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Topic: Pound-force per square inch

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 Pound-force per square inch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pound-force per square inch (symbol: lbf/in²) is a non-SI unit of pressure.
psia (pounds-force per square inch absolute) - gauge pressure plus local atmospheric pressure.
At 1 lbf/in², a force of one pound-force is applied to an area of one square inch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/PSI   (194 words)

 Units: P
For pounds of force per linear inch, 1 pli = 175.1268 N/m.
A pond is the gravitational force on a mass of one gram; thus it is equal to 980.665 dynes or 0.002 204 622 6 pounds of force.
The pieze is a pressure of one sthene per square meter, or 1000 newtons per square meter, or one kilopascal.
www.unc.edu /~rowlett/units/dictP.html   (9377 words)

The non-metric units are pound-force per square inch (lbf/in² or PSI).
Tensile strength is measured in units of force per unit area.
The breaking strength of a rope is specified in units of force, such as newtons, without specifying the cross-sectional area of the rope.
www.freecaviar.com /search.php?title=Tensile_strength   (540 words)

 UK's National Pressure Standards - Is it pressure or vacuum?
Its magnitude depends on the force of the impacts over a defined area; hence, for example, the Newton per square metre (given the special name pascal) and the traditional (but obsolete!) unit pound-force per square inch.
Broadly, if the force on the walls of the containing vessel is sufficient to permit its measurement directly, we are dealing with pressure technology but if the force is too small for direct measurement and has to be indirectly inferred, we are in the realm of vacuum technology.
Thus the word pressure is correct when referring to the entire range of 'force per unit area' measurements, although at extremely low pressures the concept of molecules exerting a force becomes more abstract.
www.npl.co.uk /pressure/pressorvac.html   (455 words)

It is expressed in pound-force per square inch or psi in the U.S. Customary system.
Pressure is defined as the force exerted by a fluid at rest per unit area on which the force acts.
Other units of pressure include inches of water, inches of mercury, millimeters of mercury, atmospheres, torr, bars, and millibar.
www.flowbiz.com /VA/presdrop.htm   (564 words)

Pressure is still sometimes expressed in kgf/cm² or grams-force/cm² (sometimes as kg/cm² and g/cm² without properly identifying the force units).
It is defined as the magnitude of the normal force divided by the area over which the normal force acts.
Although the force applied to the surface is the same, the thumbtack applies more pressure because the point concentrates that force into a smaller area.
www.dontpayyourtaxes.com /pressure   (1090 words)

 Chemical Sciences: International System of Units; Derived Units
Since pressure is force per unit area, one pascal (Pa) is one newton per square metre.
Both the pound-force and the kilogram-force are units which depend upon the force of terrestrial gravitation; the value of the kilogram-force is defined in terms of the standard terrestrial force of gravity.
The volt may be viewed as the electrical force which is equivalent to a physical force of one newton moving a charge of one coulomb over a distance of one metre: 1 V = 1 N m/C = 1 N/(C/m)).
www.ualberta.ca /~jplambec/che/p101/p01016a.htm   (1157 words)

It is equivalent to one newton per square metre.
Pressure increase per 1 mm of a water column¹
Pressure increase per 1 m of a water column¹, or
www.apawn.com /search.php?title=Pascal   (284 words)

In round numbers, the pressure exerted by the atmosphere is about one-half pound of force per square inch for every inch of mercury.
A perfect vacuum is 30 inches of mercury (30 hg) and cannot be obtained on the surface of the earth.
Vacuum is measured in inches of mercury or hg.
www.woodturners.org /tech_tips/vacuum_chuck/basics_of_vacuum_chucks.htm   (1559 words)

to the top of the atmosphere, would weigh approximately 14.7 (psi) pounds per square inch.
Normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi, which means that a column of air one square inch in area rising from the Earth's atmosphere to space weighs 14.7...
The standard value for atmospheric pressure at sea level is equal to...
www.pernat.de /atmosphericpressureinpsi-33558   (319 words)

