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In the News (Sat 22 Sep 18)

 Pol Pot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pol Pot espoused a radically revised variant of Maoism, the so-called "Anka" Doctrine, adapted to Khmer nationalism.
The U.S. opposed an expansion of Vietnamese influence in Indochina, and in the mid-1980s supported insurgents opposed to the regime of Heng Samrin, approving $5 million in aid to the KPNLF of former prime minister Son Sann and the pro-Sihanouk ANS in 1985.
Pol Pot ordered the execution of his life-long right-hand man Son Sen and eleven members of his family on June 10, 1997 for wanting to make a settlement with the government (the news did not reach outside of Cambodia for three days).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pol_Pot   (1934 words)

 Weed: New Facts, Old Fictions
Our trip won't cover all the things that pot does in the body, but it should be enough to give you a better idea of what marijuana does to a person when a person does marijuana.
And since pot smokers hold marijuana smoke in the lungs longer, regular use could pose the same kinds of cancer risks as cigarette smoking.
As important as pot's effects on the body are, its effects on personality and behavior are just as important and every bit as complex.
www.doitnow.org /pages/129.html   (2413 words)

 Encyclopedia pol pot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
encyclopedia pol pot who himself never danced, win credit with posterity.
Green River and mayde, and himself during (periods to the art (trade or philosophy, that is to metaphysics.
Neither she nor suffered." The tent was of food; which led Aufidius Lurco to several days in that they might change their of hir punishments for countries give rise having made an other nick, felt hir while the old fl composite character the but not prudent.
encyclopedia-pol-pot.gussy.lomza.pl   (346 words)

 Pol Pot killer file
Pol Pot is elected to the number three position on the party's Central Committee, allowing him to build a strong faction.
Pol Pot is made prime minister, although his identity and the identities of other members of the 'Angkar' group are kept secret from non-members.
In December Pol Pot is replaced as prime minister of the Khmer Rouge "government" by Khieu Samphan.
www.moreorless.au.com /killers/pot.html   (4646 words)

 The Secret Life of Pots
During the normal life of the pot (that is, the wear-out process) the bits of resistive material gouged and work from the resistive strip stay around and can actually lift the wipers from the resistive strip.
The metalization on the ends that the wipers touch when the pot is turned all the way to one end or the other can be extended further around the path of the resistive band so that the resistive band can start later in the pot's mechanical rotation and/or end sooner.
The proportion of the total pot resistance we traverse as we turn the pot is linearly proportional to the amount of rotational travel we turn.
www.geofex.com /Article_Folders/potsecrets/potscret.htm   (3241 words)

 Leos - Pot Racks - How to determine pot rack size
A good rule of thumb is to keep the pot rack about 6 inches inside your island all the way around.
Most ceiling hanging pot racks are installed so that the bottom of the rack is at 7 feet from the floor.
That way the pots are far enough inside you don't accidentally bump your head and still within easy reach.
leos.zoovy.com /category/determinepotracksize   (271 words)

 CNN - Cambodia's Pol Pot reported dead - April 15, 1998
Pol Pot was so closely associated with the genocide of his own people that in the final days of his life, even his old Chinese and Thai friends -- who supported the Khmer Rouge during the 1980s -- refused to provide shelter to him.
Pol Pot at one time was backed by both China and the United States with military assistance because the Khmer Rouge was seen as the only choice against the invading Vietnamese in the late 1970s.
But Pol Pot's rule became known as the era of the "killing fields" when the cities were emptied and about quarter of the country's 8 million people were slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/asiapcf/9804/15/pol.pot.915pm   (647 words)

 Bonsaimonk.com - Selecting a Bonsai Container
Selecting a pot can be a daunting experience, Containers are available in hundreds of variations of size, material, shape, and color and range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.
Whatever their size, pots are made of various materials which come in a variety of shapes and finishes.
When selecting a pot for an individual tree, the unique features of the individual tree are helpful in determining the style and color of the container.
www.bonsaimonk.com /pot-select.html   (621 words)

 Cambodia's Anguish: Made in the USA -- July 8, 1997   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Optimism born of the reported capture of Pol Pot by dissident Khmer Rouge troops has given way to the dread thought that this genocidal maniac retains an unyielding hold on the political imagination of the country he tortured.
Dead or alive, free or captured, Pol Pot is the main source of contention in the disintegration of the fragile coalition that has ruled Cambodia since the 1993 U.N.-supervised election.
For the next 13 years, the U.S. and China insisted that Pol Pot, who killed 2 million Cambodians, had the right to name Cambodia's legitimate representative at the U.N. It was during this period that the Hun Sen government dug up the "killing fields," exposing to a shocked world Pol Pot's heinous crimes.
www.robertscheer.com /1_natcolumn/97_columns/070897.htm   (785 words)

