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Topic: Postgraduate

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  Postgraduate Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The postgraduate students participate in the undergraduate dental education of the fourth and fifth year with an involvement that does not exceed 10% of the total time of the postgraduate studies.
The postgraduate students are also obliged to follow in detail the regulations of function of the postgraduate clinic of the Department of Orthodontics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
The participation of the postgraduate students in the Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the result of acceptance of all points of the internal regulations as well as the regulation of the postgraduate clinic in the Department of Orthodontics.
www.auth.gr /dent/ortho/postgrad_en.html   (2226 words)

 SAAS Postgraduate
The demand for awards for postgraduate study far exceeds the level of resources the government is able to devote to it.
Postgraduate courses of primary and secondary teacher training at higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.
If you are taking a Postgraduate Certificate of Education or a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Education immediately after you complete an undergraduate course, the support arrangements will be the same as you received for your undergraduate course which will be mainly a studnet loan..
www.student-support-saas.gov.uk /postgraduate.htm   (2519 words)

 Massey University - Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery (2006) - Introductory information
The Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery (PGDipMid) is designed to integrate advanced concepts and theory with the practice of midwifery, and expand the boundaries of the discipline.
Students undertaking postgraduate study in midwifery are almost all in full-time practice and studying part-time.
Postgraduate papers in midwifery are delivered in 'block mode' using a mixture of face-to-face teaching in an on-campus block, alongside readings and other study materials, thus making the papers available to students in employment and located at a distance from the campuses of the university.
study.massey.ac.nz /programme.asp?prog_code=93152   (343 words)

 Postgraduate FAQs
One of the best reasons for doing a postgraduate degree is that you are passionate about your subject and want to learn and think about it at a higher level.
A postgraduate degree is highly valued by employers, and on average, graduates with a postgraduate degree have a higher starting salary and faster career progression than their undergraduate contemporaries.
The university has a thriving Graduate School that supports postgraduates and ensures that the needs of the postgraduate student body are fully met.
www.brunel.ac.uk /courses/pg/faqs   (644 words)

 Massey University - Postgraduate Diploma in Science (2006) - Introductory information
Postgraduate Diplomas often provide education training in specialist disciplines and involve taught papers although often a project may be included.
The research component of postgraduate programmes will be 0, 25, 50 or 100 points with the proviso that bachelor honours and masters degrees should normally have a minimum research component of 25 points.
Postgraduate diplomas may have a research component of zero points and consist entirely of taught papers.
study.massey.ac.nz /programme.asp?prog_code=93190   (1303 words)

 Postgraduate Students' Association at UCT
It is crucial that PGSA provides a platform for postgraduate students to share their experience as postgraduate students, and to ensure that their views are heard in the structures where they are represented.
It will provide a forum for postgraduate students to discuss the quality of their experience as postgraduate students, and then to ensure that these views are heard in the councils of the university.
The University of Cape Town is committed to ensuring that its postgraduate programmes are stimulating and fulfilling, ensuring that postgraduate students receive a balanced education at this level in preparation for careers in academe, research, or in other ventures.
web.uct.ac.za /org/pgsa/chair.htm   (706 words)

 UMIST - Postgraduate study   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Postgraduate qualifications are an excellent selling point to future employers and a unique way of enhancing existing skills, as well as developing new ones.
Graduate and MBA recruiters are placing a greater emphasis on postgraduate credentials than ever before.
If you are considering postgraduate study at UMIST, please visit our postgraduate section for more information about types of programmes, fees, and the benefits of further study.
www.umist.ac.uk /prospectivestudents/shared/careers/postgraduatestudy.htm   (203 words)

 Considering Postgraduate Study? | Graduate Careers Australia
The term 'postgraduate study' covers the range of courses and research available to students who have completed a first degree at a university.
Applications for postgraduate study are processed separately by each institution so you will need to apply individually to each university in which you are interested.
The Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme (PELS) is an interest-free loans scheme for students enrolled in fee-paying, postgraduate non-research courses.
www.graduatecareers.com.au /content/view/full/143   (746 words)

 Maintaining Professional Flexibility: The Case Against Accreditation of Postgraduate Physician Assistant Programs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Postgraduate training is available to PAs at any point in their careers and is not a step currently required for licensure, practice, employment, or reimbursement.
There is also a danger that insurers could decide not to pay for services provided by PAs who lack postgraduate training or that employers would see accreditation of postgraduate training as a sign that they should begin to require completion of these programs by all PAs.
While some PAs are advocates for postgraduate training, there is a distinct difference between PAs voluntarily choosing to attend a program and having the decision made for them by others.
www.aapa.org /policy/maintain-proflex.html   (1642 words)