 Conversion of pressure units pascal Pa = newton per square meter unit - psi = pounds per square inch - sengpielaudio
pounds per sqare inch foot force stress water millitorr square foot pascal Newton square meter metric poundal psi atmosphere atm ton tonne square inch sengpielaudio Sengpiel Berlin
Conversion of pressure units pascal Pa= newton per square meter unit - psi = pounds per square inch - sengpielaudio
O (16 °C) 248.845 Pa kilogram force per square centimeter
www.sengpielaudio.com /calculator-pressureunits.htm   (391 words)

 Key Terms
psia/psi psi is an abbreviation for the "unit" pound-force per square inch, and psia is an abbreviation for a "property." In this case it is the pressure ("a" stands for absolute) at a given point in a medium expressed in units of psi.
www.jlab.org /ehs/manual/EHSbook-364.html   (269 words)

 www.davidson.com.au - Online Unit Converison Tool
inch of mercury (32°F) inch of mercury (60°F) inch of mercury, conventional (inHg)
inch of water (39.2°F) inch of water (60°F) inch of water, conventional (inH2O)
www.davidson.com.au /tools/convert   (106 words)

If a bonding press requires 25 pounds per square inch, and the surface to be bonded is a square 15 inches by 8 inches, what is the necessary bore size to produce the needed force with out exceeding 1000 PSI across the cylinder ports?
What is the operating pressure of a cylinder whose bore is 4 inches, and has 500 pounds force exerted on it.
What is the force produced from a cylinder with a 5 inch bore, and operated at a pressure of 1500 PSI?
www.ctechok.org /techMath/ManufTech/FluidPwr.doc   (310 words)

A kilogram force is the weight of a kilogram of mass (kg) and is equal to 9.807 newtons (N) or 2.2046 pounds.
Both ratios are non-dimensional, and they may be equal if the volumes and forces are measured under identical sets of conditions such as gravity acceleration, air buoyancy and temperature.
Thus, a pound mass (lbm) is a mass that weighs one pound.
www.egr.msu.edu /erl/case/sections/ch_07_26_02a,b,c.htm   (3776 words)

Most prototypes currently have 5,000 psi (pound-force per square inch) tanks, which provides a range of between 100 miles and 180 miles.
But a number of manufacturers, including Nissan, Honda, and of course DaimlerChrysler, are focusing on raising the pressure in the tanks, to force the hydrogen molecules closer together.
General Motors has also been experimenting with solid metal hydride materials, metal alloys that release hydrogen when they’re heated.
redherring.com /Article.aspx?a=13796&hed=Fuel-Cell+Cars+Travel+Farther   (615 words)

 Parker Hose Products Division Toolbox
psi to Kilogram force per square centimeter (Kgf/cm^2)
Finally, click the 'calculate' button to see your answer.
www.parker.com /hpd/services/calculators/pressure.asp   (45 words)

 MSN Encarta - Multimedia - Imperial and Metric Conversion Factors
miles per gallon (imperial) to kilometers per liter
kilometers per liter to miles per gallon (imperial)
liters per kilometer to gallons per mile (imperial)
encarta.msn.com /media_701500646_761561345_-1_1/Imperial_and_Metric_Conversion_Factors.html   (74 words)

 Pressure Unit Converter
members.optusnet.com.au /ncrick/converters/pressure.html   (10 words)

 clayart - thread 'sylvia's question gas pressure in psi or inches of water'
per square inch produces a pressure about equal to a column of water 27.7
sylvia's question gas pressure in psi or inches of water
clayart - thread 'sylvia's question gas pressure in psi or inches of water'
www.potters.org /subject60488.htm   (116 words)

1 J/s, or 1 SI unit 1 calorie per minute = kg.m2/s3 10-3 W 69.78W* milliwatt (mW) 103 W 1 calorie per second = kilowatt (kW) 106 W 4.187W* megawatt (MW) 1 horsepower = 0.745 7kW* energy watt per square metre (W/m2), SI unit 1 calorie per square density i.e.
1 kg.m/s2 SI unit 1 dyne= 10-4N kilonewton (kN) 103 N 1 pound force = 4.448N meganewton (MN) 106 N 1 poundal = 9.964kN 1 ton force = 9.964kN pressure pascal (Pa) i.e.
# A human being eats about 2500 kilocalories per day, not 2500 calories.
www-das.uwyo.edu /~geerts/cwx/n1j.html   (138 words)

