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Topic: Potwar

In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Depositional Environments and Diagenetic History of the Lumshiwal Formation, Miranwal Nala Section, Surghar Range
The area of Pakistan is bounded by the alluvial covered peninsular shield of India on the east, the great Himalayan arc towards the NE, the Pamir and Hindukush mountains to the north, the central Afghan mountains to the NW, the Zagros folded belt on the west and the Arabian Sea on the south.
This foreland zone comprising of Salt Range, Potwar Plateau, Kohat Plateau and Hazara ranges is an area bounded by the Salt Range Thrust in the south and the Panjal-Khairabad Fault in the north (Figure 1).
Lillie et al., (1987) describe the northern Potwar as an imbricate stack of thrust faults on the surface and in the subsurface as blind thrusts.
www.hdip.com.pk /MonaLisa-PJHR.htm   (2418 words)

  Potwar Information
Potwar in northern Pakistan is the country of the war-like Gakhar clan, later confirmed by the first Mughal Emperor Babur; "Sultan Sarang was now of age, and finding that he could not oust his cousin (Hati Khan) by force of arms, he procured his death by posion and assumed the chiefship in 1525.
Potwar Plateau lies between the Indus river on the west and the Jhelum river on the east.
Potwar is another UNESCO World Heritage site, built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541 to control the Gakhars who remained loyal to the deposed Mughal Emperor Humayun ((see [2], [3]).
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 South Asia — I: The world and Pakistan through maps-DAWN - Young World; January 10, 2004
The plateaus of Potwar, Balochistan and of the Indian Peninsula along with their coastal plains are visible on the map.
Potwar plateau is higher in the north and has surface slopes towards the south.
The Potwar plateau in Pakistan and the Deccan Plateau in India are fed by the monsoon rains.
www.dawn.com /weekly/yworld/archive/040110/yworld9.htm   (897 words)

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