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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Powder (1995)
In a very powerful scene, after a deer is shot, Powder touches the deer and grasps the hunter, and transfers the feelings such that the hunter feels what the deer feels as it dies.
Another is when Powder helps the sheriff understand what his dying wife wants, which turns out only for the father and son to reconcile.
"Powder" is an absorbing film, obviously fictional, but thought-provoking.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0114168   (750 words)

  What Is Powder Coating?
Because the powder particles are electrostatically charged, the powder wraps around to the back of the part as it passes by towards the air offtake system.
To obtain the final solid, tough, abrasion resistant coating the powder coated items are placed in an oven and heated to temperatures that range from 160 to 210 degrees C (depending on the powder).
During installations, the powder coating should be protected from damage due to abrasion and materials of construction such as mortar and brick cleaning chemicals.
www.finishing.com /Library/pennisi/powder.html   (1146 words)

 The Powder Coating Institute - For Industry - Chemical/Cleaning Questions
Avoid placing powder inventory in close proximity to any heat source such as an oven, washer, furnace, space heater, etc. Powder packaging is designed to protect the contents from compression that can result in lumps that are not readily broken.
Powder is fluidized with air, pumped to the guns with air, and the cartridge filters are back-pulsed with air.
It is recommended that you change your powder hose at least once a year depending on wear caused by the powder or if you are having contamination problems.
www.powdercoating.org /industry/faq.htm   (2791 words)

 Powder Metallurgy - Processing
Elemental powders, such as iron and copper, are easy to compress to relatively high densities, produce pressed compacts with adequate strength for handling during sintering, but do not produce very high strength sintered parts.
The container is evacuated, the powder out-gassed to avoid contamination of the materials by any residual gas during the consolidation stage and sealed-off.
Powder forged parts generally are not as close to final size or shape as cold pressed and sintered parts.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=132   (1453 words)

 The Powder Coating Institute - The Benefits of Powder Coating - Where Is Powder Coating Used?
Powder coating is superior to liquid paint, anodizing, PVDF and Kynar500®.
While powder coating started as an alternative to finishing metal products only, the development of powder that can be cured at lower temperatures has allowed powder coating to expand to non-metal surfaces such as ceramics and some wood and plastic applications.
Powder coating on wood is growing by leaps and bounds.
www.powdercoating.org /benefits/used.htm   (428 words)

  Powder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general, a powder is a dry quasi-solid material composed of very fine particles that are not cemented together.
Powdered milk, a milk powder made from dried milk solids.
Gunpowder, the explosive powder used as a propellant.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Powder   (160 words)

 powder - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Powder Metallurgy, technology for manufacturing metallic articles from suitable powders.
Powders are squeezed together under high pressure and then...
In some applications so-called solid-emulsion paints, or powder coatings, replace liquid paints.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=powder   (193 words)

 Powder : filmcritic.com Movie Review
When Powder finally emerges from hiding, the small Texas town has no idea what to make of him, and typical of Southern paranoids, he is immediately ostracized as a social deviant.
Powder reflects the deconstruction of all that's wrong with society, and the film manages to hammer home its messages of peace, tolerance, and the cessation of fear without ever becoming preachy.
Powder is the embodiment of virtue, but unlike Forrest Gump, he is not just a victim of circumstance.
www.filmcritic.com /misc/emporium.nsf/0/419518355f0db66f86256260001ca895?OpenDocument   (534 words)

This powder was tested at the Bench Rest Nationals in 1990 and subsequently adopted by shooters such as Ferris Pindall and Sal Ventimiglia.
This powder performs best in small to medium capacity cases and has proven to be an optimum powder for benchrest shooters in.22 and.308 cartridges.
This single base powder, normally recommended by the manufacturer for medium capacity cartridges, is very versatile and performs well with cast bullets in large, straight cases such as 45-70.
www.darkcanyon.net /powderinformation.html   (1825 words)

 CD Baby: POWDER: Sonic Machine
Powder's TURBO POP version of "Christmas Don't Be Late" (The Chipmunk Song) not only received national airplay throughout the holiday season, but also won critical acclaim as the stand out track on the album.
Powder is one of those bands that grabs you by the ears sits on your face and bangs you around..until they are completey satisfied that everyone in the audience has big ridiculas grin on their face!
Powder's music is catchy, but definitely a joy to listen to, with its strong guitar riffs and exciting vocals.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/powderpop   (3113 words)

 Powder. A Hollywood Jesus visual film review.
Powder is taken in by his grandparents and then lives in their cellar.
Powder on the other hand can move things, heal, jump start people back to life, and do other little odds and ins, but he is limited.
Powder was a representation of the level of humanity that we should be striving for, it also relayed the message that human beings are very cruel and most are not ready for that level of humanity.
www.hollywoodjesus.com /powder.htm   (6599 words)

