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Topic: Potassium nitrate

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  Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Potassium nitrate is the oxidizing component of fl powder.
Potassium nitrate was once thought to induce impotence, and is still rumored to be in institutional food (such as military fare) as an anaphrodisiac.
Potassium nitrate is also used as a fertilizer, in amateur rocket propellant, and in several fireworks such as smoke bombs, in which a mixture with sugar produces a smoke cloud of 600 times their own volume.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=potassium_nitrate   (867 words)

  Potassium - MSN Encarta
Potassium metal is prepared by the electrolysis of fused potassium hydroxide or of a mixture of potassium chloride and potassium fluoride.
Potassium bromide (KBr), a white solid formed by the reaction of potassium hydroxide and bromine, is used in photography, engraving, and lithography, and in medicine as a sedative.
Potassium hydroxide (KOH), called caustic potash, a white solid that is dissolved by the moisture in the air, is prepared by the electrolysis of potassium chloride or by the reaction of potassium carbonate and calcium hydroxide; it is used in the manufacture of soap and is an important chemical reagent.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761558818/Potassium.html   (712 words)

 NITER (Potassium Nitrate)
Nitrates are not all that commonly found due to their general ease in dissolving in water.
Most nitrates are found in arid, desert regions such as around the Persian Gulf or found as efflorescences on dry cave or mine walls.
For niter the flame should be violet, an indicator of potassium, and for nitratine the flame should be yellow, an indicator of sodium.
mineral.galleries.com /minerals/carbonat/niter/niter.htm   (518 words)

 Commercial Water Filters
When nitrate bearing water is passed through the media bed, the nitrates are exchanged for chlorides attached to the resin.
Nitrates are the most common contaminate found in water, not only in the US but also in many other countries that are heavy in agriculture.
Private and commercial wells that are in areas exposed to nitrate contamination should have their wells tested at least semi-annually with on test being performed during the heavy rain season and the other during a dry period.
www.krudico.com /residential_nitrate.htm   (712 words)

  Nitrate Poisoning
Nitrate toxicity is sometimes a lethal problem for livestock especially during the fall.
Nitrate accumulation usually results from plant stress, such as drought, and is accentuated by excessive soil nitrogen.
Nitrate is the primary nutrient form of nitrogen in most soils and is a normal constituent of plants.
www.ext.colostate.edu /pubs/livestk/01610.html   (1775 words)

 nitrate. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Nitrates are salts or esters of nitric acid, HNO
Nearly all metal nitrates are readily soluble in water; for this reason they are often used when a water soluble salt of a metal is needed.
The presence of nitrates in the soil is of great importance, since it is from these compounds that plants obtain the nitrogen necessary for their growth.
www.bartleby.com /65/ni/nitrate.html   (308 words)

 CHEC Chemical Profile: nitrite, nitrate
The usual sources of nitrate contamination are human sewage, animal manure (especially from feedlots), nitric oxides, and in particular nitrogen-based fertilizers, of which potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate are the most common.
Eight to fifteen grams of sodium or potassium nitrate is fatal for adults.
The toxic effects of nitrate are closely related to its conversion to nitrite by bacteria in the mouth and stomach, and depends not only on dose, but also on the concentration and type of bacteria present.
www.checnet.org /healthehouse/chemicals/chemicals-detail2.asp?Main_ID=278   (1616 words)

 Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Site
Potassium nitrate, also known as saltpetre, is a commonly used chemical (used, for example, for pickling meats, and in toothpaste for "sensitive teeth") and as such is quite readily available.
Potassium nitrate is also sold as 14-0-45 fertilizer at farm supply stores, typically 98-99% pure.This is by far the most economical form, and the performance is no different that purer grade.
It should be noted that both sucrose and potassium nitrate, particular the finely divided form, are slightly hygroscopic and therefore a small percentage of the mass is due to moisture.
members.aol.com /nonillion/sucrose.html   (4962 words)

 Potassium Nitrate
One of the most useful applications of potassium nitrate is in the production of nitric acid, by adding concentrated sulfuric acid to an aqueous solution of potassium nitrate, yielding nitric acid and potassium sulfate which are separated through fractional distillation.
Potassium nitrate is also used as a fertilizer, as a model rocket propellant, and in several fireworks such as smoke bombs, in which a mixture with sugar produces a smoke cloud of 600 times their own volume.
A popular misconception is that potassium nitrate is an anaphrodisiac and was added to food in all-male institutions.
www.skylighter.com /potassium-nitrate.html   (405 words)

