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Topic: Power engineering

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  Electric power - Engineering - A Wikia wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Electric power, like mechanical power, is represented by the letter P in electrical equations, and is measured in units called watts (symbol W), after Scottish engineer James Watt [[2]].
Where the waveforms are purely sinusoidal, the power factor is the cosine of the phase angle (φ) between the current and voltage sinusoid waveforms.
Power factor equals unity (1) when the voltage and current are in phase, and is zero when the current leads or lags the voltage by 90 degrees.
engineering.wikia.com /wiki/Electric_power   (879 words)

 Power engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Power engineering is the subfield of electrical engineering that deals with power systems, specifically electric power transmission and distribution, power conversion, and electromechanical devices.
Power engineering was one of the earliest fields to be exploited in electrical engineering.
Power Engineering deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as the design of a range of related devices.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Power_engineering   (691 words)

 Power Systems Fact Sheet
Power engineers may design large generating stations like those in North Dakota or they may design the transmission lines and substations that deliver this power to load centers many miles away.
Power engineers also design the distribution systems that tap power off transmission lines and deliver it reliably to the user at the farm, home and industrial firm.
There are a limited number of summer jobs in the power industry that the student can obtain to supplement his or her income while gaining practical experience in the industry.
www.ndsu.edu /ndsu/academic/factsheets/eng_arch/power.shtml   (842 words)

 Power Globe
Operation of Power Globe is overseen by a working group of the IEEE Power Engineering Education Committee (PEEC).
Power Globe is an internet e-mail forum for persons having an interest in electric power engineering.
Power Globe Working Group meetings are held at the summer and winter PES meetings.
powerglobe.powerquality.com   (406 words)

 Electric power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Electric power is defined as the amount of work done by an electric current in a unit time.
A few locations for power production and transmission facilities and hardware are classified in the United States, to prevent tampering or sabotage, because of the necessity of electrical power.
Electric power, like mechanical power, is represented by the letter P in electrical equations, and is measured in units called watts (symbol W), named after Scottish engineer James Watt.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Electric_power   (1046 words)

 About Power Engineering
Power Engineering employs its resources and expertise to identify root causes of machinery problems and then develops economic solutions to eliminate them.
Power Engineering uses its state of the art equipment to perform precise measurements of machine variables such as strain, force, position, vibration, temperature, power and flow.
Power Engineering is well known in the U.S. and Canada as an expert in this area.
www.powerengineering.com /about.html   (297 words)

 Power Engineering
Penn State's College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, and Outreach and Cooperative Extension have formed a partnership to provide educational programs for electric power engineers, worldwide.
The operation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is staffed by power engineering professionals with over 25 years of experience providing educational programs for power engineers, throughout the United States and the world.
We take great pride in providing quality courses, covering a broad range of power engineering topics, and taught by experienced faculty who are knowledgeable in both the theoretical and practical aspects of their topics.
www.engr.psu.edu /cde/power.htm   (559 words)

 Power Engineering Chapter -- IEEE Vancouver Section
The IEEE Power Engineering Society embraces planning, research, development, design, application, construction, installation and operation of apparatus, equipment, structures, materials and systems for the safe, reliable and economic generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, measurement and control of electric energy.
Her technical activities include power system protection and control applications, power system analysis, evaluations and interconnection studies for the various plants connecting to the power system, as well as development of protection guidelines.
Power grids around the world are being operated under conditions of increasing stress due mainly to the emergence of deregulation and, in many cases, because the demand for power outpaces the addition of new transmission facilities.
ewh.ieee.org /reg/7/vancouver/powereng   (4743 words)

 Power Technology - Malana Power - Hydroelectric Power Engineering, Contracting and Power Consultancy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Malana Power Company Ltd, part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group, is a major player in the Indian power sector and a leading independent power producer, hydropower engineering, contracting and power consulting company with a reputation for delivering quality project management services for hydroelectric power projects.
The hydroelectric power project comprises a barrage, which diverts the river into four 102m-long, 11.5m-deep, 5.2m-wide desilting tanks to remove silt particles down to a size of 0.2mm.
The power generated by the hydroelectric plant is transmitted from the powerhouse up to the HPSEB sub-station at Sarabi through a dedicated 132kV transmission system.
www.power-technology.com /contractors/business/malana   (800 words)