 Amazon.com: Powder: Video: Mary Steenburgen,Sean Patrick Flanery,Lance Henriksen,Jeff Goldblum,Brandon Smith,Bradford ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Powder is introduced into a tiny Texas community after spending his entire life in his grandparents' basement.
"Powder" is the nickname for a teenage boy who grew up, isolated from, unknown to, and unknowing of the rest of the world, in his grandparents' basement.
Powder is supposedly unable to grow hair, yet throughout the entire movie he has eyelashes.
www.amazon.com /Powder-Mary-Steenburgen/dp/6304011431   (1756 words)

 United Nuclear - Black Powder Manufacture
Black powder is produced in large quantities commercially, and sold in small 1 pound containers, mainly for use in antique Black Powder guns.
As far as fireworks are concerned, Black Powder is used both in its finely powdered form (Meal Powder) for coating starts and for mixing in other pyrotechnic formulas, and in its granulated form (Lift Powder) for launching shells out of a mortar, or stars out of a Roman Candle.
If you were to use Flash Powder to launch a shell out of a tube, or a bullet out of a gun, it would barely move the shell or bullet, and completely destroy the mortar or gun, most probably injuring the operator.
www.unitednuclear.com /bp.htm   (2041 words)

 Powder Compaction
Powder forming is a net shape forming process that is used to manufacture engineering products using powders that include ferrous, ceramic, hard metal, magnet, carbon and abrasive powder systems.
Continuum models – in this case, the powder volume is treated as a continuum and the material properties reflect the continuum.
It is instrumented to determine the stress state within the powder through axial load measurement combined with hoop stress measurement to determine the radial stress.
www.swan.ac.uk /nfa/powdercompaction.htm   (396 words)

 [No title]
Powder coating was introduced to the United States in the late 60’s.
Powder over spray can be collected and reused, rather than just thrown away as with paint over spray.
Powders are not unique, but they do require a clean surface as does any modern coating.
my.execpc.com /~davewrit/Powder.html   (4337 words)

 Powder (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Powder is a 1995 film directed by Victor Salva, about an albino boy, nicknamed "Powder", with paranormal powers over electricity.
Powder's mother gets struck by a lightning bolt while pregnant.
When Powder's grandfather dies after a heart attack, child care representatives take Powder to an orphanage, where he quickly finds himself thrown into many painful circumstances and obstacles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Powder_(film)   (264 words)

 W3C POWDER Working Group
POWDER has an inherent need for rules to define the scope of a description and for when one description should be used in preference to another.
POWDER will need to draw on this group's expertise and guidance, particularly in relation to the applications of POWDER deliverables outside Description Resources.
The POWDER Working Group should track future work on a protocol for CC/PP in the Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group (successor to the Device Independence Working Group) and identify any such opportunities for common features.
www.w3.org /2007/powder   (393 words)

 Powder Magazine
A National Historic Landmark, the Powder Magazine, is the oldest public building in South Carolina, and reflects the city's early, sometimes volatile, history.
The Powder Magazine's tile roof is typical of very early buildings, as are the 32-inch thick brick walls, which originally would not have had windows.
The Powder Magazine is located at 79 Cumberland St. It is open to the public 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, 2pm to 5pm on Sunday.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/charleston/pow.htm   (390 words)

 Powder Tripping Released by Karma Publishing, LLC
Follow TJ Tiegen on the powder skiing road trip of a lifetime, with Powder Tripping, the latest publication from Karma Publishing.
The winter in Colorado was damn near epic, with the most powder days I've had in a season since moving here.
Powder Tripping allows readers to share in the experience of travelling and camping throughout the Western United States in the back of a pickup truck, while following storms in search of the best powder.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/11/prweb483357.htm   (405 words)

 How to Apply Powder | eHow.com
Apply a loose powder after you have completed the application of your foundation and concealer, and before applying eye makeup.
Release powder into the top section of the container by tipping the container and gently tapping the bottom.
I use a puff to apply powder to the T-zone, then a large powder brush to dust powder over the rest of the face in downward motion.
www.ehow.com /how_1317_apply-powder.html   (442 words)

 Boric Acid Powder
An easy-to-use boric acid (100%) powder that is odorless and nonstaining.
Allow powder to remain for a period of three weeks to achieve maximum flea control in carpets.
Boric Acid Powder 3 lbs, 5lbs and 25 lbs are NOT registered for sale in the state of California.
www.biconet.com /crawlers/boricAcid.html   (250 words)