 The World Market for Potassium Nitrate: A 2005 Global Trade Perspective
I have developed a methodology, based on macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for potassium nitrate for those countries serving the world market via exports or supplying from various countries via imports.
Chapter 4 does the same, but for imports of potassium nitrate for all countries in the world.
Combined, Chapters 3 and 4 present the complete picture for imports and exports of potassium nitrate to and from all major countries in the world.
www.marketresearch.com /researchindex/1028716.html   (800 words)

 [No title]
Potassium nitrate (KNO3) or saltpetre is the foundation of pyrotechnics which every pyro should have in their stock.
Potassium nitrate was originally from midden heaps and was later imported from India and refined by recrystallisation; sulphur was imported, mainly from Sicily, and refined by a sublimation process; charcoal was made originally in traditional mounds and later in iron retorts.
Each was ground separately and then the three ingredients were mixed in drums before being taken in powder boats (a gentle form of transport for dangerous materials) to the incorporating house (devised by Smeaton), powered by a water wheel and ground by edge runners, each weighing 4 tons, for 4-5 hours.
www.lycos.com /info/potassium-nitrate.html   (508 words)

 Potassium Nitrate Chemical,Potassium Nitrate Suppliers,Potassium Nitrate Exporters,India
Potassium nitrate that we manufacture is explosive in nature and that is why it finds it application in fireworks, catalyzer, salt for heat treatment, and cigarette paper.
Our Potassium nitrate is widely used as glass refining agent and applied in TV glass motor,light glass.
Potassium phosphate di is used as a buffering agent in antifreeze solution.
www.dnsexportsindia.com /potassium.html   (92 words)

 EPA Ground Water & Drinking Water > breadcrumb? > Technical Factsheet on: NITRATE/NITRITE
Potassium nitrates are used mainly as fertilizers (85%), with the remainder in heat transfer salts, glass and ceramics, and in matches and fireworks.
Ammonium nitrates are used as fertilizers (84%) and in explosives and blasting agents (16%).
Color/ Form/Odor: Domestic fertilizer grade ammonium or potassium nitrates are in prilled (beaded) or crystalline forms, usually coated with an anti-caking agent and adsorbed fuel oil.
www.epa.gov /safewater/dwh/t-ioc/nitrates.html   (618 words)

 Potassium Nitrate
Spraygro liquid potassium nitrate, a soluble form of potassium, is a high analysis liquid fertiliser designed specifically for the supply of potassium and nitrogen to plants.
One of the benefits of applying nitrate nitrogen with potassium is better utilisation of potassium and nitrate nitrogen by the crop.
Potassium nitrate has very limited water solubility, thus each application requires the maintenance of adequate soil moisture especially in the root zone.
www.spraygro.com.au /Editorials/PotassiumNitrate.asp   (571 words)

 potassium nitrate. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Potassium nitrate is prepared commercially by the reaction of potassium chloride with sodium nitrate.
When potassium nitrate decomposes (on heating) it releases oxygen; it has been used extensively as the oxygen-supplying component of gunpowder since about the 12th cent.
It is also used in explosives, fireworks, model rocket propellants, matches, and fertilizers, as a preservative in foods (especially meats), and in the manufacture of nitric acid and of glass.
www.bartleby.com /65/po/potasnitr.html   (171 words)

Potassium sulfate is the next most important source followed by much smaller quantities of specialty materials such as potassium magnesium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium thiosulfate, potassium polysulfide, potassium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate.
Potassium fertilizers were also being produced from the Searles Lake brines by two companies and by one other operation at the Salduro Marsh in Utah.
Substantial quantities of the potassium chloride produced from these immense deposits soon began to be exported to the U.S. and by 1966 these exports comprised 38 percent of total consumption and this figure was 79 percent in 1980.
www.agcentral.com /imcdemo/01History/01-10.htm   (1649 words)

 Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Site
Potassium Nitrate (KN) is available to the rocketry hobbyist in various forms.
Since this is a fairly common and relatively cheap form of potassium nitrate, available at garden shops and hardware stores, the possibility of its use in propellant making is attractive.
It may be concluded that chemical, fertilizer and stump-remover grades of potassium nitrate are essentially equally suitable for oxidizer use in the KN-Sucrose propellant, and surely for the two other "sugar" propellants.
members.aol.com /nonillion/kn-exp.html   (1946 words)

 ARS | Publication request: Evaluation of Nitrate and Potassium Ion-Selective Membranes for Soil Macronutrient Sensing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Kelowna extracting solution affected both the nitrate and potassium sensing elements, but some of the sensing elements tested were still active at the nutrient concentration levels found in soil extracts.
This paper describes 1) the evaluation of nitrate and potassium ion-selective membranes and 2) the investigation of the interaction between the ion-selective membranes and soil extracting solutions to identify membranes and extracting solutions that are compatible for use with a real-time ISFET sensor to measure nitrate and potassium ions in soil.
The responses of the nitrate membranes with tetradodecylammonium nitrate (TDDA) or methlytridodecylammonium chloride (MTDA) and potassium membranes with valinomycin were affected by both membrane type and soil extractant.
www.ars.usda.gov /research/publications/publications.htm?seq_no_115=173278   (458 words)