 Schedule B - Postgraduate Degrees - University Calendar - University of Aberdeen
The requirements for award of a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or Master’s Degree are considered to be equivalent to periods of 15, 30 or 45 weeks of full-time study and assessment, respectively.
The courses at level 5 (Postgraduate) which are part of a programme shall each be assessed either by course work, by written examination or by a combination of these, as the Academic Standards Committee (Postgraduate) shall prescribe.
The examiners for each taught postgraduate award shall be the Professors, Readers and Lecturers in the University whose courses qualify for that award together with such external examiners as the University Court may appoint.
www.abdn.ac.uk /registry/calendar2002/postgrad/scheduleb.hti   (1021 words)

 Postgraduate - Cardiff University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Cardiff University is a major centre for postgraduates from throughout the UK, the European Union and the rest of the world.
Your guide to Postgraduate Life at Cardiff including accommodation, settling in, the postgraduate social scene, Graduate Centre, and information about the city of Cardiff.
The 'Postgraduate at Cardiff' section is maintained by Matt Lyddon, Postgraduate Recruitment Office.
www.cardiff.ac.uk /courses/postgraduate   (212 words)

 Arts and Humanities Research Council - Postgraduate
If you are thinking of applying for a distance learning course please contact the postgraduate division for advice.
With effect from the 2004 postgraduate competition the AHRB introduced a framework of research training requirements for its doctoral award holders.
The aim of the framework is to enable institutions to reassure the AHRB that our doctoral students are well supported and are receiving appropriate and relevant preparation and training to enable them to complete a high-quality PhD and to develop a range of skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for their future employment.
www.ahrb.ac.uk /ahrb/website/apply/postgraduate.asp?ComponentID=89757&SourcePageID=90020   (674 words)

 Postgraduate courses 2006 entry - University of Kent
Postgraduate courses 2006 entry - University of Kent
Our general entry requirements are explained here as well as all the information you will need to apply to Kent, whatever the course.
Find out what makes postgraduate study at Kent, information about different types of degrees and the research training and supervision on offer.
www.kent.ac.uk /studying/postgrad   (103 words)

 NPC :: Postgraduate Facts and Issues :: Postgraduate Publications :: AUT/NPC/NUS Employment Charter (2000)
Postgraduate students who are employed to carry out academic or academic-related work are participating in a professional activity which is an aspect of their continuing professional development.
In no circumstances should postgraduate student teaching staff be required to pay for materials that they need in order to fulfill their employment responsibilities.
Postgraduate students employed to teach are entitled to expect appropriate and adequate training to prepare them for their work.
www.npc.org.uk /page/1003802201   (1278 words)

 NPC :: Postgraduate Funding Guide
There is no ordinary source of funding in the UK for postgraduate study, it varies largely between home/EU and overseas students as well as widely between part time, full time and different subject disciplines in both taught and research programmes.
If you are looking for a particular postgraduate course but do not know which particular institution(s) in the UK offer it, then your best choice is to visit our website links page for postgraduate course information and search engines at http://www.npc.org.uk/links/Postgraduate_Courses.
In a number of cases, part time postgraduate study is a popular option in this case as a means to enhance career development by undertaking a complimentary course or research programme.
www.npc.org.uk /page/1082154863   (1552 words)

Students do not usually study at postgraduate level unless they already have an undergraduate degree.
An MPhil may be awarded after a minimum of two years’ study, while a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) usually requires at least three years’ research, and indicates a higher level of achievement.
Other postgraduate courses available include postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates in subjects such as education or management (which usually last for 12 months), and professional postgraduate qualifications (which may be available at private colleges as well as universities and colleges of higher education).
www.click4education.com /Postgraduate.html   (333 words)

 Postgraduate Grades and Courses, Postgraduate Regulations
Grade descriptions and postgraduate regulations reflect the high standards of critical and creative scholarship expected of a postgraduate student.
In courses open to both postgraduates and undergraduates, the postgraduate student is expected to do work of superior quality, along with any extra work specified by the instructor.
Under special circumstances approved by the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research and documented for the Dean of Admissions and Registration, a student may take 4000-5000 courses for postgraduate credit if allowed by the specific degree plan.
www.squ.edu.om /agr/depts/do/postgradstudies/regulations/pgs-regulations-pg-grades.html   (341 words)