 BBC News | SCI/TECH | US makes 'weather control powder'
A company in the United States claims it has invented a powder that can be used to remove clouds from the sky and even stop the development of hurricanes.
Among the applications that it envisages for the powder are clearing away clouds before sports fixtures and constraining the development hurricanes.
The company believes that a tightly controlled jet of the powder aimed at the hurricane would cut it into smaller pieces, making it far less threatening.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/sci/tech/1469610.stm   (255 words)

 DigitalRamen: Powder   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Powder was designed with a few basic goals - straightforward usability that looked good while getting out of your way.
Four application skins are automatically installed with Powder to further its intregration.
Powder is designed for ShapeShifter 2.1.2 or later for Mac OS X 10.3.x Panther and 10.4.x Tiger.
www.digitalramen.com /powder   (183 words)

 MAC Cosmetics | Powder
Introduced as a limited edition product for the Balloonacy collection, this unique powder leaves an ultra-sheer veil of shine and colour on the skin to provide a smooth, well polished highlight.
A silky, ultra-fine powder specially formulated to lift and disperse oils, and "blot" the face without leaving a powder trace.
Iridescent Powder is a finely milled mixture of Mica and pigments which gives the skin a beautiful sheen.
www.maccosmetics.com /templates/products/mp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY15108   (309 words)

 1800PetMeds.com - Aspirin Powder 1lb
For use as an aid in reducing fever and for mild analgesia.
Aspirin Powder is indicated for use as an aid in reducing fever and for mild analgesia.
Aspirin Powder is intended for animal use only.
www.1800petmeds.com /pdetail.asp?SK=10709&SP=horse   (297 words)

Powder exploded onto the LA music scene in early 2001.
Known as the best band in Los Angeles for the amazing adventure in sight and sound, POWDER keeps the fans on their toes, anticipating anything from femme-bots to 10 feet tall aliens.
I was living in the UK when I heard of them, and I haven't seen or heard anything about them in North America.
www.myspace.com /powder   (666 words)

 Powdermag.com News: : Bigger, Bolder, and as Bad-ass as ever
A bigger and better format brings POWDER to a whole new level of magazine stardom this fall.
The newsstands will affably surprise devoted POWDER readers with a new makeover and numerous improvements, including a larger format, thicker paper, and enhanced design and editorial.
As winter creeps into the air, POWDER satisfies the cravings that consume skiers during the long, agonizing months of fall.
powdermag.com /news/newissue080504   (314 words)

 Buy Burt's Bees Natural Cosmetics Vanishing Facial Powder Online at drugstore.com
I use the Bare Minerals powder foundation, and I use the Vanishing Facial Powder over it to set the look and absorb oil.
I use a nice, big powder brush, and it looks invisible on my medium to light olive skin.
I give it 4 instead of 5 stars because the powder puff it comes with and the packaging don't work very well.
www.drugstore.com /qxp70884_332828_sespider/burts_bees_natural_cosmetics/vanishing_facial_powder.htm   (441 words)

Powder (zincland.com/powder) is an original rogue-like with an offbeat sense of humour.
It basically states that POWDER is free to play and copy, but I don't want people charging money for it, or claiming it as their own work.
After spending many scores of hours developing POWDER for my own personal benefit, I have decided to make it available to those who might be interested.
www.zincland.com /powder   (12807 words)

 YouTube - Powder snow Jürgen at Hochsaukaser 2006
Join YouTube for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
Sunny day with fairly good powder in march 2006 at "Hochsaukaser" (Kitzbuehel, Austria).
Powder snow skiing in Val d'Isere, France, Europe
youtube.com /?v=vCQLsWnHRoo   (92 words)

 Catalog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Neel’s Natural specialises in manufacturing vegetable powders to exact requirements and specifications, to the highest quality standards and still ensuring the most flavorful and wholesome product possible, within the stipulated time period even for large quantities.
Neel’s Natural brings you a range of spice & condiment powders, with special qualities such as consistent strengths, natural colours, while being dried by various processes to suit the requirement of the client and application.
Our fruit bar is ideal for all of us, who want a healthy snack on the go, or need a quick power-up before that next item on our agenda, or kids who are looking for something good to snack on in-between classes.
www.indiamart.com /sundriedfruits/fruit-powders.html   (515 words)

 DuPont Powder Coatings
No company delivers more experience and technical assistance in powder coatings directly to clients than we do.
DuPont Powder Coatings formulates and manufactures high quality thermoset powder coatings for the decorative and functional coating industries.
DuPont Powder Coatings' extensive product line meets the requirements of a great number of end use markets.
www2.dupont.com /Powder/en_US   (237 words)

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