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Topic: One Power

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batteries power one, produits de haute qualité pour le commerce de détail,
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power one Batterien, Premium Produkte für den Handel, z.B. Hörgerätebatterien, Alkaline Batterien, Fotobatterien, wideraufladbare Batterien, Batterien für medizinische Geräte.
www.powerone-batteries.de   (213 words)

  wotmania: feed your wheel of time addiction
While angreal and sa’angreal increase the amount of the Power one can channel, the artifacts known as ter’angreal are created to use the Power in a specific manner.
While the power of this circle formed by linking is less than the cumulative strength of all the individual members, it allows for a greater amount of the Power to be utilized with the same precision as if the leader of the circle was channeling alone.
While the One Power is not a living thing, it has in general greatly improved the quality of life for the people of the world.
wotmania.com /onepower.asp   (601 words)

  Summa Theologica | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Objection 2: Further, the power of the soul arises from the soul as an accident from the subject.
But the action of one power is caused by the action of another power, as the action of the imagination by the action of the senses.
Therefore one power of the soul proceeds from the essence of the soul by the medium of another.
www.ccel.org /ccel/aquinas/summa.FP_Q77_A7.html   (600 words)

  wotmania: feed your wheel of time addiction
Saidar is the female half of the One Power, saidin the male half.
While the power of this circle formed by linking is less than the cumulative strength of all the individual members, it allows for a greater amount of the Power to be utilized with the same precision as if the leader of the circle was channeling alone.
While the One Power is not a living thing, it has in general greatly improved the quality of life for the people of the world.
www.wotmania.com /onepower.asp   (614 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Powerset
Cantor's diagonal argument shows that the power set of a set (infinite or not) always has strictly higher cardinality than the set itself (informally the power set must be 'greater' than the original set).
The power set of the natural numbers for instance can be put in a one-to-one correspondence with the set of real numbers (by identifying an infinite 0-1 sequence with the set of indices where the ones occur).
The power set of a set S forms an Abelian group when considered with the operation of symmetric difference (with the empty set as its unit and each set being its own inverse) and a commutative semigroup when considered with the operation of intersection.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Powerset   (505 words)

 Power, Strategy, and Will   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
Power may comprise anything that establishes and maintains the control of man over man. Thus power covers all social relationships which serve that end, from physical violence to the most subtile psychological ties by which one mind controls another.
Power covers the domination of man by man, both when it is disciplined by moral ends and controlled by constitutional safeguards, as in Western democracies, and when it is that untamed and barbaric force which finds its laws in nothing but its own strength and its sole justification in its aggrandizement.
It is the power of the other side to upset our plans that requires the strategist to devise courses of action that keep many options open to us while foreclosing options available to the enemy.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/aureview/1971/jan-feb/Giddings.html   (4171 words)

 Power Animals - Crystalinks
Power Animals are usually a reflection of your deepest self and also represent qualities which you need in this world, but which are often hidden or obscured.
Your Power Animal may be a tiny mouse, but in times of need this mouse can and will change its size and deportment to that which is appropriate to the occasion.
Your Power Animal may also be a mythical animal, such as a unicorn or Pegasus, or even one which does not exist in myth or legend.
www.crystalinks.com /poweranimals.html   (1579 words)

 Wind Power Sets New Record in 1998: Fastest Growing Energy Source | Worldwatch Institute
India is the leader so far, with over 900 megawatts of wind power in place, but wind development has slowed there in the last two years, due to a suspension of the generous tax breaks that were enacted in the mid-1990s.
The dramatic growth of wind power in the 1990s stems from the introduction of supportive government policies in countries such as Germany and Spain.
Some 80 percent of the global wind power market is now centered in just four countries--which reflects the failure of most other nations to adopt supportive renewable energy policies.
www.worldwatch.org /node/1641   (1169 words)

 IBM developerWorks : New to Power Architecture technology
The move to open Power Architecture technology started to accelerate around the middle of 2004; this CNet interview with IBM's Bernie Meyerson, "Why chip speed is old news," is a good backgrounder.
Power Architecture family members are stealthy chips, and they like to go by many different names.
Power Architecture technology is also found in IBM printers and storage solutions (really big printers, and really powerful storage solutions).
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/power/newto   (2961 words)

 Tesla Roadster Electric: 0-60 in Four Seconds - Gizmodo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
Power and energy are different, "density" can mean a lot of things, and cost depends on what you're measuring.
You could put the solar power into batteries that then charge the car and be completely independent of the grid, but why not just use the grid as a big power reservoir from which you can make deposits and withdrawls.
The new sewing machine powered by cosmic rays and good thoughts may indeed be terrific, but the hidden costs might be insupportable.
www.gizmodo.com /gadgets/gadgets/tesla-roadster-electric-060-in-four-seconds-188565.php   (1560 words)

 Caring Strangers - The Power of One
Released in 1994, Power of One combines evocative visuals with a moving original score by Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer.
Whether it's taking a stand against encroaching tanks in China, bulldozers in the rainforest or advocating peaceful resistance in India, the trailer celebrates the power of the individual to effect lasting change.
Power of One, (RealVideo - 996 KB - 101 seconds)
www.caringstrangers.com /powerofone.htm   (181 words)