 The New Pol Pot - A former world leader reflects on his hopes, his regrets, and his place in history. By David Plotz
The new Pol Pot is a family man. His wife and their charming 12-year-old daughter--the apple of his eye--share his captivity.
Pol Pot rests quietly during the day while his daughter goes to school and his wife hoes the vegetable patch.
Pol Pot is in captivity; he is sick; and he is (mildly) apologetic.
www.slate.com /id/1838   (1348 words)

 Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Pot.
The allusion is to the pot into which refuse metal is cast to be remelted, or to be discarded as waste.
To betray the rose pot—that is, the pot
From the fable of the Brazen and Earthen Pots.
www.bartleby.com /81/13550.html   (193 words)

 Project Honey Pot: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Project Honey Pot is an attempt to move earlier in the spam cycle and identify the "King Pin" spammers who sit at the top of the food chain and spend their time harvesting our addresses.
As a result, when we receive a message at a honey pot address your site displayed, we can not only tell when it was harvested, but also the IP address of the spider that harvested it.
While we can map each honey pot address to the date, time, and IP address of a spam spider harvesting your website it's virtually impossible for a sender to tell which addresses in their list are traps.
www.projecthoneypot.org /faq.php   (2974 words)

 Pot Noodle
The idea for the Pot Noodle brand was developed by Golden Wonder in Japan and launched in the UK in 1979.
Pot Noodle is well-known for its award-winning and highly amusing advertising.
In 1998 Pot Noodle created the 'The Lambshank Redemption' campaign which told the story of a prisoner who was punished after smuggling a Pot Noodle into prison.
www.unilever.co.uk /ourbrands/foods/Pot_Noodle.asp   (452 words)

 AllaKhazam's Magical Realm - Your Everquest Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pots are not sold on any vendor by default, they are only player made.
A pot can not only be made by smithing, as stated in the header of this item.
Recipe: large block of clay, metal bits, flask water and a pot sketch combined in a pottery wheel, and finish off with a HQ firing sheet in a kiln.
everquest.allakhazam.com /db/item.html?item=12293   (349 words)

 Mongolian Hot Pot
The traditional use of the Mongolian Fire Pot is to make a soup broth, in which thinly sliced, bite size pieces of lamb or beef are cooked.
This type of pot is still popular in Asian countries, but now it is made of aluminum or stainless steel, and uses a gas or electric source of heat.
The fire pot is lined inside with tin, to prevent acidic foods from adversely reacting with the copper.
www.fantes.com /mongolian_hot_pot.htm   (1185 words)

 LHHC - Save The Coffee Pot
The “supersized” 1927 Coffee Pot measures 18' in diameter.
The 100+ Coffee Pot fans who attended the August 6, 2004 dedication were thrilled with the work by Village Restorations of Claysburg.
Built in 1927 by David Koontz, the Coffee Pot remains one of only five coffee/tea pot shapes structures left in the United States, a significant decrease from fifteen.
www.lhhc.org /content/subpag/pot.htm   (370 words)

 Eating Marijuana Recipes
This is a source of information for people who can't smoke pot for one reason or another, or are interested in learning to cook with it.
In using any of the recipes that call for pot, I would strongly advise you to cook your pot for at least 10 minutes to release the THC and to kill off some of the nastys that can live on pot.
It is not necessary to fry this as long as in the case with the pot.
members.aol.com /station019/eatmjfaq.htm   (1290 words)

 Pot Music by Russell Cronin
Prohibitionists have always pretended that smoking pot causes brain damage and, in the next breath, that not enough scientific research has been conducted into its mental effects to justify legalisation.
Official disapproval of pot didn't become an issue for Louis Armstrong until one night in 1931, when he was busted while blasting a joint between sets in the car park of the Cotton Club in Culver City, near Hollywood.
(18) While possessing pot remains technically illegal, an accomodation can be always be made for a star like Whitney Houston, who was found to be leaving Hawaii in January, 2000 with half an ounce of the stuff in her handbag, but whose offence was dismissed as merely a 'petty misdemeanor'.
www.geocities.com /ninorc2000/pot_music.html   (4323 words)

 CoffeeGeek - How to Use a Press Pot
In the 1840s, when the vac pot and balance brewers were first introduced, the concept of a press, or plunger brewing system was around, but the technology to make a tight enough fitting filter didn't.
With a press pot, particle size of the grounds is as important as it is for espresso.
One thing you may not want to do with a press pot, especially a larger model, is use beans roasted less than 2 or 3 days before.
www.coffeegeek.com /guides/presspot   (1395 words)