 Arts and Humanities Research Council - Postgraduate Programme Overview
The AHRC administers three schemes for postgraduate awards which provide funding for students undertaking Masters-level courses and doctoral research in the arts and humanities.
Awards in the Research Preparation Master's Scheme, which provide funding for full and part-time study on Master's courses where the focus is on advanced study and research training explicitly intended to provide a foundation for further research at Doctoral level.
The Report on the 2004 Competition for Postgraduate Awards contains both statistical information on the competition outcomes and general feedback from the Peer Review Panels on the applications received last year.
www.ahrb.ac.uk /ahrb/website/about/programmesoverview/postgraduate_programme_overview.asp?ComponentID=92448&SourcePageID=90020   (302 words)

 Postgraduate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Three postgraduate degrees are offered in physics: the MSc and PhD degrees by dissertation and the MSc by course work and research report.
Further details on the requirements for the postgraduate degrees may be obtained from the Head of Department.
Students registered for higher degrees by dissertation are encouraged to attend postgraduate courses and may be required, at the discretion of the Head of Department, to be examined in selected courses.
www.wits.ac.za /physics/Postgrad.htm   (1030 words)

 Postgraduate Studentships   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Margaret Williams Postgraduate Research Studentship, to be held in any area of Greek or Latin/Roman language, literature, or history, has a value of £9600 a year and is renewable (subject to satisfactory progress) for up to a maximum of three years.
Each Bursary covers the Home/EU postgraduate fee (or, in the case of a candidate holding a Fees Only award, contributes to maintenance costs) and is renewable (subject to satisfactory progress) for up to a maximum of three years.
The holders of these awards will be required to have registered for a postgraduate degree in classics/ancient history at the University of Manchester.
www.art.man.ac.uk /clah/pgrad/studentships.htm   (313 words)

 KPA and Postgraduate Representation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The KPA serves as the focal point for the social life and welfare needs of postgraduate students during their time at Keele.
The Postgraduate Development Committee, chaired by the Dean of Graduate School, is a major university committee which is concerned solely with the strategic development of all matters concerning postgraduate provision – courses, facilities, procedures, recruitment.
All students are urged to get involved with their departmental liaison committees, either by being representatives themselves or by ensuring that their representatives are kept informed of any issues which need raising.
www.keele.ac.uk /depts/aa/postgraduate/handbook/section37.htm   (376 words)

 Warwick: DCS: Postgraduate
The Department currently offers postgraduate degrees by research, either as a 3 year PhD or a 1 year MSc, and invites applications from qualified, enthusiastic candidates, both from the UK and abroad, to be part of the thriving local community.
postgraduate study is available from the University's web site.
The postgraduate handbook is online (local access only).
www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk /postgraduate   (147 words)

 Postgraduate Study | Graduate Careers Australia
Many students continue on to postgraduate study because they either wish to enhance their knowledge of and training in a particular field of study or they’ve decided to broaden their education by studying a new discipline.
Postgraduate study also has the added benefit of helping to enhance your career and employment prospects.
This section provides information about the issues you need to consider if you’re thinking about postgraduate study, a course search engine so you can see what’s on offer in Australian universities and details about career prospects for graduates with a postgraduate degree.
www.graduatecareers.com.au /content/view/full/123   (94 words)

 Bristol University - Department of Archaeology and Anthropology - Postgraduate: Archaeology Graduate School
The Department provides a dedicated postgraduate computer lab, a wide range of fieldwork equipment and a special fleet of 3 Landrovers for archaeology postgraduate field trips and fieldwork (which postgraduates may book out for their own trips and projects).
We have a dedicated drawing office and a common room, all set within a historic Arts and Crafts building in the centre of the University campus, in which all the Department's offices and teaching rooms are.
If you are considering studying for a research degree, you should send an email to pg-archanth@bris.ac.uk as early as possible, with an indication of your field of interest and the members of staff who might supervise your research.
www.bris.ac.uk /archanth/postgrad   (927 words)

 Graduate study at Queen Mary, University of London
If you want to pursue rewarding postgraduate study that matches not only your interests but your academic and career ambitions, Queen Mary, University of London could be right choice.
We are ranked 12th in the UK in the latest Guardian's University Guide and 100th in the world in the Times Higher Education Supplement's 2004 study of the world's top 200 universities.
We have an established history of postgraduate study and research which has evolved and responded to the demands of postgraduate students.
www.qmul.ac.uk /postgraduate   (530 words)

 DfES, Student Support   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In general, there is no mandatory support for postgraduate study centrally funded by the DfES.
Postgraduate income assessed bursaries are also available for students wishing to follow posgraduate courses in social work.
Postgraduate students can apply through their colleges for help from the Access to Learning Fund.
www.dfes.gov.uk /studentsupport/students/pos_postgraduate_st.shtml   (432 words)

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