 Akshay Chem. - Manufacturers and Exporters of Sodium Acetate, Potassium Acetate,Sodium Di - Acetate, Potassium / Sodium ...
Potassium is used in the manufacture of various types of Glass, Explosive-Blasting powder.
Potassium Nitrate is supplied in poly lined Poly Ethylene bags of 50 kgs each.
Nitrates are converted into Nitrites by reduction in human system, promoting the formation of methaemogobin.
www.axaygroup.com /potassium_nitrate.htm   (162 words)

 Agrium - Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium nitrate (NH) is sold in granular and prilled forms, and as nitrate liquor for use in the manufacture of other fertilizers.
The liquor is evaporated to 99% ammonium nitrate and formed into dense ammonium nitrate granules or prills.The granules are coated with a conditioning agent to improve handling and storage properties.
Granular ammonium nitrate is formed with the ammonium nitrate liquor is evaporated and the material is formed into dense granules.
www.agrium.com /products_services/ingredients_for_growth/nitrogen/ammonium_nitrate.jsp   (353 words)

 G9802 Terminology for Reporting Nitrate Concentration, MU Extension
The confusion is related to the many different ways in which the concentrations of the nitrate and nitrite ions in forages and water are reported after chemical analysis.
The toxic dose of nitrate or nitrite is more a function of the amount a given animal receives in relation to his body weight and the time over which it was received than it is to a specific concentration in feed and water.
Safe limits for feeding are given in percent NO of the sample or in amount of nitrate (in grams) consumed per 100 pounds of body weight of the animal per day.
muextension.missouri.edu /explore/agguides/agchem/g09802.htm   (1409 words)

 Tom's of Maine - About Our Products
Potassium nitrate, derived from nitrate ore and brine, is the active ingredient in Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth.
The potassium nitrate is chemically synthesized from nitric acid, ammonia, natural gas and soda ash/potash.
The concerns regarding nitrates usually center around nitrosamines (a potential carcinogen), which are formed in the presence of a free amine and a nitrosating agent (the latter of which is naturally occurring in many product ingredients, such as potassium nitrate).
www.tomsofmaine.com /toms/ifs/potassium_nitrate.asp   (401 words)

 No strong evidence supports the efficacy of potassium nitrate toothpaste for dentine hypersensitivity
Potassium nitrate toothpaste for dentine hypersensitivity (Cochrane Review).
The meta-analysis showed a statistically-significant effect of potassium nitrate toothpaste on air-blast and tactile sensitivity.
Conclusions: There is no strong evidence available that supports the efficacy of potassium nitrate toothpaste for dentine hypersensitivity.
www.nature.com /cgi-taf/DynaPage.taf?file=/ebd/journal/v3/n1/abs/6400085a.html   (273 words)

 potassium nitrate — Infoplease.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Potassium nitrate is prepared commercially by the reaction of potassium chloride with sodium nitrate.
When potassium nitrate decomposes (on heating) it releases oxygen; it has been used extensively as the oxygen-supplying component of gunpowder since about the 12th cent.
It is also used in explosives, fireworks, model rocket propellants, matches, and fertilizers, as a preservative in foods (especially meats), and in the manufacture of nitric acid and of glass.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/sci/A0839892.html   (175 words)

 Yara - Potassium Nitrate Prills
Potassium Nitrate Prills is ideally suited for intensive cropping systems where high rates of fertilizer are used and excess chlorine and sulphur are undesirable.
Potassium Nitrate is an excellent source of nutrients to be used in tobacco fertilization as base and sidedressing fertilization.
Potassium Nitrate is the only source of potassium for intensive cropping systems without risk of chlorine or sulphate accumulation
www.yara.us /en/products/product_range/compound_fertilizers/pn_prilled.html   (177 words)

 Nitrate Filter - nitrate, nitrite, whole house water filter, water softener, nitrate removal
Nitrates can be found in water supplies that are in areas where there are heavy use of fertilizers.
Rather than waste either the sodium or the potassium we place the special nitrate resin on top of regular softening resin and along with removing the nitrates and sulfates we also soften the water with the same amount of salt being used.
A laboratory may also choose to express nitrate as nitrate (NO3 as NO3) in the water analysis, and in this case, the EPA MCL is 44.2 ppm (10 ppm as N is equivalent to 44.2 ppm as NO3).
www.e-watertreatmentchemicals.com /nitratefilter.html   (1787 words)

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