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Topic: Pothos

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

Pothos matures at 40 feet or higher in its native southeast Asian jungles, but in pots seldom exceeds 6 feet.
In effect, even the large, old tangle of pothos vine your grandmother had in her parlor was a mere baby at that height.
Pothos are comfortable in the same temperature range indoors as most people are.
www.bachmans.com /retail/tipsheets/indoor_plants/Pothos.cfm   (897 words)

 Golden Pothos - House plants - Denver Plants.com
The Scindapsus or Pothos family is one of the easiest plants to grow.
There are four varieties of this plant readily available, Pothos Gold, Pothos Marble Queen, Jade Pothos and the new...
Pothos are available from small starter plants to large hanging baskets.
www.denverplants.com /foliage/html/PothosGold.htm   (127 words)

In Greek myth, Pothos and his brothers Eros ('love') and Himeros ('desire') were the sons of Zephyr, the westerly wind.
However, according to the Athenian philosopher Plato (427-348), Himeros and Pothos were the sons of Eros (Cratylus 420a).
It is possible that the official portraits of Alexander were influenced by the Pothos of Skopas.
www.livius.org /pn-po/pothos/pothos.html   (433 words)

  Epipremnum pinnatum var. aureum, pothos
Pothos, also sometimes called devil’s ivy, golden pothos, or hunter’s rove, is one of the most popular house plants in North America.
Pothos does not flower in cultivation, since only the juvenile phase is grown as a houseplant, and flowering occurs only in the mature phase.
Pothos is available from many retail sources in a variety of sizes from small starter plants to large hanging baskets.
www.hort.wisc.edu /mastergardener/Features/indoor-tenderplants/pothos/pothos.htm   (973 words)

 Perennials: Pothos Plants
Pothos originally came from the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and are often mistakenly called philodendron.
Pothos grow well indoors and make a great plant but like most plants will flourish outdoors with direct sun to partial shade.
Pothos prefers its soil to be a bit on the acidic side (under a pH of 7.0).
en.allexperts.com /q/Perennials-729/Pothos-Plants.htm   (887 words)

 Potho Production Guide
Pothos cuttings will have rapid shoot and root growth if light is 3,000 ft-c and the temperature is 80°F. Rooting occurs within 3-4 weeks and buds can start to grow in 1-2 weeks.
Pothos have been watered with sewage effluent with no harmful effect.
Plants growth is modified easily with the growth retardants B-Nine at 10,000 parts per million (ppm) spray and 100 ppm of an ancymidol (A-REST) spray or 0.6 milligrams (mg) of ancymidol per square foot and 100 mg per 600 milliliter pot of paclobutrazol (Bonzi).
mrec.ifas.ufl.edu /Foliage/folnotes/pothos.htm   (1821 words)

 House Plants: Pothos Plants
I have nine Golden Pothos plants; three growing naturally, three growing near a weaker electromagnet, and three growing near a stronger electromagnet.
I have been watering the Pothos plants when the soil seems dry and they are growing near a window with the blinds halfway closed.
I will tell you this: professional growers of Pothos whose livelihood depends on optimal growth of their crop do not use electromagnetism as a growth enhancer.
en.allexperts.com /q/House-Plants-721/Pothos-Plants-1.htm   (1233 words)

 PlantOasis.com - Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), Devil's ivy, Ceylon creeper, Golden hunter's robe
Pothos is probably one of the most common, and easily cared for house plants.
A native of Southeast Asia, Pothos is a vine with heart-shaped green leaves featuring different color variations of white and yellow (depending on the variety).
Pothos is very tolerant of a wide range of light and watering conditions, making it a good plant for beginners.
www.plantoasis.com /plants/1001_1020/1002_pothos.htm   (360 words)

 Cultural Guidelines for Commercial Production of Interiorscape Epipremnum
In tropical settings pothos can grow to be large vines, climbing trees 50 feet tall and producing lobed, fenestrate leaves up to three feet in length.
The most common method used to propagate pothos is to make one to 1½-inch stem cuttings with a node and an attached leaf.
Pothos should be grown with levels of 63 to 80% shade (3250 to 2500 ft-c).
edis.ifas.ufl.edu /EP151   (1018 words)

 Houseplants For Beginners- Philodendron & Pothos
For beginnings gardeners, or even those with the brownest thumb, two of the easiest houseplants to grow are philodendron and pothos.
Pothos, or devil's ivy, is often confused with philodendron, although botanical name it's known as Scindapsus aureus.
Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, performing well from very low light to direct sun.
hortparadise.unl.edu /Newsrelease/News/Philodendron.htm   (457 words)