 Discount Welding Supplies - The Premier Source
Deprecated pressure units still in use in some parts of the world include the psi or pound-force per square inch and the bar (unit).
Use your better judgment as to how many passes are necessary, but in general, 1/4 inch depths are a safe increment to use.
Power planers, known variously as surface planers, thicknessers, and jointers, are used to speed the planing operation.
www.powertoolsonline.net /Discount-Welding-Suppliest.html   (265 words)

1 Pascal equals 1 newton per square meter (1Pa = 1N/M
Here are some conversions you will find useful to convert pressure to liquid head in both the inch and metric systems:
The term "pressure" is commonly used in the positive displacement pump business, but not generally used by centrifugal pump people; they substitute the term head instead.
www.mcnallyinstitute.com /CDweb/p-html/p030.htm   (87 words)

The unit of absolute viscosity in the British gravitational system of units, 1 pound-force second per square inch, approximately 6.89476 × 10
www.sizes.com /units/reyn.htm   (60 words)

A BTU is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Potential energy is stored against a force such as a book on a high shelf where gravity can accelerate it; electrons stored in the components of a battery where charges can accelerate them; or a spring stretched or compressed where the elasticity of the metal can have an effect.
Temperature is a measure of the concentration of heat, or the average amount of motion per molecule.
www.orinda.k12.ca.us /ois/metric.html   (1951 words)

 List Mil Specs - DSCC
The maximum working pressure of this hose is 150 pound-force per square inch (psi).
This specification covers a 6-inch, lightweight, smooth bore, longitudinally reinforced oil and gasoline discharge rubber hose, furnished with couplings and a hose support ring.
Hose covered by this specification is intended for transfer of oil and gasoline as part of a buoyant fueling system.
www.dscc.dla.mil /Programs/MilSpec/ListDocs.asp?BasicDoc=MIL-H-28693   (101 words)

 UK's National Pressure Standards - Pressure units
In the fullness of time, when their second-class nature is more widely appreciated, market forces will doubtless operate and naturally cause end users to abandon them.
The end is in sight for the so called ‘manometric’ pressure units, such as inches of water, millimetres of water, inches of mercury and millimetres of mercury, but a large part of the pressure community seems unaware of the potential problems in store for them.
In order to encourage the demise of non-SI units, whose definitions are becoming inadequate for the most precise measurement of pressure, there is international effort to exclude them from conversion tables or, in the meantime, restrict the precision of newly published conversion factors.
www.npl.co.uk /pressure/punits.html   (883 words)

 Unit Conversion Factors
1 pascal (Pa) is equal to one newton per square metre (Nm or kgm
Taking the example of inch (in) to metre (m), the conversion factor is 2.54E-2 (or 0.0254):
coulomb per kilogram (C/kg) is the SI unit of radiation exposure
scphillips.com /units/convfact.html   (496 words)

1 watt (W) is equal to one joule per second (J/s or m2kgs-3) foot pound-force per second (ft.lbf/s) to W: 1.35582 kilogram-force metre per second (kgf.m/s) to W: 9.80665 horsepower (metric) to W: 7.35499E2 (75 kgf.m/s) horsepower (hp) to W: 7.45700E2 (550 ft.lbf/s)
Exposure coulomb per kilogram (C/kg) is the SI unit of radiation exposure röntgen to C/kg: 2.58E-4
Troy grain to kg: as Apothecaries pennyweight (dwt) to kg: 1.55517E-3 (24 grain) troy ounce (oz tr) to kg: 3.11035E-2 (20 dwt) troy pound (lb tr) to kg: 3.73242E-1 (12 oz tr)
www.sonic.net /kryptox/search/jstest.htm   (663 words)

 Mark Horrell - Pressure and Stress Unit Converter
newtons per square millimetre to pounds-force per square inch
pounds-force per square inch to newtons per square millimetre
1 newton per square millimetre = 145.037738 pounds-force per square inch
www.markhorrell.com /tools/pressure.asp   (180 words)

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