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Topic: Postgraduate Education

In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Postgraduate education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quaternary education or postgraduate education is the fourth-stage educational level (sometimes referred to as "fourth-level education", and follows the completion of an undergraduate degree at a college or university.
Graduate school is an example of quaternary education; some consider masters-level degrees as part of tertiary education; some consider postdoctoral positions to be quaternary education while others consider them to be jobs.
Postgraduate study is considered part of tertiary education.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Postgraduate   (188 words)

 Education in Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a result of great emphasis on science and technology in education, Russian medical, mathematical, scientific, and space and aviation research is generally of a high order.
Free higher education is the main reason why more than 20% of Russians age 30–59 hold six-year degrees (this number is twice as high as that of the United States).
Many private higher education institutions have emerged, mostly in the fields where Soviet system was inadequate or was unable to provide enough specialists for post-Soviet realities, such as economics, business/management, and law.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Education_in_Russia   (1118 words)

 Online edition of Daily News - Features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Postgraduate education is not at all a substitute to undergraduate education.
Therefore, postgraduate education should be expanded along with the expansion of undergraduate education to be meaningful in the current international circumstances.
The investment in postgraduate education should be considered an investment in R and D required for overall development of a country.
www.dailynews.lk /2003/12/02/fea01.html   (1700 words)

 Quaternary education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Quaternary education or postgraduate education is the fourth-stage education al level which follows the completion of an undergraduate degree at a college or university.
Graduate school is an examples of quaternary education; some consider postdoctoral positions to be quaternary education while others consider them to be jobs.
Kindergarten -- Primary education -- Secondary education -- Post-secondary education -- Tertiary education -- Quaternary education
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Quaternary_education.html   (373 words)

 A survey of general dental practitioners' postgraduate education activity and demand for extended modular postgraduate ...
Continuing postgraduate education and professional development will be essential if dentists are to perform to the highest standards throughout their working lives and deliver quality care to their patients.
The aim of this study was to assess the current level of involvement in postgraduate education of a sample of GDPs in the North West of England and North Wales.
Postgraduate deans are being encouraged to provide hands-on courses however, to meet local requirements and needs and the per capita allocation for 1999/2000 has been increased to £130.
www.nature.com /bdj/journal/v187/n9/full/4800315a.html   (3476 words)

 [No title]
The story of postgraduate education in the UK in the late 1990s and early 2000s is, to a very great extent, the story of the success of universities in expanding masters-level qualifications.
Students with postgraduate qualifications in 2002-03 enjoyed an average premium of 28 per cent after six months compared with first-degree graduates, although this may reflect the professional focus of postgraduate courses, which is likely to mean that fewer postgraduates spend time in casual or low-status employment immediately after graduating.
Postgraduate qualifications, therefore, are likely to be valuable in the job market if they indicate the possession of specific skills and knowledge, but not as an indicator of general ability.
www.hepi.ac.uk /downloads/14PostgraduateReport-ExecutiveSummary.doc   (4205 words)

 HEFCE : Publications : 1996 : M 14/96 - Review of Postgraduate Education
There are, however, many specialist areas of pg education which would require detailed study in their own right, or a much longer period of investigation to encompass them adequately, and as a result we chose to focus on all subjects in general terms, rather than on any in detail.
In the private realm, pg education in all its forms serves the needs of individuals, it stimulates their minds, and enables them to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, and to develop intellectual and cultural appreciation - and by all these means to enhance their chances of a rewarding and personally satisfying life.
We recognise that there is already a very significant private contribution to pg education through the payment of fees, particularly in the case of pgt education which serves vocational objectives, and we believe that this is appropriate given the purposes of pg education, and the private benefits it affords.
www.hefce.ac.uk /pubs/hefce/1996/m14_96.htm   (19235 words)

 Computing - Postgraduate Education
At the postgraduate level there are many options students can take in order to find a computing course that suits their specific needs.
A postgraduate Diploma is frequently offered as a subset of an MSc, and equates to the taught element without the project and dissertation which is necessary for the master's qualification.
Thus a Postgraduate Diploma might be seen as a stepping stone towards an MSc, or as a fallback position for someone who, for whatever reason, is unable to complete the MSc, or as a qualification in its own right.
www.studyoverseas.com /it/comp2a.htm   (1040 words)

 Funding postgraduate education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
As with all other aspects of postgraduate education, the way in which you structure your study will depend on your individual circumstances, the resources available to you and the nature of the provision of postgraduate programmes.
Postgraduate study is now seen as an essential aspect of career development and thousands of students are studying for higher degrees with the support of their employers.
Postgraduate course providers are increasingly flexible in their approach, with a broad availability of part-time Masters and diplomas, distance learning programmes, Credit Accumulation and Transfer Schemes (CATS) and internet-only programmes that enable students to tailor a programme to their own requirements.
www.prospects.ac.uk /cms/ShowPage/Home_page/Funding_my_further_study/Funding_postgraduate_education/p!elfjg   (1895 words)