 Try pothos for a versatile, easy-to-grow houseplant
Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is an often overlooked vining houseplant that is a great addition to any indoor garden.
Sometimes confused with philodendron, pothos have similar heart-shaped leaves, but they are shiny and tend to be variegated in gold or cream tones.
Pothos are healthiest and most attractive when their leaves are given a regular cleaning.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/02/27/HO83301.DTL   (722 words)

 Easy Care Pothos | Plant Care
The Pothos comes to the indoor house plant world from Southeast Asia to narrow it down closer the jungles of Malaysia.
Pothos can be grown and used in a variety of ways and locations.
Pothos are not expensive but take a little time looking for the right plant - one with bright yellow and green color.
www.plant-care.com /blog/79/easy-care-pothos   (1056 words)

 pothos.org - All about Alexander the Great
The old site is still available if you are looking for a particular article although everything should be available on this site now.
Alexander the Great: Sexuality - Pothos - Passion
Please use the menu to your left to find out more.
www.pothos.org   (152 words)

 Emmanuel M. Pothos
Cox, W. M., Pothos, E. M., Laberg, J., and Johnsen, B. Methodological issues attached to the alcohol Stroop paradigm: Comments on a paper by Sharma, Albery, and Cook (2001).
Pothos, E. and Bailey, T. The importance of similarity in artificial grammar learning.
Pothos, E. and Ward, R. Symmetry, repetition, and figural goodness: an investigation of the weight of evidence theory.
psy.swan.ac.uk /staff/pothos   (363 words)

(Araceae: Pothoideae) described and validated and architectural notes on Pothos subgenus Pothos Peter C. Boyce and Nguyen Van Dzu
Pothos grandis Buchet ex P.C. Boyce and D.V. Nguyen
www.aroid.org /genera/pothos   (104 words)

 Giant Hawaiian Pothos - House Plants Forum - GardenWeb
While the golden Pothos leaves are freely but irregularly variegated with yellow and creamy white splashes, streaks and stripes...the Hawaiian Pothos has a slightly different variegated pattern.
The variegation is different than the normal golden pothos, it has yellow and white (not cream) variegation, almost like a cross between a marble queen and a golden with exceptional lighting.
When I was in Hawaii I saw HUGE pothos on the trees also, although I think that the leaves split because they are tattered by the wind,like heleconia and banna, not on their own accord.
forums2.gardenweb.com /forums/load/houseplt/msg12015109987.html   (2219 words)

 Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
We have extensively studied the neurochemical correlates of the dramatic increase observed in psychostimulant, opioid and cannabis voluntary intake in animals reduced to 80% of normal body weight by food deprivation.
Fon, E. A., Pothos, E. N., Sun, B. C., Killeen, N., Sulzer, D., and Edwards, R. Vesicular transport regulates monoamine storage and release but is not essential for amphetamine action.
Pothos, E.N. Regulation of dopamine quantal size in midbrain and hippocampal neurons.
www.tufts.edu /sackler/pharmacology/faculty/pothos.html   (2479 words)

 Indoor Jungle Houseplant Information
Pothos, also known as “devil’s ivy” is one of the easiest plants to grow in your home.
Pothos is probably the easiest plant to propagate, too.
Pothos are often included in florists’ displays, and can usually be found at garden centers or at any store that sells indoor plants.
www.wayswriter.com /indoorjungle/pothos.html   (551 words)

 Effect of Urea Nitrogen and Potassium Ratios on Golden Pothos Stock Plants and Cuttings
Good quality golden pothos liners were potted into 6-inch standard containers using the same growing medium as in experiments 1 and 2.
Electrical conductivity of leachate from containers of golden pothos fertilized with 6 g urea/6-inch pot was measured at about 4000 µmhos/cm on 18 June, but had decreased to 1600 µmhos/cm, on 23 July 1991.
In experiment 3, N:K ratios did not have a significant effect on golden pothos stock plant growth, although total of N and K applied greatly influenced plant growth parameters.
mrec.ifas.ufl.edu /Foliage/Resrpts/rh_92_6.htm   (1755 words)

 POTHUS : Greek god of sexual longing ; mythology ; pictures : POTHOS
POTHOS (or Pothus) was the god of sexual longing, yearning and desire.
The three Erotes - Pothos, Himeros and Eros - were often depicted together in Greek vase painting.
POTHOS (Pothos) a personification of love or desire, was represented along with Eros and Himeros, in the temple of Aphrodite at Megara, by the hand of Scopas.
www.theoi.com /Ouranios/ErosPothos.html   (503 words)

 PlantFiles: Detailed information on Devil's Ivy, Golden Pothos, Centipede Tonga-vine Epipremnum pinnatum
Pothos is native to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific where it grows up the trunks of trees.
I've had several pothos plants for about 15 years that were grown from cuttings taken from an outdoor plant that grows high up a pine tree in St. Petersburg, Florida (zone 9b).
Pothos is also one of the best plants for indoor air purification, according to NASA.
davesgarden.com /pf/go/51451   (1214 words)

