
The concept of endemism, however, is still an integral and important part of POSS, see the field "Distribution Completeness Information".
www.tdwg.org /poss_standard.html   (5430 words)

 Silica-Based Nanocomposites
POSS silanols can be used as coupling agents for fillers and offer a number of advantages over conventional silane coupling agents, including moisture stability, low volatility, no requirement for water addition and no formation of volatile by-products.
The cost of the POSS chemicals is projected to fall between that of fumed silica and the silicones.
The particle diameter of the POSS molecules is in the range 0.7-30 Å, on average much smaller that the diameter of, for example, colloidal silica particles.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=938   (541 words)

Variants from the diverse virus population at seroconversion of a clade A human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infected woman have distinct biological properties.
Evolution of envelope sequences from the genital tract and peripheral blood of women infected with clade A human immunodeficiency virus type 1.
Poss, M, J Gosink, E Thomas, JK Kreiss, JO Ndinya-Achola, K Mandaliya, J Bwayo and J Overbaugh.
biology.dbs.umt.edu /dbs/poss.htm   (308 words)

 Small Times: News about MEMS, Nanotechnology and Microsystems
Hybrid Plastics is marketing POSS nanomaterials for their ability to increase strength and heat resistance and retard flammability when combined with a variety of plastics and polymers.
Manufacturing of POSS materials is time-intensive and costly; the company is marketing its products during a general economic slowdown; it may be difficult to determine which markets provide the most potentially lucrative revenue streams.
In 1998, Lichtenhan and one of his colleagues, Joseph Schwab, licensed the technology and launched Hybrid Plastics with a $2-million National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Technology Program grant.
www.smalltimes.com /document_display.cfm?document_id=4904   (1071 words)

 POSS Designs Limited
The POSS Web site shall be under a continuous state of construction in one form or the other.
The history of POSS Separators is interesting in itself.
Here, we try to give you a brief overview of why a POSS Separator is the only choice when a company wants to buy the very best value available in a quality mechanical separator.
www.poss-separators.com   (345 words)

Appropriately functionalized POSS monomers represent an entirely new chemical technology for the preparation of new hybrid polymers, in which the inorganic portion of the hybrid is covalently linked to the organic polymer chain.
POSS incorporation has been shown to improve the thermal stability, viscoelastic, and mechanical properties of thermoplastics, elastomers and rubbers (e.g., acrylics, styrenics, urethanes, silicones, etc.).
Hybrid inorganic organic thermoplastics based on styrenes, norbornenes and siloxanes have been synthesized by copolymerization of monofunctional polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) macromers with either para-methylstyrene or norbornene, or by appending a POSS macromer via hydrosilation.
lucy.mrs.org /meetings/spring98/absbook/AbstractBookO.html   (16829 words)

 MySA.com: Crimebase
Use the form below to search our crime database by the type of offense, ZIP code, street names and other criteria.
POSS MARIJ > 50 LBS < 2000 LBS
POSS CS PG 1 > 1G < 4G
crimebase.mysanantonio.com   (234 words)

 MSU ChE Faculty Listing
Moreover, the motivation for the study of linear hybrid polymers is the increasing level of supporting evidence for nanoscale reinforcement of material properties and alteration of chain and segmental dynamics.
The three-dimensional nature and nanoscopic size of POSS are the key contributors to the material property improvements observed through POSS incorporation.
Recently, in collaboration with NASA-Glenn Research Center, we were able to reformulate second-generation oligoimides with additions of economical trisilanol POSS by taking advantage of the Polymerization of Monomeric Reactants (PMR) methodology.
www.chems.msu.edu /php/faculty.php?user=leea   (961 words)

 Poss Family Photographs
POSS is available to adoptive and birth families of children born in NSW and...
Ask the students to collect any photographs they have of popular television or film families.
Dunganstown, also living 1824 (one of these Patrick Kennedys was poss.
www.somephoto.com /poss-family-photographs.html   (568 words)

 Poss Cosmetics
Poss Cosmetics Royal Jelly is a natural beauty sheet mask.
Poss Cosmetics Mung Bean natural beauty sheet mask.
Poss Cosmetics Alum Shale natural beauty sheet mask.
www.evecare.com /posscosmetics.php   (47 words)

 ARS : James A Poss
Poss, J.A., Russell, W.B., Grieve, C.M. Remote sensing canopy reflectance of salinized and deficit irrigated alfalfa and wheatgrass.
Grieve, C.M., Poss, J.A. Response of ornamental sunflower to irrigation with saline wastewaters.
Grieve, C.M., Poss, J.A., Draper, J.H. Response of Matthiola incana to Saline Wastewaters.
www.ars.usda.gov /pandp/people/people.htm?personid=4489&pf=1   (898 words)

 Precipitation drop size distributions measurements at McGill
(3) The Precipitation Occurrence Sensor System, POSS: This is a bistatic, X-band, Doppler radar, designed by Atmospheric Environment Service (AES) of Canada.
The POSS measures a signal whose frequency is proportional to the raindrop Doppler velocity, and whose amplitude is proportional to the raindrop diameter.
www.radar.mcgill.ca /dsd.html   (211 words)