 MSN Encarta - Medical Education
Medical Education, branch of education devoted to training doctors in the practice of medicine.
The growth of medical schools affiliated with established institutions of learning was paralleled by the development of proprietary schools of medicine run for personal profit, most of which had low standards and inadequate facilities.
In 1910 Abraham Flexner, the American education reformer, wrote Medical Education in the United States and Canada, exposing the inadequacies of most proprietary schools.
ca.encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/refarticle.aspx?refid=761557219   (312 words)

 BBC NEWS | Education | The cost of postgraduate study
Today the figure is 450,000, or one in four of the higher education student population, and there are 20,000 courses.
Chris Clarke, 41 is a full-time staff nurse with the West Midlands NHS in Worcester and a part-time MSc student in professional practice in nursing at the University College Worcester.
The idea was the result of a partnership between the Department for Education and Skills and four high street banks: Barclays, the Co-operative, Clydesdale and Royal Bank of Scotland.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/education/2754433.stm   (866 words)

 Postgraduate studies- Education - The British Council Estonia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
With thousands of different postgraduate qualifications on offer in 111 universities and also in many colleges of higher education, postgraduate education is a big and ever-growing business in the United Kingdom.
Postgraduate Prospectus: All universities produce their own Postgraduate prospectus, which is an excellent source of more in-depth information.
Enquiries concerning admission to postgraduate courses should be made at least twelve months before the start of the course directly to the university or college in question.
www.britishcouncil.ee /education/~temp00.htm   (2419 words)

 Bristol UWE - Education (Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate)
We recognise that much in-service work is at postgraduate level, as many educators already have degrees and/or have developed their thinking through professional development.
Postgraduate Diploma students usually complete a module in research methods and an extended research study.
For the Postgraduate Diploma you will be required successfully to complete 120 credits, 80 of which should be at Level M (postgraduate).
info.uwe.ac.uk /courses/viewcourse.asp?URN=9990   (355 words)

 Graduate Diploma in Literacy Education & Postgraduate Diploma in Literacy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Applicants for the Graduate Diploma should hold a Diploma of Teaching (or equivalent) and be a registered teacher; applicants for the Postgraduate Diploma should hold and Advanced Diploma of Teaching or degree (or equivalent) and be a registered teacher.
On completion of the Postgraduate Diploma students may either apply to either Auckland College of Education, Christchurch College of Education or Dunedin College of Education and have four modules credited towards a Master of Education.
The Graduate and Postgraduate diplomas contain the same content but are differentiated by the assessment tasks and expectations.
www.dce.ac.nz /programmes/pgrad_dip_lit_ed.htm   (579 words)

 [No title]
Radiology Postgraduate Education is overseen by the Radiology Postgraduate Education Committee, currently co-chaired by Henry I. Goldberg, MD and Roy L. Gordon, MD. Since the untimely death of Renee Sauers in January, 2001, the office has been restructured and is now administered by Tymothi Peters, Director of Radiology Postgraduate Education.
Postgraduate Education offerings reach national and international audiences through frequent mailings, website postings and by exhibiting during the annual assembly of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).
In 1992, Radiology Postgraduate Education developed a unique “Frequent Course” program, whereby a physician who attends four courses (or Visiting Fellowships) within a three-year period (at least one course per year) has the registration fee waived for a fifth course.
www.radiology.ucsf.edu /dept/docs/ex_rev_docs/V_C_Cont_Med_Ed.doc   (1627 words)

 Massey University - Postgraduate Diploma in Education (2006) - Introductory information
A candidate may not be concurrently admitted to the Postgraduate Diploma in Education and the degree of Master of Education, the degree of Master of Educational Administration, the degree of Master of Educational Studies or the degree of Bachelor of Education with Honours.
Candidates admitted to the Diploma and who have been awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Education or Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching shall follow an approved course of study of at least 50 points, which together with the qualifying course of study shall form a coherent programme of 100 points.
For such candidates the Course Regulations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education shall be deemed to apply from the date of their enrolling in the certificate.
study.massey.ac.nz /programme.asp?prog_code=93057   (734 words)

 Untitled Document
In medical education normative needs encompasses knowledge, skills, attitudes and performance of the residents and are determined by the certifying bodies such as the Royal Colleges (United Kingdom, Canada) or the specialty boards such as the American Board of Pediatrics in the USA.
In medical education, interviews as a needs assessment technique are useful to understand learners’ knowledge base and how this shapes their perception of educational needs.
Chart stimulated recall provides the resident with an opportunity to explain his or her actions that may reveal aspects of situation that justified his or her actions but were not apparent from the chart; or may further clarify the deficiencies in knowledge or skills.
www.med-ed-online.org /f0000040.htm   (3400 words)