 MeatHenge: Real Pot Roast
Leave the pot on the stove and bring it up to temperature, it gives you a jump start on your 5 hour ordeal.
Your Pot Roast is done when the meat does this, today it happened to be about 5 hours.
The last pot roast I did wasn't as big, and it was pretty thin, at least compared to its width and height.
www.cyberbilly.com /meathenge/archives/000234.html   (1448 words)

 Mendocino county mulls organic pot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mendocino County, the rugged California outpost that was first in the nation to ban genetically modified crops, is striding toward a new agriculture frontier with a proposal to certify medical marijuana as organic.
But county officials, who are waiting to hear back from the state agriculture secretary about their proposal, say the issue is quite serious — with no system to regulate cultivation, consumers are at risk.
Mendocino set a pot precedent in 2000 with a ballot issue allowing residents to grow a small amount of marijuana —; the move was largely symbolic since state and federal prohibitions rule.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2005/02/14/state/n162541S17.DTL   (536 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Marijuana
Pot possession returned to the headlines within months.
If the bill passes, adults caught with less than 15 grams of pot could be fined up to $400, but wouldn't have a criminal record.
In its final report, the committee said that criminal penalties for possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal use are "disproportionate" to the potential harm associated with smoking pot.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/marijuana/marijuana_legalize.html   (1301 words)

 Cozy Clay Pot Villagers
Cozy Clay Pot Villagers are the ideal companions to the Clay Pot Village.
Once pots and materials are dry (about 30 minutes), glue ball bead noses to doll head beads.
Once pots and materials are dry (about 30 minutes), use E6000 adhesive to glue ball bead noses to furniture plugs, then glue furniture plugs to doll head beads.
www.michaels.com /art/online/projectsheet?pid=21141   (602 words)

 Stationary Mobility (Alertbox March 2001)
The target market for the i-pot is elderly people whose children or grandchildren might live too far away to monitor them directly.
When she fills the i-pot with water, it sends a signal (using NTT DoCoMo's DoPa data packet communication service) to Fujitsu servers, where a report is created and posted to a website.
In addition to offering stationary use of mobile Internet connectivity, the i-pot is also an example of non-command user interfaces, a trend we predicted in 1993 (warning: the previous link is to a long paper on interaction theory).
www.useit.com /alertbox/20010318.html   (692 words)

 Pol Pot on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Although he retired officially in 1985, Pol Pot continued to control his guerrillas, the strongest antigovernment force, in western jungle areas of Cambodia until factional collapse shortly before his death.
La lunette des toilettes de Pol Pot, le despote chef khmer rouge Les anciennes toilettes de Pol Pot, le sanguinaire chef k.
Prison of TUOL SLENG,now museum: Posters of torture scenes from the Pol Pot era.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/p/polp1ot.asp   (723 words)

 Migrainepage Discussion Forum - "Crock Pot"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
One of my most reliable recipes that I would cook, back when I lived at the hospital or the clinic and had to be a step ahead just so that we could at least pretend to be a normal family, was that I'd buy a medium sized beef brisket.
The night before, I'd put it in the crock pot with, 1 cup of water, 1 package of Lipton Onion soup mix (the dry kind),and would coat the brisket in regular table mustard...
The one great thing about crock pots is that if you have a busy day ahead, you can stick meat, vegetables or whatever into the pot, cook on a low heat all day, and come evening your meal is all ready, and the meat is melt in your mouth tender!
www.migrainepage.com /dcforum/misc/1234.html   (1566 words)

 Pot music - Songs and soundclips about marijuana
This is my fave pot song for the moment.
He he, smoking pot in space must be cool!
I know this one is not about pot but I thought it was funny anyway.Not a parody or anything, it is for real.
www.angelfire.com /music2/pot   (941 words)

 USATODAY.com - More television characters are going to pot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Marijuana use is cropping up on some critically acclaimed shows, and anti-drug forces fear the glamorization of pot could boost its use among youths.
Pot is an ongoing theme on HBO's Entourage (Sundays, 10 ET/PT), which centers on a rising young movie star and his New York buddies who have gone Hollywood.
A 2003 study — the government's latest on drug use — found that 14.6 million Americans used pot at least once in the past month, up slightly from 2002.
www.usatoday.com /life/television/news/2005-07-31-pot-on-tv_x.htm   (504 words)

 Large Witchy Witch Pot
However you use it, this pot is perfect for Halloween.
Hat- Stack and glue saucers and pots in the following order, as shown in photo and diagram: 10-inch saucer, 8-inch saucer, 6-inch pot, 4-inch pot, 1½-inch pot.
Paint 8-inch pot for head, 1½-inch wood ball for nose and two 1-inch wood plugs for eyes with mixture.
www.michaels.com /art/online/projectsheet?pid=20157&categoryid=54   (547 words)

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