 Catalogue: VII/92A
'1' if cluster has POSS data in (ref.128) (2) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part of Strasbourg-Bochum file (ref.50, Cat.
Declination POSS (degrees) 311-313 I3 mm xPOSS.320 [0/350]?
Declination POSS (degrees) (2) 181-183 I3 mm xPOSS ?
cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr /cgi-bin/Cat?VII/92A   (1372 words)

 MAPS - Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of the POSS I
The MAPS Catalog of the POSS I contains coordinates, magnitudes, colors, and several other computed image parameters for all of the matched images on the blue and red plates for nearly 90 million stars and galaxies down to fainter than 21st magnitude (in the blue).
The stellar and non-stellar images are separated using a neural network image classifier, described in Odewahn et al.
This data is derived from the Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner - MAPS - scans of the National Geographic-Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS I) blue (O) and red (E) plates.
aps.umn.edu   (304 words)

 The SDSS-POSS Catalog of Recalibrated Observations
The purpose of this catalog is to distribute recalibrated POSS data for point-source objects detected by all input catalogs (SDSS, USNO-B, and DPOSS) and thus to provide the community with an improved set of data useful for long term (~10 and ~ 50 years) variability studies.
Description of quality parameters is shown below and actual values for each POSS plate, can be found here for OE bands and here for GRI bands.
The data were obtained by positional matching of the three input catalogs, SDSS DR2, USNO-B and DPOSS resulting in an overlapping area of about 3300 square degrees.
www.astro.washington.edu /bsesar/sdss-poss-cro   (1708 words)

 POSS Genealogy and Family History Research
Below is a list of the newest databases which contain POSS genealogy records.
POSS search results at Ancestry.com - Automatic search through more than 1.5 billion records of all kinds
Missouri Residents who died as a result of the Vietnam War
distantcousin.com /SurnameResources/Surname.asp?Surname=POSS   (279 words)

 THE POSS GROUP - Frederick County Maryland Realtor, Frederick Maryland Homes for Sale, Frederick County Maryland Real Estate Sales, 50 Yrs. of Real Estate Sales in Frederick County Maryland
The Mission of The Poss Group is to consistently provide the highest quality, most innovative, educational and professional real estate service available.
With over 45 years of combined experience in residential, commercial, new homes, development, lots and land, building and investment, THE POSS GROUP is here to meet all of your Real Estate needs.
Honoring our mission, The Poss Group can assure you a stress-free process and a smooth transaction that will surpass any other.
www.thepossgroup.com   (289 words)

The 6.5-degree x 6.5-degree plates are scanned using a modified PDS microdensitometer to a pixel scale of about 1.7 arcseconds per pixel for the POSS, SERC, and Palomar Quick-V surveys, and to about 1.0 arcseconds per pixel for the POSS-II surveys.
Images of any part of the sky may be extracted from the DSS, in either FITS or GIF format.
The Catalogs and Surveys Branch (CASB) is digitizing the photographic plates to support HST observing programs but also as a service to the astronomical community.
archive.stsci.edu /dss   (112 words)

 Home Page
Please Note: Due to some health issues, Michael Poss’ upcoming Pop, Adult Contemporary recording project (tentatively entitled ‘The Power of the Mind’) has been scheduled for a late 2003 summer release date.
All of Michael Poss’ music products are available for purchase at Amazon.com, CDBaby.com and through this official website.
Five winners will be picked at random and will be announced on October 1st, 2002 via this website.
www.michaelposs.com   (698 words)

 rules using "poss" category
The rules that use the category "" are:
www.ai.sri.com /~lesaf/grammar-help-current/grammar-help-mc/index-cat-poss.html   (8 words)

 eBay.co.uk - poss gay, Men's Clothing, Football, Swimming items at low prices
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
THONG Shiny Copper/gold DIM not jock, poss gay int.
New Black Thong - size medium - poss gay int..
search.ebay.co.uk /poss-gay_W0QQfltZ9   (440 words)

 Open Directory - World:Italiano:Arte:Musica:Artisti:9:99 Posse
Questa categoria ospita siti in italiano che riguardano i 99 Posse.
dmoz.org /World/Italiano/Arte/Musica/Artisti/9/99_Posse/desc.html   (29 words)

 Posse comitatus (common law) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In common law, posse comitatus (Latin for "the power of the county") referred to the authority wielded by the county sheriff to conscript any able-bodied male over the age of fifteen to assist him in keeping the peace or to pursue and arrest a felon; compare hue and cry.
Resort to the posse comitatus figures often in the plots of Western movies, where the body of men recruited is frequently referred to as a posse.
In the United States, a Federal statute known as the Posse Comitatus Act forbids the use of the military of the United States as a posse comitatus or for law enforcement purposes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Posse_Comitatus_(Common_Law)   (29 words)

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