 POTHOS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pothos hotel is a very smart, clean and comfortable accommodation for those who want to make the most out of their holiday in Skiathos in the most relaxing way.
Pothos Hotel is located in Skiathos town, very close to the harbor and the main pedestrian road.
All Pothos Hotel rooms have marble floors, telephone, air condition, refrigerator, television and a balcony overlooking the garden.
www.globalhoteldiscount.com /hotel/description/5592/POTHOS.html   (252 words)

 Philodendron / Pothos question? - House Plants Forum - GardenWeb   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pothos stems are sturdier and thicker and the leaves may tend to be larger.
Lucy, I've an all gree Pothos, and variegated.
Pothos leaves are slightly more leathery than the ones on a Philo and the Philo vine is also a little more slender than the one on a Pothos.
forums2.gardenweb.com /forums/load/houseplt/msg1119111431516.html   (1325 words)

 Growing and Caring for Devil's Ivy or Pothos
Scindapsus aureus, also known as devil's ivy or pothos, is a carefree, low light plant perfect for the top of a cupboard, shelf, refrigerator or cabinet.
This is actually a very good location for pothos, since it is considered poisonous to humans and pets.
Pothos makes a great hanging plant as well, just remember to put it up a little higher and out of reach.
oldfashionedliving.com /pothos.html   (365 words)

 Pothos New Nursery®, Inc.
http://www.americanfoliageintl.com Here is an interesting picture of a skilled person cutting Pothos "eyes" (an eye consists of the leaf and a portion of the stem).
This unit (leaf and stem) is used to propagate Pothos.
On the left is a picture of one of our 6 inch Pothos tubs and on the right a picture of one of our 8 inch Pothos baskets.
www.newnursery.com /pothos.htm   (204 words)

 Giant 'Hawaiian' Pothos? - Aroid Forum - GardenWeb
Pothos is not the true name for this plant.
Pothos is another climbing genus of Araceae from SE Asia and Australia but not common in cultivation.
Pothos scandens is easy to cultivate but is notorious for being hard to start from cuttings.
forums.gardenweb.com /forums/load/aroid/msg120223073600.html   (1346 words)

 Pothos Plant On A Pole   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Pothos Plant On A Pole is an easy care indoor house plant for everyone.
The Pothos Plant On A Pole is delivered in a six inch container.
The Pothos Plant On A Pole is avaialble throughout the USA and Canada.
www.larose.com /TheFlorist/Get_Well_Wishes/Pothos_TF134-2.asp   (446 words)

 Pothos Evagelistrias Skiathos
Hotel Pothos can provide smart and comfortale accommodation in the centre of Skiathos town.
L'hotel Pothos si trova a Skiathos, vicino al porto e al viale pedonale principale.
Hotel Pothos has amongst its facilities a TV lounge, breakfast area and a beautiful garden.All Pothos Hotel rooms have marble floors, telephone, air condition, refrigerator, television and a balcony overlooking the garden.
www.londraweb.com /book/pothos   (330 words)

 Houseplants - Scindapus - Devil's ivy, Golden pothos, Silver pothos
Pothos looks like a smooth-stemmed philodendron, but can be distinguished from philodendron by its ridged stems.
They are vigorous climbers and look nice in a pot or in a hanging basket.
Plant in humus soil and allow to dry moderately between waterings for devil's ivy, but keep barely moist at all times for silver pothos.
www.urbanext.uiuc.edu /houseplants/types/scindapus.html   (85 words)

 POTHOS QUESTION   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The problem is I have a CLEAN tank, and with the UF plates and heads and the powerfilter with the bioblock I have so much bio-filtration my nitrates are in the cellar, as seen with zero algae.
Remember, I potted the Pothos with no root-holes at the bottoms of the pots, so a nutrient-fertilizer would mostly stay inside the pots.
The Pothos is a part of the problem- I definitely believe the total lack of algae is due to all the bio-filtration and the fact the Pothos sucks up nitrates like crazy, so I need to root-feed these plants.
aquaweb.pair.com /forums/archives/loach4/index.cgi?read=54051   (845 words)

 Hotel Pothos: : Skiathos Hotels - Greece : Discount Skiathos hotels, Greece
Hotel Pothos: : Skiathos Hotels - Greece : Discount Skiathos hotels, Greece
The Pothos Hotel is located in Skiathos town, very close to the beautiful harbour and the main pedestrian road.
In Skiathos island there is a very organized and reliable transportation system by bus or boat to all Skiathos beaches.
skiathos.cybercityguides.com /accommodation/hotels/15.html   (104 words)

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