 Cyclones' power on the rise, says study - World - smh.com.au
The power of hurricanes has almost doubled during the past 30 years, at least partly due to human-induced global warming, according to a new study.
Although the number of tropical cyclones worldwide has hovered at 90 a year for decades, Massachusetts Institute of Technology hurricane specialist Kerry Emanuel says the storms are growing larger and reaching higher maximum wind speeds than in the past.
However, Suzana Camargo, a cyclone expert at Columbia University, said Professor Emanuel's findings should be taken seriously, arguing that his conclusion about the growing power of hurricanes was similar to the rise in the energy of typhoons she measured when tropical Pacific temperatures rise as a result of the El Nino weather effect.
www.smh.com.au /news/world/cyclones-power-on-the-rise-says-study/2005/08/01/1122748580135.html   (413 words)

 Power-One to Acquire PEG from Magnetek
Power-One (www.power-one.com) has signed a definitive agreement with Magnetek (www.magnetek.com) to acquire its Power Electronics Group (PEG).
Power-One has obtained financing for the acquisition and the transaction is expected to close in October, 2006, subject to customary closing conditions.
The Power Electronics Group is comprised of operations in Italy, Hungary, China and the United States with approximately 500,000 sq.
powerelectronics.com /power_systems/power-one-magnetek-peg   (395 words)

 XML.com: The Power of No
Yet the forces that aggravate XML pros and newbies alike can almost always be attributed to a great power I first noticed on that trip to Mexico: the Power of No, which I think might actually be the primary natural force in the universe.
Specific XML vocabularies too are based on the Power of No. Defining a specific application of XML narrows down a set of possible XML documents to ones meeting specific criteria: element names, content models, attribute names, namespaces, and so on.
Finally, for those annoying things which we have no power to change, at least understanding a bit more about how they came to be can help ease the suffering of dealing with them on a recurring basis.
www.xml.com /pub/a/2006/02/01/the-power-of-no.html?page=last&ATT=The%20Power%20of%20No&x-showcontent=off&CMP=OTC%2dTY3388567169&x-maxdepth=0   (1303 words)

 1394 Trade Association: Technology: FAQ for Working Groups Specifications
Well, when endeavoring to create a bus manager that has power distribution management (PDM) capability, there must be a mechanism by which the PDM can determine the source of power and where and how that power is delivered to other nodes.
Any node that has a mixture of like-media sockets must declare their power class field in their self-ID packet to be power class four.
One of the port capabilities that shall be identified are where a port consumes power, sources power, and passes power or not.
www.1394ta.org /Technology/Specifications/WG_FAQ/index.htm   (455 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: The Power of Nightmares
The Power of Nightmares looks at why (not necessarily how) powerful myths have been created about terrorism, and how the public's imagination can be used to restore confidence in a government.
This much is so: if the generation now 'in power' (but hardly in charge!) does not come up with something better in the remaining 2-3 Presidential terms within its grasp, then the burden of history has ALREADY collapsed on the shoulders of our twenty-something children.
The Power of Nightmares is a remarkable and important historical doc because it goes back to Syed Qtub and Leo Strauss to detail the ideology behind the currents of thought that have struggled against one another, worked together to defeat the Soviet Union in Afganistan and ended up in direct conflict in a
www.archive.org /details/ThePowerOfNightmares   (13137 words)

 FairVote - Articles by Rob Richie
The computer tools are increasingly powerful, using tactics like "packing" and "cracking": pack as many opponents into as few districts as possible, or crack an opponent's political base into several districts.
The real story of the last redistricting cycle was that both parties generally colluded in a crass way to take on their real enemy: the voters.
We hardly should be surprised that our leaders take advantage of their power to control their own electoral destiny.
www.fairvote.org /per/?page=1165&articlemode=showspecific&showarticle=2320   (748 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
A multiple unit train consist has the same power and traction components as a locomotive, but instead of the components concentrating on one carbody, they are spread out on each car that make up the consist.
Most MUs are powered either by a diesel engine driving the wheels through a gearbox or hydraulic transmission (a diesel multiple unit, or DMU), or by electric motors, receiving their power through a live rail or overhead wire (an electric multiple unit or EMU).
A locomotive drawn train typically only has one power unit meaning the failure of this causes the train to be disabled (although some locomotive hauled trains may contain more than one power unit and be able to continue at reduced speed after the failure of one)
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=multiple_unit   (1425 words)

 Power Cost Monitor - power meter monitoring product
The Power Cost Monitor is an electricity meter monitor that helps you monitor your kWh power consumption.
The Power Cost Monitor works by placing an attachment on the face of your power meter which reads your meter in real-time and sends electricity usage information to a wireless display located in your home.
The Power Cost Monitor monitors total power consumption - one-half of what you should be doing as part of a complete home energy monitoring solution.
www.powercostmonitor.com   (828 words)