 BCIT : : power engineering : : Overview
Power engineers operate, maintain, and manage industrial plants that use equipment such as boilers and refrigeration units.
Skills in power engineering are in high demand in many industries and types of businesses.
Power Engineers have the opportunity to increase their credentials throughout their career, progressing all the way to First Class Power Engineers.
www.bcit.ca /manufacturing/powereng   (270 words)

 Power Engineering Corporation
Power Engineering Corporation is a company comprised of professionals who are highly trained and experienced in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity control, refrigeration and plumbing.
From the Company's inception in 1922, Power Engineering Corporation has successfully designed, installed and maintained a wide variety of air conditioning systems of significant complexity and size throughout the northeastern United States.
While designing, building, and turnkey construction are the primary functions of Power Engineering Corporation, we participate in open bidding, negotiated bidding, and also become an integral part of construction management team.
www.powerengineeringcorp.com   (229 words)

 Grainger Power Engineering Awards
To meet the requirements of a field of specialization in electric power engineering, the graduating senior must have successfully completed ECE 430 and a minimum of either all three courses in list A below, or two courses from list A and one course from list B below.
To meet the requirements of a field of specialization in electric power engineering, the student must have successfully completed a minimum of two of the courses in list C below, plus a thesis on a power engineering topic.
To meet the requirements of a field of specialization in electric power engineering, the student must have successfully completed a minimum of four of the 500 level courses in list C above plus a thesis on a power engineering topic.
power.ece.uiuc.edu /grainger.html   (814 words)

 Power System Engineering¬†-¬†Home Page
Power System Engineering, Inc. (PSE) has been dedicated to helping utilities succeed since 1974.
We have worked with more than 200 utilities throughout the nation to help them improve efficiency, cut costs and provide a higher level of service to their customers.
This program consists of three modules, each module building a set of skills that permit the line staking technician or field engineer to address issues encountered in line design and staking and to perform their job more effectively and efficiently.
www.powersystem.org   (162 words)

 Power Engineering Industries
POWER ENGINEERING INDS (PE) has a heritage of over 40 years of power conversion product design and professional electrical and mechanical engineering expertise that combine to make it a skilled manufacturing organization dedicated to the design, development and production of reliable, high-performance power conversion products.
Power conversion products designed and manufactured by PE are found on the world's most advanced systems...
PE offers repair services for magnetics and power supplies as well as the sales of spare parts and assemblies....
www.pwreng.com   (257 words)

 Washington Group International - Power - Engineering & Design
Washington Group provides comprehensive engineering and design services for new generating facilities, expansions, modifications, and upgrades, and a host of improvement tasks to keep fossil and nuclear plants operating at maximum efficiency.
Many of these engineers also are designated as technical experts in hundreds of equipment and operating issues, from areas as technical as gas turbine systems to something as specific as dust collection.
Engineering began in January 2000, and commercial operation was started in May 2002.
www.wgint.com /service.php?id=11   (646 words)

 Power Engineering - Metricab Power Engineering Limited
Over the years this family power engineers business has earned a revered position within the industry and is proud to boast an enviable clientele, which includes many prestigious organisations and blue chip companies.
To achieve a constant high quality of service in power engineering and power systems, our staff are directly employed, constantly appraised and provided with extensive training.
We believe that our dedication to power engineering and power systems will maintain our position at the forefront of the industry for many years to come.
www.power-engineers.co.uk /index.html   (189 words)

 RIA Novosti - Opinion & analysis - The world will not do without nuclear power engineering
At any rate, oil and gas rather than nuclear power will continue to be the main source of energy, which will be sufficient to ensure the world's steady development until the middle of this century.
As for atomic power engineering, its role during this period will be to stabilize the world's energy situation, which appears to be extremely complicated.
The advantage of nuclear power engineering is that it is not accompanied by hothouse emissions or pollution of the atmosphere.
en.rian.ru /analysis/20060209/43446466.html   (1668 words)

