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Topic: Postmodernism

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  Postmodernism and You   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Postmodernism may have originated in the province of academics and eggheads, but you will encounter it in your daily life, no matter who you are.
We used to be naive enough to think that literature was a mode of communication: an author took pen in hand to produce a text which could communicate propositions to a reader.
Now, postmodern literary theory has shifted locus of meaning from the author to the reader who produces, or constructs new meanings from the text, like someone looking at a painting.
www.xenos.org /ministries/crossroads/pmandyou.htm   (559 words)

 Postmodernism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marxist critics argue that postmodernism is symptomatic of "late capitalism" and the decline of institutions, particularly the nation-state.
The criticisms of postmodernism are often complicated by the still fluid nature of the term, and in many cases the criticisms are clearly directed at poststructuralism and the philosophical and academic movements that it has spawned rather than the broader term postmodernism.
The critics charge that the postmodern vision of a tolerant, pluralist society in which every political ideology is perceived to be as valid, or as redundant, as the other, may ultimately encourage individuals to lead lives of a rather disastrous apathetic quietism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Postmodernism   (4111 words)

 After Postmodernism
The current relativism is historicist, which may be its worst version because while it sees only an arbitrary succession of different sets of assumptions throughout history, it also claims that we cannot move among them as with McKeon; supposedly we are locked into one set that is dominant in our historical period.
Postmodernism brought much that we wish to retain.
It is a postmodern contribution to begin from this awareness and to make it obvious to everyone, rather than keeping it as a subtle knowing-better reserved for the few.
www.focusing.org /apm.htm   (2100 words)

 Postmodern Thought
Postmodernism, Pedagogy, and Philosophy of Education (Clive Beck)
Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (1991) (courtesy Marxists.org)
Beck (1993) Postmodern Pedagogy and the Philosophy of Education
carbon.cudenver.edu /~mryder/itc_data/postmodern.html   (1880 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Books: Encyclopedia of Postmodernism, by Victor E. Taylor, Paperback
This new Encyclopedia of Postmodernism is structured with biographical entries on all the key contributors to the postmodernism debate, including Mikhail Bakhtin, Pierre Bourdieum, Jacques Derrida, Jurgen Habermas and Wittgenstein.
Elusive concepts such as alterity, difference, grand narrative, metaphysics of presence, and sign/signifier/signified are explained with as much clarity as can be hoped for, and their significance for postmodernism is illustrated.
Mostly US contributors provide a reference to academic disciplines, critical terms, and central figures relating to the vast field of postmodern studies, for readers either with a general interest in it or with a specialized research agenda.
search.barnesandnoble.com /booksearch/isbninquiry.asp?ISBN=0415308860   (454 words)

Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau, Postmodernism: Methodology, International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences edited by Neil J. Smelser and Paul B. Baltes, Pergamon Press, 17, 11868-11872, December 2001
Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau, Postmodernism, Encyclopedia of International Political Economy, edited by R.J. Barry Jones, 5 pp., June 2001
Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau, Discourse Analysis, Poststructuralism, Postmodernism, Deconstruction, Semiotics: A New Paradigm for Social Science?
myprofile.cos.com /pRosenau   (1638 words)

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