 Developer One Power Tasks for Windows Mobile Smartphone. Outlook Tasks management made easy.
Power Tasks works with your synchronized Outlook/Exchange tasks list, going further to give you better control and the features you need to help you keep up with tasks.
Powerful and easy to use, innovative features like "My Subjects" let you create a list of your most commonly use task subject lines like 'Buy', 'Call', 'Follow-up with', 'Schedule meeting with'...
Power Tasks truly makes it easy to manage and complete your tasks.
www.developerone.com /powertasks   (657 words)

 JS Online: One power line must wait
A $124 million high-voltage power line that would cross 60 miles of Waukesha, Jefferson and Dane counties won't be needed as soon as planners had envisioned.
The 345,000-volt power line was thought to have been needed as soon as 2011, and was part of a $3.4 billion, 10-year transmission upgrade plan released in September by ATC, the company that owns and operates eastern Wisconsin's major electric lines.
The delay will remove the power line from the 10-year plan, and mean ratepayers won't have to pay for the $123.8 million project.
www.jsonline.com /story/index.aspx?id=380573&format=print   (740 words)

 The One Power   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-25)
A degree of power must be purchased for each of the five powers: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit using the chart above.
Increased levels of power give the channeller a skill advantage that equals the mean of the five power levels divided by 4 rounded normally.
Each One Power weave also has a required level of power in the required elements in a fashion similar to Star Wars force powers and mana requirements in the Magic card game.
www.cc.utah.edu /~jrb13/1power.htm   (493 words)

 Miscellaneous Hardware: Cannot get into Win XP, lots of different errors, computer restarts and crashes...
Hi there, unfortunately the PC no longer boots (fans spin for 1 second then it powers down) so i cannot perform these tests, however it fails to boot whether either of the ram modules i have are installed on the motherboard.
Try checking the connection from the power supply to your motherboard, if there is a funny smell it might be beacuse the pins were burnt out for some reason, i had this not long ago, check for burn marks on the actual power supply connector to the motherboard to see if this is the problem.
Sorry for the slow reply, on inspection of the components, i unplugged the power supply from the motherboard, on several of the connection on the atx socket the plastic had gone fl and melted on both the powersupply connection and motherboard.
www.experts-exchange.com /Hardware/Q_20983830.html   (2468 words)

 National Association of Rocketry
I will only fly high power rockets or possess high power rocket motors that are within the scope of my user certification and required licensing.
My rocket will not weigh more at liftoff than one-third of the certified average thrust of the high power rocket motor(s) intended to be ignited at launch.
I will not attempt to recover my rocket from power lines, tall trees, or other dangerous places, fly it under conditions where it is likely to recover in spectator areas or outside the launch site, nor attempt to catch it as it approaches the ground.
www.nar.org /NARhpsc.html   (743 words)

 NRC: A Prioritization of Generic Safety Issues (NUREG-0933) - ISSUE 138: DEINERTING OF BWR MARK I AND MARK II ...
A possible solution to this issue was to revise plant TS to require a reactor to be brought to cold shutdown, prior to deinerting the containment, when either unidentified leakage in the containment building or inoperability of a safety system is noted.
When applied to the affected population of 33 plants over the average remaining life of 18.6 years, the potential risk reduction attainable by not permitting deinerting with one train of any safety system inoperable is 249 man-rem.
Ratioing the 9 containment leakage events and the 1 loss of a safety system train event from the 5-year survey of LERs, it was determined that for the 33 affected plants over their remaining life of 18.6 years, 38 leakage events and 4 safety system train events would be expected.
www.nrc.gov /reading-rm/doc-collections/nuregs/staff/sr0933/sec3/138r2.html   (2141 words)

 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) FAQ
How much power (or percentage load) the equipment is drawing, how much battery life is left and indications of the input power quality are all very useful.
Another school holds that since almost all computers use switching-type power supplies, which only draw power at or near the peaks of the waveforms, the shape of the input power waveform is not important.
A typical PF (power factor: Watts/VA) for some computers may be as low as 0.6, which means that if you record a drain of 100 Watts, you need a power source with a VA rating of 167.
www.jetcafe.org /~npc/doc/ups-faq.html   (6252 words)

 Urban Dictionary: One Power
the yowie power is strong in this one
the power of three represents the power of the charmed ones.
"the power of three will set us three" quoted from the first ever episode of charmed.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=One+Power   (196 words)

 `Dragonmount` | Forums | View topic - Flying with the One Power-- It can be done
Mechanically powered vehicles are unknown in the current Age so the Aes Sedai of the present are left with a conundrum.
If you're arguing that weaving air around yourself is the same as using the power on yourself, then you probably have some explaining to do with people stepping on platforms of air, etc, as well as people weaving wards around themselves.
I lump these together, because if for instance, you wove solid air around yourself to provide some sort of frame for flying, that would be conceptually similar to putting yourself in the middle of a ward, or providing yourself a platform of air, both of which we've seen, despite this prohibition of weaving on yourself.
www.dragonmount.com /forums/viewtopic.php?p=178366   (1862 words)

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