 Power engineering - news, events, Power Engineer magazine online - The IET
The amount of electricity people use to power gadgets such as cordless phones and electric toothbrushes is set to double in the next five years, according to a new study.
The cost of power and the security of supply is a growing concern, but many data centre managers are neglecting this important issue.
Even with the proposects of rapid growth in the number of nuclear power stations in the UK we lag a long way behind the power hungry Asian countries.
www.iee.org /oncomms/sector/power   (251 words)

 :: ASU Fulton School of Engineering ::
The electric power and energy systems curriculum in the Department of Electrical Engineering includes six upper division undergraduate and eight graduate courses in the area of power system analysis, power generation, transmission and distribution, energy conversion, electric machines, power electronics and high voltage engineering.
Another area of interest is the characterization of magnetic fields generated by power electronic devices and development of advanced field management techniques, including the study of magnetic field effect on computer monitors.
Research to apply the latest computer technology to power system analysis; for example (i) the use of parallel and vector computers for transient stability analysis, (ii) the use of object-oriented programming for better maintenance of power analysis software and (iii) the use of windowing and graphics technology to develop easier user interfaces.
www.fulton.asu.edu /ee/research/power.php   (839 words)

 PLM, Electric Power Engineering
PLM is a highly specialized electric power engineering consulting and design firm.
The engineering staff is heavily weighted with experienced, senior level personnel that have diverse utility engineering, operating and consulting backgrounds.
PLM has serviced over 200 clients including a majority of the public power systems in New England and New York, as well as power supply agencies, large urban and national rail systems, investor owned utilities, independent power producers and several prestigious colleges and universities.
www.plmnet.com   (139 words)

 Power Engineering Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Although electromechanical energy conversion is one of the oldest areas in electrical engineering, the pace of development in power electronics and digital control provides unique opportunities for development of new types of machines.
Power Electronics is concerned with the control and conversion of electric power for applications ranging from computer power supplies to very large industrial drive systems.
The Power Electronics Laboratory is used for the study of applications of high-power semiconductor devices.
www.engr.wisc.edu /ece/research/power.eng.html   (549 words)

 PowerComm Engineering - About Us
He is a registered professional engineer in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia, and a registered professional surveyor and mapper in Florida and Georgia.
Mike has been active as a Senior Member in the IEEE Power Engineering Society, and is a past chairman of the transmission section of the Southeastern Electric Exchange.
Prior to obtaining his doctorate, he spent five years at Tampa Electric Company, where, as a Distribution Engineer, he developed statistically based overhead conductor ratings, established consistent rating methods for underground distribution cables and was responsible for the maintenance and test practices of the company’s installed based of automatic throwover switchgear.
www.powercommeng.com /html/about.html   (872 words)

 Power Technology - Trench - Power Engineering and Electrical Products
Trench Limited is a world leader in power engineering and the design of specialized electrical products.
Drawing from over forty years of successful field experience, Trench is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of air core, dry-type power reactors for all utility and industrial applications.
PLC communication utilizes the high voltage power transmission line as a transmission medium for high frequency communications signals.
www.power-technology.com /contractors/tandd/trench   (949 words)

 Engineering | The WWW Virtual Library
The WWW VL for Fluid Power (Hydraulics and Pneumatics) is run in association with Fluid Power Net (a virtual fluid power R%26D laboratory).
Industrial engineers integrate human, information, material, monetary, and technological resources to produce goods and services optimally.
The Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library was established on Dec. 5, 1994 and is devoted to all aspects of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.
vlib.org /Engineering   (743 words)

 Electric Power and Power Electronics Center at Illinois Institute of Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The mission of the Electric Power and Power Electronics Center (EPPEC) is to make significant educational, research, and practical contributions to the fields of electric power, power electronics, electric machines, motor drives, and vehicular power systems.
The tasks of the Center include the sponsorship of technical studies, which will enhance the role of university faculty, manufacturers, vendors, and consumers in power engineering research and education.
EPPEC sustains and strengthens the engineering capabilities and research infrastructure at IIT and has a commanding influence on the field of power engineering nationally and internationally through its extensive collaborative and interactive programs.
power.iit.edu   (316 words)

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