 Postgraduate Education Online Distance Learning Program
International students, or applicants whose native language is not English, must submit a TOEFL score equal to or greater than 550 for the paper-based test or 213 for the computer-based test.
Most of the educational material will be delivered via the school's teaching and learning software platform: Blackboard.
In 1998 she completed six years of postgraduate training in Molecular Immunology at the University of Cincinnati.
www.jonesinstitute.org /researchpostgrad.html   (927 words)

 Postgraduate Medical Education , Dalhousie University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
A postgraduate trainee within the Faculty of Medicine may be suspended or terminated from further study, may be denied promotion, or may be judged unsuitable to be recommended for acceptance as a candidate for certifying examinations if there is reasonable evidence established of either:
Students registered in the Postgraduate Programs at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine are expected to adhere to the standards of ethical behaviour for the medical profession and their professional activities are expected to be characterized by honesty, integrity, conscientiousness and reliability.
The decision will be forwarded promptly to the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education and will include the reasons for the decision and a brief statement documenting the academic performance, inappropriate behaviour, or critical incidents.
postgraduate.medicine.dal.ca /calendar10.html   (2416 words)

Length of programmes and date of commencement are presented in Central Annual Programme for Postgraduate Education which is prepared by MCPE in co-operation with Medical Academies, research institute and medical chambers.
The Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education (MCPE) is an independent institution of higher learning and research.
Its main aims are: postgraduate training and education of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other health care specialists with university education, co-ordination of medical postgraduate education in Poland, research in the field of medical science, health care and specialist diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques.
www.ceebd.co.uk /ceeed/un/po/po066.htm   (260 words)

 Current Developments in Postgraduate Medical Education - July 2004 - The Royal College of Psychiatrists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
A document on Current Issues in Medical Education and Assessment was presented to the Court of Electors (the College's principle education committee) in January 2004.
The College wishes to increase the involvement of patients and carers throughout psychiatric education and there are plans that this should begin in the 2nd Foundation Year (the second year of the new MMC curriculum), if not earlier.
The educational material developed through this collaboration is almost certain to prove itself of great value in the education of all professionals working with adults with mental illness.
www.rcpsych.ac.uk /traindev/postgrad/current.htm   (1445 words)

The cost of postgraduate studies varies greatly. You should contact your higher education provider for information about how much you would expect to pay for a course leading to a postgraduate degree.
If you are using the Postgraduate Education Loan Scheme (PELS) to pay your tuition fees, the introduction of the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) may affect you.
There are a number of Commonwealth and privately funded scholarship opportunities available to eligible postgraduate students to assist you with the costs associated with undertaking your studies or research.
www.goingtouni.gov.au /Main/FeesLoansAndScholarships/Postgraduate   (311 words)

 Department of Psychiatry
Although the department of psychiatry at Columbia is one of the largest in the country in terms of faculty size as well as state, federal, and foundation support, the residency itself is moderate in size with 12 residents in each class.
We have extraordinary clinical, educational, and research resources available to provide an exceptional residency education that will prepare psychiatrists for the very real challenges of our professional world.
We are also proud that we are held in high esteem as a residency, and are committed to ensuring that this reputation is well deserved by continually refining the program to meet the educational needs of our residents.
cpmcnet.columbia.edu /dept/pi/residency/residency.html   (471 words)

 Massey University - Postgraduate Certificate in Education (2006) - Introductory information
The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a postgraduate qualification within the broad area of education.
It allows educators and other professionals a means to continue to update their professional knowledge and qualifications.
Under Regulation 1(b), a candidate for admission to the PGCertEd (Adult Education) or PGCertEd (Environmental Education) shall have qualified for any New Zealand degree and shall have satisfied the Academic Board that they have sufficient background of professional experience to be likely to benefit from the course.
study.massey.ac.nz /programme.asp?prog_code=93158   (368 words)

 CPSP, Postgraduates & Postgraduate Medical Education in Pakistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The main postgraduate education is imparted deliberately, silently and imperceptibly by the consultants, senior registrar or even registrars holding higher qualifications.
What regional centres are proposed to do is the function of medical centres which the College has recognized as suitable for postgraduate education and training.
This would promote standards of education, cultivate a competitive spirit among our teachers most of whom are virtually stagnant barren and disinterested and introduce new technologies, new ideas, new thinking on old issues and would bless the expatriate Pakistani intellectuals with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction on helping their motherland.
www.telmedpak.com /doctorsarticles.asp?a=4061   (1532 words)

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